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  1. I hear Hillarious is looking for a Job, she would fit right in with crooks, thieves, killers, liars, pedophiles
  2. sex scandals, corruption, Murders, pay for play, Lies, so Iraq does have a Hillarious TOO !
  3. That's how it works here in the states TOO ! Can you say Clinton. Ostupid. Lynch, Comey , and the list goes on
  4. Iraq directly says soon means indirectly next year, relative wealth channel still comes from my wage (job) channel, capital market argument,( wife in charge ) Exchange rate ( from my hand to the bill collector ) no matter how you look at it I'm still BROKE !
  5. if only then had a ccurrency worth something to use at these new shops
  6. I would like to know about chapter 7 as well, seems last sep the UN did not vote on it 4 some reason
  7. wish I had a Nickle for every time we heard this, they talk but never act on it
  8. Happy VD to you all , Trump tells it like it is and does not hold his tongue , so what is he going to do about it. send more hard earned U S tax dollar ? or cut them off , something has to give.
  9. how you going to do it with a worthless currency ?
  10. Just put a rate to it already, I ant getting any younger
  11. I guess I must be hung over from my News Drunk, and was wanting to know where I can get me one of them there Fancy Chinese Thongs, then as my eyes focused I see Thang, Happy New Years to you all.
  12. he and the Clintons to an Oath, Till Death do us Part ,
  13. Another reason for a Holiday, Now put a rate to your Currency and lets party BIG Time , that would be Icing on the cake
  14. Maybe his meeting with the US Vice President Kouchner, put some fire under his azz . and now he is the puppet
  15. WTF did I miss something, When did the Son n law become the VP ? Think they got it wrong, I think the message to Maliki is, Run, Give it all back turn your self in, or you will be forced to share a cell with Hillarious Clinton as punishment .
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