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    Ha! Thanks, y'all. I'm not so sure, anymore, that's how it is, but it's nice to be appreciated. Thanks for not thinking of me as a guru. Even though I may be wrong, a lot, I don't sell dinars and have never been dishonest with anyone.
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    Thanks GGGECKO... and back at ya! The O fans will always tell you what really bothers them. Cheney is right and, deep down... they know it! Good questions (thanks for answering them for me!) I couldn't agree more. I also believe that Iraq was stable when we left... not perfect by any measure, but stable. Had we stayed to support that stability and nurture their budding democracy, I think the entire middle east would be less volatile. Al-Qaeda and ISIS would still be in their hidy-holes, Syria might look very different, and yes... I think it's possible that by now, Iraq could have been growing and prospering instead of spiraling out of control. ***** @ Rochester Indeed... Freedom of speech is fan-freakin-tastic! Discourse is healthy... I don't expect everyone to agree with my opinions either... what fun would that be? As a resident of Canada (America-light), you seem very comfortable expressing your opinions about our leaders and political objectives. Nothing to complain about in Utopia, I suppose! Well, you won't hear me telling you to MYOB... but, be duly warned... I will always require your intellectual honesty. Please take that as the compliment I intend it to be. I don't engage just anyone on this board because... well... there's no sport in it! You seem to be well-spoken and, though I disagree with most everything you say, I defend your right to say it. Also, I enjoy the fodder of liberal logic... it amuses me! Have a very good rest of your day!
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    Page 1 Asntada to the provisions of article albetd rthaltha) t 0 8) of the Constitution and article 27 of the law on electronic signature Transactions alalczesonet # ^ 78 for him in 2012. Issued the following order; ~ 2/we shall take/t 20 t * M Electronic funds payment services JjVIJu&JI /Samref Article. 1. The following terms shall mean for the purposes of these rules, her opposite meanings ~ a 3. World Bank: Central Bank of Iraq. Nania. الادارؤ v Council Council condemnation of the Iraqi Central Bank 1. III. payment services provider I lalkensoni: alaekhs who carried a license from Bank To provide electronic payment services. IV. electronic payment services agent t alsachs entitled alasaroni payment services provider to provide and facilitate the implementation of payments. VA h electronic payment system: a group of aloaed and raw procedures and rules to transfer funds between the raised in order that the transfer of funds through the use of alputih to payment systems. VI. electronic payment system operator with the technical operations of the tthghabl payment system الالكتروني• VII. Electronic payment order: the order of the payer or payee to the payment service provider requesting the tvbez payment transaction. Nasha-agent service provider demanded Latvian foreign payment service provider by sending and receiving the loyalists in Iraq finance wekhangh without maintaining bodana to customers. Page 2 Shatat ndemat e-payment rule. 2 ■ the electronic payment services activities also comes t ~ first. Payment tools version 1 latktzoni of funds. II. Management of deposits walmhoiat cash through ATMs and POS. Thalaea. Implementation of payment azektroni debit and credit funds are guaranteed by the credit limit for online payment services user. IV "implementation of electronic payments, creditor and debtor by any means of communication or any means of information technology or network operator acting as an intermediary between the payment service and served with the goods or services or any recipient of funds include altsablat on mobile. daniaq VA. Implementation of on-line payments total alzha system real-time or little Disciple of the financial or automated clearing house system. Mmsal/seth Menms engage in electronic payment services Article. 3 ■ 17 ■ V may pursue payment service amhasaroni only bshkhis from the Bank. II. The Bank modify aldakhis by adding online payment service provided for collapse in the system, or change the type of service upon the request of Licensor, collapsing the House amendment in magazines. Article. 4. Yaetrt in a lalksoni payment service provider for terms of verse; ' first. Be a legal entity. II. To have technical and organizational almhalat for system Elbe allanma of internal wadargh akdkik controls the risks related to the operation of the وادابئ system. Nthalaea. to lalarf the system technically qualified persons, governed from janaabah or wekir gnmaa dishonourable. Page 3 IV • access criteria must be safe and regulations do not discriminate between system users. VA ▪ there should be a asshraret service webtwafrih high VI • the fixed work location is known lmmarbeh activity balmkhibs VII. An economic feasibility study. VIII, young and financial requirements are met to participate in the electronic payment system 1 memory. IX. measures to reduce the risk of the system and the management of this scarce Risks. Lived. Measures for developing and protecting processes 1 electronic and store operations almarita order against disclosure or misuse, damage, or loss or tenderness. Hady was found. Ensure that the Bank's electronic payment services provider user electronic funds directly for the purpose of supervision and control. XII. non-stop activity authorized or integration with other Or waiver or pound of alshvis to others during the term carried only after amthasal approval of alpaca. Article. 5. Must yshamn request alshkhis what comes t " Certified sustainable logging companies. II. The name of the estate and title. III the name of almghazeir llshankh, a Commissioner from the founders and big o wegnsianhm and addresses Permanent. Driven. Title or lease the building of td-based llmaerkh. VA • capital determined by the Bank from time to time. Page 4 VI. Alaetsadih feasibility study requirements include the following: — N. The plan of action and speculative llmnwat initial three Maronites that will bemmgbha the system. B. objective of incorporation. C. Service to be performed by. Dr. alkaka operational. E. A contingency plan for any unforeseen circumstances. VII. Zdarh actions and grid risks that may face service provider. VIII. الاجؤءات that are used to protect payment service users funds, including the establishment of separate accounts for the funds. IX. Licence fees for the Lord under under mtfez for dlhek gross settlement system (RTGS a as determined by; the Bank, X.. Zayed the competent authorities in the absence of a security barrier would prevent grant of license. Article. 6. First. To the requirements of ntwavr collapse in article 4 of this regulation that apply to the Bank in accordance with regret the form prepared for this alghartes for licensing pay service I lalkensoni with balmstdath and data stated in article (e) Of this regulation, ▪ II. The Council shall decide a request لادارؤ khash (6) 60 days from the date of submission, Alrm is determined during this time as a rejection of the request. Salata. If there is a lack of requirements on the applicant completed during the period latnid at thirty (30) days from the date of service on the shortcomings and reverse tsaria threatened request void. IV. Cheap Bank issued in accordance with the form prepared for that purpose. Article. "7.. The duration of effectiveness of altrkhates) five years. TAA aldakhids may be renewed at the request of the payment service provider regrets alalhel "of the area. . To the Bank within ninety (90) days prior to aaethaa a alnskhis. Page 5 II. the Bank shall decide on the request by (6) 60 days from the request in skrtanet proficient nankh Council الادارؤ salata. Non-bank demand within the period laid down in the regulation of folded II a of this article as a rejection of the request. Article. 8. First. The World Bank stop working balshkobbs in any of the verse. ■ Failure of the provider of electronic payment services payment 1 lalketronthi by t 0 8 1 a and eighty days from the tamkh alshghis. B ▪ prevention of electronic payment service provider mimzy Bank entry into premises for inspection or trkolh work. C. violation of laws or regulations or instructions or related commands. D ■ fsl old service standards and specifications spent or ziha quality of the services provided by him. H. service lasdker! threatening freedom of electronic payment system. And users of the affected جؤء. service. II. On your cancellation alshkhis in any of the following cases A. the Manager or owner, Imke a felony or a misdemeanour prejudicial to honour. B. electronic payment service provider request cancellation of license 0 c. Stop payment on meanness provider doing business for more than collapse (30) 30 days. D. loss of any of the conditions for granting almkhils shust. E. A provider of electronic payment alshkis collapsible agility through forged papers, or any other illegal tutti. 