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  1. With that kind of jolt I will on the next flight down .
  2. I hate those translators. But, if they are about ready to push the button then we could be right there. If this guy pass out then I hope he falls on the button and puts this thing in motion.
  3. That is hugh. Would like to see that same number going the other way.
  4. No where to run - no where to hide.
  5. Thanks Synopsis. We are looking good . .
  6. This is will be a "golden opportunity" of a life time. It will be a benchmark for others. For sure there LB. When this is done, Babylon will be a true focal point on the ME.
  7. It will tough going here at the end. The rats will have no where to run to and will have to fight and die in place. They really need to mass troops and make a full advancement from all side at once. That way all axis of advances are covered and they can not reenforce a specific area. This will limit any strong points along the axis of advancement. Let's wrap this up.
  8. Great job Synopsis. Trying to translate this stuff is brutal.
  9. I have two Bug Out Bags ready. One with Scotch in case we have to wait out Ramada and one with Scotch for the airplane to the OSI meeting to make my cash out to the IBC.
  10. Thanks Synopsis. Checking it out right now.
  11. If Trump and Sadr can get together and get on comman ground this could the ME on its head.