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  1. Preferably a Canadian from a little over 2.2 miles away. Thanks Yota.
  2. Not much farther to go. Thanks again Yota.
  3. Thanks Yota, starting my day off nicely with a confirmed kill and a cup of coffee.
  4. Nice read but these are things we here at DV know and have been saying for years. It was also nice to read something that I did not have to guess at the translation. Thanks Yota.
  5. Going to miss you my friend. May the wind always be at your back.
  6. This is going to be a big deal.
  7. I know I could count on you. No need to worry about slacking, you put us all to shame when it comes to map updating.
  8. Hey Boozer , there is a lot of stuff coming together here. The stars, they are aligning. . . Got to cover both ends there.
  9. That is what I was told. Lead by Example. If everyone followed the Captain's example you would not have had that problem.
  10. Thank you for bring this over. I can only hope it is $1.20. I feel much better when I get Adam's text.
  11. I would be interested too. There has been some heavy fighting over the last few days. Synopsis is my go to on the maps.
  12. Sound like everyone is trying to out do the other. 3 day went to 5 and the next group went to 7.