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  1. Where does Frank supposedly get all these articles? The newshounds in this forum do a thorough job of scouring all the Iraqi news sites and they don't post the same articles Frank is talking about.
  2. Why hasn't anyone in KTFA asked for video of the supposed Iraqi TV news updates that his "fireflies" report on? These guys have sure gone a long time without being validated.
  3. Good responses, thanks everyone. I'll watch some of the Iraqi news in English.
  4. Question: Frank26 is always reading reports from his "Fireflies" who describe what they see on Iraqi TV. Is there a way for someone here to confirm this? Does anyone know anyone in Iraq who can confirm what's actually shown on TV about the dinar?
  5. For many years, didn't we hear predictions that there would be a lot of disinformation right before the Dinar went international? Why was that predicted? Because it makes sense. And because it's what Kuwait did, but mostly because it makes sense. If the CBI and Iraqi media started buzzing about an imminent reinstatement or RV, there wouldn't only be a run on it by underground speculators like us, but by whale buyers and Main Street. The CBI and US Treasury doesn't want that. They're only ok with a few weirdos like us knowing about it. So these Negative Nancy articles are what we've always expected. Hey, they could turn out to be true, sure. The investment nosediving was always a possibility. But there's far less of a reason to bet on a nosedive than on an RV. Consider the billions in international investment they'd be setting on fire and every entity they'd be screwing over. Also consider this country just overthrew their own government 1.5 years ago. Right now, I'm even more confident in my bet on an RV.
  6. Their survival depends on the understanding that Biden will screw up that region like Obama did.
  7. Has anyone noticed that all these doom and gloom articles rely on the reader's assumption that the rate is based on a market float? I haven't seen one article mention that a free fall is prevented by a peg to the dollar.
  8. Mainstream media commentary on the dinar has always been irrelevant. Jim Cramer was the one exception. National Review has become a mainstream media Never Trumper rag.
  9. Let's take a step back for a bit. Do some yoga, snort some Xanax, or whatever calms you down. We're going to be just fine. Have they said the 1450 rate is permanent? Is there any evidence that points to this rate as their endgame? For years they've been talking about the project to delete the zeroes. For the past year they've shown images of a new currency. The white papers were written with the purpose to restore purchasing power. Would all that effort go out the window because of 8 months of a down oil market? A reinstatement is a complicated process. It may occur in multiple steps that don't seem to make sense at the time. If there's anything we've learned from this investment, it's that it requires patience. There is not a historical road map that tells us what to expect, not even Kuwait's RV. Regarding the xe price being 1190, it's because that's the price of their current supply. It doesn't work like the US fed interest rate where it changes automatically on the retail side. They have to sell their current supply before they mark down to 1450. Let's not panic. Be reassured because of the movement we're seeing. It hasn't happened in many years. Something is cooking, and we should expect more significant developments very soon.
  10. "Hey Iraqi citizens, remember that time you all revolted and demanded purchasing power of your currency? Well guess what!"
  11. They've been talking up October 3rd for weeks. The only news to come of it is that Iraq has the most uneventful independence day on the planet.
  12. A lot of posturing. The rockets have been aimed at embassies and bases for months, but only now does the US demand they stop, right around the time Kazemi is passing a major reform. What a coincidence! The nation of Iraq rejected any alliance with Iran the day the protests started. Every event since then has been an incremental step toward purging them. This embassy business is just another step, and probably a big one.
  13. Think about the diplomatic strategy going on: Iraq cannot purge the militias without Iran declaring it a betrayal and provocation, so the US is forcing Iraq's hand. Now Iraq can pretend they're put in a bad position and were given no choice in the matter, even though this is part of the plan. It's a no-brainer scheme, considering Iran is run by unsophisticated hicks who set themselves up by firing bottle rockets at the soil of a first world power.
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