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  1. Now that is what I was talking about.
  2. Same to you. I know it is your busy day, so pace yourself.
  3. He will know what "Art of the Deal" is all about.
  4. Looks like a wedding photo before going to the Big House.
  5. You better be, have to have someone to have that glass of Victory with. Preferably a single malt my friend.
  6. I think in all the times I have been on here that this period going forward is the best I have seen. I knew that as long as ISIS was around nothing was going to happen. During that time a lot of the ground work was being done to go international. These included Laws, Banking reform, trade agreements and WB backing. This was followed by a happy neighborhood with Kuwait and Saudi. Theses were keys to pulling the last of the UN sanctions and to get back into the brotherhood. Then there was the internal question of the Referendum. Once external issues are dealt with then you have to deal with internal issues. Well that ate up months, but not wasted because you have to deal with corruption. We have seen electric transfer of payments to the people and warrants being issued. The key part here is arrests. People as well as others are seeing house cleaning. I think we are almost there. I believe Nov the UN meets and Iraq and Kuwait have worked some deal out for repayment. My guess is, if Kuwait is happy with the deal the UN will go along with it. Then we have had meeting this week in NY with the UN, Saudi Crown Prince making calls this week, and US big wigs flying here and there. I am watching the UN Kuwait deal, followed by the National Oil company and the HCL. Being Iraq this could be done in a nano secound or a millennium, your guess is as good as mine. The key is that things have never been so positive for a country to get back on it's feet. When that happens is when we will see a international currency with true value. Man that is long even for me.
  7. Sounds a lot like my plan, but then again you are VIP and you know what a solid plan is.
  8. I wish I could remember, at my age my mind is a dead man walking. My go to guy for stuff like this is Laid Back, guy is always on top of it.
  9. So true, a religious day that the gurus would take advantage of by saying some dumb off the wall stuff.

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