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  1. So much for a graceful exit! Hey Guys! All's well... just taking a step back from social media shitposting!!! Ya can't fix stupid and unlike comrade Umbertino, I don't get paid to post here <-- (Is that sarcastic enough for you Greg?!!!) As many of you know, daily accusations of being an omniphobe is exhausting! How much ignorance and apathy must one endure, I ask ya!?!?! And the HATE... don't get me started. I've had a lot on my shoulders... So I'm trying to get in shape... taking on new
  2. Uh oh... I see now that I've been scooped! Thanks for posting BJ... maybe TG will remove my thread.
  3. From the album: Commie Humor

    Hey gang... I've taken a few days off from the Hate... I feel great! Might take an extended vacation!!!
  4. LMAO! Thanks BA! The debilitating symptoms of S.T.U.P.I.D. (Support for Trump's Unreal Policies Infecting the Dumb) sound terrible! What were those "Unreal" policies again (ya know... because I'm so dumb)? I should hit the library though... check out some American history books... before you idiots burn them! I'd like to return the favor. I am genuinely concerned about you and your ilk. Trump Derangement Syndrome is real and it's getting people killed. Your steady diet of Hate and Lies about Trump and his supporters, has diminished your capacity to form original thoughts and
  5. I think Rush has been reading DV! Or, we're just on the same wavelength! His opening monologue was great (first 10 minutes in video and entire transcript). He speaks about the individual 'being the supreme power' at 7:30... gave me chills!!! America Is Under Attack from Within Aug 18, 2017 More in the transcript below... RUSH: America is under attack from within. Our culture, our history, our founding are under the most direct assault I have seen in my life. And I’m sure it’s the same with you. We haven’t seen anything like this. You might e
  6. Hey Dive, I'm really trying to elevate my thinking but it's hard... I'm a scrapper like you! I desire the answer... How Do We Do It? We can list the (mostly manufactured) issues, identify the correct premises and false narratives, and assign blame all day long... but how do we get them to put down their rocks and join us on the battlefield of ideas? Thank you Jax. We agree that there are only two ways humans interact... by Reason or by Force. The foundation of this issue is hate. The premise being pushed is clearly overreaching... that ALL
  7. What’s a left-wing hack to do when confronted by these independent thinking, deep thinking, right-wing ladies? They sit around and look bewildered. This interview perplexed these morons.
  8. Oh Mark... I'm so sorry for your continued heartache. Give yourself a little time. You WILL come to realize that this child is innocent and pure of heart. Your love WILL save this child and your daughter. God bless your broken heart and know that Love Conquers All! It's gonna be okay. 💋
  9. From the album: Heros

    Let's not forget who we are... a Nation of Individuals... a Civil Society that comes together in Reason... not violence. WHN E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many, One – A Love Letter to This Nation and to Old Glory Carter Aug 16th, 2017 I saw our flag with her stars and her stripes, her red, her white, and her blue, waving against the patchwork soft blue and white sky. It was solemn and the wind allowed her to stutter along in rippling motions. She was confident and she was alive. Below her, on the ground, cars drove by unaware of her presence and
  10. Lord… If you are lighting the fuse on the Sweet Meteor right about now, I understand. What dimension of perversion do you live in when you think it’s okay to explore the sexuality of a four year old child? PinkNews used a photo of Prince George clutching his face while visiting a German helicopter compound with his father alongside an article headlined “People think Prince George looks fabulous in this new photo.” “Prince George has become a *** icon overnight — at least, that’s what some people — sorry, his subjects — are saying on Twit
  11. Yes, I agree... there are many reasons already. How do we do it? How do WE quiet the noise and start a philosophical conversation? They don't want to talk... they just want to scream.
  12. 💋 I dont care what they say... I'M LOOKIN'!!! Caution: The Solar Eclipse Posted on August 13, 2017by stella This was found on Facebook (posted by our friend, Menagerie) and seems like good information to share. Michael Schecter: As an Optometrist , I want to express concern that I have about the solar eclipse on Monday, Aug 21. There are serious risks associated with viewing a solar eclipse directly, even with the use of solar filter glasses. Everyone should keep in mind if they or their children are considering this.
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