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  1. Holy Crap I haven't shot milk out of my nose in a long time... thanks needed that one...
  2. Thanks Dive... the RFDI chipped cards I can handle, almost all of Europe is using credit cards with the chips in them. It is "SUPPOSED" to be a more secure way of your identity safer that the old magnetite strip but when it comes to actually putting one of those little chips in my body.... Then we will have a big problem..
  3. ALLRIGHTY THEN!!!! I have some Dinar to sell back to them at the low low rate of 3.22 US per dinar...
  4. Out of all of the anger about the way that Coke made this commercial I'm very proud of Coke for leaving "GOD" in the song... if that was missing then I would have a very big problem with the commercial and Coke itself..
  5. if nthis was true then the state had better not let anyone be buried they will wake up once the come down...they are not dead they are
  6. I too call bullsh**.... if this was true then someone had better look into what their weed is being laced with because it would not be caused by weed itself...Always someone trying to start crap...
  7. I also sent a comment to A&E on their facebook page in support of Mr. Robertson... We Christians are getting very tired of just being GODLY and turning the other cheek.. The time is now more than ever for Christians to stand up for what we believe in and to put GOD back in his place, in our hearts and minds is where he reigns and I myself try to live in his light... GOD bless Mr. Robertson for standing up for what he believes in and GOD bless us all for we need the same conviction...
  8. as messed up as these two dudes in the this movie they are correct but should be referred to on the governmental level...
  9. yes this was a true comedy classic one of my very favorites...Marty Feldman was a genius in his craft...
  10. yes it would a great blessing @ 3.49 but this was dream math and I like your math better... thanks for your comment...
  11. That's a great story Runyon thanks for sharing...the power of the mind is truly amazing and we only use 10% of it's capibilities while the other 90% is out behind the school smoking pot with the hippie
  12. Yes Umbertino as do I believe that dreams are very important. most of my dreams are fantasy and do enjoy them when i remember them but the most viberant dream that I ever had was when I worked as a Merchant Marianer and I was off the western coast of europe just a few days from the english channel when I had a dream that my grandfather came into my dream to say good by to me but he never answered as to why he was saying goodby. A few days later the captain called me to his office, he told me that he recieved a message from the company that my father had a message for me that he was sorry that it was not good news, I replied that I know that my grandfather had passed away. The captain asked how i knew and I told him that I had a dream that my grandfather came to say goodbyto me and that I didn't see the true meaning of the dream until it was confermed by this message from my dad... so yes I do believe in the power of dreams... GO RV
  13. Ok I'm ready to put in on this... refer to the topic that I posted this morning titled $87,000:1 exchange rate??? for my reasoning...I will say mid January for a rate of 0.87:1 USD
  14. Hate to disappoint I'm a fairly heavy sleeper and rarely remember my dreams unless something wakes me up but this is the only the second dream about dinar that I have had and the first one resulted in a movement of the IQD so hopefully this one will I'm going to put in on the office pool and call the RV at the first of the year @ 0.87:1USD
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