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  1. Damn, is the close to the end of any RV? Islamic State Attacks West Iraq City With Six Car Bombs Baghdad (AFP) - Islamic State fighters seized the government compound in the city of Ramadi on Friday and edged closer to what would be their biggest victoryin Iraq this year, officials said. The loss of the capital of Anbar province, which Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi had said would be the next target of government forces after wresting back Tikrit last month, would be a major setback for Baghdad. IS has threatened to take control of Ramadi for months and the breakthrough came after a
  2. This has long been waited for, like 8 years but I won't hold my breath until done. It seems every time we close they discover a way to screw things up!
  3. Platinum VIP, easy it's some body that does not understand Programing
  4. Experience rather then reading about something is certainly the Best teacher so let's Pray that the present Generation has learned their lessons well and are Happy to teach the next generations well!
  5. Nuck them? NO, that would Royally Screw up every thing for many years to come. If we could place all of ISIS Leadership in a chamber of some sort. then Absolutely NUKE away!
  6. Now that ISIS seems to be losing ground and the Iraq Gov. being more active in a Positive manner perhaps the RV has once again a Positive Chance of becoming a Reality? I certain Pray such both for the Iraqis and all of us!
  7. Putin is in Love with himself and thus very dangerous; Putin is a High Risk for the world, his ego needs to Prove It self! The New Saudi King wants to Prove himself to the World and so desires that he controls the Price of the Worlds Oil Price and is striving to keep Oil very low! We need to keep Our Oil around $50 per barrel so that Americans can Save Money for the Family's other needs!
  8. Much Appreciated!!! When I saw that Monster all grubby standing on the gallows with a noose around his neck I could do but two(2) things at the moment Pray for his sick Soul and Thank God and the U>S>A for what I was watching; talk about a mix of emotions!
  9. A Strike to the Heart of anything that deserves Death is a Positive and if ISIS or it's branches has been given a Solid Blow then we shall surely start seeing Iraq come back to Life!
  10. A UNITED Banking system can only be Positive for Iraq and all of us holding Dinar
  11. As one who has gone through much in Life, half way through He told me it was Him/Jesus and sure enough we find that out; shall You take the SON or place your Life in others?
  12. If You could travel Back in Time or Forward in Time, which would You do and why?
  13. Manufactured might be a Problem, I have happily Surprised a few Western Medicine Doctors by beating back my Esophageal Cancer through Lymphatic Massage( and by leaving myWestern Diet and going totally "Organic" Foods Vegetarian and watching carefully that I do consume either GMO Foods or SOY!!!
  14. What do you get when you cross a narcissist with a liar, and add in a dash of lunatic and sociopath? Hillarious Clinton of course.
  15. So if Iraq can with stand ISIS then perhaps in 2016 we will see the long awaited RV?
  16. MALIKI kind of reminds me of a guy named President Bambam(Bam I did it with my pen)(Bam if it doesn't work out, I'll blame it on the Republicans)
  17. If they were to drop the "Large Bills" that in my mind would Tick Off a lot of Important Investors around the world! The Iraqis know very well they need Giant Corporations to rebuild and Invest and those People probably made an Investment in Iraq after all it was a great way to Change a Dollar in to a Sweet Profit!!!
  18. This is one very Clever Jerk who keeps coming up like a BAD Penney! Do away with him and his followers and we have a Strong RV?
  19. Greetings, I have been on this Roller Coaster trip for nearly 7 years and now am Wondering where's it going? Can there still be an RV with Mosul, Iraqs second largest city belonging to ISIS? Sadly, I doubt it and President Bambam certainly isn't going to Help the Arab Nations that are now Scared enough to try and actually fight ISIS. What's Your Opinion?
  20. This could become a Big Backwards for the RV: Financial challenges threaten to derail Baghdad-Erbil oil agreement as militants open new fronts in Anbar and the Northern provinces. High level negotiations on the implementation of the December 2014 Federal-Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) budget ended in acrimony this week, as Kurdish officials denounced what they described as an attempt by the Baghdad authorities to renege on key financial terms of the deal. Central to this dispute has been the issue of federal budgetary support to the KRG. While both sides remain officially committed to t
  21. Paragraph to Paragraph it sounds a little like they aren't sure, but I see on occasion signs of intelligence that they are beginning to realize the Dollar and the Dinar Must come into par with each other or nothing is gained! Am I right or do they still have me confused?
  22. I wonder when Sadam was dictator at things happened and the Dinar had serious worth, do these guys not understand Finance?
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