3jLe.I1 . 9. i. a licence holder with decision aivav work bamkhis or cancelled at the ادارئ company, Manager of the battle or one of the partners, as the case may be or the mills alaamlerr ' a In the company. Page 6 ثانيا— upon delivery of the paper to the required notice is taken of its signature or thumbprint scientific recognition in the second version of the paper-based reporting with patch her statement Mikh reporting. Thalaea. If the required notice is the most enjoyable Groove of alorfh or from valid existing service is notified, witnesses to abstinence frees explanation proves it and log the mikh, time and place of an abstinence and signed with the witnesses almalomi identity. Labaa. The Bank announced the suspension or cancellation of krara aldakhis in the electronic board for this purpose. Chapter IV agents dalai shedt services/MUNSHI Article ■ 10. Not be handling foreign remittance services agency except with the consent of the Bank. Article 11. First. A request is submitted for approval by the World Bank for handling services agency urged foreign workers according to the World Bank model for this purpose. II. The Bank shall decide on the request by t 0 6) years days _ date submitted, is no action during this period, a rejection of the request. Thalka. Approval in accordance with the model drawn up by the Bank and be effective for a period of five years) 4-renewable at the request of the owner of alataqa. IV. The Bank determines the remuneration of the approval, Article 12. First. For SQL Server alhollat a foreigner set agents to work in Iraq under the Agency provided to the Bank. Tanya-proxy is committed to dealing with banks and companies resolved from the Bank under the conventions prepared for this alghorbani with the consent of the Bank. Talita. Meet the agent to provide any information or bekarir Bank ytalbhn bank financial transactions attached to the apartment. Page 7 IV. bank remittance service provider agent people deal with any bank or company for which he deems necessary. VA. To link the f h approval for its entry into force, to be communicated to the agent by t 0 3) 30 days at least. VI. the agent service provider demanded Latvian foreign measures to reduce money mule operations and full control over financial transfers. Chapter محنئ MES Supervision and control Article 3 1 0 — first under lasnav Bank services electronic payment systems and providers walmtharkine and card issuers. II. the provider of electronic payment and mutism participants and any third party providing information and data and any acts that affect or prevent a reference _ raza walrkaa _ and cooperation as deemed necessary to accomplish the task of supervision and control of the Bank, III. The Bank's cooperation with institutions in States 1 for other llashan and control systems and electronic payment systems services and any entities or international organizations and foreign missions are similar. And request and exchange information with organizations that perform functions 1 control Under an agreement between the الطرفين• IV. Lmmetli bank payment service provider premises inspection only 1 kzezozei anhamam with his supervisor over standards and policy oversight of payment systems only 1 czezozi. Khasa. To access the Bank system of electronic payment service providers whenever they need to. The authorized access when alathkhas data protection walaltzam the principle of professional almaea. VI. World Bank to provide regulatory authorities in another country with information that got folded 12 h for process control and supervision in accordance with the principles that develop on information protection for 1 year and that corroborates the principle of not using mother llavezadni that were folded which give that information. Page 8 Chapter 6//records 5.4 n. Ott. Ymest llshasin bow wokhalhm broadcast include teh service provider name and the proxy address, werfm and _ altrkhihas issue date and type of service screening of alsaks, and penalties. Wemikh license waltghabilat access to payment service provider alalhenzoni. II. ythom Council on the principle of openness, the relevant authorities may request access to its contents and obtain a certified copy of such content. III. The record is published on the official website and it happens constantly. Article 15. Is operator of electronic payment system and electronic payment service provider or agents maintain journals relevant to the operational and administrative functions over a period of five years of piss رءا aaethaa amkhis. Freckle VII Obligations of the payment service provider Article 16.-first • electronic payment services provider is as follows A. kvase settlement operations through real-time gross settlement system. B. provide bootable anilmh alzebadli and Deuteronomy that standards of the Bank. C. provide the Bank measures and procedures allanma and according to the anti-money laundering Act. D. Developing appropriate measures to protect the confidentiality of amenbh and penetration protection r Records and information customers based on international laws and the best the promise and Review دسا■ H. establish procedures that work accross the agents and points of sale. F. Run payment system kabir on a shkenh of altahmh in an effective and stable performance in the financial system and that is in line with international best retardants walmaaibr mm Page 9 On the electronic payment systems sent her principles of financial market infrastructure الصادرؤ akoiat International Bank. G. Amkal electronic payment services for الخادرؤ standards and instructions of the Bank. H. Adopt appropriate regulatory measures to reduce the risk of losing or under nkomn or related assets. Y. erbal's class: ikenzoni payment services accounts data to the Bank favouring his seas on The consolidated budget that came with it in the event of online payment services provider to other non-electronic payment services vinogb herewith. K. Provide the Bank with the requested data and information for submission of electronic payment services and comply with requirements which go her bank. L. Determine the appropriate means of access to the electronic system used electronic payment complete recitation provider directly for the purpose of supervision and control. M.. database of customers. Tanba • payment service provider committed to alalhtzoni via mobile phone to come; " N. The knowledges under collapsed item t; walaa from this article. B. Compensation agreements with operators of mobile phone networks and the old copy to the Bank. C ■ payment process within the race in national currency. D. Shola accounts through the RTGS system or do special settlement msova guarantor if there a little bank account Kusch asan وكلاءضربي ends of electronic payment article 17. First. Electronic payment service provider to a third party in performing services for customers II. khzemh payment provider offers a electronic information for the agents to the Bank in accordance with the model set up a purpose together with documents and the data alaeh ~ Page 9 N. Name and address of the agent. B. internal oversight baht description used by agents. C. a description of the services provided by the agent. D. Any information the Bank may deem necessary thoroughly;. III. Insert name of the agent in the register of the Bank's action is available to the public. Driven by service provider shall – notice the Bank to set foot on the proxy Article 18: eliminates the power of Attorney provided for in article (7 1 a of the system In ahadii cases alamhan; " 1. no judgment is folding the proxy for a felony or misdemeanor charge. II. Building collapse a request from the service provider provides to the Bank. Article, 9 1. She comply with you cancel the power of Attorney in any of the following cases. First ■ no proxy for the information required by the Bank. II ▪ ineligibility proxy llaeam the work entrusted to us at inspection reports or althathiaeh problem commissions for this purpose. Salata. Contrary to laws or alatma or instructions or orders. Chapter IX 7 * 191 i. stabia the push the electronic Article ■ • 2 • on electronic payment service provider as follows: "• First. Inform the neon in advance the maximum execution time of payment a/tsaroni. II. Provide almalomabi, next to the payee. " N. 1 for number of migraine and dormant information motivation and his father information associated with the treatment of electronic payment and transaction currency electronic payment account where the applicant Amount. B. The exchange rate used by the payment service provider and the amount of wages Electronic payment transaction before the rgraa process, Page 10 C – due date of the payment alalksoni value. Article 21-first. The payment order received at the time of the receipt of payment to mbasrh or VBR مباشرئ of motive. II. If the time of receipt of a payment order for a days work of electronic payment service provider it is succeeding epoch as a first order on the next business day. ئالئا-electronic payment service provider to specify a time for the end of the working day and each electronic payment orders received after this time are the first orders shalmh to the next business day. Article. 