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  1. It's not even entertaining anymore.please stop posting this crap.
  2. Guys,I have been in this game for many years now.I observe and I comment.You will NOT like what I am about to say.In my honest opinion,Irag will NEVER RV their currency.Why?,you might ask.because they don't have to for starters and another reason is that: They are NOT going to throw out trillions of dollars if they don't have to.Would you give $10,000 for a battery when you can get the same battery for $10? Of course not and they wouldn't either.I lost $1000.00 on an investment that had a slim chance of making a hefty return in the first place.Oh,well.
  3. Amen,ladyGrace'sDaddy.Truth be told,I pray every day that God wipes all of us off the face of this planet.all we seem to know how to do is Destroy each other and this beautiful planet.we are an infestation.
  4. Everyone here needs to listen to:The Machine.All of the things that he has listed are things that I and my wife has been doing for years now.We NEVER leave money in the bank that they can use to rip off the poor and down and out people with high interest loans.what kind of interest does your bank pay you on your bank accounts?Take your extra cash out TODAY.Pay off all credit cards as fast as you can.Buy the items listed.We CAN change the system and we HAVE to follow these simple guidelines.Please protect yourself and your investments.
  5. Nothing from the BIBLE or KORAN or any other biblical scripture can be defined as fact as written.Please have more sense than that.
  6. Texhad Thank you for your a fellow Texan,I agree full hearted with the pilot.We The People of Texas stand united with all of our brothers across this great country and all people who want to live a happy,successful,and not live in fear for themselves or their family and neighbors life.For my brothers in the Great country of the U.K.I kinda lean towards your statement that it could be too late for your country.I pray that it is NOT too late.Like us,you opened your arms and welcomed in people who you thought were your brothers.They WERE NOT and you could be in a very violent street war to eradicate this problem.I truly pray that you are not.To my BROTHERS who live "Down Under".As some of your countries leaders have stated.If they can't behave themselves and respect our society as free and EQUAL then they can Just Get The Hell Out.I agree with this policy %1000.Our now famous for his Stupidity LEADER is AFRAID to use the term Radical Islam for fear AND the respect that he has for his TRUE RELIGION.This breeds only weakness, and emboldens Muslim Radicals to spread their violence and hate.There are 4 Muslim mosques within 2 miles of my home in Woodway,TX.I have not seen one leader of any of these places come forward and condemn ANYTHING.Our national news reporters say that DONALD TRUMP has called for a ban on Muslims coming to the United States.this is a TOTAL AND BELIBERATE LIE.What he said was,that we should implement a temporary ban on travel so that we can find out just who is entering our country.I AGREE with that.why would you let someone into your country without knowing to the best of your ability that they are not coming here to CUT OFF SOMEONES HEAD OR BLOW UP YOUR FAMILY?Our media here says whatever they want no matter if it's true or not and the SAD thing about it is that most of the people here take that news as GOSPEL.Please forgive me for going on and on.God Bless you all.
  7. All of us here KNOW that the notes we hold may not be worth a penny.Iraq can do whatever they want with their currency.
  8. Sean Penn is one F,UP dude.who gives a flying F what this guy does at all.his goofy wife is just as F,UP as he is.
  9. I think that we ALL have resided ourselves that WE THE PEOPLE will be at war with muslims.I see clearly that nobody else has the balls to destroy them,well speaking for myself and the people of TEXAS,we do have what it takes to completely destroy whoever we have to.if they bring it to this country then they will die a horrible death.we should keep the focus on the religious sects destroying each other.that will leave a lot less of them that we would have to smoke.GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!
  10. Man,Ya'll can come up with some crazy CRAP.why do you continue to grasp at straws?the value of the DINAR against the DOLLAR is going down not up.GEEZ!!
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