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  1. Adam eat his shorts if something doesn't happen in 2 weeks???? Whoa!!!
  2. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Adam, Mods and all of the DinarVet community!
  3. This is an absolute awesome post! A nice culmination of events! Thanks DinarThung and especially thanks Tlar! I enjoyed the read... with great expectation too!
  4. GOP has got the ball, Obama has got the pen! Let's see what happens! Thanks Adam for the update.
  5. Thanks Adam! Always look forward to your updates. Looking more forward to your text blast! :-)
  6. I know they say that the media is smoke and mirrors. And I really hope that's true. Because I'm hearing that the Kurds don't like Adadi and are not happy with the deals so far. I think everyone needs to be happy for this to work. Meaning HCL
  7. Hi Adam, Since we seem to be getting so close, is it possible that you could send a TEST text message? Clearly indicating that it's a TEST so that no one will prematurely jump out of their skin. Just a suggestion to help us be on the look out. and very
  8. Thanks Adam! I like getting your updates. They are to the point and without hype. I think a lot of the other Gurus just like to hear the sound of their keyboards and like to see there name or nickname in post. So much contradiction. Thanks again for all of your efforts! Go RV!!!!!
  9. Thanks Adam! I like this format for updates.
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