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  1. “Chester Cat”...........what a bunch of clowns. 🤪
  2. The Facists better get this done quick because ‘22 is quickly coming....let’s pray for Joe Manchin and Kristen Sinema, our only hope to get this ratcheted down........... There is still debate whether trading currency will be taxed as income or Cap Gains....I never saw it settled here.
  3. 2006 for me, buying a million every other month...still have it segregated with the paperwork (because I was afraid it was going to pop and I’d have to pay short term capital gains...😂...!). Every couple of years I pull it out and touch it hoping to just to keep this pipe dream alive!
  4. These people are a bunch of clowns *no offense Thugs^.... in since 2006..I seriously doubt the RV is imminent....
  5. They’ve been guessing for 20 years......
  6. ........”march 2021 ) at the last minute before kazemi hang up the phone and then asked biden to buy trillions of iqd immediately?” Big Guy on the phone to Hunter to take care of this....
  7. Iraq’s citizens being led by the “bar scene from Star Wars”, I truly feel sorry for them. What corruption....
  8. After 16 years, I’d take $0.30/Dinar....$3? All Glory to God!
  9. Karsten, please post more often....🤗
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