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  1. A pastor cannot forgive sin so no need to confess to him. "There is one mediator between God and man, the Man Christ Jesus". What is there to lift up? Unless, of course, we talk about something else other than the Dinar. You literally believe I should lie about the Dinar and tell dinarians I have intel that tells me we have an RV next Thursday? There is nothing about the dinar to uplift, exhort, instruct, encourage etc. In other words whatsoever things are lovely, true and of good report, dwell on these things. The dinar has none of that. If you are indeed a follower of Christ this is nothing but a major distraction from Satan wasting your money and oh so precious time, which belongs to God.
  2. Markinsa, Well, we all can use prayer, including myself, but not on this account. You and dinarians are in misery? What misery? I'm not in misery and I can't imagine God sees that you are in misery. You believe you're in misery because you haven't received a 100,000% return on your investment overnight? If that's the case your 1/2% return on your checking account must be driving you to suicide. Your miseries are 100% self-inflicted and God ordained. You and all dinarians need prayer to be released from this bondage. You quoted a lot of scripture which couldn't be more displaced. Why would He punish me? I haven't discipled people into this by telling them God is in it while they lose their house and savings. Doesn't the Apostle Paul say in 2nd Timothy 4:2 - 5: "Preach the Word; be instant in season, out of season, reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine. FOR THE TIME WILL COME WHEN THY WILL NOT ENDURE SOUND DOCTRINE, BUT WILL AFTER THEIR OWN LUSTS SHALL THEY HEAP TO THEMSELVES TEACHERS, HAVING ITCHING EARS; AND THEY SHALL TURN AWAY THEIR EARS FROM THE TRUTH, AND SHALL BE TURNED TO FABLES!" You and others brought God into this and now you're reaping what you've sown. Why is it the more money a supposed Christian is going to make turns from a return on investment into a blessing? As if there was no greed at all that went into it. It's just a blessing. Using God for your own devices is a dangerous proposition to say the least causing many to stumble. Proverbs 1 says "Because you hated knowledge and didn't choose the fear of the Lord and would have none of His counsel and despised His reproof, The Lord will laugh at your calamity and will mock when your fear comes. You will eat of the fruit of your way and be filled with your own devices." If you want to throw your money into the abyss that's your business but leave God out of it, especially when you're trying to get other people sucked in. He has no more to do with the Dinar than he does your passbook savings account or the price of beef in Australia. You prosperity preachers and followers will be first in line at the Great White Throne Judgement. These "Christian" dinarians remind me of the Sanhedrin who stopped the ears as they rushed upon Stephen to kill him. You just don't wanna hear it. "It takes a dark soul and heart" to use God and proclaim God in the pursuit of riches.
  3. Thank you Umbertino, you too. You've been here a long time
  4. Honestly, I don't know what all the fuss is about. I just came here to inquire about the blessed dinar. As Roger01 says, "We've never seen anything like what's happening in Iraq". You know, all the rebuilding and stuff. Iraq is the 2nd richest nation on earth and one of the most powerful so it should have a currency to match its status as a superpower. Not only should the Dinar dwarf the dollar but I believe it should be and will be worth more than the British pound if the PTBs would just leave us alone and allow our blessing to be fulfilled. How much should one invest? Umbertino, don't know nothin' about no dong. What does it do?
  5. SlowGlobe, that type of implied violence on my person is not appropriate for this blessed Dinarian website. If you're not for us you're against us
  6. Wait a minute! Am I getting the impression that some of you may have doubts about the assuredness of our blessing? How can you even be allowed on this blessed site with that kind of cursed negativity. "Only invest money you can afford to lose?" That kind of talk should get you banned as it creates a bad spirit and Karma which may inhibit our blessed blessing from blessedly appearing from His Blessedness.
  7. One questions though, if I may be so bold. When the Dinar does RV at $3.86 how will we find out? An email from Adam which was emailed to him by the CBI or other intel? Just curious because if this whole investment is a secret, which it is, won't the 'announcement' be a secret? Or will we have "Real RV Intel" about the event? I apologize in advance for my ignorance as I begin my journey into all things wonderful in Dinarland. Texass, I totally agree that it's ok to lose money if you want to but I don't want to and have been told as you have that this investment is a no brainer and it will happen between Tuesday and Thursday of next week. That's why I and thousands of others have hawked everything because there is, in fact, nothing to lose. Have you not heard that Iraq is the richest nation on the plane? How can it not RV? Nuff said. Roderdodger, I am not trying to create drama. I haven't been here in a long time and am trying to catch up. Are you not a true Dinar believer? This will not be a letdown. It WILL happen if we believe, pray and stick together like one, big happy family should.
  8. Roger0, I am trying to contribute but please have patience while I learn the ins and outs of this blessed investment so I too can reply in Sandfly fashion "OK" and "Thanks".
  9. I really didn't anticipate the hate and sarcasm I am receiving here. I really am just like you. Hoping for a brighter day from my blessed blessing from His Blessedness. Can anyone here not tell me if the Dinar has RV'd to $3.86 Anyone? Anyone?
  10. How can you doubt the sincerity of my plea, easyrider? I haven't been on this site since early June and long to belong. What is a troll? Just logging onto a site where I hunger for like-minded Dinarian enthusiasts? Not still here, only here quarterly but will be on a daily basis once I invest in the Dinar so I can get the latest RV intel. Then I feel I can truly enjoy the rollercoaster ride with my bretheren as we wait for our blessed blessing.
  11. Oh no, not a former Dinarian but want to be one in the worst way. I couldn't afford to invest any money before but now I am able to qualify for a $10,000 loan by hawking my car at my local title loan quick cash provider. I have been told that the RV is certain because of 'Real RV Intel' and from Francine26 who says that hoping it will happen along with a belief in God will assuredly bring the RV to pass and then we will change the world with our blessing. "Onward Christian Soldiers" I say!!! I pray it is not too late. Has anyone heard?
  12. Did the Dinar revalue? I've been gone for over four months now and was hoping I didn't miss the opportunity to get blessed. I am thinking of buying $10,000 worth of Dinar (after commission which is very reasonable I think). I believe when the Dinar RV's at $3.86 I will make back over 45 million dollars. From what I can tell that would be a fairly decent return on investment considering the RV is imminent and a certainty because I have been told that Iraq has proven oil reserves and that the Iraqi people are proud enough to warrant a 1166 to 1 current conversion to 1 dinar equaling $3.86. But is $3.86 the street rate or the PTB rate? Well, no matter, even if it is a little lower still, all in all, a decent investment proposition. Where can I find a good dealer that will charge me only 20% to buy and then sell when I receive my blessing? Also, I feel I need a good accountant to handle the abundance of my blessing. And I do need suggestions on charities to give my blessing to as paying it forward would be Biblical I think. Any suggestions? But alas, I don't have nice clothes to put on when I walk into Wells Fargo and exchange my Dinar. What will they think of me? Maybe I should use some of the initial 10k to buy a suit and invest the rest into the Dinar? Yes, that's it. I hope I can remain calm and sophisticated as I cash out or in as the case may be. So if I didn't miss the RV (God help me if I did) when is the date of the RV?
  13. pudge

