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    I respectfully disagree. Most people just want to make a life and be left to their own business and have as a right "the pursuit of happiness". The endless wars are caused by nefarious power hungry and greedy people that can pull strings to foment divisiveness. Obama was that sort and nothing could happen while he was in the presidency or while Maliki was PM. Realize that draining the swamp is not just a US endeavor bit is worldwide. Evil sits in power to some extent in all countries, but the tide has turned. The inevitable economic crash (set to happen by the debtor economy of the bankers) will happen soon, but the blow will be softened by the Global Currency Reset and new trade deals. We are not years away from finding out if the IQD will bring us a profit, not even months in my opinion. Not to be a guru with date/rate stuff, I think we are very near a big change for Iraq and all the world economy. Change is here, be ready. Just my opinion given with love in my heart.
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    Getting the human resource ready. Taking precautionary steps to reduce or curb the risk in the banking system Go iraq Go development banking system Go open market economy
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    I believe it's the opposite. The Iraqi Dinar can't go up unless people feel that it will be supported. Why is BTC close to $10,000, or TSLA at $800? Neither of those examples show in black and white that they "should" be at that level - they are there because people feel and think. The same is true for the dinar - there will never be a black and white absolute "yes", only a long list of "no". Luckily, that's not the deciding factor here.
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    Thanks Karsten - I'm right there with you both Half Crazy Runner & ChuckFinley, except I'll keep some in IQD in my Roth IRA for any potential increase. As you recall the FOI (Future Of Iraq) Project - otherwise known as the Bush-Cheney Plan - which was eventually declassified sometime after/in 2012 indicated the plan was to restore the Dinar back to the pre-Saddam rate of $3.33 (the Golden Dinar). Also Shabibi said on more than one occasion that the IQD could sustain a value over $10..! I suspect there are things way beyond our knowing or planning - with all respect to Kaperoni - who I respect and hold in high regard. It will be whatever is decided between the CBI, GOI, & the IMF - but I do not believe it will come out at any value below !0 cents, but more than likely in the $.84-$1.34 range. JMHO & Observations. ..........RON
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    2-17-2020 Intel/Newshound Guru sandyf [Does Iraq have to be in Article 8 status to have an international currency...] ...The question is invalid as there is no set definition for an international currency. The term is based on a vague set of parameters mainly about convertibility and how much is us used in international trade, very few currencies are considered to be international in that respect. Article 8 makes a currency internationally recognized, something completely different. The terms of Article 8 ensure that a country must guarantee redemption of that currency and international banks are reluctant to handle a currency without that guarantee. Article 8 does not prohibit a bank from dealing in an art 14 currency, there are a few in this area and the local banks deal with them. Neither is Art 8 a restriction on a country changing the value of it's currency, I think it was 2014 when the Myanmar currency went from about 6 to the USD to around 900 to the USD. The largest official change in the value of a currency ever seen. 2-17-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 ...I don't like the idea of people going to a mom & pop bank. Or a credit union. These places are not capable of taking care of you. They will take your dinars and send them to a bigger bank for authenticity. You don't want to separate yourself from your dinars. Please - ok?... 2-17-2020 Intel Guru RayRen98 ...News sources are saying that 19 of the 22 cabinet names are acceptable. The last 3 are being blocked from the Kurds and Allawi is working on the last 3 issues. Breaking news on Iraqi TV - after all day meetings and deals, the passage of Allawi's cabinet could be in the coming hours. Sunni blocs, at 11:09 PM Baghdad time, confirmed their support for Allawi and he is expected to convene Parliament to take the vote. Time Will Tell...
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    ( IQD Rates - Updated: Monday - 2/17/2020 ) Official Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) Dinar Rate: 1190 IQD to 1 USD Dinar Market Rate: (CBI last reported 2-13-2020) 1193.286 IQD to 1 USD - Rates Are Within IMF 2% Rule: YES - Are Rates IMF 2% Rule Compliant for 90 Days: YES (maintained since ~Mar. 15, 2018 & Iraq Market since ~Nov. 14, 2018) (NOTE: rates were out of compliance for 3 days starting 11-5-2019 & 2 days starting 1-7-2020 Good Morning Everyone...RON
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    2-16-2020 Intel Guru Delta Article: "Exclusively For "Al-Ahed News" .. Allawi Has Completed The Government Formation And Will Announce It Within 72 Hours" Quote: "Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Allawi has completed the formation of his cabinet, and will be announced officially within 72 hours, no later than Tuesday." 2-16-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 ...we only have two weeks left in the month of February. The key was to have a prime minister. Now the key is for him to receive the budget along with the new rate from the CBI. These are the next steps we should see after this weekend with a full cabinet... Good News...!!..???
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    LINK Sunni blocs confirm their support for Allawi in selecting independent ministers in his cabinet 16th February, 2020 34 representatives of the Sunni forces, "Al-Watan Alliance First, the Arab Project Justice and Charity and the Salvation and Development Front," issued a statement to support Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi on choosing independent ministers, provided that no party minister was nominated from any party. A joint statement received by "Al-Akhbaria" said, "The National Alliance first, the Arab Project for Justice and Charity and the Salvation and Development Front, which is made up of 34 deputies, agreed to support Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi in choosing independent ministers in his government, provided that no nominated minister is nominated from any political party." He added that "Allawi is required to expedite the presentation of his ministerial cabinet as quickly as possible," asking Parliament to convene and vote on his cabinet.
