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  1. I can agree with that. Except that the Constitutions final product is the thing. The Federalist Papers, and other similar written works by Franklin, Paine, or others, which greatly influenced the final US Constitution are first and influential chronologically. I feel they have be used as interpretative documents, going down slippery slopes, that have led to things like Roe v Wade. Plus thousands of other poor Supreme Court deciisions. God, country, and the U.S. Constitution. I also agree that this can be debated forever. I agree with your well formulated statement..
  2. Whaaaaat ? I was hoping WF were gonna lower their stinking high fees on me.
  3. Haven't read any of the opinions on here yet. My opinion, is that if you can procreate, these days both parties should be responsible enough to bring and use protection against a unwanted pregnancy. Period. These days there is the Morning After pill, diaphragms, copper diaphragms, male and female condoms, daily, weekly, and monthly hormone pills, and hormone interrupter inserts, to prevent ovulation and pregnancies. With all of these ways to prevent a unwanted pregnancy, man the truck up, and USE ONE OF THESE. Christian and non-Christian women and men who find their selves in a unplanned pregnancy situation, you got nothing but tough choices in front of you. By allowing life to birth, and by allowing the child to be adopted, know that you are answering the prayers of couples all over the world. Even God would say amen to this, in these circumstances, with these "options." What the abortionists do not tell you is the post partum issues you will still have, after the abortion. Or what you must work through when 10-30 years later, being a different you now than you were then, you wonder if it was a boy or girl, would they have liked who you became, would they have loved you, will they forgive you when you a repentant and forgiven person meet them one day in heaven. Choose life, choose adoption . Thats my opinion.
  4. Of course 30 - 35 % of the US population will believe whatever the US Government says. The same 35% of the people that got RINO Romney in trouble when he ran for President . Remember when he said "35% of the people in the US wouldn't vote for me anyway. " Marking the start of Wokeness in our politics. Go woke, go broke. In my opinion, its because they lack discernment. Plus lack an ability to detect RINO's in their ranks. Trump ain't on the ballot in Nov 2022, so he won't be Pres in 2022. Wishful thinking only Screwball. In 2024, if at all. If not Trump and Desantis; Desantis and who ... do you think for the Republicans, the 140 year old plus Anti-slavery party, the Americans first party, the American Independence from the One World government party ?
  5. Jcfrag, it's not our citizens doing it to ourselves, it's the American oligarchs, their main stream media propaganda machine selling it, and their puppet Joe "da fuhrer" biden legislating it. Their intensity will increase up to the mid terms and afterwards if the Republicans do not give the Democratic National Communists the shalacking that is being predicited.
  6. I guess I was incorrect. This is not old news. The fact that Finland and Sweden applied for membership to NATO was old news. The fact that they have been approved for membership is fantastic new , news. Russia needs to understand that bordering countries can and have grown desensitized to decades of their threats to use their Russian military against them if they do not comply. Especially in light of Russia's activities in Ukraine. So if Russia does nuclearize its border with Finland, the West will bring nuclear weapons into Poland , and possibly Finland. Move its German bases into Poland, and as others have said all that we will have is a new cold war. Many will be cool with that. Finland and Sweden just don't want to be Ukranianized.
  7. That is a good question Luigi. It is my guess, that the people who have seen how the powers that are corrupt have banded together to prevent the formation of the new government, was not about defeating Sadr, but to prevent him and those that follow him and his party from enacting the trials against the corrupt , along with new anti-corruption laws, to prove Sadr's ultimate goal that Iraqi should be about what is good for the people, the country, and Allah. Also should Sadr force another election win even more votes, gain power via a seated government, that the constitutional laws regarding who gets their government seated will change from what it is to something like our system. Perhaps to the pure, whoever gets the most votes by the people. Or perhaps that, along with an Iraqi Electoral Collage. I don't see the peolle letting another Saddam take power. It's all about Maliki working the system to stay out of jail, with the help of the trillions of IQD that he and his have embezzled.