22. my electronic payment service provider in the event of refusal to perform the payment asmctroni to inform The user has come; ' . Causes of alriboud. II. Corrective actions for errors that led to the rejection. Article. 23. I may not of electronic payment service user withdraw payment after receiving the order. Provider payment scam. II. No motive in the case of direct debit electronic payment order to withdraw after the end of the business day preceding the day of approval. discount funds. Article 24. -The payment of wages deducted from client to service provider of electronic payment and distribution The almarita system as issuer, acquirer and operator of electronic payment system, and officers of the Bank. II. Online payment service providers to make sure the process of migration and not dipped p Any fees from the amount transferred, except in the cases provided for in item folded رثالناءا of this article. III. May be agreed between the payer and the payment service provider of the electronic payment service provider baskataa wages from the amount transferred before being recorded in the beneficiary's account, provided the amount of the payment order alzi; lalkenroni and the amount of wages in the information given to the motivation. Page 11 For Chapter 7 router contract to spread electronic payment rule. 25. The tawd service as follows:- I. المستمرؤ service and tawd contracts governing payment services will pass; llziaen, include the following: A. service provider name. B the address and contact information for the Office providers khelmh edais electronic payment. Or the old service. C. Controls for electronic payment service providers including rasem date alrthkhsh from Bank 0 d, described the appointments of electronic payment service to be provided. E • wages paid by linking service. And information to be submitted in color in order to realized request payment. G. information on protection measures and mechanisms of correction in case of an error. H. duration of the contract. I. maximum approved electronic payment services. The methods of interest calculation and the changes thereto. K _ means a mutually agreed between a folded latmal t _ the parties for the purpose of communicating information; Or alathaadat. M. guarantees of fair use of the service. II. Alkhednh almenmdh and contracts are contracts governing the use of the service once and include the Come;- N. Sender information walmnaslm, amount, date, time, and is inserted بالاسشارؤ payment ordering. Page 12 B the maximum time to complete the process. ح• wages • D. Exchange rate, Mmsal first evil Collar s Article 26 ▪ electronic payment service provider complies with the following First inform neon on rights and obligations including billboards at the entrance to the company. II. Ensure compensation in the case of corrosive material alzion remittances for the period agreed upon, collapsed. Tulsa. Ensure that the customer's material be Tamils lost or narrative hook his negligence or mismanagement. The second evil Freckle /Mtshmh Article. 27. You must provide money and guarantees allanma in the Bank, and that such funds or securities available for immediate settlement purposes as Dragon controls established by the Bank. Article. 28. Transactions that are completed maeastha and resolution through real time gross settlement system and the automated clearing house system wetam financial Terminal filing nashak wetam benefit baltgzet; hetaih and may be irreversible. Chapter djjllll akomr atam public Article 29. First 0.. Electronic payment services provider appointed auditor approved by the Board of control and auditing profession to a folding رءا five years and with the consent of the Bank. II. On the contrary, the Bank notified the accounts comes; — N. Violation of electronic payment service provider for the lantern and waltaaymat systems and commands with UNESCO's 1st almoza electronic payment service. Page 13 B. Any information the Bank to determine the extent of chicken's alnkha email service provider وامتمراؤ obligations. J. echo matching lists of accounting standards. D. Any information required by the Bank in respect of the service. Article. 0 3. i. electronic payment services provider alashmak miashnh the PBX or the d 1 onto the agent Address mrkhls from the Bank, or through foreign sniff. II • electronic payment service provider asshar part of his money in liquid assets faithful with the consent The Bank put the assets in a separate account. III. The payment service provider shall be subject alalksoni for voluntary liquidation or foreground. Article 31. this system of prose? In the appointment, calling.
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    Forgive me for asking but is this a bad thing?
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  7. 2 points My question is that Arabic or Kurdish language or both? Wm13 Kurdish language
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    Albeit from a month ago when the situation was different. But still applies...? "THERE's a situation in the silver market now that we absolutely must take advantage of," I told my True Wealth subscribers last month. "It is the best opportunity to buy silver in over a decade – and possibly one of the best times you will ever see in your life." "Silver is down by 60% from its peak in April 2011," I explained. "Compare that to gold...and you can see just how extreme the bust in silver has been." Take a look: As you might imagine, when an asset falls by 60%, investors give up on it. And that's exactly what happened with silver... I like to look at bets on commodities and currencies to gauge investor sentiment. One way I do this is by looking at the government's Commitment of Traders report. It shows what real futures traders are doing with their money. When I wrote to my subscribers last month about silver, I said: "based on the [futures market], silver is more hated today than any time in the last decade." Looking back over history, silver had been this hated three times: 1997, 2001, and 2003. In two of those three cases (1997 and 2003), the price of silver roughly doubled in about a year. I told my paid subscribers: "I'm optimistic that silver bottomed in late May, and the next move up has started...I'm perfectly happy to buy silver today – at the most hated point in over a decade." For years, my plan has been to focus on the stock market while the getting is good – and then start to move more toward "real assets" as the stock market booms nears its end. I still believe we have time to make money in stocks...But I couldn't pass up the opportunity to buy up a legitimate precious metal at its most hated level in over a decade. My friend, I believe you will want to own precious metals over the long run... We are in an epic struggle between inflation and deflation – as I have explained over the last week (with examples from Jim Rickards' excellent book The Death of Money). One of these two will win out...But will we see uncontrollable inflation? Or punishing deflation? Today, it is hard to tell...But one of the interesting conclusions from Jim's book is that the price of gold will likely soar in either outcome... If gold soars, without a doubt, silver will soar, too. My call last month on silver was exactly right for my paid subscribers. But I don't believe you've missed it yet at all. Silver has rallied a bit...but you can still buy silver today at late-2010 levels...Silver doubled in price in less than a year after that. Silver today is no longer as hated as it has been in a decade...but I think it's still a good trade to make today... And based on Jim Rickards' conclusions about inflation and deflation, I want to own precious metals for the long run. The upside potential – if Rickards is right – is tremendous. And today is about as attractive an entry point as you will get on silver.