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    LINK Mesopotamia gives good tidings to the slices that have settled their salaries with the bank 16th February, 2020 Al-Rafidain Bank revealed that it continues to grant advances to all segments whose salaries have been settled in the bank and carry a Master Key International Card, while providing the best salary localization system in the country, in harmony with the economy of the Iraqi family A statement issued by the bank, to Shafak News, stated that "the lending mechanisms continue in a smooth flow without any complication, according to the need of all citizens, including members of the Ministry of Interior, where the applicant can obtain a loan ranging between 5-25 million Iraqi dinars The bank emphasized that "the partnership with Key Company, which won the award for the best smart card for the year 2019 by the specialized international magazine International Finance Magazine, raised the reality of the services provided to all citizens, especially the citizenship, their salaries in the bank The Rafidain Bank, which is the most widespread in the country, also provides sale services in installments from 1,000 or more merchants to various goods and services for those holding a Master Key card, according to the statement ############# Al-Rafidayn, the largest credit system for citizenship, has their salaries LINK
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    Just getting in from work and checking in at the right time. Thanks Adam form the quick input. Looking forward to see how this GOI plays out.
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    Allawi's agenda includes 22 ministers and about 60 alternatives in anticipation of the protests of Parliament 2020/02/16 09:01:31 Baghdad / extent Political circles are talking about "preparing" the Prime Minister-designate, Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi, about 80 candidates, including 22 ministers, and others as alternatives if Parliament refuses to include them. Circles also indicate that the American and Iranian sides are "not opposed" to Allawi's moves, as they said was supported by President Barham Salih. On Saturday, Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi announced that he was close to achieving a "historic achievement" through an independent ministerial cabinet, stressing that the names of the cabin will be presented this week. Allawi said, according to official television: "We are close to achieving a historic achievement through an independent ministerial cabinet of the competent." "We will put the names of this booth, this week, away from rumors and leaks, and we hope members of Parliament will respond and vote on them in order to start implementing the people's demands," he added. Former Parliament Speaker Mahmoud al-Mashhadani revealed that Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi attended a list of eighty candidates that he will submit to the House of Representatives in the coming hours to choose twenty-two ministers. Al-Mashhadani said in a telephone conversation with (Al-Mada) that "the number of representatives close to and supporting the government of Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi has doubled and increased to reach one hundred and seventy deputies." For Allawi. " Al-Mashhadani adds that "the number of Sunni representatives who support and support the government of Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi has reached about thirty-five out of seventy Sunni representatives." The former Speaker of Parliament shows that "there are objections by some representatives of the Sunni as well as the Kurdish component regarding the mechanism of nomination and selection of ministers in the new government," noting that "the position of the Kurdistan Democratic Party stems from the idea that its ministers are politicians representing the region in Baghdad, and therefore no party has the right to You appoint them. " The former deputy continues, "The blocks of change and the new generation, numbering about fifteen representatives with other Kurdish blocs (except for the Kurdish National Union and Democratic blocs) insist on the Prime Minister-designate not to nominate any minister from the parties." In contrast to al-Mashhadani, the information indicates that Allawi will present his government in two installments in the House of Representatives to avoid objections. Earlier, deputies announced the alliance of Saeron, which is supported by the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr, that the Shiite forces will resort to the option of a political majority to pass the Allawi’s government in the House of Representatives after many blocs adhere to the principle of quotas. Al-Mashhadani points out that "the next government will not be a government of strategic decisions, but rather a government that is in line with the work of its primary mission to prepare the atmosphere for early parliamentary elections," adding that "what concerns us is not to give parliament confidence to the new government, but what it will provide the achievements of the street." The former Speaker of Parliament reviews the positions of the rejectionist and supportive blocs of the government of Muhammad Allawi, saying that "the coalition of the rule of law led by Nuri al-Maliki, with the National Sind Bloc led by Ahmed al-Asadi, the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and the Union of Iraqi Forces led by Muhammad al-Halbousi stands against the Allawi government." And on the fifth of this February - days after Allawi’s mandate - the State of Law coalition revealed to (Al Mada) a political movement led by parties he called “forces of moderation” preparing to overthrow the government of Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi within the parliament, believing that Allawi’s mandate came contrary to the will of the protesters and the authority Religious. The Dawa Party expressed reservations about entrusting Allawi to form the transitional government, stressing that he has nothing to do with the election of any personality that does not conform to the specifications agreed upon by the Iraqis, namely that he be independent, efficient, and impartial, capable of preserving the sovereignty and unity of Iraq and satisfying the aspirations and mobility of the people. Al-Mashhadani notes that "the Prime Minister-designate took into consideration the representation of all components in his new government, as he granted the Shi'a component (11) ministries, the Sunni (6) ministries, and the Kurdish (5) ministries, and minorities have one ministry," noting that "this method It was present in the government of Adel Abdul-Mahdi, but the way to choose the ministers came differently this time. " As for the names of the candidates for the forthcoming government booth, al-Mashhadani reveals that "the Prime Minister-designate has prepared eighty names distributed to each ministry with three candidates," noting that "Allawi provided each ministry with three alternatives in order to facilitate the process of passing his government into Parliament." And he confirms that "the prime minister will check these names in the integrity, accountability and justice bodies, as well as the criminal record before they are sent to Parliament," noting that "there are five names nominated in the cabinet cabinet of Iraqi personalities residing abroad as well as a figure from the protest arenas." Al-Mashhadani quotes that "President of the Republic Barham Salih is convinced of the method of choosing the government cabinet and conducts a series of dialogues and meetings with the refusing blocs to persuade them to participate in the upcoming parliamentary session," pointing out that "the last moments may bring views with many opposing and rejecting blocs." The former Speaker of Parliament shows that "the Americans are not opposed to Allawi's options, as well as the Iranians and even the religious authority did not oppose until this moment," expecting "to present the government to Parliament during the days of Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday of this week." In a related context, former Vice Prime Minister Bahaa Al-Araji saw Sunday that the government be strong in its program, not just its men. "Many of us are awaiting - unfortunately - the names of the ministers of the next government ... the government is not only strong with its men, but with its program that rebuilds state institutions, applies the law and returns the state to its prestige!" Al-Araji said in a tweet on Twitter. LINK
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    - Increasing financial inclusion - e- banking - e- card (visa or master) - removing physical dinar from circulation Go RV Go 1:1+
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    Haditha honors the Governor of the Central Bank and the President of the Private Banking Association for their efforts to rehabilitate 3 species The Economy News - Baghdad The District Judge of the Ministry of Modern Justice honored the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Ali Al-Alaq, and the head of the Iraqi Private Banking Association, Wadih Al-Handal, with a letter of thanks and appreciation. The honor came as a result of their efforts to rehabilitate 3 waterfalls in a modern city through the Tamkeen Community Initiatives Support Fund. The text of the document bearing the signature of the Commander of the Congratulations Hamid Mahidi, obtained by "Al-Iqtisad News", stated that it is "a pleasure and an honor for me to present to you on behalf of myself and on behalf of the citizens of Haditha, with great thanks and great gratitude and appreciation for the funding you provided to restore life to the Nawaier project in the judiciary and shares In an effective manner in preserving and preserving a landmark and historical heritage ... ". The document continued, "So, the duty of gratitude required that we thank you, gentlemen, and in this particular way we express special thanks to His Excellency Mr. Ali Al-Alaq, Governor of the Central Bank and Mr. Wadih Al-Handal, President of the Iraqi Private Banking Association."
