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  1. I agree.....I would like to finally move forward. Seems like we all have been in a holding pattern for way too long. Can't wait to start the next chapter and finally do all the things I've been only just dreaming about for years.
  2. Sort of wished AM would have commented on this particular article in today's chat. I know he has given his opinion before on this topic, but I would have liked to get his spin on this new one, especially at this time being released.
  3. I think it's just many of us are struggling now and hear so much negative news day after day. I know I look forward to getting a boost on Wednesdays. I was happy that Adam gave us a quick message to let us know things looked positive and I am curious to know what further information he has to share when he is able. Thanks Adam!
  4. Was looking forward to getting an update from last week, especially in light of the seemingly major progress in the news yesterday.
  5. LGD - I think you meant it say "genius" - but I'm liking the Guinness and will raise a toast to you, as I agree with your comment.
  6. My thoughts exactly. Snowglobe, I LOVE your pics.
  7. I was getting a bit confused - still am actually. But I am going to just take what is being said in this forum. It is so hard to try to make any sense out of anything in the news, or other comment & opinion areas. It is what it is I guess.
  8. I think you are spot on. I think Maliki is a snake. Until he is gone not only will will we not see the RV, the people that need the help the most from their own people won't see any changes.
  9. What kind of sick thrill do they get from spouting this stuff? Even if this was true, what big difference would it make to anyone?
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