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    Tidbits from Frank26, Nova, and KTFA Members Wednesday AM - Posted: 07/16/2014 w8tn4it2rv » July 16th, 2014, FAMILY FRANK KEEPS TELLING US THAT IN-HIS-OPINION THE GOI IS FORMED, SEATED, AND FUNCTIONING. IN-MY-OPINION I AGREE WITH FRANK AND THINK THE RV HAS BEEN DELAYED BY REQUEST OF CHINA / BRICS NATIONS UNTIL AFTER THE SETUP / OPENING OF THE NEW BRICS CENTRAL BANK (JULY 16-31). CHINA IS THE 2ND LARGEST HOLDER OF DINAR! ******* Frank26: Your idea is of value ......... To consider. As You also consider that The MR has it's own path to walk........... Not the BCB's . These are Epic Historical Times ........... To be Witnessed. KTFA, Frank .... ********* vet_1975 » July 16th, 2014, Good day, what are they waiting for to do the IR? The CBI have all the necessary laws and regulation, Visa-master card deal, parliament ready, what else do they need? Do they need an invitation !!!!! Please input anything you think that the CBI need to realize the IR ******* Toyvp: If they do need an Invitation Vet then I invite them to increase the IQD no RSVP required ******* NOVA : Now What Is The Last Thing That Needs To Happen For The Kurds To Get There Money? Nova (See Article Below) KRG: Kurdish oil revenue bank account finalized in Turkey 16.07.2014 Hawar Abdulrazaq BasNews, Erbil A Kurdistan Regional spokesman said earlier this week that a Kurdish oil revenue bank account has been finalized at Turkey’s HalkBank and that only three Kurdish officials have the authority to withdraw money from it. KRG spokesman Safeen Dizayi updated the government’s official website with information that last week a Kurdish delegation met with Turkish government officials and talked about improving energy relations with the Kurdistan Region. The Kurdish delegation was headed by Qubad Talabani, KRG Deputy Prime Minister, and also included Ashti Hawrami, Kurdistan Natural Resource Minister and Rebaz Mohammad, Minister for Finance and Economy. Earlier this week, they visited Ankara to finalize the bank account that will hold the revenue from KRG oil sales. Dizayi also revealed that his government told Turkish delegates in Ankara about its aims to increase Kurdish oil exports via independent pipelines to Turkey, hoping to up the amount to 400,000 barrels per day. The KRG currently sends 120,000 barrels of oil per day to Turkey via pipelines, according to Dizayi. Furthermore, the KRG spokesman said that Talabani, Hawrami and Mohammad, the officials that made up the delegation to negotiate with the Turkish government, were the only three who had signing authority and access to the bank account. Taner Yildiz, Turkey’s Energy Minister previously announced that around US $93 million has been deposited at HalkBank to date from the sale of KRG oil. ******* Frank26: Yes! IMO ......... Politically it is good to pleased the KURDS.......... AND ......... This opens the doors for these fund to start being used by Baghdad's GOI too !! Amen !!! KTFA, Frank……… This is REALLY GOOD. ******* aggiedad77 » July 16th, 2014, Hello Family........ We saw placement/election of the new Speaker of Parliament and the first two deputies for Parliament.....great advances for a group that hasn't done anything since the end of March. They opened up the nomination process today for President of the Republic......this will be interesting to see what names are put forth.....already seeing articles of citizens putting their own name in the hat.....kind of tells me of a mistrust for potential political candidates. From what we read yesterday and per Delta last night, we should see a new President of the Republic I think by next Wednesday...the 23rd. Randy ******* Sager » July 16th, 2014, The Significance of a BRICS development bank - Jim Rickards (Video) Jim Rickards, Senior Managing Director at Tangent Capital, explains how the new bank differs from the World Bank and the IMF: *******
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    A WORD for Wednesday, July 16, 2014 Wealth and the Kingdom of God Read Mark 10:17–31 (see below) For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34 Examples of work and workers run throughout the Gospel of Mark, but today’s passage is one of the few times the book directly addresses economic activity. It might be tempting to dismiss this story as simply an exhortation against greed, but when we examine the context more closely we find that love is at the heart of this story of a wealthy man, his money, and Jesus and his kingdom. The drama of this scene begins with the man throwing himself at Jesus’ feet and pleading to know how to secure eternal life. Jesus lists several of the Ten Commandments, and this man can truthfully say he has kept them all since his boyhood. This is a person whose vision extended beyond the present material world and who has prioritized virtuous living. Unlike the despised tax collectors, this man had not earned his wealth through exploiting others. Jesus loved this man, and He invited him to come on the road with Him. This man had the opportunity to travel with Jesus, fellowshipping with Him and learning from Him. All he had to do was give away all of his wealth. To help with his decision, Jesus even reminded him that giving it away was really a kind of transfer from earth to heaven. But “at this the man’s face fell,” and he went away sad (v. 22). The man’s love for his money outweighed his love for Jesus and desire to be a part of the kingdom of God. We should not be too quick to dismiss him as selfish and shallow. The story is more harrowing than that interpretation would allow. This man knew about Jesus. He wanted to learn about eternal life. He cared about spiritual things. But his attachment to his wealth and status overruled his willingness to choose Jesus over money. Apply the Word Most of us can relate to this man’s struggle. What are we choosing over Jesus? When He calls us to do something, what are we clinging to instead? Do we follow Him with our choices about our resources, including our money and our time? Or are we holding on to our status, our wealth, and our comfort and trying to squeeze Jesus in on the side? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mark 10:17-31 New American Standard Bible (NASB) The Rich Young Ruler 17 As He was setting out on a journey, a man ran up to Him and knelt before Him, and asked Him, “Good Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?” 18 And Jesus said to him, “Why do you call Me good? No one is good except God alone. 19 You know the commandments, ‘Do not murder, Do not commit adultery, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Do not defraud, Honor your father and mother.’” 20 And he said to Him, “Teacher, I have kept all these things from my youth up.” 21 Looking at him, Jesus felt a love for him and said to him, “One thing you lack: go and sell all you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.” 22 But at these words [a]he was saddened, and he went away grieving, for he was one who owned much property. 23 And Jesus, looking around, *said to His disciples, “How hard it will be for those who are wealthy to enter the kingdom of God!” 24 The disciples were amazed at His words. But Jesus *answered again and *said to them, “Children, how hard it is to enter the kingdom of God! 25 It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” 26 They were even more astonished and said to Him, “Then who can be saved?” 27 Looking at them, Jesus *said, “With people it is impossible, but not with God; for all things are possible with God.” 28 Peter began to say to Him, “Behold, we have left everything and followed You.” 29 Jesus said, “Truly I say to you, there is no one who has left house or brothers or sisters or mother or father or children or farms, for My sake and for the gospel’s sake, 30 [c]but that he will receive a hundred times as much now in [d]the present age, houses and brothers and sisters and mothers and children and farms, along with persecutions; and in the age to come, eternal life. 31 But many who are first will be last, and the last, first.” From: Moody
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    That looks like they went a lot of expense and work if they only "intend" to make transfers at 1,166. Hopeful now.
