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  1. No worries my good friend. When this hits we will all be on the same page.
  2. I believe Laid Back did a summery awhile back and it was very well done. If I start see all that Chucky Money rolling in, then that would be a good sign. Also, if I noticed fewer and fewer 25k and more 10k notes then we know for sure we have pulled in the bulk of those 25k notes.
  3. The two questions I have are: 1. What size domination were turned in (are there more 10k notes than 25k)? 2. How much dinar has been taken in vs how much has been printed? There really can not be that much out there since they have been buying for years now.
  4. I hate to say it but this so true . It is a sad state if affairs that we have dropped to this level.
  5. That is the point that got my eye.
  6. Hey Wiljor congratulations. Hoping for a big August for you and your wife.
  7. Was hoping a little action on the HCL.
  8. Thanks Adam. It was worth the wait. 13% and calling it a night.
  9. On stand by - 15% remaining.