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    LINK Deputy: Three ministers in the resigned government will continue in Allawi's "transitional" government 17th February, 2020 Today, Monday, al-Fateh Haneen Qaddo, a member of the Al-Fateh Alliance, announced that three ministers from Adel Abdel-Mahdi’s resigned government will continue, within the upcoming “Tawfik” Allawi’s government. Qaddo said, in a statement to "Al-Akhbariya": "Allawi is trying to keep some ministers of the resigned government in the new government, so that the new ministerial cabinet will become a mixture of the new and previous governments." Interior, Defense and Finance. " He added: "The prime minister-designate wants through this to send a positive message to the Sunni component of the Ministry of Defense, as well as the Finance Minister Fouad Hussein, to satisfy the Kurdish component, as well as the Democratic Party, which continues to pressure the prime minister-designate in relation to the Ministry of Finance," noting that "Allawi is trying to break free from the pressure exerted on him by some political parties, as some parties seek political gains in his government. The deputy continued: Allawi is seeking to satisfy all the blocks and components for the sake of the success of his government, pointing out that "the Prime Minister-designate may depend on the criterion of integrity and freedom from political pressure in forming his government, and this comes through the use of some old ministers." He suggested the leadership of the Alliance of the conquest: that "the ministerial cabinet is passed in Parliament, because Allawi will not come to parliament without obtaining the green light from the political blocs to agree to pass the ministerial cabinet."
  16. 5 points PM Magazine: The sanctions have made Iran unable to protect corrupt politicians and militias in Iraq and Lebanon Baghdad - news A report published by Foreign Policy magazine, today, Monday, considered that Iran is not continuing to protect corrupt politicians and militias in Iraq and Lebanon, due to the US sanctions and the significant impact it has produced. The report, prepared by Dennis Ross, a former American diplomat, and Dana Stroll of the Washington Institute, and his "news" translation: "that US sanctions have made Iran unable to continue to protect" the corrupt from its politicians and militias "in Iraq and Lebanon," stressing the need to America is getting more involved, focusing on "what Washington can do for the region" and making it a "milestone" for America in facing Iran, which has become morally and financially bankrupt. The report called on the US administration to mobilize the necessary support from Republicans and Democrats to make a fundamental shift in its policy for the stability of the Middle East, and stressed the holding of strategic partnerships with the Lebanese and Iraqis through a "legislative framework" by updating agreements with the two countries, and deepening the partnership to more than Washington's focus on Support the Lebanese army only. The report recommended, with an important point, that all this should be linked to clear timetables with the American presidential elections, with the aim of sending an important signal to the region away from the administration’s fluctuations in recent years. He added: It seems that many possibilities are mortgaging the outcome of these elections, and there is no doubt that Iran hopes Donald Trump will leave the presidency, while he seeks to achieve a great victory that allows him to continue the siege of the Iranian regime’s policy. The report concluded that, until that time, Iran will continue to annoy the Americans in Iraq, and the Lebanese leader of Hezbollah, Nasrallah, will seek behind his project to establish a "comprehensive resistance throughout the Arab and Islamic world to confront America", but it is a project fraught with difficulties, the first of which is that saving Lebanon needs Supporting the world not to a front against others, and Nasrallah, who called on the Lebanese to separate politics and economics when working to solve the Lebanon problem, drowned in politics, adopting the Iranian vision that did nothing but generalize crises from Beirut to Baghdad
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    Peshmerga Ministry Awaiting Baghdad’s Approval on New Framework of Cooperation Basnews English 17/02/2020 - 14:44 Published in Kurdistan ERBIL — Kurdistan Region’s Ministry of Peshmerga Affairs is waiting for the response from Iraq’s Defense Ministry on a proposed framework about the military cooperation and coordination between Erbil and Baghdad. A senior official from Peshmerga ministry said they handed a proposal during their last meeting with Iraqi counterparts, and now it awaits Baghdad’s approval. A delegation from Iraq’s Defense Ministry was planning to visit Erbil to discuss the proposal before the unrest in the country prolongs, the source added. BasNews has learned that the main points in the Erbil proposal are as following: Return of the Peshmerga forces to the areas disputed between Erbil and Baghdad. Organizing joint operations to battle the Islamic State. Exchanging intelligence between the regional and federal governments. Allocating the Peshmerga share from Iraq’s defense budget. Including Peshmerga forces in military trainings. Respecting the previous agreements between Peshmerga and Iraqi forces.
