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  1. Thanks Adam, enjoy your time now for when this hits it is going to be crazy.
  2. Adding to CSM .... in coming.
  3. Done - 🙏 🙏 🙏
  4. Have never heard of them or know anyone that has.
  5. Interesting that one of the people I work with and check-in on about the Dinar told me last week that he was taking off from 02 April to 09 April. He is in the business sector but not in banking. This is like the 3rd or 4th Hmmmmm. I hope it is as we are all ready for this to go. 🙏
  6. Thanks CL. Always look forward to your input. Been in the dinar game for 20 years. It has been so long that I have lost count. Montana (Not Adam) and I came in about the same time. I never gave it a second thought about this weekend. I was out with the grandkids fishing. Stuff is not in our control. We just need to seat back and ride it out.
  7. Guys is for you ladies too. Would not want to have a party with out you. From what is proper manners. Yes. It's less common to use 'guys' to refer to females unless you are referring to a group of males and females together. In that case 'guys' is an informal substitute .
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