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    Or the second evil freckle .... :lol: or Article. 27. You must provide money and guarantees allanma in the Bank, and that such funds or securities available for immediate settlement purposes as Dragon controls established by the Bank. hmmmm? Wm13
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    wow! the new House is already making a difference. the military is about to get paid unlike under saddam's or maliki's regime. 1/2 the salaries of the ministers' money will go to the warfighter until the conflict has ended. there are no objections and at the same time there is a request to investigate "what happened to the money budgeted to support the military previously". i think maliki better be getting his lear jet ready for takeoff.
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    Thanks Ron, I had to sew a button on my shorts today, I had a hard time getting a thread threw the eye of the needle, I don't think a camel would fit! That's a great story in the Word, and how true. Wm13
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    You are so dedicated to bringing us the news................Thank you for all your time and trouble. You're one in a million........
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    There used to be more banks participating in the auctions especially when the Kurds were paying their govt worker Salarys in dinar But for 7 months they are cut out of the budget So the dinars are not flowing to Kurdistan like they used to
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    Thank you much TBomd, the time and dedication in your work shows by the quality of articles you bring to us, my hats off to you my lady.
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    Great post T.Bomb .. (+1) .. Thanks...! Thanks Waterman13..!
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    It makes sense, but if Maliki doesn't have to first be sworn in as an MP, does he ever lose immunity? I think Enorrste is right, and I just missed it yesterday. I thought the Prime Minister has to first be a Member of Parliament, but I'm pretty sure Maliki is not an MP, and I don't believe the PM necessarily has to be an MP first. He's the leader of the Dawa Islamic Party, just like Hakim is the leader of ISCI, and Allawi is the leader of Iraqiya (or whatever he's calling it these days), although not MPs, themselves. I don't know if he has to formally resign before being sworn in again, if he manages to pull off a third term, but I don't believe he does.
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    TQ TBomb. This was from your earlier post on Official Language Act 2014. Looks like it was officially published on March 14, 2014. Add 90 days to that, and we have the official implementations date. With the law being effective, it is by law that they must have Kurdish language on their currency. Hopefully soon, Two new laws in the Gazette: Official Languages ​​Act No. (7) for the year 2014 Arabic Original Document 14 Mar 2014 Financial Instructions No. (7) of 1961 on the application of the property tax law No. 162 of 1959 amended Arabic Regulations 14 Mar 2014 Read more:
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    Sort of. Didn't his army just gets its ass kicked in Tikrit for the third time?
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    Where's y'all's buddy, Sandfly? Can't have a thread without three thank you bumps.
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    WOW Never thought I would hear sense from ****............................. Obama's big mistake came early in his term in attempting to force or bully his way in Washington! Set the stage for for his numerous failures through his two terms! He will go down in history as one of the least effective leaders to sit the big chair!
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    Nice play on words..............Hamas is a terrorist organization no matter how you slice the pie! Israel is surrounded by enemies who want nothing more than to wipe them from the face of the earth. Palestinians use their women & children's deaths in an attempt to show the world that Israel is the bad guy! Want peace? Israel is willing to talk. Kick out Hamas & show the world that YOU want peace! Simple!
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    7-16-2014 Intel Guru TerryK THIS WAS SYNCED TO HAPPEN AT 2...THEN PUSHED TO 6 AM. NOW THEY ARE TO OPEN THE BUDGET AND SIT TWO POSITIONS TODAY AND WE ARE TO SEE THIS LATER HOPING LATER TONIGHT. VERY QUIET, THATS THE DESIGN AT THE VERY END. ---- For those who don't know, TerryK is an infamous hypester. ****Continuing to munch popcorn*****
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    Here's an article from April and I'm interested in the picture of the note more than anything. Iraqi Dinar Currency News - The head of the Economic Studies at the University of Kufa, an economist Raad Twigg, the central bank to take comprehensive measures to replace the currency and delete the three zeroes and determine the exchange rate of new Iraqi dinar currency, instead of putting up a new currency confuse the deal in the local market. Twigg said, that “put the Iraqi Central Bank to cash currency with new specifications without pulling equivalent represents an expansion in the money supply in the local market, and thus reflect negatively in the creation of large inflationary effects.” He confirmed that the addition of new cash currency with the old currency would be a duplication of currency exchange market has created an unbalanced cash and Aald blurry in daily trading of the currency.” He continued, “The deletion of zeros from the Iraqi dinar currency will reduce the current rate of inflation and reduce the large cash trading currencies in the domestic market also reduces the incidence of theft and forgery of currency cash.” The Central Bank of Iraq announced, for re-printing banknotes with pictures of the new Iraqi dinar currency. The bank said in a press statement, said that the re-print the new series of banknotes currently in circulation and the Iraqi pictures of new protected more, using a good quality of printing paper, with the addition of some signs of security.” He pointed out that the current banknotes will continue to be traded with the new will not be pulling rolling them currently or in the future. I'm interested because the other link above to Iraqi Banknotes mentions a 5, 10, 20, 50, etc. Is this the 10? Wm13 It looks like the 10,000 note but a different color.
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    Yeah, there's nothing about it. Believe me, I looked hard, because I was having this argument with Enorrste at DA, and I would love nothing more than to pull one over on ole Steve one of these days. If Maliki did resign, last time, there wouldn't be any news about it, though, because it would have just been a formality, and probably wouldn't have lasted more than a few minutes before his 2nd oath of office. My thinking was, they kicked him out of parliament yesterday because he had not yet taken the oath and is a currently sitting member of the government, and according to the constitution, he cannot hold two offices at the same time. What I was missing was, apparently, the prime minister does not have to first be a member of parliament, so theoretically, the same could happen this time, whereby he just takes another oath and never loses his immunity. I still think they're gonna get him out, though. Most of the "source" articles, the last few days, have leaned toward just about everybody wanting him gone with very little response from Maliki's side, and here's only a few days left in Sistani's verbal semi-private ultimatum. If Maliki doesn't go by that deadline, I would assume Sistani will dispense with the pleasantries and go public with it. After that, it should get really interesting because Maliki's base listens to Sistani. They're gonna have to wrestle my five-year-old daughter for it. She tries to put that feathery guru tiara on my head almost every night lately.
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    Texas1 And Umbertino Are Wrestling Each Other Out In The DV Parking Lot For Ur Guru Tiara Since U Stated That U Don't Want It !
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    I hear ya reVbo I was reading some of that yesterday too I couldn't figure out what they were talking about I tried to find that scenario in 2010 after his 2010 election Couldn't find a trace I read something about formal charges haven't been filed I'm lost on this Govts get immunity on things when they are in executive positions Ya can't kill someone But you can order executions Go to war Order dead or alive orders You can order your military to go kill a bunch of bad guys , no trial nothing , just go kill em
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    Thank you so much TTomb and Thug for all you bring to DV.
