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  1. Also, you have to consider an Iranian source's definition of "coup." That could simply mean the expulsion of Iranian militias, who the Iranian hardliners believe are legitimately part of the Iraqi government. From the perspective of theocratic authoritarians, Iraq belongs to Iran, so any attack on an Iranian military presence in Iraq is an attack on Iraq too.
  2. I wish this were true, but why would the US spend its own money and lives on a goal that could be achieved through Iraq's next election?
  3. If true, the appointment Allawi makes sense. He was just a drone fulfilling a procedural step while placating protesters. I don't trust Saleh much, but he's the best option. And dissolving parliament would be pretty awesome.
  4. As long as he flips the switch on monetary reforms, the people can purge him and the rest of the criminal government in December.
  5. Thanks for posting. Something to consider: Note which news organizations report the political crisis as originating entirely within Iraq, with no fault attributed to Iran. Also worth noting that Al Jazeera is Qatari, a country allied with Iran and Turkey. Qatari money influences a vast portion of global and American media, especially the Never-Trumpers.
  6. This is the geopolitical version of a suicide vest. Iran won't die without harming the US and Iraq physically and politically.
  7. As the Iranian regime slips closer to collapse, the more aggression we'll see from them (these aren't proxies, they're as much Iranian as Khomeini). They want to strike as many blows as they can while they're dying. That's the radical Islamist way. I'm fine with that as long as Americans or Iraqis don't die. Hezbollah in Iraq is about to get smoked. We just needed an excuse.
  8. Strangely, the cure turns out to be a ritual requiring all parliamentary MP's to stand on a bonfire stake.
  9. He's not selecting someone himself? He's either trolling the parties or trolling Iraqi citizens. Either way he can't be serious.
  10. There are a lot of Texans in this investment, me included. There's no stopping the dinar from unpegging from the dollar, so I'm not too worried about it not happening. What I am worried about is how many miles my old car has left before I'm able to buy my Lambo.
  11. I don't think coronavirus is going to discourage the protesters from gathering again. If armed militias firing rifle rounds directly at them isn't going to impede them, neither will a mutated flu bug.
  12. Everything is calculated strategy. When two thirds of parliament abstains, everyone involved -- including Allawi -- had to have known it was coming. This short lived Hope-and-Change affair with Allawi was always just a stepping stone to another phase. We won't understand the strategies of any of these parties until we see their next actions. My theory is Allawi may have been honest about his intentions, but he was still used as a pacifier for the protesters. Meanwhile the currency auctions continue. I'd love to see the protesters borrow the strategy the Mongols used in the siege of Caffa in 1346 when they catapulted plague infested bodies over the city walls. Instead the protesters could throw petri dishes full of coronavirus at parliament and militia members. Maybe use Corona beer bottles for full effect.
  13. The protesters will have to redouble their effort, and militias will start killing them again. I've said it before -- this won't end without armed conflict, and will only go in the right direction when the militias are purged.
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