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  1. I believe Thuggie, says it all right here. There is nothing more than I can add, other than I understand how you feel. Take good care of yourself.
  2. I watched a clip on the National news last night. They were running through her career highlights. It showed her talking once about how she laughs at everything. She said, "if you don't laugh how do you get through this life". She lived a good life. Much more than most of us I am sure. She did what she wanted, achieved what she wanted and said what she wanted and was appreciated and loved by many. How many can say that our their life? So many good comedians leaving us lately.
  3. 60% would trade him in for a good bottle of wine.
  4. I really liked her a whole lot....she's my kinda girl... Joan Rivers Wanted Paparazzi, Meryl Streep at Her "Showbiz Affair" Funeral Even when speaking about death, Joan Rivers was hilarious, wise, and inimitable. The celebrated comedienne, who passed away on Thursday, Sept. 4, at the age of 81, had talked about aging and death repeatedly over her years in the spotlight. In her 2012 book I Hate Everyone… Starting with Me, the late Rivers even outlined her plans for her funeral. PHOTOS: Joan Rivers' Life and Career, 1933-2014 "When I die (and yes, Melissa, that day will come; an
  5. Oh, good lord Shabbs...I was joking...take it back...please take it back... :eek: :eek:
  6. I'm not a koolaid drinker. I'm pretty grounded with all of this. More than most. I don't see you as the winning side. Worst case scenario I can sell most of my dinar, loose a couple hundred buck on a million but so what. I spend more on stupid things in the past. You shouldn't worry about me. I just come in here to see how some of my friends are holding up against you. Shabbs...your doing GR8....
  7. I'm not buying any. I was answering the question who will buy it back from them.
  8. At least we know he's a real person with a real job, not some low life sitting behind some computer making up some BS. I think he did say he was back in town for little while. If that's the case he may be back in Iraq working. I was hoping that if there is anyone who did speak with him since May, would post here. But given that this site is SO NASTY anymore, unless they support Tlar or Goat, I don't blame them for stepping out.
  9. In profile feed you can send the message there. Only VIP can send private messages.
  10. Burgers with Donut Buns....Whapperbit. Timburger...oh heck...lets come up with a name for these. For breakfast you can have one of these.... or one of these... Or if you are a timbit fan....these have 100 less calories..
  11. I never hear anyone use the term perturbed. You know they have medication for that nowadays.
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