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  1. Well, you elected a new President that will not foster either so good luck with that....
  2. I’d be ok with Sacrificing the Trumpster for a $1.00 RV......😂
  3. Greg Kelly @7pm est. on Newsmax is killing it if you haven’t caught him....
  4. Real Clear Politics pulling Pennsylvania from Biden last night was very interesting....none of the networks including Faux Fox News is covering that story...
  5. Iraq can pull the trigger at about 6am Iraq time on 11/4. That way we we get TWO pieces of great news at the same time.....14 long years for me.
  6. I thought their article about the 37 Trillion Dinars outside of their banks and circulating the Globe was interesting....well now, I wonder how you bring them back in Country??? Hmmmm.....
  7. His discussion on the Quantum voting thing already in place killed it for me. Whack job.
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