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  1. News flash umbertino - NOT many Canadians do like Turdhole!!! The little brainwashed millennials and the illegal immigrants do, but that's about it. Our school system is as screwed as the American one with all these lunatic liberals convincing the kids that carbon dioxide is bad for the world and socialism and communism are good things and Justine has our news media licking his boots for the government handouts he gives them to keep him in power. How's that for a ****-tator?
  2. ummm - ain't nothing wrong with the CBI site ... it's business as usual ...
  3. Please forgive my Canadian counterpart - he don't do math good!!! It's our progressive liberal loonatic dictator's fault for destroying our country's health and welfare 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 16!!!
  4. Yes I did - thanks Thuggy - it worked like a charm!!! They finally dropped!!! Problem was - they dropped right out the bottom of the sack - just like a wet paper bag!!
  5. One has to wonder what the conversation that led to that video was ... Hey Luigi - wanna test your ability to stretch your understanding of physics? OMG - wait ... is he wearing a Montreal shirt?
  6. I did ... but sadly it worked as well as my get away wings ...
  7. Hey Rod and everyone for that matter. Yes you can start small - $25 - $50 in crypto. I moved $25 into verge when it was under a penny in early December ... transferred $100 into Etherium in my Binance account and bought and sold DOT DON CFC CJ and XLM over the past few weeks gaining 15 to 150% on each one. Not making millions, but the right timing had turned that $25 into almost $1000 before the latest drop. I'm still holding about 6 different coins worth $500 now just waiting for the next wave.
  8. Really - Corker who hid millions in income - until he got caught and had to file an amendment? Like he's a reliable source?
  9. Really? Do you even know what you linked to? Trump's NFL stance ... Few people have stronger conservative bona fides than Rush Limbaugh, but even the paragon of right-wing radio is starting to have doubts about the way President Trump is tackling NFL players' national anthem protests. Limbaugh, of course, thinks the players are disrespecting the anthem, the flag, the cops and the military. But he expressed fears Wednesday that Trump is leading America toward a slippery slope by using the power of the presidency to demand the NFL force players to stand for th
  10. It's beginning to look more and more like an F.B.ISIS job .... Remember the Draw Mohammed Contest in Texas? Where the F.B.I. sold the weapons to the ISIS terrorists and goaded them into "shooting up Texas" ... even had one F.B.ISIS agent accompany them to the event where they went to spread automatic weapon fire into the crowds of infidels ... Victim of 'Draw Muhammad' ISIS-inspired terror attack sues FBI, accuses Ja
  11. He's NOT attacking the First Amendment - he's attacking the continuing MSM lies that are being used to tell the sheeple what to think!!! IF the MSM would just report the TRUTH - there'd be no problem - but the Democrat-controlled media knows that the lies are the ONLY thing keeping the Dems relevent to the American sheeple!!
  12. A made-up document is going to be the basis for continuing this collusion delusion ... Come on already!!! It's been almost a year now and they haven't found squat!!! GIVE IT UP !!!
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