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    IQD Currency Exchange Rates Monday - 2/17/2020 Exchange Rates US dollar USD 1190.000 Euro EUR 1290.198 Pound sterling GBP 1550.689 Canadian dollar CAD 898.181 Swiss franc S.FR 1212.368 Swedish krona SEK 122.900 Norwegian krone NOK 128.688 Danish krone DKK 172.687 Japanese yen JPY 10.833 Chinese Yuan CNY 170.407 Australian dollar AUD 799.561 Special drawing rights SDR 1627.337 Gold for 24-ounce Gold 1869214.800
  19. 5 points Integrity: 41 seizures in January, in which corruption incurred more than (44) billion dinars Baghdad / news The Federal Integrity Commission disclosed all seizures carried out by its directorates and investigation offices, noting that it had implemented (41) seizures in Baghdad and the provinces during the past January. The investigations department of the commission indicated that its directorates and investigative offices in Baghdad and the provinces have implemented (41) seizures, in which corruption has amounted to more than (44,000,000,000) billion dinars, indicating that the most prominent of them is the process of seizing a wireless exchange in the Directorate of Communications and Post of Basra was purchased with more than (14,000,000,000) billion dinars within the regions development program for the year 2012, and it remained abandoned in Basra Postal stores, despite the receipt of the company supplying all its financial dues, and setting the priorities for the purchase of (64) tanks (deny) at the amount of (14,000,000,000) billion dinars for the Directorate of Water in Nineveh. The department added that among the operations is the seizure of more than (6,000,000,000) billions of dinars in local revenue for the dissolved Diyala Provincial Council, which was collected and collected from the (Safra port) deposited in a private bank in violation of the controls and instructions of the Ministry of Finance, in addition to controlling exchange documents and purchase deeds (63) A medical device for the hospitals of the Muthanna Health Department at an amount of (2,453,000,000) two billion dinars, and seizing books issued by Salah al-Din Traffic regarding the validity of annual publications that were organized informally and in violation of the law. And it showed that the Basra Investigation Directorate carried out (15) operations during which 12 suspects were seized, while the Nineveh Investigation Directorate carried out 8 operations during which (16) of the total number of operations (41) were seized, pointing out that those operations resulted in the seizure (41) Accused.
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    Time to clean up the cesspool mess the libatards have caused in our country under the guise of fairness and PC (which translates into more Rat votes). You cannot stand there and sanctimoniously state how much you "care" while allowing homeless people to deficate in the streets, spreading diseases and allowing illegals to break our laws and yet reward them by giving them free everything at your taxpaying constituents expense.
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    That's what I say. But I'll point out that this is the same premise that Adam uses with OSI. If you can gift your dinar to your corporation now at today's rate, then you can also do that with a charity or other legal entity. Since I'm pretty sure Adam verified that six ways from Sunday, personally, I feel very confident we can also do that with a charity. jmo
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    The reality is that no one can say for sure, either way. Nothing is life is guaranteed. I totally believe it is Iraq's intention to RV, but s*$# happens and plans get thrown off track. We have Iraq's internal struggle to reduce government corruption, then there's the coronavirus, and also a potential threat from locusts. We've made our choice to invest in this, now all we can do is wait and hope and pray that it comes to fruition. I really hope and pray it does, but I also think it's wise to be a realist and have a back up plan in case it doesn't. just saying.....
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    LINK An independent deputy stresses the need to hold those concerned accountable for the budget and oil exchange mechanism 08:33 - 17/02/2020 On Monday, independent deputy Nada Shaker Jawdat said that there are many unanswered questions about money, oil and Kurdistan’s share of the budget, stressing the need to hold officials in the Abdul Mahdi’s government accountable for the budget, oil, exchange mechanisms and projects on which they spent the budget. Jawdat said in a statement to "Information", that "the government and the judicial authorities are required to hold accountable the killers of the demonstrators who caused the chaos that occurred in Iraq during the past period that witnessed demonstrations and violence." She added that "there are question marks about the money that the ministries and governors received during their receipt of the 2019 budget, so those responsible for this file should not be held accountable for the budget spending sections and the projects that were spent on them." She explained that "the ministers of finance and oil in the government of Abdul-Mahdi are required to indicate the mechanism through which they were given money and oil to Kurdistan, as the region's percentage of the budget reached more than 25 percent, after it was not exceeding 17 percent."
