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  1. Millionday News 3/14/15 Welcome to for News Time with Millionday!! Millionday: Erbil - detecting a senior leader of the Kurdistan on Saturday that the region's parliament approved the main points of contention in the oil and gas revenues fund law in Iraqi Kurdistan. He said the leadership of the Parliament of the region, Circo Judt, L / Iraq-Presse / that "from the contentious paragraphs ratified by Parliament after obtaining the political consensus between the political blocs, is to link the body oil and gas revenues fund the Council of Ministers in the government of the
  2. I am a BIG fan of Millionday. She never gives a date or a rate just information and is a very sharp woman about world finance. She has my vote.
  3. Millionday is the one person that I regularly read. She never gives a date or a rate and is very emphatic about that. She always has incredible information to talk about and I've been watching the great progress going on in Iraq. IMO she is the best out there at getting us great information. I hardly visit here anymore sorry to say. Just never any info.
  4. Have I missed something? Still no Adam.
  5. Still no comment from Adam. Hmmmmm.......
  6. Tiar - don't want to rain on your parade but you know that three or more cities have been over taken by radical groups. How could the country RV with all of this chaos? Not going to happen. You can take that to the bank.
  7. Just heard the insurgents were 100 miles out of Baghdad. Wow this is horrible. Can't tell me we didn't have some kind of intelligence that this was going to happen. Stole 9,000,000 out of a Bank in one of the cities.
  8. Was that yesterday or day before? How about today? Lots has happened. That reply was yesterday in his weekly comment.
  9. I have not waited this long to be satisfied with .01. I think that we have had a real set-back. These are real enemies that are taking over these cities and people are going to lose their lives over these insurgents. How long will it take to clean up this mess without loss of life? Will the US get involved? What a mess we are in just to say that the war has ended. What was O thinking? Did he think that are enemies are going to just go away? Is Iraq really strong enough, troops trained in a way that they can protect the government and her citizen's?
  10. Adam, would have thought you would have commented by now about what is going on in Iraq. In the VIP and would like to hear what you have to say concerning Maliki and overtaking of some of the cities of Iraq. Insurgents heading to Baghdad etc.
  11. I love the word, "Suddenly". Love when "suddenlies" happen in our lives.
  12. We are getting less and less information about the RV when it's supposed to be around the corner. When something this big is around the corner there are leaks, people speculating, a general buzz. Nothing. Even Adam doesn't have any news. He has had to go to Chats. First time in my four years. There have only been 1800 people viewing this chat. Used to be many thousands. Has the interest in the dinar come to an end? Just curious what is the sentiment out there in cyber land.
  13. Keep it is great to see you here on Dinarvets. I thought you got booted off a while ago. Honestly Keep, do you think this RV will ever happen?
  14. Looked up Visconti pens. Saw one for $400.00 but not $57,000.00. Thought I'd put one on lay away. Adam where did you get that info about those pens? Like to see one.
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