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  1. I really enjoyed Norway and Spain (Tarragona). Norway had the most beautiful scenery... and spain had alot of interesting history (large cathedrals, roman amphitheater, etc.)
  2. Thats just what they want you to think...
  3. I don't see the liberal media ever turning on him. I mean, it's been 4 years of the same "BS" and democrats still feel he is the "chosen one" or "savior". Also, Romney got spanked in the election ... despite all the claims of democrats withdrawing support or how sure Fox News was Romney was going to win the election. I'd like to believe hes losing support, but I just don't think that is happening anymore.
  4. Washington DC is up there with my least favorite... and I can't stand the smell of Bourbon Street in New Orleans anymore... so it's up there as well. But Nicaragua... will always have a special place in my heart for my least favorite.
  5. For 9 years I've traveled for work. I've been to at least 10 different cities in Mexico, several countries in Europe, every state in the US, Thailand, Japan, and several more places... hands down the worst place I've experienced is Nicaragua. I don't care what it says on paper or what anyone else tells me... that place is a thief infested trashy $hithole. FACT.
  6. Generic RV/LOP discussion: Lopster: Economic fact RV'er: hopeful rebuttal Lopster: Economic fact RV'er: hopeful rebuttal Lopster: Smug arrogant comment RV'er: "Nobody knows what's going to happen! All we can do is wait" Lopster: Smug arrogant comment RV'er: "If you don't believe ... Then why are you even here?" Lopster: Smug arrogant response Moderator: Closing topic... 2 years straight and a million debates later... it's still entertaining to read.
  7. Charra, do you belong to the Westboro Baptist Chruch by any chance?
  8. Looks like he didn't say it. Did a little research on it and apparently it was a lie. : \ Debunked
  9. I'm 10 minutes away from it. Everything is clean and new... people are nice. Anytime I go out it's in sugarland.
  10. Oh man, democrats are going to give this guy hell. It's going to be Chic-filet all over again. Maybe they'll think twice because it's a gun store? :x
  11. To say any president will ever win or lose "fair and square" is a ridiculous statement. There is plenty of evidence supporting our corruption.
  12. Iran should have just called the police?
  13. I agree Srg, I was being a smart a$$ about those who complain and blame before fixing the situation. Totally agree with you.
  14. lol. Jesus... I must be an economics major because I mentioned that maybe this was never suppose to happen? That wasn't meant as an insult, nor was I trying to act like I know everything (or anything) about economics. Sorry if I came off like that. Point was, this whole investment, hedge, or whatever you want to call it is only speculation at best. There are a lot of rumors, few facts, and 0 examples of a significant increase in the value of a currency (without a Lop) to give any credibility to speculators. The whole reason I even own dinar is that I know I'm not an expert, or an economist, and the low risk involved.
  15. Who said it was close to happening? A Guru? Maybe the simple fact is we were never close? We are being told it's close to happening and most who are saying it know very little about Iraq or economics.
  16. Whoa, get your priorities straight. We need to figure out who's to blame and complain about it first before we actually try to rebuild anything. Typical Media Mentality: 1.) Blame 2.) Bitc.h 3.) Build
  17. Ok, second term, on his 5th year... Do you still believe democrats will still blame Bush for Obama's shortcomings as a president throughout his next term? Or will they find a different excuse?
  18. Heaven forbid they take any precautions and implement a some kind of voter registration plan to eliminate fraud. Theres a few out there without ID's! Just wouldnt be fair!
  19. If proven oil reserves is the driving factor for the value of a currency, why isn't Venezuela or Saudi Arabia's currency worth more? Country with the most proven oil reserves = Venezuela - 288,571,000,000 (bbl) - 1 Venezuelan Bolívar is equal to .23 US Dollars. Number 2 for proven oil reserves is Saudi Arabia - 265,405,000,000 (bbl) - Value of currency = 1 Saudi riyal = 0.2666 US dollars. Why does Iraq "have" to revalue and not these other countries?
  20. You know, when Obama was elected I was sure that it was going to be a positive step towards decreasing the amount of racism in America. Now it seems twice as bad...
  21. Religious people have made easy targets for scammers throughout history. I'm not going to say God should or shouldn't be in everything, but when religion is mentioned in any investment it throws up a red flag for me (notice I put "for me", hold your stones please). I believe in God, but I have read countless articles about scammers using religion/god to convince the gullible to buy into whatever they are selling. It's a sensitive subject and few want to debate it. Believe nothing just because a so-called wise person said it. Believe nothing just because a belief is generally held. Believe nothing just because it is said in ancient books. Believe nothing just because it is said to be of divine origin. Believe nothing just because someone else believes it. Believe only what you yourself test and judge to be true. A bit off topic. sorry. Just wanted to throw my
  22. I interview, hire, read applications and resumes, etc. for my companies industrial division. I've had the privilege of meeting America's most unique individuals. All the way from convicted felons, sex offenders, to every other kind of personality you can think of. On our applications we have questions like, "What was the reason for leaving your last job?". I've seen answers like, "Boss was a *****.", "Wanna bigga paycheck.", "Got into fight with boss", "None of your business"... No joke. I'm convinced 1/4th of the United States is retarded. Atleast 1/4th.
  23. Yeah, I can appreciate what you're trying to say. I'm a Ron Paul fan, but not to the extent most people take it. But I would stake my life on the fact that a third party candidate will never come close to winning the presidency. It is a wasted vote... if our vote even counts in the first place. :x Make your choice between the two scum bags.
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