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  1. Wildeman , words of a wise man you have given . We each have our beliefs on the matter, one way or the other. What needs to be done is a independent study, not touched by the hands of the tainted scientist of either position. Then allow the truth to be seen by all. Anyone who contributed to the criminal aspects of this virus and vaccines , as I believe there are many, they will suffer the full consequences of the law. Without the protection of China , or the corrupt leadership in either of the 5 super powers of the earth .
  2. Caddie , stop drinking the Koolaid . Like Markinsa's article regarding actual facts, read this article from your least fav Fox News .
  3. Am I now suppose to feel pressured to answer that portion of your broad question . Like thats suppose to indicate some non verbal point . How infantile of you . You assume all Nurses work in a ICU , ER or a Hospital .
  4. Am I now suppose to feel pressured to answer that portion of your broad question . Like thats suppose to indicate some non verbal point . How infantile of you . You assume all Nurses work in a ICU , ER or a Hospital .
  5. Keylime !!! SPEAK THAT FROM THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN . You go, go, go .
  6. Zusammenfassung (EN) The invention belongs to the field of nano materials and biological medicines, and relates to a vaccine, in particular to development of a 2019-nCoV coronavirus nuclear recombinant nano vaccine. The invention also comprises a preparation method of the vaccine and application of the vaccine in animal experiments. The novel coronavirus vaccine contains graphene oxide, carnosine, CpG and novel coronavirus RBD; The carnosine, the CpG and novel coronavirus RBD are combined on a framework of the graphene oxide; the coding sequence of the CpG is as shown in SEQ ID NO 1; and the novel coronavirus RBDrefers to that a novel coronavirus protein receptor binding region can generate a high-titer specific antibody aiming at the RBD in a mouse body, and strong support is provided for prevention and treatment of the novel coronavirus. I do see caddie , that the FB propaganda fact checkers have sufficiently removed content regarding graphene as a active ingredient in covid 19 shots, and spread out a new batch of lies. Even quoting each other as " A anonymous source. " Pump the brakes caddie , stop drinking da kool-aid , and then stop spreading that manure . Just makes anything that comes out of your mouth, smell. My above info came from a pre file off of a German Medical site. Or simply search out sources prior to July 2021 when the propaganda dump, dumped. Unless of course the NNN ( New Nazi Nerds) running the propaganda machines are back dating their articles, to lend the appearance they have been around longer than they actually have been. But at least Heir Fauci now says that 5 day isolation is all that's needed, no longer enforcing the 10 day quarantine.
  7. I am a Nurse also. This liberal rot goes back to the beginning of the Covid 19 outbreak. And ends in millions of the lib followers sheepishly buying and following the libs Nazi-esk propaganda. The C19 , a brand new human pathogen , outbreak started in Oct/Nov 2019 . By Dec 2019 , Pres Trump started warning the people of the US about it. In Jan 2020, he rightly so started applying travel restriction till we learned more about this brand new virus. President Trump shortly thereafter attempted to give hope to the American people by saying, he is hearing good things about HCQ , and other malarial drugs, as a therapeutic to this new disease. Indeed it was . By the next breath, the Commie Nasi propaganda machine pounced on Trump and these Nobel Prise winning meds, as a kin to throwing gasoline on a fire. This is when I started questioning THEM. How can they say that about these, or any meds, in relation to this new virus. No one knows what will or won't work, so try everything and keep what WORKS . Now Japan with proven low efficacy rates of these vaccines - to the 3rd generation, Japnas first line of defense against C19 is Ivermectine. A malarial drug, like HCQ , that stops the viruses ability to replicate, thus killing it. Dumb is, as dumb is . Don't choose to be dumb . Also, Graphene a key ingredient in all these vaccines, is a most powerful carcinogen. I already have 2 nieces that have developed brain cancer , and needed surgery and treatment. Stop all the b.s. now, let's come together embrace what proves to work against C19, and go forward from there.
  8. Didn't really watch Hot In Clevland to much when it was on air. Now, when I want a good laugh, i watch Betty White's blooper reals for this show; and her other shows. A class act without a doubt . Good clean adult humor, not about who was sleeping with whom sort of rot. It can be done. Maybe not anymore with her passing, unless Valarie Bertonelli picks up this torch .
  9. I actually agree with you, I would not invest in Iran's currency either , for our country's history with them, let alone their relationship to the world. But that's my personal choice . Another reason I wouldn't invest in them is that they don't have the things going for them that Iraq does. Vietnam has a non oil dependent economy going for them .
  10. I don't see why not. It appears to me to be like bringing the wealth of the enemy into the storehouse of the Lord. Remember this same thing occured 60 or 61 years ago with the post WW II German Mark. WE are abt at the 15 yr waiting period on this RV .
