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  1. Hey there something special about that date or just a guess????
  2. This is a high risk investment. As in any investment there are no guarantees. But if you connect the dots and do some research all should fall in place eventually.... keep your head up and cheers to ya.
  3. If you are going to tell a bank story you might want to pick a day that banks are not closed.
  4. MR. FRATTO: Yeah. Just like any other floating economy, it'll depend on the, you know, the relative strength of that economy and whether the country is running a sound -- you know, running sound fiscal and monetary policy. And it was one of the great -- you can't run -- you can't run a monetary policy without knowing what the money supply is, for example. That's one of the great -- just from an economic benefit, for the first time, Iraqi -- you know, the Finance Ministry and budget officials will actually know what the money supply is, you know, so you can run an effective monetary policy now
  5. My guess and strictly a guess on my part...I think they will continue as normal and then poof....a new rate appears..
  6. Found this on another sight...sounds very interesting... Central Bank announced its ability to meet the demand for foreign currency in full, including not intersect with the anti-money laundering law, crime and the financing of terrorism. The bank decided in a statement modify instructions foreign currency auction in his quest to move to the system free and open exchange, including the abolition of ceilings amounts of foreign currency sold to banks daily to foreign exchange. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It also decided to double the forei
  7. Thanks Deborah for all the notes....much appriciated!!!
  8. An article titled "Parliament yielded to the demands of the Kurds and the Commission on article 140" I felt this was a great article your thoughts on this article and does this mean the HCL is one step closer???
  9. WOW..that was alot of readin..thanks Yota for the article and Stryker for the break down...much appriciated!!!!
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