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  1. Don't forget high doses of zinc , 100 mgs , and high doses of a great absorbable vitamin C; 2-3 times a day . Plus Chaga capsules . All in addition to what Patrickgold said.
  2. They came from Scott Y Charmin . Get it amigos .
  3. Let it go my friend , just let it go . A hater is gonna hate. Don't feed their hate by caring why they hate . Just pray for them .
  4. If you mean that, just open your mind . Stop accepting what everyone you hang with says , and question . Have you ever been lied to in life and discovered the truth later ? Doing so because you looked at different sources. You can do that now by seeing what other countries news shows are saying about us. Look at Sky news out of Australia. Or TFI news out of India. Even the BBC. This will enlighten the open minded, and possibly be the beginning ofnthe US uniting again. Still a 2 party system just pro USA and pro entrepreneurship. Peace . P.S. give the people , even Trump, credit where credit
  5. Didn't do nothing huh. He brokered 2, not 1, Middle East Peace agreements. He opened up drilling on American territories thus making us energy independent , from ME Countries whose platform states death to America whole taking our money into their economy. We actually became a net exporter of oil and gas to the world. When OPEC tried to embargo Europe, POTUS Trump came to their aid and supplied all their needs from our surplus. When OPEC cut back supply to boost their bottomline, Trump flodded the oil market with made in the USA oil, eventually lowering the ppb to what $30 . Even falling ups
  6. Why a pesticide ? Why not impregnate them with 70% isopropyl alcohol? Or perhaps have a machine at each bank, and in every atm that eradiates the currency as it is dispensed . That wld be safer than exposing the population to a y level of pesticide on a daily basis. War Veterans from Vietnam exposed to the pesticide Agent Orange, have a higher level of birth defects with their children,such as spina bifida, from being exposed to that pesticide . Which they were told was safe.
  7. Never said what they were doing in getting the journalist info was illegal . What they are saying is that they won't investigate leaks. Leaks that can undermine the United States President, and the need to protect our domestic and foreign activities . . In other words, go ahead and violate law in the US, just wave around your press card . It is now a get out of jail free card.
  8. Olio... wow, yeah . We had friends that use to use that brand of "butter" , and what memory tells me was like a heated cast iron comb , to straighten their hair with . I can't believe its not butter just doesn't sound good anymore .
  9. I say that because Iraq says it wants to be/is work in towards being part of the next industrial revolution, the 4th industrial revolution . That it recognises the need to diversify its economy, yada yada . They can pay off their remaining debt with their lower than lower currency. If they just get a NON huawei 5G system in they will be the financial center of the Middle East.
  10. Basel 3 perhaps, reverting to the gold standard not likely particularly if you can dems d the gold behind the USD you present to the bank. I suggest not the gold standard, but the digital standard instead . They have a USDC already they are just trying to co-opt the world wide and national exchange system that XRP currently has setup to clear and settle transactions . If the designers that developed the XRP Exchange builds a stand alone for the UST, that's when this thing will pop. China has their digital Yuan in place. Though the exchanges will remain under the umbrella of the Swift System so
  11. Mr B runs another popular, accurate and down to earth IQD, that many at DV follow . His bit is the geopolitics of Iraq, the US, etc, nationally and internationally . He often gets confused with a high priced brand of watch. Belvedere ... I know how old you are , pretty much the same as me .
  12. Nope my friend this is not just BS. It is real and legit. It is also a high risk speculation . There is a risk formula here . The higher the risk and there is great risk with IQD Speculation , the higher the potential return on investment, the possibility it may never give and ROI. When was the last time such an opportunity occured in history, post WW II Germany. I think it was in 1950 when the German Mark RV'd and went from garbage to stellar . Either way , a much shorter time frame than we have had so far. A lot of us still in this are in till the end as we have risked only as much as we c
  13. Petras response is more plausible, though the article he based it on would be nice to read . I appreciate the effort .
  14. Always nice. Yet, with Iraq talking about the changing the rate and doing nothing are pretty much the same thing. Show me the money they have its 1490 . CHANGE the rate to the amount your stated "goal" of $1.00 , show me that .
  15. LGD, thank you for not considering me a monster . Many of the things you say I have agreed with, if you allowed yourself to go way back. So much so that you PM me and gave me your phone number. Which gives me pause now with the narsisistic non-friendly comments you make towards me and others. Why, because you can ? Becahse I disagree with you on the flat earth diatribe . I do not respect bullies. Friendly banter, I am down with that. Ask Shabs. He and I have bantered about vehemently agreeing and disagreeing with each other over the years. You, narsastic (if I am spelling that correctly) seem
  16. 😂🤣 You go ahead and believe that LGD. It aint true at all, in the least. Ego away Sir. I comment on many subjects. Mostly because the title sparks an interest in a otherwise lack of anything else to do moment . Also because people on either side of the coin, which is circular and flat, quoted me because of a comment I made on some subject of mutual curiosity .
  17. Amen to that. Did you see how he believes his "controversial " comment DRIVE people to DV . Wow, what size hat does LGD wear ? Yeah I went there.😉
  18. Amen to that djiboutikid. That's all I am saying. Not trying to slight the man. Adam, DV staff and everyone else all deserve a nice vacation. Some moderators have stated that controversial comments as theirs, and mine by default, , drive people to DV. Of course I never thought that I was making any controversial statement there to garner neg feedback .
  19. P.S. If the earth was flat, why then have the satellites rotating around the earth never ever ever sent a picture of the flat portion of the earth ? Show me a satellite generated picture of the flat section of the earth. Not a computer generated picture or an artists rendition of how is should appear. How does the earth magnetic field work in this flat world ? Can you circumnavigate a flat earth, or do you fall off its edge if you are on a ship and go past the horizon ? Or fly off into space if you are flying in a plane, past the horizon? Back in the 18th century and before the ships would na
  20. Wow ! You think to highly of yourself . You do you. If you weren't so blinded by ... whatever, you would have noticed that I said never would you do the corrupt sheriff thing. I was trying to neutrally support you, come alongside you. I said so as it appeared nstoolman was sharing some anomosity in his responses to you. He corrected me in a subsequent post . Move on. Someone who thinks they live in Ohio, where is that bizarre statement from ? Whatever . Guess my statement was controversial, perhaps all the staff like how my feedback draws people to this site as well . You're welcome , as we
  21. You forget LGD , is a Moderator . He should be held to a standard higher than the one he is suppose to be monitoring. Would not want there to be a corrupt Sheriff appearance there . I personally do not think LGD would ever abuse his Moderator status, EVER . But if you think he is going overboard in his comments, report him, and request TexasGrandma do the investigation. We may have reached the limit of our toleration of others. It does get heated in here y'all. Chill.
  22. No Adam Update for an entire month ! What is up with that ? Did I miss something , a statement from Sir Adam saying he won't post unless there is something significant occuring, perhaps ? I myself am checking 2-3 weeks after my last safari in DVland, so ...
  23. I agree Karsten . Except that the Conservative Right has lost its will to fight . I believe, that we all are just waiting for a system(s) to be developed that circumvents avenues of communication the Democratic Socialist Commy party has on death grip. As it relates to what communications, social media is available to us. The system that prevents the truth from getting out, or allows truth to be smothered to death by those who only want to be the ones "fact checkers" bless. Donald Trumps social media site is a real good start. So is the Great State of Texas. When these systems are in place and
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