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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Adam's Official Chat 7/25/12


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[Adam Montana] ok so here's the current "State of the Dinar"

[Adam Montana] ... like I said last week, it's Ramadan. I don't expect the RV to be announced DURING Ramadan. Of course I could be wrong, it is not IMPOSSIBLE for it to be announced during Ramadan

[Adam Montana] but I think it's much more likely that they are going to use this time to get all the ducks lined up and be ready to pop after August 20.

[Adam Montana] Case in point, they just announced that there was a 500 million dollar deal settled in order to clear the air ( :lol: - pun intended) over a dispute with Kuwait airways

[Adam Montana] this is something that leads directly into Chapter 7 and is a good sign that they are doing MUCH more than they are letting onto at this point. In order for a successful RV to occur, we need to see Chapter 7 and the HCL resolved. They ARE working on it!

[Adam Montana] unfortunately, there isn't a ton of giant steps that are being talked about, so as usual the gurus out there resort to the silly "forex" and "bank screen" stories. My friends... just ignore that stuff. They only start talking about bank screens and forex pings when they have no real news to focus on. And most of them can't hold a normal conversation unless they are leading into "RV Tomorrow!!!", so they have to resort to the bank screen junk. Just... ignore it. Or be amused by it. Or whatever you want to do.

[Adam Montana] Ok, moving on

[Adam Montana] !

[Adam Montana] Apparently since I am from Wisconsin, the funny members here think I am a cheese expert. Let me tell you something... I AM a cheese expert! So thanks in advance for those questions!

[Adam Montana] kcw, whenever you are ready!

[kcw] waitingondinar Is there anynew information on the progress being made with Chapter 7 / HCL?? thanks

[Adam Montana] hi waiting! Other than the stuff I just went over, there's not much official news on those two very important items. I'll be sure to let everyone know as more information becomes available

[Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] capt.cliff HelloAdam last week you said you were 99% sure that the LDS were alreadyprinted and ready---did you mean the old LDS from the previous printing or thenew issue with the security and langauge changes? thanks sir. Cliff

[Adam Montana] by "LDS" I think you mean Lower Denoms. I am refering to the lower denoms that will be put in place side-by-side with the current denoms in circulation. They will be NEW notes.

[Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] 429 Hi Adam, So itturned out to be a busy news week and I was wondering if you'd care to commenton some articles. First off, I agreethat nothing seems to get done during Ramadan. Is Ramadan similar to theend-of-the-year holidays we celebrate in the U.S.? I mean, I celebrateChristmas, my good friend celebrates Hannuka and neither one of us seems to geta lot done during that timeframe. Maybe you or someone out there can educate meon this particular holiday. Anyway, Parliment is apparently in session. Theycan parry and thrust, slash and hack, but the sword fight seems to go on and onand on. Now there's a news article say that negotiations won't exceed Ramadan:

[Adam Montana] Ramadan is a month long holiday - let me explain it a little

[Adam Montana] During the month of Ramadan, all Muslims are supposed to not eat, drink, have sex, etc during daylight hours. This is a practice in self control. They can eat after the sun goes down. The idea is that if they can control (abstain) from indulging in those things which are commonly acceptable during your every day life for one month, then they are much stronger to resist the things that may NOT be as acceptable for the other 11 months.

[Adam Montana] with that said, it is indeed like Christmas or Hannukuh - it is a time that they set aside for their religion and nothing huge seems to get done

[Adam Montana] now, another reason the RV woudn't make sense to be announced during Ramadan is because... well, don't you think they will celebrate when the RV is announced? If they announce it during Ramadan, they can't celebrate!!!

[Adam Montana] Next please!

[kcw] Wimpys Bluedog HiAdam! I keep reading different posts (or threads ) where people argue back andforth about "there will never be an overnight RV". Hasn't this beengoing on for several years where we think we are close but then it drags on outfor more years? To me whenever it happens it will happen but it hasn't been"overnight".....It has been years! Please help me in my confusion...Ihave no 80 yr old mother holds the dinar and I try to keep hergrounded by staying informed. I have been on here reading since July 2 2011 butdid not join until recently. Thanks for all you do and appreciate yourinput....

[Adam Montana] Hi

[Adam Montana] Wimpys, thanks for staying in touch with us and keeping your loved one informed

[Adam Montana] you are 100% right - this never has nor ever was an "overnight" thing. I've been preaching that for YEARS! This is something that must be meticulously planned, thoroughly thought out, and masterfully orchestrated. It is NOT an "overnight" deal. the good news is that we have been seeing ALL of the right things happen, and I think we can all agree that Iraq is on the right track. So everyone - stay patient, stay rational, and stay the course if you feel we are on the right track. :twothumbs:

[Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] Carrello The returnon this investment will allow me to visit the Combalou caves ofRoquefort-sur-Soulzon and taste wine in the Loire Valley, so I think adiscussion on cheese palettes is very valid. Ole'

[Adam Montana] Ole' indeed! I will actually make an effort to meet you there, that sounds wonderful!

[Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] cashman54 Adam, ifthis is the wrong place to ask this question, totally disregard this post and Iapologize. But in terms of the Vietnam VND, is this just guru garbage talkthat the VND could RV, or are there legitimate sources and articles out there,that suggest an RV is possible like the IQD. Or would you consider the Dongeven a much greater % of speculative uncertainty? I am just wondering if thiswhat created by the gurus or if there are legitimate research I can readsuggesting its possible. Just something I always wondered in the back of mymind, never really paid attention to the VND much.

[Adam Montana] My personal opinion: I think the VND has just as much chance to RV as the Dinar, but i think it will be a much smaller return. The IQD has much more potential.

[Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] Nadita Adam, It'sramadhan and nothing happens in dinar world, at least that's what I know . So, out of subjectof dinar, and nto cheese discussion, what do You think of Wisconsin cheese ?Will it top Umbertino's parmigiano reggiano ?

[Adam Montana] They are in categories of their own - that's like comparing apples to oranges.

[Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] Hawaii 50 Hi Adam!I remember in earlier chats last year you spoke of smoke and mirrors type intelbefore a possible Rv. Do you feel that the recent articles about 2013 rv andthe lds are just that smoke and mirrors?

[Adam Montana] Hawaii 50, your screen name cracks me up... I was actually on a conference call with some people I work with in Iraq the other night/morning, and had to be up at 2 AM for it. I had some old reruns going in the background and Hawaii 5-0 came on! "Operator... get me 5-0" :lol:

[Adam Montana] but to answer the question, yes. They aren't going to tell us exactly when they will be issuing the lower denoms, it's going to be covered with smoke and mirrors. They are going to do it swiftly and with no real warning to keep people from a huge speculative run on the IQD

[Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] 429 I got tothinking about it and cheese questions should be answered by a cheese-head --Sorry Adam, that's you. Personally, theyellow lab and I occasionally eat cheddar flavored Cheez-whiz on Wheat Thinzwhile watching NASCAR if they're racing on Saturday nights, but I don't thinkshe's really watching the racing. On the other hand,the crossword puzzle clue "pungent cheese" usually has the answer"Edam." Edam....Adam.....Hmmmmmmm. Random thoughtsafter a busy night on the BRT (Big Red Truck). That's O.K. I get to do it againfor another 24!

[Adam Montana] 429 if you ever call Cheez whiz "cheese" again I'll ban you. It's barely even "cheese flavored", and it's definitely NOT cheese! I think the stuff should be outlawed

[Adam Montana] :lol:

[Adam Montana] :lol: ok awesome. The Machine, thanks for starting a crazy cheese storm... made the chat more fun

[Adam Montana] everyone, it's Ramadan - don't expect anything crazy for the next couple weeks

[Adam Montana] I'll see you all next week, unless Iraq proves me wrong. In which case I will be emailing and texting like a crazyman!

[Adam Montana] thanks all

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Adam. Nice post this morning and although it was a brief one it's keeping us grounded. KCW thanks for all your hard work. Still on the now to September train. GoooooooooRrrrrrrrrrrrVvvvvvvvvvvv. :twothumbs:

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Ramadan... "That means that you don't work,

Dear (Insert Boss' name here) I won't be able to work for the next month, because I am adopting the Ramadan Holiday...... huh?, i am not really from the ME, but I hear my grandfather made a trip out there once, so I think I qualify. Thanks!!

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Thanks for the chat Adam ..... & cheers for posting KCW

Who doesnt love the cheese !! lol

Good observation Machine... and in Wisconsin it's a requirement...

...or you get sent to Minnesooootta!!!rolleyes.gif



Thanks for the post kcw... and thanks Adam for the post... and btw... what is your favorite type of cheese??? Just curious!!wink.gif

Come on boyz... git-r-dun!!!biggrin.gif

Come On RV Baby!!!cool.gif

Shabbi Has A Delicate Balancing Act To Try And Bring Us The Cheese ! :o


:D :D :D

Good one Thug... and like a Boy Scout... always be prepared!!! laugh.gif


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Thanks for your explanation of Ramadan, Adam. I now know why the Muslims don't get much done during the Holiday. They stay up all night eating, drinking camel milk cocktails and having sex. :lol: That's not conducive with a normal work week.

You forgot smoking ( narghile.... their water pipe..... especially in Turkey but not only)

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