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    I will take her by the way.. thanks for the 7.. you sound like CL.. but who knows.. it's all the 7 this year..means completion
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    wow puts a new meaning to the "cold war" My Dad always said...even in the 1970' out for Russia and CHina...they will overtake the USA with a different currency. WOW he nailed it
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    SPOT GOLD recovered the $1300 per ounce level Wednesday afternoon in London, rallying 0.8% from this week's earlier $50 plunge as world stock markets also rose with the Dollar. Bullion banks leading the world's wholesale market in London meantime invited external proposals for administering the century-old daily Gold Fix. The news follows last week's announcement of a new daily London Silver Price process, set to replace the 117-year old Silver Fix amid regulatory, investor and media scrutiny of the precious metals benchmarks. Spot gold prices "[found] support on approach of the 100-day moving average," says a note from South Africa's Standard Bank, pointing to Tuesday's low of $1292. But "with open interest this high" in Comex gold futures and options contracts, "we expect it more difficult to find the marginal buyer for the metal," they add. Silver prices today failed to track gold higher, stalling below $20.80 per ounce in a tight trading range. "With macro-economic and geopolitical developments offering limited support," agrees London-based consultancy Metals Focus, "a large-scale return of mainstream investors to gold appears unlikely in the near term. "Without a significant 'bid' from institutional players, any upside for prices will be limited." Tuesday saw another jump in the number of Put options on August and Sept. gold futures, according to Thomson Reuters data, which offer the holder a profit if prices fall. "For the time being," say analysts at market-maker Barclays, "we are allowing for further range trading over the coming 3-6 months as gold is caught between the prospect of higher US yields, inflationary expectations, and geopolitical rumbles." Over on the currency markets, the Euro touched a 1-month low near its lowest since February after new data showed US factory-gate inflation beating analyst forecasts in June, with prices up 0.4% from May. The British Pound briefly spiked to new 6-year highs after UK unemployment showed a drop to 6.5% in June. UK wage growth badly lagged consumer-price inflation, however. Spot gold priced in British Pounds recovered to £760 per ounce, some 2.8% below last Friday's 15-week closing high. Barrick Gold – the world's largest single gold miner – meantime said its CEO Jamie Sokalsky will step down in September. Building a gold price "hedge book" equaling well over 600 tonnes of future production by the time spot gold bottomed in 2001, Barrick (NYSE:ABX) then quit those hedges early as prices rose, buying back the last 90 tonnes at what were then record-high prices in 2009. Barrick chairman John Thornton – who does not plan to replace Sokalsky near-term – said on taking the role last year that he "always thought it made great sense to hedge." "The pendulum has swung and the view is evenly split," says a survey of investor attitudes to gold miner hedging released today by US bank and London bullion market-maker J.P.Morgan. Having found 70% of clients against gold miner hedging in 2011, J.P.Morgan says the split is now "50% for and 50% against." Barrick's shares rose 2.4% in New York on Wednesday, trading almost 50% below the level of late 2009 when it closed its hedge book.
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    Six months into 2014, here's how the commodity markets look today... WHAT a difference six months can make, writes Frank Holmes at US Global Investors. After a disappointing 2013, the commodities market came roaring back full throttle, outperforming the S&P 500 Index by more than 4 percentage points and 10-year Treasury bonds by more than 6. Leading the rally was nickel, delivering a 37.14% return, followed by palladium (17.70%) and gold (10.90%). Nickel also saw the largest gain from last year, climbing more than 55 points to settle close to $19,000 per metric tonne. Gold jumped 38 percentage points to $1,327 an ounce, and palladium rose 16 points to $843 an ounce. At the back of the herd lagged lead, copper and wheat, which was the best performer only two short years ago. Below you can see the 2014 halftime edition of our periodic table of commodity returns, which has proven to be a perennial favorite among our investors. That commodity prices often fluctuate so wildly supports the need to have your investments in the resources space diversified and actively managed by an experienced team of professional investors. Simply put, there are far too many worldly factors – some of them political, others acts of God, all tugging and pulling at the market in tandem – for any one person to reasonably keep track of. It's important to have a limber group of managers and analysts with the expertise and diligence to monitor and anticipate the most pressing global trends. What we know is that now many investors have become bullish on resources. At a conference in New York at the end of last month, Credit Suisse polled 350 investors and found that 42% of them were planning to be overweight in commodities in the coming months. For some perspective, when the same question was asked of them the previous year, only 19% had a rosy attitude toward commodities. As I said, what a difference six months – or, in this case, a year – can make. With money flowing back into commodities, the market is finally trying to reverse the downtrend that we've been up against since 2011. As usual, government policy is often a precursor to change. Nowhere did we see this adage in action more transparently this year than in Indonesia, whose government shocked the market in January by enacting an outright ban on nickel ore exports. Because the Southeast Asian country is the world's second-largest producer of nickel ore, accounting for about a fifth of global supply, any alteration to its export policy was bound to send far-reaching ripples throughout the market. China, one of the leading importers of not just Indonesian nickel but other global raw materials as well, reacted by stockpiling the silvery-white metal, 75% of which is used worldwide in stainless steel production. This in turn encouraged investors to drive prices even higher out of fear of a supply shortage. A repeal of the export ban is unlikely to happen in the near-term, as both Indonesian presidential contenders, Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto, who are both claiming victory in the recent election, favor its continuation. We will keep our eyes on nickel, as a correction might very well come when and if the ban is ever rescinded. Prices of the platinum group metals (PGMs) hit three-year highs following the double whammy of a five-month-long miner strike in South Africa and trade sanctions against Russia, the world's leading producer of palladium. Fear of a shortage in PGMs, which are essential to the production of catalytic converters in automobiles, drove prices skyrocketing. This comes at a time when US auto sales have surged to 16.9 million in June alone, an increase of 9.2% over the same time last year. Auto manufacturing is expected to grow 10.3% in the third quarter, according to International Strategy & Investment (ISS). Although the labor strike ended last month, PGM production cannot reasonably resume within the next three to five months. And with a separate strike underway, this one led by the National Metalworkers of South Africa, country leaders fear yet another economic setback that has already threatened a third of South Africa's manufacturing output. Regarding gold, we believe we intimately understand the dynamics of both the Love and Fear Trade in the global goldmarket. We also know how to read and act on China's positive purchasing managers index (PMI), which has recently hit a six-month high of 51. Any number over 50, of course, indicates strong growth in the manufacturing sector. China is already the world's largest producer and consumer of gold, and because its middle class is swelling in rank – the country is expected to have over 670 million middle class citizens early next decade – gold sales should remain robust. Besides China, other global drivers of gold consumption at this time include India and the Middle East. Diwali – otherwise known as the Indian Festival of Lights – Christmas and other international celebrations encourage generous giving of gifts, of which gold jewelry is one of the most traditional and popular. Ramadan, scheduled to end on July 28, involves a type of alms-giving called zakat, which is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Zakat is obligatory for all observant Muslims, who handsomely give precious metals such as gold to those in economic hardship. As I told Catherine Murray on BNN's Business Day PM back in May: "So we're coming to that trough on a seasonal pattern, and that seasonal pattern is predominated by what I call the Love Trade, where you have jewelry demand, et cetera, coming out of Asia, Middle East and India...And this is the first time that we had what they call the Flash HSBC PMI. And this is very important for job creation and GDP per capita rising, and that's highly correlated with consumption of gold for the jewelry trade. So the second