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Dinar Buy Rumor


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You've got a lot of gumption to suppose that the rumor section is the proper place to post a rumor. I've been inclined to think it's only supposed to be used to post "Luigis".

Good one cantinista, I am sick of the "Luigis" and now don't even bother reading them.  This was a very interesting post.  :bravo:  :twocents:

I have never posted anything concerning Dinar rumors before, but have just finished a phone call that I have to share.

OMG, did I really say that?

To substantiate the value of the conversation, I need to first relate my relationship with the caller.

Around three or four years ago I took a residential emergency call when all my journeymen were busy.

The homeowner was an older Chinese guy, and followed me around while I went through the trouble shooting procedure.

That happens a lot, some want to make sure you’re not cleaning out the jewelry box, some want to absorb your skill so they never have to spend that kind of money again, and others are just curious.

I’ll just usually start explaining the science behind electricity as I’m working, and wait for their eyes to glaze over and heads start spinning, then they will usually just wander off and wait for me to fix it.

This guy was different, and was able to keep up with the basics, so I went a little deeper, then deeper still. During this time I located the issue, and he soaked up the analysis of events that created the problem at the installation and then molecular level.

We wound up chatting for well over an hour after I was done, it turned out he has four PhD’s, had just retired from teaching microbiology and organic chemistry for 40 years at a major local university, and was starting in with a new privately funded cancer research group.

What knocked my socks off was that he is a very devout Christian.

He then “adopted” me as his “token” American. In the Chinese communities there is a definite caste system. As part of the upper crust, he had house cleaners, landscapers, and cooks. He would occasionally order an extra meal to be delivered, then call me to pick it up, to have me sample traditional dishes, usually with dishes made with ingredients fresh from China, which were brought down by courier from Canada the day of arrival.

I told him about the Dinar back then, but he didn’t care. His passion was in his research. We had a lot of conversations concerning American politics, and every election he calls me to get the list of people to vote for.

That, and discussions concerning Christianity, has been the basis of our relationship.

He called today to tell me about another researcher he met at a symposium.

Apparently they started discussing investments.

The other scientist told him about trading on Forex, and my friend remembered what I had told him about the dinar, which he relayed, to which the guy started telling him about some forex traders that were also talking about the Dinar, and he was told it was now upgraded to a “possible”, but opinion was still very split.

That’s it. I’m not blowing smoke up anyone’s butt about run out and sell your home to get more. That would be insanely stupid. Please don’t.

I just thought it was crazy that after all this time he should call just to let me know some guys on forex had decided just recently to buy in.

I really hope that means this ride is almost over, but to be honest, I don’t think there is any chance for an RV until ISL is completely wiped out.

Take it or leave it, I’m going back to off topic….DM

Very interesting post divemaster.  I enjoyed reading it.  Please keep us updated on any new conversations with the gentleman.  :bravo:  :tiphat:  :goodnews:

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