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  1. You are wondering what you want for lunch today!! Even if (for the first time EVER) I am incorrect......... ummmmmmm would you mind giving me some lunch ideas?? Thanks so much!! Sorry, I figured it would be good to do SOMETHING productive with this thread! Love you all! Robin
  2. didn't the brown fox jump over the lazy dog?
  3. Dear (Insert Boss' name here) I won't be able to work for the next month, because I am adopting the Ramadan Holiday...... huh?, i am not really from the ME, but I hear my grandfather made a trip out there once, so I think I qualify. Thanks!!
  4. Give me your favorite recipe, song or non dinar related funny stuff and i'll make sure it gets seen
  5. I'm sorry, but from what I have read here, and on other sites (mostly here though) .......God is not merciful at all. So praying won't help anyone. Once I find Him, IF I find Him, I will know absolutely that I will spend eternity in Hell for the slightest mistake. I would rather take my chances than live in fear for the rest of my life.
  6. my question is.........whose word? In my somewhat limited experience, 5 people can read the same passage and each can take it to mean something completely different. (Kinda like Iraq articles) How does one know if their interpretation is correct?
  7. I like to think that we are all friends here, and that when this is over, I could go out for a drink with any one here without saying "i told you so." Or having it said to me.
  8. awwwwww thx caz!! And funny, too! don't forget funny! Just as we rehearsed it, now!
  9. It is a heck of a lot prettier than ours, don't you think?
  10. Not to worry, caz. PC is not something one would associate with you!
  11. Sorry Markinsa, but from what I have seen, some of the "traffic cops" here" are only interested in protecting one side of the street.
  12. I think the term "LOPster" is offensive. Especially because it is not a real word. LOPster IMO is a term made up by a 5 year old with WAY too much time on their hands. I think that anyone that calls me by anything other than my username or the name I sign my posts by is being offensive. I also find it a bit amusing that the same people who say that the ones who are offended by it are being overly sensitive,and should calm down or "grow up" are the first ones to lower their own maturity level. The LOPsters are simply beside themselves at not having come up with a better term for we optimists than "dreamer." some people have better things to do with themselves. "If the claw fits, wear it." is your mommy home, please? Adam uses the word lopster in chat. The word is not meant to be demeaning to members. It's simply a word that is used to define members that believe a straight LOP is inevitable. If one person is offended, then I think it can be considered offensive. I think that AM is a smart man. I believe that he could find a better term IF he wanted to. But using the term "LOPster" is IMO one of the best ways to gain favor with the ones who believe in the 100,000% RV. The ones who believe it will LOP are a lot less likely to go VIP.
  13. Found Dinarck!
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