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  1. So Iran and Turkey, are angry with Iraq because the Kurdish Defense Party , PRK, whatever, are trying to reform Kurdistan; which went away when post WW II powers that be, including Russia, redrew the Middle East. The former Kurdish country was on land that is now occupied by Turkey, Iraq, and Iran . Best keep them caged up Mr Maliki to keep the peace. Cus if you anger Turkey, all they need to do is cut off the oil pipelines Kurdish Iraq has running to Turkeys most northern port for export to Europe and beyond. Shut down these pipelines you cut off funding to the Kurdish Rebels, and also to the country of Iraq itself. What a picture that would be. Turkey runs raids into northern Kurdish territories frequently. So if Iraq cannot control them just let Iran do what you let Turkey do already. Well if you do not want to exercise your sovereign muscles anyway.
  2. I agree there is great hope in her as a person, a candidate, even as a Independent or Republican, in the light of her exposing Democrats cheating ways. It would be risky, myopic and authoritarian if one does not raise the concern of her potential RINO-ness. With RINO-ism being something that undermined 45's time in office, and something we are trying to purge from the Republican ranks. Hey when Saul, turned into Paul, people asked similar questions of him untill proof was in the pudding.
  3. AGREED !!!! RIGHT ON !!!! ***** coorslite21 for POTUS ***** if you don't want stuff that stinks in your White House.
  4. By the way, what happened to get us all kicked off temporally, anyway?
  5. Good to see everyone !!! I cannot yet change my password, the normal way or with the forgot my password option. Me , I am trying to get away from FB. Don't like their politics, controls, or their working with the government to censor free speech. Does DV have a Twitter account? Will be signing up with them within the week. NYK
  6. 1Most interesting stuff. Last I checked in, the tapes broke, the law suit was filed. I totally missed Maliki getting arrested. Sorry to hear he was allowed bail on those hefty charges. Sadly, I think DinarDavo is more than likely right. RV already. Let me bring the wealth of the enemy into the store houses of the Lord , then I am onto more devine things ! Can I get a amen ?
  7. Dont forget, cancers - brain cancers manifesting so far. Plus new or more agressive auto immune diseases.
  8. The infrastructure just isnt there yet. Hopefully payment and construction of said infrastructure was included in at least 1 of Heir Bidens trillion dollar spending/QE bills he passed rescently. Bottomline, EV or Gas Powered, your money, your choice !!!
  9. Sounds like yet another step in the right direction. Less people keeping their cash at home, in a mattress. Maybe Sept 17th as the rumor says ? Maybe not.
  10. Looks like Joe Biden on one end. Gavin Newsome on the other end ; and the American tax payer in the middle.
  11. SMD, ya don't spell stoopid with an O, use a "u" as in 'STUUPUD' . N'yuk, n'yuk, n'yuk .
  12. Well worth listening to my friends. Thanks Shedagal for posting this.
  13. Pawns in the chess game between Sadr and al-Maliki. Slash the first salvo. Sadr will win as he has a stronger moral position . What will the picture look like in the end ? What will the cost be?
  14. Eh, ya live, ya learn. Been there at different times in my life. Peace.
  15. I like the "odiferious emanations" reference. Gold backed, Tater ... Huh?
  16. I was never alert when I was .... Paranoid maybe, but not alert. 😂 40 something years ago folks. Stopped when I met Jesus.
  17. Where to start? As I said before, with Maliki's crew, preventing a quorum of votes to sit the duly elected government of Iraq from last October that this will end with new elections or a skirmish between Sadr and Maliki. I believe this now more so than ever with Sadr preventing Maliki and crew from forming a quorum when Maliki recently tried to sit himself or a puppet as Primeminister. Maliki is just planting a smoke screen to justify his pre-emptive strike on Sadr; or visa versa, but Sadr is not speaking such stuff ... publicly. Just remember during the immediate time after Saddam was deposed, all the different "militias" that were battling while Maliki was PM, Sadr's Brigade was at the top of the food chain back then. So he got stashes of cashes burried somewhere. If the new elections don't manifest, one of these two are gonna die, maybe both. Synthesis of voices and clips from previous speeches, very Jason Bourne like. Yes easily done nowadays, but why hasn't Maliki come up with Sadr doing something similar. Everyone already knew each had their own loyal army. Sadr was the only one willing to disarm for the sake of the sovereignty of Iraq, if Maliki would do the same. Errnt, thats not happening with Maliki's saber rattling talk going on. Just the NWO Soros, Schwab types trying to keep their thing from collapsing world wide.
  18. Pimpy .... WORD. A duely elected and seated GOI , also needed before a rv. Admission to the WTO, IMF, and other parts of the alphabet, also needed ... at least to get velocity behind their currency . I need to see other sites discussing the apps to the IMF etc being worked on or actually approved to believe that its actually going on. Ain't seen it yet.
  19. Thats how it's done folks. That would work. Oooo , or maybe give each new depositor a window a/c unit, then the following month a portable generator ; both large enuf to handle a small house or apartment . Start this campaign after the get a popular duely elected government seated , up and running.
  20. because the Iraqi Supreme Court said that the Kurdish region had no legal standing to negotiate international oil contracts on their own. Plus there is no stable and seated government in Iraq, close to what , a year after their last election cuz the corrupt like the Maliki party want more money, more power. Let the poor in Iraq eat cake types.
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