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  1. 10YL you know he is going to have a good one.. lol
  2. Thanks Starr we have a good group here. It is just need to hang on a little longer.
  3. Thanks there PP. Have to have a positive attitude with this investment, it can beat you down in a heart beat if you let it.
  4. PP, this is why I love your posts always good news.
  5. Thanks Pitcher heading back to work tomorrow.
  6. I am sure every county who allowed immigrants would agree.
  7. NC and SC took real hits.
  8. Thanks CSM. Congratulations on your son's commissioning. My son came through OCS about a year ago. Station in DC.
  9. ChuckFinley

      EU and World Bank sign agreement with Iraq

    This is going to come to a head at some point. Russia, China, Iran, Turkey etc vs Iraq, US, Israel, SA, etc.
  10. Thanks Bitifldrm for the updates.
  11. We did well, it shifted South. We just got a ton of rain. Thanks for asking.
  12. I thinking package deal here.

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