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  1. I hope he is setting the ground work. Enough is enough, let's get this done.
  2. Good point Boozer, may be one of the members remember something being said.
  3. That is what I was thinking when I was reading it. I hope they find enough to hang him on this one.
  4. Well, that should move the HCL up the docket.
  5. I am right there with you. This seems to be gaining speed as Mosul closes out. Not saying it will happen simultaneously but it gaining speed as Mosul comes to and end.
  6. Had me concern that something was going to get done until I read Public Holiday Law. These guys kill me.
  7. For some reason we can figure this out. When is someone with some real power going to come in and round this guy up. May be after this all settles down will someone take action.
  8. I have friends in WV and they always tell me that it is illegal in all the states and territories except WV.
  9. Man, you know it is coming. It is just a matter of time.
  10. Man I am liking Trump more and more everyday. He is bring in the business and the commercial aspect and not another Gov. hand out or giving them more loans. and
  11. If this is true then this is great news. Limiting actions to small arms combat is pretty big. No air or artillery support is big when you are talking maneuver units.
  12. Trump must have wanted payment in Dinar. He is going to sell you the plates and make a profit on the RV.
  13. While the theme song is playing, when they turn the corner with the white building, I live about 15 minutes from there.