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    2-16-2020 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan Article: "Al-Nassiri: Government support to the private sector is the savior for achieving economic reform" Quote: "Al-Nussairi added that there is a need to secure the governmental program for the interim or ordinary government with a clear vision of the role of the private sector for the new stage and to involve non-governmental experts and specialists in the implementation of the desired comprehensive economic, financial and banking reform program” The new stage and it implementation for comprehensive economic, financial and banking reforms... Today we saw them talking to the people about how to check authenticity of USD currency and the Dinar with coins considered! The new stage! Coins beget value!! One doesn’t counterfeit coins at a program rate...They don’t warn about counterfeiting coins for just no random reason. They warn about knowing other countries currency and that legal obligations are coming soon to the local currency. These things in the news earlier today suggest more reasoning they are about to get plenty of USD coming into banks and will need new local currency. An obligation for the locals will be to cease using USD, and they will have to accept only local currency. Hence again, coins with value begets a warning to not counterfeit and to check your currency for authenticity before bringing it in..!! ... Imo 2-16-2020 Newshound Guru Kathy Article: "Strategic advisor: Iran will not support the removal of US forces from Iraq .. “will lose the dollar" I don't really know if the US has any control over the RV or not, as [Guru] Randy and a few others think, but if they do, then this would seem to be a good reason to RV! Make their currency more valuable than the US currency and stop the auctions! Just a thought! 2-16-2020 Newshound Guru Whitelions [Q? : your opinion...Does Iraq have to be in Article 8 status to have an international currency?"] they do not have to be in 8 to go will restrict what they can do, but not the raise in value. Nite All...RON
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    “The Iraqi Trade Bank, TBI, announced on Sunday exceptional and unprecedented performance indicators for the year 2019 which witnessed an increase of 12% in revenues and significant growth in the bank's mainfinancial rates” Just Imagine when the CBI removes exchange control and they move to an open market economy. Go National development plan Go Diversification of the economy Go economic growth
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    LINK Iraqi government bank achieves unprecedented performance in 2019 16th February 2020 The Iraqi Trade Bank, TBI, announced on Sunday exceptional and unprecedented performance indicators for the year 2019 which witnessed an increase in revenues and significant growth in the bank's main financial rates The bank said in a statement to Shafaq News, that it successfully concluded the year 2019 with an increase of 12% in revenue over 2018 of $ 673 million, and with net profits of $ 556 million, to continue the growth and expansion of its banking transactions, registering a noticeable increase of 68% over 2018 , With an increase in the bank’s total assets reaching $ 29 billion, an increase of 27% compared to 2018 He added that he supported the Iraqi economy and reconstruction projects, with a total of $ 1.9 billion in loans granted during 2019 to support government institutions and agencies, noting that he directed a large part of his loans to serve and develop government initiatives in upgrading infrastructure and community development He continued that the personal loans granted by the bank increased in 2019 to reach 434 million USD, with a total of 25,290 loans, which contributed to driving the growth of the local economy by supporting Iraqi citizens to establish and develop their personal needs in construction and other purposes He pointed to the bank’s keenness to provide financial services to different groups of the Iraqi community through geographical expansion and opening multiple branches inside Iraq, which numbered to 26 branches. The bank also expanded externally as it opened the first representative office for the bank in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi and opened its first external branch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia The bank is working on its external expansion to diversify its sources of income and revenues And he added that, since its establishment in 2003, he has been working with the Central Bank of Iraq to develop and improve the educational, cultural, economic and social security level of community members through the provision of various services, and the bank has put forward several initiatives to finance small and medium projects in proportion to all business sectors, and the Iraqi Trade Bank has acquired On about 80% of commercial financing business in Iraq, and it ranks first among Arab banks in terms of cost-to-income ratio The statement quoted Faisal Al-Heims, President of the Iraqi Bank for Trade and Chairman of the Board as saying, "The Iraqi Trade Bank witnessed an accelerated growth in the financial and investment fields during the year 2019, and we have an ambitious plan to expand the bank's business locally and internationally with the aim of increasing the percentage of revenues it generates from the banking services for individuals locally as well as from International operations to achieve an annual increase of 30% annually for the bank's revenues according to the work plan for the years from 2020 to 2023, and we see that any achievement the bank achieves is part of the achievements of the Iraqi economy as a whole He added: "We will continue to push our initiatives to develop banking technology and enhance customer service to improve the experience of our customers and reduce costs. We also strive to encourage and secure foreign investment, and to promote investment in the Iraqi interior and provide its services as a reliable option for investors ##################### The Trade Bank of Iraq achieves unprecedented performance in 2019 LINK
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    Well, if that does happen this way, I’m not waiting around for 3 years. I’ll take my $1.34 and be very, very happy! 🥳
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    IMHO (My comments in dark text😞 1. Is there a complete and functioning government? No, but from the looks of things, could possibly be one of the quickest governments formed in history after the fall of Sadam. But, only time will tell. Remember, this is Iraq and saying one thing, but not delivering on results is a very common and daily occurrence. 2. Are the crooks and other ner-do-wells still able to do harm? This is Iraq...need I say more? 3. Is the banking system (and laws) up and ready to handle an event like an RV? This is the one area I feel that the country of Iraq has made the most progress and is ready for the coming changes. 4. Is Iraq safe enough for countries & businesses to actually infuse tons of money into the country? This will depend on the acceptance of the newly established government by the people, and the direction that the newly formed government takes. If there's a continued foray into corruption, or even the perception of corruption, then things may not get to a point of stability. Only time will tell. Indy
