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  2. 1 VND = 4.7607712449417E-5 USD there it is i got that part to work sorry i am trying
  3. Well crapy foreign currency value type that in i cant get the link to work its the same one that showed 1usd = 1 iqd the other day....
  4. foreign currency shows 4.75666 or something like that compared to USDA did they mess this up again..what the heck i am trying to get the link up
  5. Yes agree now lets fix it because you hit it on the head there has to be away around all off the road blocks and lets fix america.............THANKS FOR YOU INPUT
  6. Thats funny there is not one soul in the white house lets him do anything he wants with out hell to pay............If they would let them call him George he could do anything he wants..HEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  7. All this talk about presidents and what they do and don't do....I really do believe that the Clintons and the Democratic parties always seem to look at for the American people more than the republican parties. I'm not saying that everyone isn't out to pad their own pockets foremost.... -Hilary Clinton, no matter what anyone says, is a worker. I believe that they would be more effective if they understood what the difference was between the poor they are fighting for and the lazy who benefit. -Obama cant put anything into effect because it takes an act of congress to go to the restroom. -George W Bush, on the other hand, just did whatever he wanted to. Owning oil, putting his pals in positions to make a fortune, and deciding what happens with the market. -I Paul'sRon Pauls statements about taking from the poor (working class) Amercians and giving it to the 3rd world countries - when we have already proven that they are corrupt and the funds end up in the hands of the 1% who control the economy/wealth. Another Ron Paul quote worthy of repeatindon't.why dont we let China give the 3rd world nations money? Instead the United States borrows from China and pledges it to support other countries. Hes a straight shooter,American Amercian people seem glamored by fancy wohaven'tat havent make a direct statement about any of the issues. Who cares if you used to run the National Restaurant Association or worked on Wall Street? You dont now and seem a bit out of touch with what the average American is angry about. -JUST SAYING...............GO RV
  8. WOW that took some time to come up with .................... :huh: :huh: :huh: :huh:
  9. I read up on this one day and everything i read says if you give the money to your family that you pay the tax any way .
  10. crappy i know what you want me and shabibi video telling me the info...............
  11. Well my sister believes there on top of things so we will see.. Also cracks me up you guess on here all day long or at least some of you do have good work in trying to come up with good news but were speculating because ain't nobody knows for sure /////////////GO RV
  12. yes she is my sister and don't lie about anything they for sure told her that...............GO RVVVVVVVVVVV
  13. My friend that knows some big bankers who deal with some fed's she says they said it's going to be tuesday cash in at 7.22...............And that they were blown away there selfs that it was that much ........................... now don't shoot the messanger. ...........................
  14. Thanks for that info the thing that seems big to me is if the us didn't have some dinar then in there dilling with Iraq there would be no agreement on them to RV so we could get paid for the war. And my hope would be less fortunate to happen not that they have the power to make Iraq or cbi to RV i just know how big money can get things done. If the us has a bunch of dinar the find a way to make it pay...Go RV
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