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  1. Just now watched the SNL clip. ....Loved it, Loved it, Loved it.
  2. Well, That was a big let down. When you mentioned the number 18 I understood it to be something positive. Now we find out it is nothing more than a figure for high exchange rates. Oh gee, isn't that exciting. Sorry, I feel pumped. Neg away folks, but that's the way I feel.
  3. It's more than deep. Noah would say it's about where the flood water was.
  4. Thank you....I'll have 1000 CU YDS of that stuff for my Corn Field.
  5. Great new change. Thought I was on the wrong page. Happy to see most of the crappy ads gone.
  6. Not impossible.....Our deal went just fine except for the bogus tracking information provided by the US Post Office. Buyer was confused and sender was frantic. No thanks to the Post Office, we worked it out. I think the key to doing business on DV is in doing your home work. Research your seller/buyer. Learn who you are dealing with through your emails before sending item/payment. I would deal again with this guy if the need arose Certinally a straight shooter.
  7. Wow......Now you tell me. I sent the 1 Mill. Dinar the 3rd. I sent you email of all information verifying the shipment as you requested at that time. I have been in daily contact with your email. Can you afford another Mill ?
  8. Sale Pending....... for those who are considering selling Dinar and would like touse this sale as a basis for asking price,I did not sell for $850. The price was reduced considerably. Thanks
  9. I am selling one million of my Dinar for $850 delivered USPS Registered Mail. I purchased this from Dinar Trade several years ago. All documentation when purchased provided. New (uncir) 25000 Notes. Please respond in this thread with your preferred method of contact.
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