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  1. Can't even read this BS anymore, I read the coments after the post
  2. At this point let it collapse I say, it's better than waiting eternally for something to happen. If it gollapses at least it does something other than nothing at all.
  3. make it official!!! make it official!!! make it official!!!
  4. If 25000 dinars = $75 then 1000000 dinars / 25000 dinars = 40 bills of 25k, then, 40*$75= $3000 Sorry, not a lot but that's what the numbers are saying, assuming they do what the article is saying. I'm ok with that even, rather than endless waiting to get rich. (which I would not mind becoming)
  5. Anytime now......17.86...big screens at the squares are showing the rate
  6. I am tired after 4 years of waiting ..cant imagine how it's been like for 10 years you are of luck to you..
  7. Not only overdone, it's burned to a crisp.
  8. kostaske

    It's done

    It's done... ok, if you say so...
  9. To me it read: IF and WHEN we all agree about what the law contains, we will put it to vote. It could mean 15 days, or it could mean 5 years...
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