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  1. Geez!!! This ties to retired general Mike Flynn, who was Trump's National Security Adviser for a short time. He had been suspected of trying to kidnap that Imam named Fetullan Gulen, from Pennsylvania in the US, and deliver him to someplace in Europe/Asia (Turkey, I think). IT REALLY HAS A LOT OF TIES TO THE U.S. POLITICAL SCENE RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT!!!!
  2. I wonder what happens when Iran gets their oil being pumped and sold on the world market? Supply and demand. Supply up, demand not really increasing, IMO.
  3. Maybe the Iraqi's won't have to use a wheelbarrow to carry their money when they go food shopping.
  4. My opinion is that if we elect a non-politician as president, the other politicians will see that the rank-and-file of the US is fed up with the BS and all done legally LOL
  5. They ought to do four-way stops the way we do where I live. It's all voluntary, but works very well. First, a car travelling north and one travelling south both go, then one east and one west go. Always two cars in the intersection travelling in opposite directions. Works out VERY well until you have some a$$hole try to race through, then everybody blows their horn and gives that person the one-finger salute. I have sat there on the side of the road and just watched and found it amazing that peeps can really cooperate an their own without lights, cops or laws. It's a beautiful thing.
  6. Maybe, just maybe the US is believing (or already has) weapons that will compare nukes to the muskets of the civil war. 15 years leads to a lot of innovation. Look at where we were 15 years ago. Technology is advancing rapidly and may not be of benefit to all.
  7. IMO, this all speaks of socialism or communism. If you believe in that stuff and want to do away with our democracy or republic, vote for Sanders. He was a communist, then a socialist and then a democrat. When the spokesman for the democratic party was asked to explain the difference between a socialist and a democrat, she became flustered and couldn't answer. IMO, that was an answer. I agree the wealthy should pay more in taxes without the loopholes, and lower incomes should pay proportionately less. Trump is an anti-politician candidate for president, I think if you're as tired of all the political BS from Washington as I am and want some real "Change", vote for him and "dump all the incumbents". Might help for the next four years, and if it doesn't, fire whoever is not doing their job. I was a life-long democrat and voted for the party's candidate for O's first term. Was very unhappy and changed my affiliation to independent. Lots of scrutiny and sorrow made that necessary so I could live with myself. Vote as you choose, but I hope you choose to vote.
  8. I kinda liken the call for reforms in Iraq tantamount to Trump's popularity in the US. People are just sick and tired of all the political BS and want reforms, too, for which Trump seems to be a lightening rod. Win, lose or draw I believe he can make a big difference in the way career politicians think. Hell's bells, they may all change their attitudes, and IMHO, that would be a good thing for all citizens of the US and our country.
  9. I think Trump's 3rd party thing was not necessarily that he wouldn't support the GOP, but rather he would not give support to anyone in whom he has no faith to accomplish goals. Commendable, IMO!!!
  10. I am a Trump protagonist. What many seem to be missing is that all the others are beholden to the lobbyist and/or the well-heeled political donors that support their campaigns for their own political reasons.. The Donald doesn't need them. He has no one pulling his strings. To me, that sounds great. Don't know about you all, but having the best government in the world that money can buy is about the same as being an American who is proud of having a government that can be bought; or spy on us and all leaders of foreign countries, get us 17 trillion in debt and trade 5 known terrorists for a treasonous deserter. Are we really 17 trillion dollars in debt? Trump has had a couple of corporate bankruptcies, not personal, but he ain't broke, fer sure. Maybe we need someone with his business acumen, bravado and fresh ideas (rather than one party line or the other) to get us out of this mess our "leaders" have led us into. I'd like to see a flat rate tax, concealed carry permits after background checks (New Jersey has no permits to carry), supreme court justices that are voted in (not appointed) so they are more apt to rule on their interpretations of the constitution and bill of rights instead of those of the president who appointed them. And my own unicorn.
  11. I can see this decision by the SCOTUS carrying further, and possibly encompassing all rights practiced in one state becoming the "law of the land" for all. It is precedent setting, in my view. My main concern is gun laws. I hope those in states like Texas are adopted, instead of my home state of NJ, where, unless you are now, or retired from law enforcement you CANNOT get a permit to carry. It would go even further so that all laws were the same everywhere. Can't tell if that is good or bad, but knowing our representatives, I am not optimistic.
  12. One thing has changed a lot. Iraq has a heck of a lot more gold than they ever had before to back their currency. Gotta agree with everything Rabbi said.
  13. No oil? There goes the budget for the Kurds and their payments to Iraq, so their budget takes a poop, too.
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