half [of 2014] looks great, and I think it's also very important for all exports of any resources." Although not one of the top leaders in the first half, crude oil deserves a shout-out. Its 7.06% annual return is closing in on the 7.19% return in 2013, when oil was the second-best performer. Because of unrest in Iraq, North Sea Brent crude has set a record for trading between $107 and $112 a barrel for 12 consecutive months, handily beating the 170 consecutive days in 2008 when it traded over $100 a barrel. In its monthly energy report, the US Energy Information Administration (EIA) forecasts that 2015 will represent the highest level of West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude production since 1972. Global consumption of oil, driven largely by China once again, is expected to reach 94 million barrels a day (bbl/d) by the end of next year. Global Resources Fund (MUTF:PSPFX) portfolio manager Brian Hicks reiterates these points on why we are bullish in light of the current domestic oil production boom: "Within our portfolio, we are investing heavily in the shales through upstream oil and gas companies, oil services companies and equipment companies. Shale is transformational; it is really changing the energy landscape. Almost overnight, companies are developing resources that are long-lived and repeatable. Remember, only five years ago we were talking about peak oil. Now, we're producing roughly 8.4 million bbl/d. That's the highest we've seen since the mid-'80s. It is a trend that is going to continue." Even though the commodities market has so far exceeded everyone's expectations this year, especially following a lackluster 2013, a correction could occur with little warning. That's why the portfolio managers of PSPFX, Gold and Precious Metals Fund (MUTF:USERX) and our World Precious Minerals Fund (MUTF:UNWPX) are constantly looking out for opportunities and threats as well as ensuring that the fund is optimally diversified to protect against changes in the market. For now, however, it appears as if resources could continue their strong performance for at least the near-term and hopefully much longer.
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    Thanks to central bankers, prudent stock investors may as well as buy CYNK... LORD OVERSTONE said it best, writes Tim Price on his ThePriceOfEverything blog. "No warning can save people determined to grow suddenly rich." But there is clearly a yawning chasm between the likes of those folk cheerfully bidding up the share price of CYNK, and prudent investors simply trying to keep their heads above water. "Paid promoters have helped push CYNK [CYNK Technology Corp] market cap to $655 million after a 3,650% increase in the share price on Tuesday. "CYNK had assets of just $39 (no zeroes omitted) as of March 31, 2014 and a cumulative net loss of $1.5 million. The 'company' has no revenue. "CYNK claims that it is 'a development stage company focused on social media.' However, the 'company' does not even have a website and has just one employee [who acts as President, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Company Secretary]. "With no assets, no revenue and no product, CYNK has no value. Author expects that CYNK shares are worthless." - Article on CYNK Technology (which is based in Las Vegas) from Seeking Alpha What has effectively united these two otherwise disparate communities, prudent investors and CYNK buyers, is today's central banker. Andy Haldane, the chief economist for the Bank of England, speaking at an FT conference last week, conceded that ultra-accommodative monetary policy had "aided and abetted risk-taking" by investors and that policy makers had wanted to use higher asset prices to try and stimulate the wider economy (that is to say, the economy) into a more robust recovery. "That is how [monetary policy] is meant to work. That's why we did it." If the Bank of England had not slashed interest rates and created £375 billion out of thin air, "the UK economy would have been at least 6% smaller than it is today." A curiously precise figure, given the absence of any counterfactual. But regardless of the economic "benefits" of quantitative easing, Haldane did have the grace to admit that... "This will mean, on average, that financial market volatility will be somewhat greater than in the past. I think it will mean, on average, that those greed and fear cycles in financial markets will be somewhat more exaggerated than in the past. That, for me, is the corollary of the risk migration." Which is a bit like an arsonist torching a wooden building and then shrugging his shoulders and saying, "Well, wood will burn." Our central bankers, of course, will not be held accountable when the crash finally hits, even if the accumulated dry tinder of the boom was almost entirely of their own creation. Last week the Bank for International Settlements, the central banker's central bank, issued an altogether more circumspect analysis of the world's current financial situation, in their annual report. It concluded, with an entirely welcome sense of caution, that: "The [monetary] policy response needs to carefully consider the nature and persistence of the forces at work as well as policy's diminished effectiveness and side effects. Finally, looking forward, the issue of how best to calibrate the timing and pace of policy normalisation looms large. Navigating the transition is likely to be complex and bumpy, regardless of communication efforts. And the risk of normalising too late and too gradually should not be underestimated." Translation: ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy – and in the case of the ECB, which has taken rates negative, NIRP) is no longer working – if it ever did. Hyper-aggressive monetary policy has side effects. Getting out of this mess is not going to be easy, and it's going to be messy. Forward guidance, which was meant to simplify the message, has instead hopelessly confused it. And there are big risks that central banks will lose the requisite confidence to tighten policy when it is most urgently needed, and allow an inflationary genie entirely out of the bottle. The impact of central banks' unprecedented monetary stimulus on financial markets is so overwhelming that it utterly negates any sensible analysis of likely macro-economic developments. On the basis that sometimes it's simply best not to play some games, we no longer try. What should inform investors' preferences, however, is bottom-up asset allocation and stock selection. The US equity market is clearly poor value at present. That doesn't mean that it can't get even more expensive, and the rally might yet have some serious legs. But overvaluation at an index level doesn't preclude the existence of undervalued stocks well away from the braying herd. (We think the most compelling macro value is in Asia and, if we had to single out any one country, Japan.) John Hussman: "The central thesis among investors at present is that they have no other choice but to hold stocks, given the alternative of zero short-term interest rates and long-term interest rates well below the level of recent decades. "Investment decisions driven primarily by the question 'What other choice do I have?' are likely to prove regrettable. What we now have is a market that has been driven to one of the four most extreme points of overvaluation in history. We know how three of them ended." The conclusion seems clear to us. If one chooses to invest at all, invest on the basis of valuation and not on indexation (the world's largest stock market, that of the US, is one of the most seemingly conspicuously overvalued). As an example of the sort of valuations currently available away from the herd, consider the following. You can buy the US S&P 500 index today with the following metrics: Price / earnings: 18.2 Price / book: 2.76 Dividend yield: 1.89% Meanwhile, Greg Fisher in his Halley Asian Prosperity Fund (albeit currently closed) is buying quality businesses throughout Asia on somewhat more attractive valuations. (By geography, the fund's largest allocations are to Japan, Vietnam and Malaysia.) The fund's current metrics are as follows: Average price / earnings: 7 Average price / book: 0.8 Average dividend yield: 4.5%. But the realistic prospect of growth is also on the table. The fund's average historic return on equity stands at 15%. Pay money. Take choice. To quote Robert Shiller, quoted in John Hussman's weekly market comment: "I am definitely concerned. When was [the cyclically adjusted P/E ratio or CAPE] higher than it is now? I can tell you: 1929, 2000 and 2007. Very low interest rates help to explain the high CAPE. That doesn't mean that the high CAPE isn't a forecast of bad performance. When I look at interest rates in a forecasting regression with the CAPE, I don't get much additional benefit from looking at interest rates...We don't know what it's going to do. There could be a massive crash, like we saw in 2000 and 2007, the last two times it looked like this. But I don't know. "I think, realistically, stocks should be in someone's portfolio. Maybe lighten up...One thing though, I don't know how many people look at plots of the market. If you just look at a plot of one of the major averages in the US, you'll see what look like three peaks – 2000, 2007 and now – it just looks to me like a peak. I'm not saying it is. I would think that there are people thinking it's gone way up since 2009. It's likely to turn down again, just like it did the last two times."
