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  1. I most certainly agree with you on that one yendor. That's what I do best. Now that I am no longer a moderator on this site, I don't have to read all the posts and responses. Frees up my time greatly not to mention herding wild cats.
  2. I agree. Not to mention these guys in government make way too much money as it is. Oh, was I speaking about Iraq? No our US politicians. Make their salaries the same as military salaries.
  3. It's going to cost you at least a couple of strokes. Probably one in and one out.
  4. I am hopeful that it will hit this month. What with the HCL, the bank reforms, passing of infrastructure laws. Who knows. They have made so much more progress than Maliki and his band. I am totally waiting with anticipation.
  5. Yeah I forgot about that. Kind of overcast here South of Atlanta.
  6. I always dread Friday. No real news coming out of Iraqs news feeds. I scan all the news sites, Yota, Woody, the CNN, Ronscarpa, AggiesDad, Mtn. Goat, Millionday and others. Just not much until Sunday. So I find myself rereading posts or visiting the Guru sites for their typical weekend conspiracy theories. For the most part, other than the HCL news there probably isn't going to be many questions for Adam Montana's Wednesday chat. The more I thought about it, the more it dawned on me that "The Lack of News" being provided from sources are a good thing. They sure don't want to announce to the world a RI/RV in advance. Just my thoughts this morning. I want you all to know that I appreciate your posts and comments while I am laid up. Gives me something to look forward to.
  7. This is what I got, 4.413 Billion Notes as of January 2015, not much change from the 4.469 Billion Notes at the end of 2013. Read more: Markinsa, I am sure many overlooked that post so I hope you don't mind that I copied the information from your link to here.
  8. I'm kind of hoping that this will come to an end by the end of April. Just got some heavy duty bills piling up.
  9. Ok Laid Back. I clipped this from a KTFA post. For example, you have people in Baghdad who have relatives in Kurdistan. When they try to send money to their relatives … the money transfer companies are protecting the dinars and NOT sending the dinar, but sending [uS] dollars. The money transfer companies are acting as if they know something is going to happen so they are taking advantage of people and the exchange rate – because they know the dollar is very high … and so the citizens are losing a lot of money because of the ratio.
  10. I really hope that they are right this time but, my Spider Sense is Tingling. Thanks for the post Ron. I stuck it in a word document and took out most of the bones and ate the meat.
  11. I think 20% is being overly optimistic Markinsa. Let's remove the zero and call it 2%.
  12. Yota, I still can't get my head around what the are trying to accomplish here. Does it mean that they are doing this for investment connections from other countries? Does it mean that they are going to conduct business using the USD rather than the IQD? ... adding that "the purpose behind it is to reduce the dollar prices in the Iraqi market." Is the above statement referring to the ISX or consumer market? A little help here knowledgeable members please.
  13. Looks like another "Dry Day" for news. Thanks for the post Ron. Gee, maybe we can get the score of the Handball Match?
  14. How else are they going to pay for the Iraqi War and now ISIL? They going to pay up in Dinar? ha! Another blow hard politician.
  15. Sounds like a typical teenage crime to me. Hopefully a bunch were 50 notes. So about 120,000 USD. A drop in the bucket compared to what the government employees have stolen.
  16. I always like to check on Luigi's posts across the day to see how many negs he has racked up.
  17. Every time I read something from Frank, My Ladies, Delta, Nova, or any other KTFA member, I feel like I lose 20 IQ points. I don't have that many left DT so please quit bringing it. Who remembers WITK? (Wife in the know). Another Frankie Furter creation. People that are members on this site are smart and are getting smarter. Just look at the responses to each KTFA post. We don't buy your BS anymore Frank.
  18. Iraq is not importing Oil, they are exporting it. The general budget is based on the amount of Oil Exported and the funds that are derived from this exporting.
  19. Wait .... What? Kind of slipped this in at the end of the article. He Khalati that "the nuclear deal between the United States and other major powers and Iran would be in favor of Iraq and is in line with the aspirations of the stability and the start of a new chapter of harmony among different countries. What does the "Nuclear Deal" , Sanctions with Iran, and our nuclear agreements with other major powers have anything to do with the HCL going before Parliament? Are they actually looking for something a little extra here that could cause a delay in passing the HCL?
  20. Seeing it is in USD and not IQD it looks like business as usual. Petrodollars. Glad the budget is working and the government is working but when in the world will the get around to bringing the value to their own currency? Just thinking about it, it seems like they really don't want to make the IQD any stronger. The system is working great just as it is. They ship oil and they get paid in USD not IQD. Are these not two separate arenas?
  21. Oh goodie "Dumb Joe" is going to speak. I guess Obummer already has his mouth full with his feet.
  22. Gee, If Frank says it's so. It must be true. All the earmarks of a pumper post. 4 different groups joined in. 1 worn out Blue Couch 14 different articles 1 Shabbs ​Hawaii (I live in Michigan) an ounce of vindication lol Prayer and God ​====================== Equals no RV I would pay cold hard cash if this moron and his groupies would just SHUT UP.
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