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  1. Iran has already said they are not going to cut production. If you want to know how much the US has cut, just take a look at the Baker Hughes rig count. Just say'n
  2. This seems like maybe an old article, IN MY OPINION. Just for the fact oil is back to around $40 for them and that's what they based their budget on. Granted the price was down most of the first quarter, they should be feeling a little relief for now. Just say'n. Thanks Yota for the post.
  3. agreed to exclude convicts issues politicians terrorism from the general amnesty law. Read more: So they can still get Maliki and his cronies. I like it. Maybe we can get them to get Obama and Hillarious while they are at it.
  4. I seen him on TV today. I punched him in the face. Broke my TV but I feel better.
  5. Is Hillarious related to Maliki? They have a lot in common.
  6. Thanks. I like and agree with what is said here.
  7. Sounds like they are seeking international investment from all over the world. Hopefully they will get what they need to move the Dinar upward.
  8. 1/1.......they like numbers........maybe 1/1 is the date but it could also mean 1 IQD = 1USD ...... wishful thinking? lol
  9. Someone negged you for not wanting to comment, lol. I evened you need for negs.
  10. I really didn't read anything bad in here so far. They added a few items but sounds like it will still go through. IMO. I could be reading it wrong.
  11. Ahhh........Come on guys........he said treat as rumor.....
  12. "Tomorrow Press" published a draft 2016 budget that voted in by Parliament 12/16/2015 17:40 Number of Views: 1230 2 1 Likes Tomorrow Press / Baghdad got tomorrow Press on the photocopies of the general budget for the 2016 law, voted on by the House of Representatives today at its 45th legislative chapter of the first year of the second legislative session today. It wouldn't let me post all of it I we only knew what it said.......
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