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    Ramadan shamamdan...they are getting it done regardless!!!!! unite Iraq.....make the dinar stronger!!!!!
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    by: Susan Webb July 14 2014 It turns out the the Israeli government knew almost immediately that the three teenagers kidnapped June 12 in the West Bank had most likely been killed. Officials also quickly identified the likely kidnappers/killers. These individuals were known to be operating independently of the Palestinian Hamas organization. But instead of acknowledging these things publicly, the right-wing government issued a gag order barring reporting of any details about the investigation. Then it lied to the public. A nationwide emotion-laden "Bring Back Our Boys" campaign was launched, with a massive military search-and-destroy operation in the West Bank, titled "Brother's Keeper." From Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on down, Hamas was linked to "Satan" and targeted for attack. The aim? To use the opportunity to wreck the recently formed Palestinian unity government and thereby divert any pressure for an Israeli peace pact with the Palestinians. Israeli journalist Noam Sheizaf said in a June 19 Facebook posting (in translation) that the gag order was being maintained in order to "preserve the local and international legitimacy for the policy objective in the areas (breaking down the unity government)" aimed at Hamas - it was "manipulation" of the media, and the media accepted it. In a later article, Sheizaf called it "large-scale public manipulation," saying, "The government-led campaign calling for [the youths'] release helped the legitimacy of Israel's military operation in the West Bank. Local and even international media played along." On the night of the kidnapping one of the teenagers, Gilad Shaer, 16, managed to place a 2-minute call to Israel's emergency phone number. After hours of delay that are now the subject of hot dispute, the recorded message got to Israeli security services the next morning. On the tape, writes J.J. Goldberg of the Jewish Daily Forward, Shaer "was heard whispering 'They've kidnapped me' ('hatfu oti') followed by shouts of 'Heads down,' then gunfire, two groans, more shots, then singing in Arabic. That evening searchers found the kidnappers' abandoned, torched Hyundai, with eight bullet holes and the boys' DNA. There was no doubt." But officials lied even to the victims' families, telling them that the shots heard on the tape were blanks, and that no DNA was found on the burnt car. The government "maintained the fiction that it hoped to find them alive as a pretext to dismantle Hamas' West Bank operations," Goldberg writes. Haaretz military correspondent Amos Harel, writing on June 20 and pushing the boundaries of the gag order, hinted that the military believed the youths were dead because its operation in the West Bank days after the apparent abduction had nothing to do with the missing teens. In fact, according to the article, even Israeli military personnel felt the operation was targeting Hamas rather than really helping find the kidnapped teens. Daniella Peled, an editor at the Institute for War and Peace Reporting and a regular contributor to Haaretz, wrote, "As well as taking advantage of the horrific murder of three Israeli teenagers to torpedo the Palestinian unity government and cut a swathe through Hamas, Israel's government also used them as a particularly shoddy way of shoring up the bond between Israel and the Jewish Diaspora." Beyond this, says Goldberg, Netanyahu's inflammatory rhetoric "raised expectations that after demolishing Hamas in the West Bank he would proceed to Gaza. Hamas in Gaza began preparing for it. The Israeli right - settler leaders, hardliners in his own party - began demanding it." Israeli media reported that the government was readying plans to call up reservists for a possible ground re-invasion of Gaza. Thus began the cycle of rocket firings from Gaza into Israel and massive Israeli aerial attacks on Gaza, leading to wide condemnation of Israel for its disproportionate use of force and mounting destruction of civilian lives, homes and infrastructure in the densely populated Gaza Strip. While no deaths have been reported in Israel as a result of the rockets from Gaza, some 200 deaths have been reported in Gaza, including families, old people and children. In a July 11 statement, the Communist Party of Israel said, "[T]he real motivation of Netanyahu's administration was never to achieve security for the people of Israel but solely to obstruct the Palestinian unity government and absolve itself from responsibility for the failure of the peace negotiations. "The present assault on Gaza also serves the Israeli government in yet another two ways: (1) it reconsolidates Netanyahu's coalition in times of domestic unrest ... and (2) it puts all questions of poverty, inequality, racism, sexism, and discrimination off the table, and marginalizes all struggles for social justice and democracy "Everybody knows now that Netanyahu and his co-bullies in the government and the military were aware that the three young settlers were murdered on the very first day they were kidnapped. What was the cause of Israeli invasion and mass arrests in the West Bank if not to set the whole region on fire and promote the said goals?" Photo: Israel soldiers conduct the so-called "Brother's Keeper" operation in the West Bank, June 17, days after government officials knew the teenagers were dead. Israeli Defense Forces/Wikipedia
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    They hide behind their women & children and cry to the Arab world & UN when there are casualities! SAD
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    Ya the Kurds don't have much to do any more since they are cut out of the budget no need to participate in auctions with no dinar to sell They aren't making payroll any more their broke and looking to negotiate so they can start up govt employees Salarys again But the rest of the country seems to be moving right along The Sunnis are most likely kinda screwed to since they sponcers terrorism that robs their banks
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    American's Stupid? We ain't the ones dumb enough to shoot sling shots & shoot bottle rockets at someone who will pimp slap you & send you home crying to Mommy! LOL
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    What I do know is the 25k note looks the same as what I have, bought before Turki was in charge of the CBI. I don't have any 250's so I can't compare. But the 1000 note has a different signature than what I have that were bought before Turki was in charge. So I'm even more confused. Wm13
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    I'm just hoping someone can decipher the text and say if it is Arabic or Kurdish or both. I'm trying, but it's confusing, I'm NOT a linguist that's for sure. Wm13
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    Thanks for bringing the article 'Tino. Seems most of the world knows what really happens inn rothschildistan. Too bad most Americans are just too effin' stupid to get it.

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