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  1. Thanks Adam,mods & Yota for all your hard work!
  2. Thanks Adam & blessings to all of you everyday, in all things big and small. xxoo
  3. Thanks Adam and we all await your good news, hopefully SOONER than later!
  4. Thanks Adam, as always nice to read your weekly chat & sounds like things are moving in right direction. A big thank you to all vets and their families who also deal w/ the hardships that service life goes hand in hand with. I am a Marine Corps brat, and have a son in the Navy, my brother & uncles served, along w/ my grandfather & all ancestral generations of my family have served this country which my ancestors also helped start since they were members of the original first Elizabethtown settlement. We are proud Americans!! Blessings to all and go RV!!!
  5. Muchas gracias Senor Adam! Soon soon soon I hope!
  6. Thanks Adam & hope for RV soon so I can see you in your cheese hat. & Sending Calkid healing light to get better soon.
  7. Thanks Adam for all your hard work and the goodness to do for others in this world. May you be blessed everyday with the true riches this life has to offer: love and doing what's right to be a better person. God Bless!
  8. Thank you Adam for being such a good example for all to follow- thinking about helping others for no benefit to yourself other than the warm fuzzy feeling you get! I can also send you a warm, snuggy Thuggie your way if he will cooperate-let me see about that!
  9. I wonder what a blue light would show on that nasty blue couch!!
  10. Thank you Adam for helping these people in need. When we help others, it truly helps ourselves the most. Blessings to you for all you do. Go RV!
  11. Thanks Adam for thinking how to make this world a better place. Let us know how you want to proceed w/ donation. Blessings to all in Dinarvetland & go RV!
  12. Thanks Adam- I know you have our backs so we can all relax & sit back & wait. Thanks for all you do, much appreciated.
  13. Always appreciate your time & insight Adam while we wait. Blessings to all in Dinarvetland xxoo
  14. Great post & hats off to you for your insights that enlighten little old peons like me! Go RV!
  15. Mr Parrot you cracked me up too Thanks for a good laugh!
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