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  1. dinarmite

    XE chart today

    It's backwards thinking 1200 dinar is 1 dollar.
  2. What did you say in the days months, years before ISIS?
  3. dinarmite

    What I heard

    Special like the short bus? You could sit next to Thug.
  4. dinarmite

    What I heard

    Katie 45
  5. dinarmite

    RV...Black Friday Possibly?

    Black Friday starts Thursday at 6:00pm.
  6. dinarmite

    From Facebook 11-8-15

    I thought Luigi was working for TMZ.
  7. dinarmite

    Will This Render All Our IQD Null & Void?

    Bonjour. Never trust the French.
  8. How do you not run out of negs. everyday?
  9. Party on Wayne Party on Garth.
  10. dinarmite

    Admin Bob - Another CBI Website !

    Like Paige..... Or Ronda....
  11. roger01 a question. Did you get into Dinar because of your tours or did someone else suggest it to you? Always curious how many soldiers have bought in.
  12. dinarmite

    Speculator buying up privately held dinar

    Besides how does he know the tax rate and why would you give him all your personal information to file it for you?

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