  8. The Sadr Militia is gonna get cha. They're gonna get cha. Also, if Maliki gets in Kurdistan may breakaway and form their own government. JMHO
  9. Okay. Waiting for the seating of duly elected, and stable government . Or a military Sadam styled coup.
  10. ERRRRRRT. Sadr just wants to force a new election. The people are pissed that Maliki and crew have hosed the will of the Iraqi people by stalling the formation of a new government from the last election, and will rejoin the Sadr Militia if needed assuming new elections are not held. The people realize that ISIS took over at the end of Maliki's last term and because of his policies. They also are aware that this is Maliki last hope of staying out of jail for all the corruption and looting of government funds that he did. Plus our hope to get out from under neath the current Presidents corruption practices are the up coming Nov 2022 Mid-term elections.
  11. I posted the above FLCCC Covid 19 Protocols, as proof ththat the info that Markinsa posted is in fact accurate. Of course I went on a Missionary Trip to TJ Mexico and picked up a case of the Fauci CCP virus. Nasty symptoms, but other wise a real nasty flu. Ivermectin and the C-19 protocols Markinsa posted really work. They will also mitigate any of the symptoms should you get any generation of Covid 19. You can avoid any negative side effects of the shots (1-4) which enhance the viral load . No affects to anyones dna or mRNA.
  12. Maybe Sadr will reconstitute his Sadr Militia and go that route. Stiring the people to once again protest to the point where the government gets paralyzed . With an occasional rocket attack on Iraq sympathizers, etc, etc, etc.
  13. If all of this was incorporated under The Oil and Gas Law, then that may be a way both sides can find resolution, and begin to trust one another. If one side tries to bend the rule (law) then they can initiate a court case, and let the judge decide. Democracy in action. No influences from Trumped up charges, either.
  14. So long as Maliki is kept out of the government.
  15. I most surely agree with this article. God does not give up on His people. His wrath could pour out on America still and pass over His people. There is a remnant of His in this country still. From my knee time we will see His wrath as He exposes all the corruption and unwarranted controls the political class and oligarchs, American and others, have been dropping on us and reinforcing via their propaganda machines. Go Durham probe. Amen.
  16. The provision of facts that get out from underneath those who would suppress said facts, can have that effect on the propagandists and their machines; Cad . Freedom ain't free. The time has come to stand up to those who would suppress truth and free speech . Its one thing to provide facts that support ones divergent positions on a matter. Its another thing to repeat the view, purported facts, that have been spewed by a nationalized main stream propagandist machine . To do so is un-Amrerican. Bring back the America I grew up in ; one mind at a time.
  17. What is the exact estimated amount of Iraq's gold deposits ? I hear they are vast in size. Another non-oil industry Iraq can take advantage of.
  18. Cad, did I hurt your feelings you ein autoritarer propagandist . You cannot slap down the truth anymore. Didn't Hilary have to pay a fine for not telling the FEC what the 1 million dollar payment was actually for. You know the cash that went to Perkens Coie, that went to Fusion GPS, to Steele - who wrote the made up Trump Dossier. Q started that. Which made him/her the target of the Democrat Socialist of America propaganda machine - which is now being bailed on by key members like CNN, MSNBC. I cannot wait till Jack Maxey releases the 450 GB, 80,000 images, of deleted info from Hunters laptop. That will surely be entertaining. Maxey was the Republican Strategest that actually gave the laptop info to all the main stream media outlets, 90% of whom promptly suppressed it. Makes me wonder if Bidens resignation speech will be as good as Nixons ?
  19. Now this decision , and the Kurdistan response makes sense. Why send in the oil dues since it is not based on a written and enforceable HCL, just legal opinions. At least they are not outright rejecting this decision . Write the law ! Get your oil dues.
  20. That's because the accepted science, prior to C19 development, and now again on the CDC's website, has always been the strongest form of immunity, and always will be. The goal of vaccines , use to be to help strengthen the patients immune system not to replace it. I don't know why Shabs was confused by this thread, though with Shabs I can agree to disagree. Enough stroking caddies ego. I am out, until I am back in.
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