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    Actually I don't want to call him a Guru as he seems a little more down to earth than the others. A while back i stopped listening the frank....he just seems little too far out there and angry at people these days. MarkZ I will listen now and again but it is just easier the read what he thinks.....Any minute, expected this afternoon and should have spendable fund by midnight....Same thing, different shirt daily. Kap is of the belief there is too much IQD Out there to ever do anything with. Jeff.....He is okay but hurt himself when he claim it was a go the beginning of the last quarter of 2019 only to be the 1st to kick the can into the end of the 1st quarter of 2020. Vital brad is grounded but does have a lot to say that I can find....bits here and there. But I did run across this Pimpy on both FB and Youtube.....he seems to have a very grounds=ed outlooks on both the IQD, VND and he gets into Crypto's that I just don't get.... But he is thinking Trump could be in a position to do the same thing Regan did to the USSR and destroy Communist China even going into the history of China/Russia and the falling out they had back in the 60's.....Sorta an interesting take on things. His thoughts are that is Trump can do this China will have to play fair after the Trade deal is past. This will cause the rest of the Asian Currency Manipulators to fall in line as well.......Including Viet Nam. he is more in the .05-.25 cent range for the VND as that would be a Huge increase in the value of their money. It could go up some he claims but not much for quite a while. Now he (Pimpy) has quite a different out look than say Kap....His feelings are that the valve if and when it goes up will be different world wide depending on the value of said countries currency. His belief is that Iraq has already taken a bunch of Dinar off the street in Iraq. Then he is of the belief the IQD to USD will be in the $1.34 USD to IQD range and stay there for up to 3 years bringing in more and more with the end goal to possibly get back to $3.22 USD to IQD. This does not mean that say some holder of IQD on Mysterious island off the coast of never never land will get the same Exchange ratio as the USD.....they my have a million and it is only going to exchange at .10 cent.....Somewhere else the value of the IQD may only raise to .25 cents to what ever their countries currency is worth. So say we in the US did get $1.34 per IQD doesn't mean Umbertino in Italy is going to get the same rate. Nor would Mary in Scotland or Ireland get the same rate as the rate for the USD. PP or Davis would get a rate based on what the Canadian Dollar is worth vs the IQD and not the same rate as the USD..... So in short where the Lopsters and Kap claim there is Too Much IQD out there to RV of RI at 1-1 or $1.34 or $3.22 that rate would only be good in the case of the USD. Hopefully that is clear as mud and I am not sure I got over what I was trying to convey here. Note, just because I didn't mention Adam is no disrespect to him or the forum.....I wait every Wednesday to read what he has to say and I watch my email every morning to see if I have any good news for DV. Okay, I had better have another beer.....than reread this but by then it all be too late as this will be etched is DV history for eternity Karsten
  31. 4 points
    DV, The Parliament is the procrastinator's and lazy arse group. The Iraqi Citizens need to force them to get er done ASAP.....Keep the pressure cooker on "HIGH" until all demands are completed. GO RV & RI
  32. 4 points
    Iraq's PM-designate Unable to Present Cabinet Structure this Week: Report BasNews 17/02/2020 - 23:32 Published in Iraq ERBIL - Iraq's PM-designate Mohammed Allawi will not present the structure of his interm cabinet until next week, a report revealed on Monday. Allawi, who has vowed his future government to be independent and free from anyone affiliated with the political parties, had been expected to announce his cabinet on Tuesday. Sky News cited a parliamentary source close to Allawi as saying that it is likely the premier-designate will announce his cabinet at the beginning of next. Earli the day, Allawi held a meeting with heads of the Shia factions at the Council of Representatives in efforts to make a final decision on the ministerial candidates. Caretaker PM Adil Abdul Mahdi resigned from his position in hopes of addressing the demands of the anti-government protesters who have been taking to the streets since October.
  33. 4 points
    Sure hope you are right about the range, Ron. As I'm sure we all have, I have charted scenarios with different exchange rates. I am focusing my outcome on the lower rates just to make sure I have enough dinar to cover what I want in the end. Everything else is 'blessed to be a blessing'. I remember Kim Clement saying to get out after it happened. If God told him it would happen, I believe God also told him to warn us about hanging onto it too long. Anyway, thanks for all you posts, Ron. I definitely value your opinion.
  34. 4 points
    LINK Legal: The National Salvation Government is formed by an international resolution called "the transitional phase" 17th February, 2020 The legal expert, Ali Al-Tamimi, confirmed today, Monday, that the National Salvation Government is formed by an international resolution called "the transitional phase." Al-Tamimi told Al-Akhbaria that the national salvation government that is widely circulated must be formed by a decision of the Security Council in accordance with Article 39 of it, Chapter Seven." He added: "Where this government is formed under international guardianship, as happened after the Second World War for the colonial countries, and it is called a transitional period in which these countries are administered by national figures under the supervision of the United Nations until the election of a government in accordance with the Yassin constitution." Al-Tamimi said: "As for the national unity government, it is the one that is legitimately elected according to an effective constitution and a general popular choice."
  35. 4 points
    Here’s More On These Bloc Heads ! LINK Deputy for Al-Fateh: Allawi will send the names of his cab and his program to the heads of the blocs today 12:27 - 17/02/2020 The deputy of the Al-Fath Alliance, Ahmad Al-Kinani, revealed, on Monday, the intention of Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi to hand over his government program and the names of ministers to the heads of political blocs to study them, indicating that Allawi is intending to present his cabinet before the end of this week. Kanani said in a statement to / information / that "Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi is determined to send the names of ministers and his new government program, today, to the heads of political blocs without disclosing the names and details before the media." Al-Kanani added, "The study of names and Allawi's program will guarantee the confidence of the parliament in the event that the representatives are convinced of the names and its comprehensive government program." Kanani said that "Allawi plans to put the ministerial cabinet and its program in front of the House of Representatives before the end of the week, to allow the political blocs to vote freely."
