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  1. Best face plant I have seen in a while. For some reason I love watching stupid people hurting themselves. Thanks for the video and thanks for the post Adam
  2. That is one angry, mean, unstable individual. She no morals, will do what it takes to get what she wants. My opinion is that if you vote for her, you are just as bad and have no redeemable qualities, same as her.
  3. Well there certainly is more of Hillarious than any of us knows, maybe we will see some of that too. I just know that she will have a devastating affect on this country. Trump is not the ideal candidate by any means, but given the other choice.....
  4. Same for me, 7 years to the month and very close to the day. I used to obsess over it. I had to walk away for a while, just like anything, too much is no good, unless we are talking about wings, beer and football. , oh and Brats(sorry Adam, forgot the Brats!)
  5. You are right. The statute of limitations on Bill's rapes have long since expired, however I think the point of bringing it up is that his "indiscretions" as you call what he did, is to point out the fact that we dont need a scumbag like slick willy clinton back in the White House. Clinton's indiscretions were acts that hurt other people. Trump said something lewd 10 years ago and if it offends some, oh well.
  6. Yeah, well some people are way too thin skinned and have lost their sense of humor years ago. I believe every topic is open to being made fun of, but now it seems, only some topics are acceptable to people. Don't worry about it. At least one person(me)saw the humor and sarcasm in your remark. Sarcasm is another thing lost on too many people. Political correctness has helped to ruin this country.
  7. DaveH


    I wonder if it hurts to be so angry, for no reason, all the time. Looks like it does.
  8. DaveH


    I am so sorry, my wife and I travel the country for work 6 months a year and live in Louisiana the other 6 months. I hope your baby comes home to you. We will watch for her wherever we are. Dave
  9. Really? Dont you ever get tired of spewing this nonsense?
  10. I have always thought that social media is more harmful to people than it is helpful, but this one is priceless!! I love it it. Keep it up isis. Bet you wish you were flying that mission EagleEye.
  11. political correctness= Great stuff Thank you Adam
  12. No doubt. If I had a dinar(at the current rate)for every time delta called it I would be a millionaire for sure. Thanks Thug and the cnn
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