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  1. another case of "any-big-event-is-the-RV-trigger" I dont know who's more pathetic, the people who write this or the ones who believe it. this last one Luigi..... 1- Treat as a rumor. (I am lying and not financially liable) 2- unknown sources (there arent any, its fiction I made it up) 3 - I dont believe we are privy to this kind of info...(classic double speak) "The world will see a major change." Well, hell, that just has to mean we gonna be reech reel soon, maw! (Says every NESARA/GESARA believer ever)
  2. These comments from Maliki and another member of the state of law party tells me they are on the outs and not part of this forming coalition of parties for the next government. To me, that is the best thing that could happen for us.
  3. Yes agree, tell us who. I dont care to whom the hammer falls, but we must keep in mind where this information would be coming from.
  4. Its important to the CBI. Who was excited when Maliki won other than lying gurus who always spin anything that happens? The truth is Maliki was a goon and a thief, a puppet of Iran that wanted to keep Iraq poor and used Maliki to funnel vast amounts of assistance money to them and himself, he also never bothered to form an inclusive government which the world insisted that he should all the while trying to hold multiple positions in his own government in addition to PM, not to mention trying to strongarm Shabibi and the CBI into his own personal slush fund to the point he had the corrupt judiciary issue an arrest warrant for him. Shall I go on?
  5. thanks yota for all your diligent work a little surprising that Malikis state of law thugs did so poorly, but the Iraqi's thinking Maliki is just going to go away are not being realistic. They dont know him very well. The previous statement saying he's going to challenge the results is exactly what his type does. See the earlier statements from Allawi, another corrupt a-hole on the take, saying pretty much the same thing. Neither of them are going to bow out graciously. Doesnt mean their so-called "actions" will amount to anything overturning any results, they wont. Its too early at this moment who is the big winners here and what coalitions will join up to form the government. We wait as does the CBI.
  6. Thanks yota Iraq is pulling out all the stops to make sure this goes smoothly. Must be reassuring to the CBI. Good luck Abadi and hope for iraq for peaceful voting.
  7. Not that I believe frank will stay away, he would just use his walkingstick alias. He's a narcissistic ego-maniac control freak. No way he's done talking. His sheeple will beg him not to, which i'm sure his self-inflated self-worth would revel in.
  8. I like when the CBI checks boxes.
  9. Chihod is a state law punk. He's gotten rich while the people he's appealing to now talking about "unjust austerity" measures. Those measures had to be because the head of your party lead the way in stealing everything that wasnt nailed down. This is political bs. He's trying to appeal to those that the government hasnt "helped" enough, cause they have lots of money now and are failing to help you. Vote for us. Happens everywhere.
  10. I have wondered specifically about the 150billion Obama gave to Iran on his way out the door, reportedly it was in "US and other currencies". If some was dinar?
  11. Admittedly was trolling a little. I see what the (potential) big deal is. However, as time goes on I've sadly become very jaded to most if not all of the the facts of this thing which as time has gone by, have began to question. It makes sense that if they want the public to start trusting the banks and open accounts they have certainly done a myriad of steps to do just that. Its just hard for me any more to assume that just because something positive is taking place therefore its close to the end (or start, depending on your perspective) as buttloads of good stuff has happened, especially recently, some of which really felt like could push it on, only to find out it didnt and more was needed. Tough ride.
  12. What's all the excitement about?
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