  36. 4 points
    Monday - February 17, 2020 CBI - Foreign Currency Selling Window for Tuesday, 18/2/2020 that was performed on Monday, 17/2/2020 Announcement No.(4145) Sale Date - 18/2/2020 performed on Monday - 17/2/2020 Details Amount Total sale for the purpose of strengthen outside assets (Transfers and credits) 216,715,206 Total sale cash 25,290,000 Total sale amount 242,005,206 Note: Selling price of remittance money to bank accounts outside is (1190) ID for each Dollar. Cash selling price is (1190) ID for each Dollar. Link: » The Central Bank of Iraq sales schedule for foreign currency (amounts in thousands of dollars) for Tuesday 18/2/2020 and executed on Monday 17/22/2020
  37. 4 points 17-02-2020 10:47 AM Other: Allawi's cabin is complete and is independent according to our information Baghdad / news A member of the House of Representatives, from the Saeron Bloc, confirmed the completion of the ministerial cabinet of Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi, indicating that it is a "separate" cabin. Al-Omairi said, in a press statement, that "Allawi's cabin was completed a few days ago and is independent according to the information we have confirmed, but there are some forces trying to return the ministerial formation to the first square in order for a number of ministries to submit to it." He added that "everyone knows that the continuity of these parties was dependent in the previous period on what they get from these ministries," pointing to the need to "be aware of the seriousness of this stage and release freedom of choice for Allawi in forming the cab." Al-Amiri called on the Prime Minister-designate to announce that he "bears full responsibility before the Iraqi people in forming the government booth during a session granting him confidence in the House of Representatives, and that she was chosen from him without pressure, and if she found him to remind her of the sky", he went on "either to make the Iraqi street unfamiliar with this information In light of the accusations, the fall and the distortion of some political blocs that are trying to make the wheel spin in order to get Iraq out of this impasse. "
  38. 4 points
  39. 4 points
    Time To Start A New ‘Budget Thread’ - This One’s Getting A Bit Stale But (As Pitcher Can Tell U) The Following Article Isn’t Worthy Of The Leadoff Spot ! LINK For most of its deficit .. the 2020 budget will be allocated to the operational component only 16th February, 2020 The Parliamentary Finance Committee expected, on Sunday, that the size of the financial deficit within the draft federal budget law for 2020 will exceed 50 trillion Iraqi dinars, while it indicated that the 2020 budget will only cover the operational part related to employee salaries. Committee member Hanin Qaddo said in a statement to / Information /, that “the launching of job grades for all ministries and allocating financial grants to the unemployed caused a rise in the planning deficit within the budget of 2020″, pointing out that “the deficit may reach 50 trillion Iraqi dinars within the budget of 2020”. He added that "the deficit monitored at the present time is merely speculative and may increase or decrease according to the government's measures to reduce it," noting that "according to the current deficit, the 2020 budget will only fill the operational part of the current year and is unable to provide sufficient funds for the investment side." And that "the deficit in the salaries of employees may amount to more than 10 trillion Iraqi dinars." The Parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed, earlier, that the House of Representatives will receive the federal budget bill for 2020 from the Council of Ministers in the month of April. [/size][/b]
  40. 4 points
    The dinar has to unpeg from the dollar. It's unavoidable. When it does, it won't go down. That's the reason I'm invested.
  41. 4 points
    Thanks wildeman.....I agree yogaman...! Off we go, waitin' & hopin'..!
  42. 4 points
    I believe it is good news to have a full cabinet. However, the budget still needs to be reworked to remove "earmarks" for the Iranian interests and put into real projects for the people. In other words stop the thieving of public funds. That will take a little time but I really believe that 2020 is the year for great happenings.
  43. 4 points
    A loan for 5-25 Million dinars might make them rich post RV.. interesting..
  44. 4 points
    Mesopotamia gives good tidings to the slices that have settled their salaries with the bank 02/15 2020 14:14:38اقتصـاد/الرافدين-يزف-بشرى-سارة-للشرائح-التي-وطنت-رواتبها-لدى-المصرف/ Shafaq News / Al-Rafidain Bank revealed that it continues to grant advances to all segments whose salaries have been settled in the bank and carry a Master Key International Card, while providing the best salary localization system in the country, in harmony with the economy of the Iraqi family. A statement issued by the bank, to Shafak News, stated that "the lending mechanisms continue in a smooth flow without any complication, according to the need of all citizens, including employees of the Ministry of Interior, where the applicant can obtain a loan ranging between 5-25 million Iraqi dinars." The bank emphasized that "the partnership with Key Company, which won the award for the best smart card for 2019 by the specialized international magazine International Finance Magazine, raised the reality of the services provided to all citizens, especially the citizenship, their salaries in the bank." The Rafidain Bank, which is the most widespread in the country, also provides sale services in installments from 1,000 or more merchants to various goods
  45. 4 points
    LINK Analyst: Iran will be harmed if Iraq is punished because it is its only window to smuggle oil and hard currency 16th February, 2020 Political analyst Mujahid al-Ta’i confirmed Sunday that Iran will be harmed if Iraq is punished, because the latter is its only window to smuggle oil and obtain hard currency. Al-Ta’i told Al-Akhbariya that “the American presence in Iraq does not have any Iraqi legal framework, and despite all the media jesting, no member of parliament close to the axis of the resistance in Parliament spoke about this, because they are not serious about that.” Al-Tai added, "Iran will be harmed if Iraq is punished with it, as it is today its only window of hard currency and oil smuggling."
