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  1. Here are some more: Tombstone Messages
  2. Ya gotta look at it from his (the investment advisor's) point of view. He has his own agenda. He wants to build his customer base and he can't do that by pointing them toward the Dinar. His clients can purchase their own Dinar the same way that we have, so there would be no brokerage fees to line his pockets. Also, since there's no real timeframe for the RV, he can't guarantee them any sort of short term return on their investment. He can't really even give them any long term guarantee. So.... he yells SCAM as loud as he can, and hopes that he catches a few clients in the process.
  3. A lot of the "foreign" manufacturers have state-side plants these days. Most of your money will stay local to pay for the labor and raw materials of the car you purchase, and even some of the profit will stay around to pay for plant expansions and advertising. These days, buying foreign is not quite so foreign.
  4. The U.S. Dollar is the defacto unit of currency in Iraq at this time. The CBI wishes to change this and the RV is part of the plan. When the RV occurs, the Iraqis will continue to use the Dollar for day-to-day purchases until they can take whatever IQD they have to the bank and swap it for the new denoms. Eventually the Dollar will be removed from day-to-day business in favor of the new IQD.
  5. If the RV occurs before the end of the year, wouldn't it be beneficial to wait until January to cash in, thus giving us a full year and a quarter before we have to pay taxes on the additional cash? If by good fortune the RV comes in around a dollar, some of us are going to be sitting on a large pile of cash that could be invested for the year and earning interest.
  6. Ooops. Sorry, forgot to post the link.
  7. A 5.6 magnitude earthquake rattled Oklahoma this evening at 10:53 central time. I felt it and I live in south-central Kansas. I hurried home to see if the Dinar had RV'd because I figured the quake came from Okie celebrating because he finally got one right.
  8. Squatch


    Look for "FTCH". They were at .10 in May. Now they're below a penny. The good news is you can buy 100 shares for a dollar. The bad news is you just might lose that with any risky investment.
  9. Once you're rich you can afford to go in style: Of course, I'd hire bikini-clad bahamian ladies to tote my chair.
  10. I'd go anywhere in the Caribbean. I've already been to plenty of places down there, and have never had a bad time. I'm a scuba diver, so I tend to lean toward the scuba destinations, but they're also great for non-divers as well. I've been to Cozumel, Playa del Carmen, Grand Cayman, the Bahamas, Bonaire, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and the British Virgin Islands. I've been to Cozumel and the BVI multiple times. Cozumel has the best diving (IMHO) and the BVI has the best experience. In the BVI we go bare-boating and sail around among the different islands; it's great! All of the place
  11. I heard somewhere (and I have no link to support this hearsay) that the troop pull-out date of Dec 31, 2011 was originally established by President Bush when he was still in office. As such, President Obama is just sticking to the plan, and from an RV perspective it's a good thing (if it really happens). The U.S. troop withdrawal will force Iraq to assume the duties of protecting its borders and maintaining domestic peace. My guess is that they've been preparing for this handover for quite some time, and are now ready for their new role as a sovereign nation. This strikes right at th
  12. Oh, lets see.... Perhaps the dinar vendors (Tampa Dinar, Dinar Banker, etc.) would like to start a panic causing a whole lot of people to sell their dinar back at a HUGE loss, just so they can turn around and resell them for a HUGE profit after the panic dies down. All they have to do is have one of their pumpers (or in this case, rabble rousers) craft a reasonable-sounding "emai" and drop it on one of the dinar websites. It'll eventually make the rounds, and will probably rake in a few gullible noobs before it gets thoroughly discredited.
  13. That has been my view as well. I've heard fighter jets referred to as WMDs in the past (many years ago), and recently Iraq made a purchase of F16 jets. http://articles.lati...olence-20110731 I believe this is a step toward Iraqi sovereignty and independence. With that said, I'm not implying that Iraq is ready to stand against an invading army just yet, but they're getting there.
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