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  1. Thanks Yota and top of the morning to you. Looks like they are getting their house in order.
  2. CBI Ranked The Worst In The Middle East & Africa.

    Need to put the squeeze on all these Miliki appointees.
  3. ME is coming to a head with this group. We shall see.
  4. The hangman is going to have a long list at the hanging. Maliki -1, Maliki-2, Maliki-......
  5. I must agree, they are. It is so difficult trying to figure where we are, what has to get done, and who we need to check the boxes with.
  6. Thanks Yota, as long as things are moving forward, all so well.
  7. I can not wait for this to be done. This has been a very positive year in comparison to past years. Just have to hang on a little longer.
  8. Add me to your list. We need to seek security in our own investments and associations.

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