  46. 4 points
    LINK Foreign Minister calls on Cyprus investment companies to work in Iraq 16th February, 2020 On Sunday, the Iraqi Foreign Minister, Muhammad al-Hakim, called on Cyprus investment companies to work in Iraq A statement on the Al-Hakim office, which was received by Al-Iqtisad News, said that the latter "discussed with the Cypriot Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides the prospects of upgrading bilateral relations between the two countries by signing a number of memoranda of understanding, and activating the memorandum of understanding for political consultations between Iraq and Cyprus He explained that "the two sides discussed accelerating the holding of the International Conference for Reconstruction and Development in Iraq The Minister Al-Hakim expressed, according to a statement, "Baghdad's aspiration to achieve economic cooperation, calling on the Cypriot investment companies to work in Iraq, especially in the fields of construction, housing and infrastructure He invited his Cypriot counterpart to "visit Iraq in the context of deepening relations between Baghdad and Nicosia ############ Iraq Is Set To Hold A World Conference For Reconstruction And Development LINK
  47. 4 points
    LINK Al-Handal stresses the important role of the population in shaping the developmental policies of Iraq during the coming period 16th February, 2020 The head of the Iraqi Private Banking Association, Wadih Al-Handal, emphasized the important role of the population census in shaping developmental policies for Iraq during the coming period The second conference of the Iraqi Statistical Society was held under the slogan (Population Census .. Development Paths), on the role of the census in drawing future development plans in harmony with the actual need of society from projects that promote the reality of life, with the participation of research from several countries, particularly the prizes, Egypt, the United States, Britain, Syria and Malaysia , In cooperation between the Governance Foundation for Directors and Chic University The Minister of Planning and Representative of Prime Minister Nuri Sabah Al-Dulaimi said during his speech at the conference and was followed up by "Al-Iqtisad News", that "the conference represents a great support for the census project that is implemented at the end of this year, and the census decision electronically is important and plays a pivotal role in redrawing plans in the economic and urban areas And social according to accurate statistical data It is noteworthy that the population was organized periodically every ten years, but it did not continue after 2003 due to political interactions. He said that "the period that did not witness the census resulted in a retreat in the joints of the infrastructures and others, hence the importance of the census, which is carried out with smart devices and with reduced physical and human efforts For his part, the head of the Iraqi Statistics Association, Dr. Mahdi Al-Alaq, said, "The conference comes with the aim of explaining the importance of the population census on the reality of the economic development that the country seeks, as it can benefit from successful international experiences in this field, especially since a number of countries in the world have valuable participation." In this conference through several specialized researches, as preparations for this conference extended for a whole year Al-Alaq called on “all statisticians to provide assistance in implementing the census”, and reviewed the role of the United Nations Population Fund in developing local staff and access to the experiences of countries with a view to implementing a safe population census in accordance with international standards. He indicated that “the concerned authorities take important and sound steps to complete the The census process is optimized, especially since the census is one of the priorities of the Ministry's work In turn, the head of the Iraqi Private Banking Association, Wadih Al-Handal, stressed "the important role of the population census in drawing up development policies for Iraq during the coming period He added during his speech at the conference: "Organizing a special conference for the population census, on the importance of the issue and the results that will follow on the fate of Iraq. From this standpoint, a conference on this was organized by (the Iraqi Society for Statistical Sciences in cooperation with the National International University's Chic University and the Rafidain University College and the United Nations Fund for Housing) Despite the challenges, the Iraqi banking sector has evolved structurally, structurally and technically during the past five years through its contribution to economic activities that have a direct developmental impact on achieving sustainable development as stated in the National Development Plan (2018-2022) and Iraq’s Vision 2030 and the poverty reduction approach based on our concern As a private banking sector that constitutes the first basic link in the economy and to emphasize our keenness on this approach, we participate today in this discussion seminar, which is organized in partnership with the Central Bank of Iraq, the Association of Banks, the Governance Foundation for managers, sponsoring and supportive academic universities, and p Mieh specializes in an important and vital subject upon which all economic sectors, a general census of the population and the implications of the success of the census on the success of the development plans referred to previously The representative of the Governance Foundation to the directors Sazan Imad showed that "the importance of preparing a conference for the census stems from the importance of the issue and the results that will follow on the fate of Iraq. From this standpoint, the conference was organized, which contributes to setting the right policies and drawing strategies that guarantee the protection of the rights of all of our children for a life Safe and happy, it is necessary to know the correct population census for the Iraqi society that will be based on fateful decisions from, as creating job opportunities for youth and drawing the necessary policies to reduce the problem of unemployment, poverty and social problems related to it, and to ensure their right to Or building their own projects, which will contribute directly to the economic development of the country as a productive element and effective rather than a consumer
  48. 4 points
    It mystifies me how anyone could read these forums and still think Mark Z or Bruce are still relevant. Don't rely on news from Iraq to explain the delay of the RV/RI. Lap up these imaginings of Reno, 800 numbers, Swiss banks, Chinese elders. Call me boring, but I'm pretty sure only Iraq can put the Iraqi Dinar on Forex. I have a suggestion for those who are still uncertain where their boundaries on gullibility should be drawn: Maybe start with the guy who is wrong every single day for years now, and has never been correct once. Or don't. Just keep listening to Q and irritating your buddies with talk of 800 numbers that they're certainly interested in hearing for the 852nd time.
  49. 4 points
    So the alternative solutions being proposed by the Democrat Presidential Clowns is for no borders, no border Patrol agents, Sanctuary Cities, and Sanctuary States? Wake up...or before long we won't have a country. Indy
  50. 4 points
    I'll say it again: When sitting on top of one of the largest oil deposits in the world, you can make a lot more money honestly, by selling your oil, than you can dishonestly, by financial manipulation such as this. Currency auctions only benefit the rich, not the poor. Currency auctions reduce overall economic activity, because they exclude the overall economy of Iraq from the riches of the world economy. That's really stupid. That's really self destructive. It's like blowing up your own bank account. Currency auctions are not even good for the Iraq rich elite, in the long run. They are just for the short run financial benefit of a few people in Iraq. These elite idiots on Iraq will eventually realize they can actually get a lot richer honestly, than they can by running essentially, a financial scam. The elites in Iraq could actually make an awful lot more money, than they do now, simply by ending these auctions. Ordinary Iraqis would get much richer, but so would the elites. I suggest they stop screwing themselves over.

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