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  1. Morning All, Wow, the items outlined, if achieved, will put them in a perfect place to set this thing in motion. Restoration to former Glory... is quite telling. Blessings All and Stay Safe,
  2. Hello All, For some strange reason, I have the feeling that this is exactly what we need to see to get this thing finalized. Should we neutralize Iran, establish a permanent regional base in Erbil, and PERSUADE the GOI to stay in the pocket, we have perfect situation for the outcomes we desire...
  3. In life, sometimes things have to get worse before they can get better. My prayer is no one was hurt in the display of the anger of those who seek change.
  4. ..."In due season we will reap a harvest if we faint not."
  5. There are so many ways this can be a good thing. I do not even know where to start. 🤑
  6. Yes, the "Old Christmas Tease" has finally arrived. Every end of the year very specific rhetoric appears to take us into the new year. This is comforting however, as a reminder that "they KNOW" their currency is undervalued to play serious ball. Stay encouraged my Friends... Blessings,
  7. Here's to a Hopeful start of the week! Monday, December 10, 2018 The embassy and the consulate will be closed in observance of Declaration of victory on ISIS.
  8. Interesting....However, any deals with IRAN would not work in our favor especially if we are talking about an RV. Unless of course, our recent call for increased sanctions has been rescinded. We are still under the "PLAN" and we are currently not playing ball with Iran.
  9. Interesting news..."Will Be" and "Are Ready" are two different things. Yet, they both point to the next step or steps. Namely, it implies codifying and perhaps modifying, the Exchange Rate so that business may transact. Either way, we will get a definitive "exchange rate" once the status of Iraq banks move from the "will be ready" to the "are ready" status. Blessings,
  10. Watch this play out... The proposed changes to the currency design namely, the images/signature is telling. The proposed changes to the Dinar is in response to a present problem or alleviating a potential problem in the future. I will comment later as I try to find the articles from years ago that dealt with discussions on the Kurdish Language being added. In different article someone opined about the De La Rue system that is being utilized. The discussion of the use of the De La Rue printing system is irrelevant when it comes to a real counterfeiter. Especially , when you think about the value of what is to come, Counterfeiting remains a major possibility every time there is a currency modification or a currency remains unmodified for a long period of time. The United States continues to have counterfeiting issues, go figure??? The real story about this issue may arise during the discussion of adding the Kurdish Language. My belief is that the discussion found there will allow us to "mirror read" the real problem as to why the currency is being modified.
  11. Good Morning Yota and DV, I am looking at this from at least three possibilities and counting... At best, this may be a counter to the counterfeiting and lead to replace old edition notes through a call-in 😎 The new lower denominations could also prove quite promising. At worse, we wait a little while longer until the lower denominations reach their "FULL" value. Blessings All
  12. 8th ID, feel free to contact me for my .02
  13. Just wait them out.... If not in our lifetime my children or my children's children will be blessed
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