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  1. Thank you sir, always a pleasure to hear your update~
  2. THANK YOU ADAM! Hope this little “doggie” comes home right quick! Appreciate your time and information. 🌹
  3. Wow! Two dollars would be nice! We are at $3.00 here on the 'left' coast. 😱 Of course if we could take our state gov and fire them all...well that is another subject. Thanks Adam for the update. It is appreciated.
  4. Hope everyone had a most wonderful Christmas!!! Looking forward to 2019!!!
  5. Thank you Adam...thinking upon your questions and will get back later...Have an amazing day!!!
  6. Now if they can just keep this train moving forward...>>>>>>> Thank you is appreciated.
  7. Looking forward to exciting times ahead!!!
  8. Thank you for the update...Here we go...onward and upward. Appreciate the update...
  9. As always, "Thanks for the memories", this has been a great experience! Looking forward to the next phase of this adventure!!! Let it be soon...
  10. Thank you Adam, appreciate the thought. Ahhhhh, so true!
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