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  1. I used to say I’d cash out at a dime, now I would get out of this (what I have left) for a nickel……🤬
  2. If when you purchased your Dinar and someone told you 16 years later there would be no RV would you have bought it? I would have said, sounds like a scam to me, I’ll buy Microsoft stock instead!
  3. It keeps this whole facade alive…..
  4. Fixed for the next 4 years? Time to invest in something that actually gains value, time to dump the dinar. Held this for 15 years, time to get out.
  5. I read they aren’t going to diddly squat with taking that exchange rate in our direction in ‘22. They like it right where it is and might take it higher.
  6. Wouldn’t surprise me that AM had some sort of interest in selling Dinar. Why wouldn’t you concoct a “legitimate” platform, then allow all the “pumpers” on it to hype a RV? Very clever.
  7. It feeds the narrative, that is why he allows it.....
  8. If a 25,000 bill is worth $25 you basically make a few pennies on your investment........🤬 Better to delete the zeros and move that dang decimal point from the exchange rate..146,000 becomes $1.46.
  9. That would suck (deleting the zeros from the currency) then the RV is officially a scam if they do this and time to get out.
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