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Well, if this isn't the pot calling the kettle, black...  :lol:

Liberal Hack Ted Koppel Tells Sean Hannity to His Face That He’s Bad for America 

Jim Hoft Mar 27th, 2017 

Far left media tantrums continue–
Ted Koppel invited top cable news host Sean Hannity on “CBS Sunday Morning” on Sunday to bash him right to his face.

Koppel told Sean Hannity he was “bad for America.”


Sean was a true gentleman to sit there and take the abuse rather than walking off the interview.

This was a new low for the unhinged Democrat-media movement in American.
Sean admits he leans right on his show — liberal hacks like Koppel still try to pretend they are non-biased.

What nonsense.

Sean Hannity later challenged CBS and Ted Koppel to release the entire clip.
(Of course, they won’t!)

"Fake Edited News" @CBSNews release the Unedited 45 minute interview so people can see the BS games you play in the edit room. I dare you!

— Sean Hannity (@seanhannity) March 26, 2017

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CBS’s 60 Minutes Piece on ‘Fake News’ Ends Up Being ‘Fake News’

Jim Hoft Mar 27th, 2017 

Guest post by Joe Hoft


Last night CBS’s ’60 Minutes’ presented a segment on ‘#Fake News’.  In their piece, the far left group of hacks known as “60 Minutes” interviewed pro-Trump Twitter legend Mike Cernovich the founder of Danger and Play in the segment.

This #FakeNews segment on 60 Minutes is the latest ploy by the left to shut down conservative voices who speak the truth.

The leftist “60 Minutes” hacks first interviewed some buffoon during their segment who admitted to creating false news stories during the 2016 election. They could just have easily invited on reporters from CNN, NBC, The Washington Post and New York Times for that segment. Then they interviewed Mike Cernovich — in the same segment.

One of the two articles posted by Cernovich that 60 Minutes considered #FakeNews was related the iIlary Clinton’s health during her campaign.  Cernovich noted that a physician reported that iIlary had Parkinson’s disease.  Rather than look at the information available during the campaign or since, 60 Minutes determined in their infinite knowledge that ilIary did not indeed have Parkinson’s because her campaign told them so.

Cernovich stumped “journalist” Scott Pelley.  Apparently 60 Minutes believed that ilIary was in tip-top form and was not sick when she collapsed at Ground Zero and had to be chucked in her Scooby van like a side of beef.

Mike Cernovich had an epic response:


When @Cernovich has @ScottPelley stuttering and fumbling over his words, you’ve won

— Luke (@SwaggyHammer) March 27, 2017


During the campaign we provided many posts which showed that illary was sick.  It didn’t take much.  All one had to do was search the Internet for pictures and videos of iIlary.
hillary gay pride parade with huma and doctor

 illary Clinton was dishonest about many things during the campaign including her health. During the primary season illary had some sort of seizure or attack during a stop at a coffee shop.  She blamed it on her chai tea.  60 Minutes didn’t report this.

The AP reporter who was there stated that she was not horrified by illary’s seizure, but her face showed a different story.  WikiLeaks later uncovered that the reporter, Lisa Lerer, was one of many reporters who dined at Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s house, diminishing her account of the event.

Hillarious looks like her inner demons are trying to escape

— art lowe 2012, 2016 (@freedomsforever) July 23, 2016


illary was seen being carried up steps on a different occasion.  60 Minutes didn’t report this.

hillary stairs

In one campaign event, illary suddenly froze and forgot where she was at and continued with a totally different train of thought. This was about the time that people on social media began to notice a large black man at her side.  He then began popping up all over the place.  Some thought that we was some sort of doctor or handler.   60 Minutes didn’t report this.

Secret Service agents walk on stage during Hillarious Clinton rally

— ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) August 4, 2016


After all these episodes the illary campaign continued to argue that there was nothing wrong with illary, but then she attended the 9-11 ceremony in New York City. Unfortunately for her campaign, illary got really sick and left the event. She ended up losing control of her body, passing out, losing her shoe and had to be thrown into her car like a side of beef!  60 Minutes did show this but they agreed with her campaign that she had pneumonia.  

Hillarious’s doctor Lisa Bardack came out after Hillarious’s 9-11 collapse to declare for a second time that illary’s health was fine.  But like everything surrounding illary this was clearly not the case.  71% of doctors in an Internet survey responded that concerns about illary Clinton’s health are serious and could be disqualifying for the position of President of the US.  60 Minutes didn’t report the results of this survey.

FOX Business News next shared a video of illary’s coughing fits.  60 Minutes didn’t report this either.

An email released by WikiLeaks showed Hillarious’s campaign team strategizing about hiding Hillarious’s poor health issues.  Another report by a British paper discussed Hillarious’s floating eyeball which it was suggested could indicate some very serious issues.  In addition, our research showed that Hillarious participated in only 11 campaign rallies in both September and October which are very low numbers for a candidate running for President.  (Trump had 59 during the same time period.)

Finally, WikiLeaks released an email from her team stating that Hillarious was drunk in the afternoon and indicating someone should call her so she can sober up.  60 Minutes never reported any of this.

The media has not done its job in reporting accurately on Hillarious’s terrible health and 60 Minutes should be ashamed.  Those in the media who said something were punished.  (Dr. Drew on CNN had his show cancelled shortly after questioning Hillarious’s health.)

Now the same news outlet that gave us the Benghazi Fake News story and Rathergate considers itself the purveyors of truth – Hardly.  60 Minutes just wanted to damage a good man (Cernovich) who was more honest and courageous in reporting on Hillarious’s health than they ever will be. 


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