    RV yet?

    Insults and jabs? Of course you've never done that to any lopster down here so it must hurt to get picked on. You do understand there's a reason we were banned down here, right? Membership has its privileges. Again, for the slowest of learners, it is because we don't believe in this farce at all. You don't have to come down here do you? You ask why I come to this site? Back at ya, spaz. If you don't want to be ridiculed stay out of here. SD hit it out of the park. He is one of the few sane ones left. Everyone else is already gone, realizing the hopelessness of hanging on to nothing. Of course I never bought any dinar. I wouldn't even know where to get this TP. I've never even been on a dinar selling website. As soon as I found out at the get go they were charging 20% both ways for a more than worthless currency I knew for a certainly this whole thing was rigged. Wasn't that even a clue for you at all, caz? Imagine, dealers selling dinar at huge profits while telling you the dinar is going to RV imminently at 100,000%. I mean it didn't even strike you even curiously as to why they didn't keep it for themselves? Is it just that their generous? They knew GD well that they could charge those rates because of the feeding frenzy of the dinarian sheep. How could you fall for that? A real estate gal tried to get me to buy some four years ago. She bought $20,000 worth as well as her sister and dad. When I did my own investigating and determined this whole thing was a setup I tried to talk them out of buying more but they didn't listen. They kept making all these plans about how they were going to help the poor and make everyone's dreams come true and they certainly weren't going to give me any money for being a 'denier'. And what was their reason for an RV? You guessed it! Iraqi oil reserves and the "the Iraqis are a proud people" (always my favorite). I mean all currencies are based on the pride level of its citizens right? You said, "I have a problem with those (including gurus) that lie & try to insult my intelligence". Well, that's it then. They have lied and will continue to lie to you to keep you going? If you had a problem with it you shouldn't have invested because that's all you will get from being in this. What truth have you ever found here? Did the CBI come out and actually say they are going to RV at such and such a date at a rate of $3.86? Do you really believe it is a secret that they are trying to hide but you're to clever for them? Smoke and mirrors by the PTBs? Caz, you're smarter than that. There is no other side to this which is opposite of what gurus, google and the dinar rumors section is telling you. It's amazing to me how everyone here makes fun of gurus and rumors when the reality is that is all there is. If it wasn't for them you wouldn't be in it in the first place because there is no legitimacy at all. Without the rumors there would be no dinar websites of any kind because that's all it is and has been from the get go. If there was even a hint of truth or reality that the dinar could RV there wouldn't be any need of gurus or rumors right? Right.
  14. pudge

    RV yet?

    Spaz, That's a big negative right there. If you go back to my first post in February of 2011 you will see I say upfront that I have never bought any Dinar. So then people ask me why I come here? But you say I stop by every four months because I invested at one time but cashed in at a loss and now I'm bitter? Hardly, I and nearly all others are not naïve or ignorant enough to give our hard earned money to a dinar dealer to buy collectible currency. I mean who would? Oops. I mean except for you and a few other clever investors who are going to beat the system of the PTB's and pay it forward. How generous of y'all. There will never be a line of demarcation when you hard core dinarians will ever say it's over and we were wrong. There's always next Tuesday. This website is almost dead. The frenzy of the dinar is over and people are dropping out in utter embarrassment. Of course, Dinarvets could continue on their path to a full-blown porn site which would improve subscribers.
  15. pudge

    RV yet?

    Well aren't we a feisty bunch. I can see I am getting under y'all's skin. And no, spaz, I am not here to save the Dinar world. You all deserve what you're getting and going to get and it is fun to watch. You ask why I come here. Well that's not often as I just took 4 months off. I come back and the same BS except that the members and guests are getting fewer and fewer. Used to be, and this was four years ago, I'd log on in the morning and their would be 1000 or more people observing the site. Yesterday there were 148 and only 26 members. Just pitiful. All the guys Keep and I used to debate are gone as well as he. The only one I remember now is Umbertino. Then they start banning people to the lopster tank cause they can't take the debate and that makes it even worse. That's why the site has to put up soft porn ads. I mean it's drying up fast. It is a slow and painful death and death is coming. Now the only ones left are the 'edgy' investors who, of course, knew all along this was a long shot but are thinking outside the box. Right! Everyone came into this convinced it was going to happen next Tuesday and then month after month, year after year, reality started sinking in and they have left one by one. The thrill is gone, baby.
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