  11. I don't know if I should give you an upvote, a thanks, or a sad face, orna laughing face on this one. Cuz one way or another they all fit the truth of what you said. 3 snaps up in a Z formation to it truly going up the way we want it .
  12. Sooo Yota, y'all sayin thars a chance that it could or might ... be .... s o o _ ? Would you dare to pontificate the likelihood that the rate could change to $ .10 , $ .60 , or a full $1.00 by March 2022 ? Nothing written in stone mind you, just Your best guess; with a capital G . (Yeah, I know a wussy rookie question.)
  13. In case anyone does not appreciate the efforts of Yota , I popped on one of those gurus youtube channel and they are just talking about this stuff now. Yota got this in March and posted it here . Booyeah! Thank you Yota and Adam for all you do .
  14. Yes, Yes. A friend of mine and his wife got it from their daughter who visited them; back in Oct . They eventually were hospitalized , and got monocolonal shots and were discharged 4 and 6 days later. Though their cardio pulmonary issues arose. It took them about a month or so to be able to do their daily walks without oxygen from a travel O2 concentrator. I have been taking NAC 600mg ( helps liver function, liver detox, and lung function), Liposomal Vit C 1000mg, Quecertin 1000 mg , Zinc 50-100 mg , Chaga Mushroom 600 mg, supplements every day . Or no less than every other day. Plus a bunch of other vitamins. I test weekly now for my work and am free of C19. Viagra was designed to treat blood pressure. During trials, the male participants were asked "How does it work ? " They answered, " For blood pressure, not so good; but hey look at this , which I couldn't show anybody for a while now. " A ED treatment was born. That being said, many drugs , designed to treat one thing also have what is called a off script effectiveness in treating other diseases . Ivermectin and HCQ are anti-malarial drugs , 50+ years old each . HCQ, off script use is as the main treatment for the auto immune disease Lupus . Both of these anti malarial drugs work by stopping the malarial virus ability to replicate . Interrupt the life cycle chain here, the malarial virus dies, people get cured from this outbreak. Ivermectin and HCQ have this same effect on Covid 19 , its that simple . They both stop the covid 19 virus's ability to replicate . Ivermectin is so effective, not 100%, but it is so effective Japan has made it their first course of treatment for Covid 19 patients ; Malaysia as well I believe. Along with many "third world" countries that have access to Ivermectin and HCQ but not vax jabs. Thus explaining their ability to mirror the effective battle against Covid 19 that "first world" countries have. With equal to or lower death rate figures. London Journal of Medicine has many positive articles on them as well.
  15. That's what I am talking about man. Boom schalaca . There ya go markb57 . Thanks Adam. Merry Christmas to all !
  16. You don't put up with no one ! What you saying there son ? Boy, my picture is gonna stay right where it is, cuz based on your school yard response to it , its doing its J O B .
  17. I see that possibility. Some unseen things have changed. As I recall Florida has instituted voter id laws. Their Poll Watchers must have, by law a Watcher from both parties at each desk; . Georgia did something similar ; as did ... ah ... 12-15 other states, S. Carolina plus. Florida now has a Special Police Force dedicated to insuring voter integrity is enforced . So, hopefully the DNC Comrades will not be able to recreate the quagmire of secrets they pulled off last time. WJC once said "it's all about the economy stupid . " If our economy falls off the brink from where it is tinkering now, it will be in the sewer by the end of Bidens term . That will definitely play against him and the Dems, as well. Plus you have worse than Nixon, you have Biden and Harris . Me I have no respect for peeps that whine and cry yet claim they don't commit to someone in the game.
  18. A PAIR ? Man King Kong be jealous of me . You, you got a Biden supply chain issue . You sound scared all the way over here that he may run again , and get elected cuz you gotta put up Biden or at least Harris again . A tough battle with the seated Pres and VP whose popularity ratings are the lowest since Cesar burnt Rome. Shoot, your pair make Jimmy Carter look good . And the Democratic party is the very party that fought to keep slavery in the U.S. Personally I like Desantis at this point, but Trump will do. The Repubs can literally run Mickey Mouse against this Pres of ours, and win by a landslide.
  19. Still links would be nice to have on these big news articles . Just to independently confirm them.
  20. Sounds like the Biden Administration whining cuz Joe is only at 22-25% approval rating , while VP Harris is only at 12% approval , and trying to blame that and Cuomo's firing on Trump . Grow a pair , stop with the therapy pets .
  21. So in other words, when we leave Iraq, we will be leaving all of our equipment there just like we did in Afghanistan . Yes Iraq is totally different than Afghanistan, but to do the same thing and expecting a different result = insanity .
  22. Happy and blase all at the same time; because one is accurate and the other is same o, same o.
  23. Exactly ! But I have faith. Even a broken clock is right twice a day .
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