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Adam Montana weekly - 15 July, 2015

Adam Montana

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Good morning everyone!
Happy Wednesday and it is ALMOST the end of Ramadan... which makes 
me happy, because I'm excited to see this train start chugging along again!
You all know my general opinion of what gets done during Ramadan, and 
this year was no different. After an amazing 4 months or so earlier this year, 
things kind of petered out around the end of May and as of the last few weeks, 
we've really heard nothing exciting at all.
This isn't bad, in my opinion. Although we've had a bit of a lull, Iraq has 
proven to me in this year alone that they are "in it to win it", and I have a 
feeling that the lull was intentional. They most likely knew that any significant 
progress on the HCL immediately before Ramadan would only put a strain 
on them that they could not handle during Ramadan. We can be as impatient 
as we like, but their culture isn't going to change for us... Ramadan is what it 
And what it is, is almost over!
Now we find ourselves in a little SNAFU over the timing of it. Ramadan 
officially ends on the evening (our morning) of Friday July 17.
The official workweek for Iraq is Sunday to Thursday... so Ramadan is 
ending on the start of the weekend.
With that in mind, I don't expect anything on Friday or Saturday, but I 
am very anxious to see what starts rolling out on Sunday.
So on that note, I'll simply say.... GOOOOO HCL and GO RV!!!!
================ Q&A =====================
countryroads Adam, this is something that has popped up in my mind from time to time but I never got around to asking. Does the country of Iraq have adequate funds to cover an RV of a substantial size? I am not asking anything about the rate or date, just wanting to know if Iraq can come up with that amount of cash on the spot to fund an RV?  Thanks.


Sure they do. They don't have to pay in cash immediately, just like our banks don't 

carry enough cash on hand to cover all of their deposits.


The banking world is a magical place where the value of money is exactly what they 

say it is. If you're looking to get educated on it, research these two things: Fiat Currency

and Fractional Banking.


That will explain it all. :twothumbs:


robert c Adam  I was just wondering if you have heard anything about Iraq's credit rating lately?  Thanks  Bob c




No Sir, I have not heard anything on it - but that doesn't surprise me. It could easily take 3,

6, 12 months or more to get a final word on that one.



SideshowChad Hows the situation with ISIS there right now?  Can they still RV despite the many hectic situations over there?

Thanks Adam!



ISIS will be an issue until they are eradicated, which will never happen completely. At least, not 

with the pansy leaders we have in the world today.


Regardless... ISIS is not enough of an issue to stop Iraq from manipulating their currency. :twothumbs:


bigwave Adam  Do you have an opinion you would like to express whether or not the Iran nuke deal is good, bad or indifferent to an RV and why?




I don't know all the specifics on it, so I can't speak with any authority... but if history is any indicator, 

it's not good and I don't like it.


What does it have to do with an RV? I'm sure it will have some kind of impact at some point in the 

future, but probably not until after an RV is already done, which means it won't be a major factor 

in the actual event.


gramms9 Hi Adam, I have an opportunity to go to Cabo on a cruise. What would you say is..........




Please post a new thread in OSI and I will be happy to give private feedback for the OSI members.




new york kevin Sir Adam: Did Maliki really get fired? Are his monions still in play, or are all of them as isolated as Maliki (if he was really fired)?  Any of your sources saying that arrest warrants for all of them are coming up next? Will this aid Iraq in stabilizing quicker now that the main opposition and their obstructive campaign is shutting down?




I don't pay too much attention to Maliki anymore - he's a noisy bug, but that's all he is in the big scheme 

of things right now.


Nelg Good day Adam. While having lunch with friends invested (speculating) with the dinar currency, one of them stated that the RV was only going to be for large groups of investors.  The general public, the individual with dinar, would never see the RV.  I know this has been tossed around, answered, and debunked, but this individual was convinced that this is what will happen.  Can you, one more time, give us your insight on the matter?   (Thought someone else was going to ask, but I didn't see this  question.)


Pat your friend on the head and tell them not to worry. This topic has been tossed around, answered, 

and most importantly, debunked. End of story. 





Cheers everyone... see ya soon, and hopefully sooner than later!



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Thanks Adam, it will be interesting to see the first couple of weeks after Ramadan what hits the gazette and becomes law.

What are your thoughts on the latest currency auctions? with the last one topping over 300 million.

Much appreciated

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Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'...lets get this RV Rollin'!!!

Sandfly Adam to you and your hard workin' Mods... another good chat...and one week closer to celebrating on the beach with our DV friends and a cold one!!! :)

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Adam I Can't Personally Thank U Enough - But I've Got This Little Friend Named SandFly ...


Yes Thug....we know all about your "bromance" with Sandfly...good thing he ain't afraid of your clown nose and makeup...and who doesn't appreciate a "Thankster"!!! ;o)

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Adam I Can't Personally Thank U Enough - But I've Got This Little Friend Named SandFly ...

:D :D :D

I'm jealous.  The best friend I could find here at DV was some guy I think his name is Kong Thong or Thong Kong.  I'm kinda hoping we just stay "penpals" so I don't really have to meet him in person some day.  Oh well.



Go get 'em Davis.  Somebody somewhere loves ya.

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Thanks for the update Adam. I can't wait for OB to be out of office and all of his horse excrement policies reversed, and things like this Iran Nuke deal can be correctly taken care of, for one. I don't normally like to veto his policies with just one big fat X, but when I do, I prefer DOS EQUIS!!

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Thanks for the update Adam, just nice to know your out there.During their holiday period it has been scary quiet as we knew it would be. So Sunday the ball can get rolling again and looking for some good news. Take care and GO RV


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