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  1. I would be interested if the German news covers this. Der Spiegel has nothing on it's head lone page.
  2. Thanks Adam, I always look forward to Wednesday.
  3. I hope they really give it to those guys and this should be shown on US tv.
  4. Agree with both of you. Get the Billions back and hang him. If not you will be looking over your shoulder everyday.
  5. The Shab did not drop a dime on Maliki, he dropped a man hole cover on him. That boy is not getting up.
  6. She knows she is getting time and a half for going in.
  7. If I am not mistaken Canada also only taxes income made in Canada. So if you live out side of Canada you only pay tax on revenue, such as income from rental property from Canada, but not income from money made in the US.
  8. I know what you mean. I read that and I said ummmm. But, you never know, we could be there this time.
  9. Good stuff. VIP Is not focused on the US or being a US citizen. It is a global approach for wealth management. By the way was in London years ago and my son did a semester at LSE. He loved London.
  10. The guy he will be talking to has a black hood on and really does not say much, not looking good there for the big M.
  11. Thanks Shedagal, for the US break out.
  12. He was not from the States. Countries all over the world have some very high tax rates. VIP and OSI is the option.
  13. If that is the other option, set them up and we will knock some down together.
  14. Been there, not a good seen.
  15. I believe you can go to the top of the page, under store, and order. Once I was able to see what was offered, I making sure people know about it. There is no reason to pay 55% tax.