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  1. This is what I've been worried about. When they reach the end of the road in Iraq, they'll take the scorched earth route. I would expect suicide bombings to be among their options.
  2. It will be interesting to see how she attacks Omar as the election draws near. Omar's infidelity and immigration fraud make her vulnerable among her religious immigrant base.
  3. It's not confusing, it's just stupid. The key to understanding it is to go with the most cynical interpretation. In this case, the Iranian puppets just tried to fool the Iraqi protesters by playing a shell game with two guys named Allawi. The protesters wanted Ali Allawi, so the Iranians said, "Suuuuuuure, here ya go!" and appointed Muhammed Allawi. Like I said. Stupid. It's like a Mel Brooks movie, but instead of laughter it'll end in hangings. The next time any of you are disgusted by hoax impeachments and hoax Russia conspiracies, look to what Iraqi politicians just tried to pull here. You may feel a little bit better about US politics. But only a little.
  4. The US just whacked Iran's #2 and they were too chicken to counterpunch. They're our b!tch now.
  5. The budget was approved two days before Mahdi "resigned," so they can pass it. They're playing games.
  6. Iraqis: We reject even a hint of further exploitation by Iran. Iran: Further exploitation of Iraq is our only means of survival. If stopping the auctions doesn't take down Iran first, violence will escalate between protesters and militias.
  7. This could be what causes the crowd to finally turn on Sadr. The new civilization Iraqis are fighting for has no place for him.
  8. The key quote I previously missed: "The political blocs are unanimous in authorizing the government to send the budget to its importance in running the daily lives of citizens and it is not possible to wait for the new government."
  9. This looks like rate change education to me. Could be wrong, but it feels that way.
  10. "Any delay or wrap by the American forces will lead to a popular escalation and military confrontations against it." This is what it comes down to. A bluff about what the Iraqi street will do. Iran has no leverage.
  11. I'm beginning to appreciate the complexities of Iraqi politics compounded by tribes, religious sects, and the need to serve two masters (US and Iran). And it's all underpinned by self-interest and the instinct to save one's own skin. Concerning the latter, Mahdi these MP's know Iran is going down, so no one knows which of their statements and positions to take seriously.
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