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  1. Good Morning and Thank You. Moneysoon
  2. I am trying to pay my invoice but I can't.
  3. I am waiting to see more infrastructure projects working together after being implemented. SOON after that we know finance will be in tact and able to support a return to the days of old...
  4. Badges are a nice addition.
  5. Morning Yota and All, If there IS a Deep State in operation then is does not matter who he chooses as the Assembly blocs who he has not chosen will simply carryout the agenda of the PTB. When senior officials rather not serve, their exit is usually quite telling. In this case, the Central Bank Officials are of great concern. For years the PLAN has been on the books and substantial infrastructure items have been pursued to better ensure that the PLAN has legs to stand on. There are at least three reasons to explain the Central Bank Departures: 1) To dedicate serious attention to a major project for a full year, 2) To run and wash your hands because they are dirty, or 3) To run because you are scared of what is coming. If there is truly a Deep State in operation, it is not in operation in a vacuum. This Deep State is connected to other Deep States. Read between those lines...
  6. Hey JB, Promising perhaps, but the statement in red is dubious as hell for several reasons. At any rate, this may be a good time to fund one's account and prepare for Annual General Meetings that will likely carry incentives to entice investors to reinvest based on past performance indicators. Blessings,
  7. Perhaps they may glean from the disbursement of these grant funds as "a practice run at disbursement of funds in the future" on a mass scale... The more infrastructure items that are worked out now, the better assurances we will have a meaningful invitation to the Big Dance when the time arrives. Blessings,
  8. LGD, Good Morning My Brother, I love it when you get your warm and fuzzy feeling about this ride. To date, you owe me 3 Lobster Dinners and 2 Prime Rib Dinners if my memory serves me correctly. I feel the same as you, it will happen Suddenly! However, I always bet against you on the SOON!!! There are still a couple tell-tell signs that I MUST see before I move to an any day now scenario in my mind. HOWEVER,... I am willing again to put my Dinar where my Dining Affections are and Wager you and anybody else who choose to feed my family at the Big Dance. This time, I want Caviar and I don't want the cheap stuff either. I want Caviar from Putin's table. While you are at it, you can bring Adam in on this. He can run down to Mars Cheese Castle and pick up a 100 year old cheese block that we can bring to the "Dance" that I will share as an accompaniment to an aperitif for all my Dinar friends. So LGD, if you are REALLY feeling it...put a timeframe on it my Truck Driving Friend. Stay Safe and I am seriously looking forward to sharing a meal provided BY YOU at the Big Dance. 😝😝😝 Blessings Brother
  9. FEAS Member Iraq Stock Exchange in cooperation with the College of Administrative Technology Baghdad and a number of other university professors, organized today, Thursday, April 16 2020, a workshop through the Zoom program named "Electronic trading and investment mechanisms". In addition to the participation of the Board of Directors of the market and a number of employees. The full registration of the discussions will be published for the public benefit.
  10. Howdy ISXers, One of the encouraging things I am waiting to see is the actual roll-out of the "newest" e-trading system albeit that it has been slower than molasses on a January morning. Several infrastructure items are in place even though they "PRETEND" they are still in the R&D phase. They have consulted with NASDAQ, issued several RFP's for programming, and associated with the much larger Arab Bourse. I seriously believe they are more than ready to perform their necessary infrastructure support at the Big Dance. The very discussion of creating user friendly interfaces is smoke. They are already prepared especially since they are using a compatible platform to NASDAQ. The ISX/ESX have given me more than enough evidence that when they do this, it will be big. They will hit the ground running and perhaps never have to look back. Blessings All,
  11. Morning All, Wow, the items outlined, if achieved, will put them in a perfect place to set this thing in motion. Restoration to former Glory... is quite telling. Blessings All and Stay Safe,
  12. Hello All, For some strange reason, I have the feeling that this is exactly what we need to see to get this thing finalized. Should we neutralize Iran, establish a permanent regional base in Erbil, and PERSUADE the GOI to stay in the pocket, we have perfect situation for the outcomes we desire...
  13. In life, sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better. My prayer is no one was hurt in the display of the anger of those who seek change.
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