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  1. ReVbo


    Two questions: 1. Who actually believes this BS? 2. What scam artist would even want Zimbabwe’s money?
  2. Check out Yota's parliament thread. They're coming back for one more session on Tuesday, so there's still hope.
  3. Saleh appearance: the general equivalent of the dollar values model BAGHDAD / Appearance of Mohammed Saleh The concept of the general equivalent of numeraire goes to the existence of a single commodity representing the basic commodity, which makes all other goods priced against that commodity. This comparison makes it possible to diagnose any commodity that is the highest or lowest value of other commodities. On this basis, the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944 approved the dollar The price of one ounce of gold is equivalent to 35 US dollars. And all the currencies of the world are either parts
  4. You’re right. Shabibi’s, and more recently, Abadi’s, guy, is Mohammed Saleh. Barham Saleh is a totally different person.
  5. Unlike pretty much every other post you make, this one actually can be verified, Luigi. Here's the link. You can follow it every day and see for yourself whether they are in compliance.
  6. Thanks. I’ve never really followed the various exchange groups unless someone posts it here. I like unusual stuff happening, and the piece Newbie posted yesterday, with all the various currencies listed, was definitely new. If this is new from Xe, even better.
  7. ReVbo


    It’s 86/100 of a dinar, not a dollar, and from the history of that stock, it’s pure coincidence that it’s at that number today. That this particular stock is worth .86 dinar today is completely irrelevant to the any potential appreciation of the dinar. We’re talking about a bank that’s worth roughly $175 million. That is a VERY small, unimportant bank, and its market capitalization has zero to do with the dinar other than its stock is valued in dinars.
  8. ReVbo


    That’s a quote for stock in a bank, not an exchange rate. That bank’s stock is currently worth .86 dinars per share.
  9. Yeah, that was actually the headline of the translation I originally posted. I thought that would be really confusing, though, so I went with the other.
  10. In fact, let’s test that theory. DV isn’t a stickler for headlines being original to Iraqi news, are they?
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