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  1. I really enjoyed Norway and Spain (Tarragona). Norway had the most beautiful scenery... and spain had alot of interesting history (large cathedrals, roman amphitheater, etc.)
  2. Thats just what they want you to think...
  3. I don't see the liberal media ever turning on him. I mean, it's been 4 years of the same "BS" and democrats still feel he is the "chosen one" or "savior". Also, Romney got spanked in the election ... despite all the claims of democrats withdrawing support or how sure Fox News was Romney was going to win the election. I'd like to believe hes losing support, but I just don't think that is happening anymore.
  4. Washington DC is up there with my least favorite... and I can't stand the smell of Bourbon Street in New Orleans anymore... so it's up there as well. But Nicaragua... will always have a special place in my heart for my least favorite.
  5. For 9 years I've traveled for work. I've been to at least 10 different cities in Mexico, several countries in Europe, every state in the US, Thailand, Japan, and several more places... hands down the worst place I've experienced is Nicaragua. I don't care what it says on paper or what anyone else tells me... that place is a thief infested trashy $hithole. FACT.
  6. Generic RV/LOP discussion: Lopster: Economic fact RV'er: hopeful rebuttal Lopster: Economic fact RV'er: hopeful rebuttal Lopster: Smug arrogant comment RV'er: "Nobody knows what's going to happen! All we can do is wait" Lopster: Smug arrogant comment RV'er: "If you don't believe ... Then why are you even here?" Lopster: Smug arrogant response Moderator: Closing topic... 2 years straight and a million debates later... it's still entertaining to read.
  7. Charra, do you belong to the Westboro Baptist Chruch by any chance?
  8. Looks like he didn't say it. Did a little research on it and apparently it was a lie. : \ Debunked
  9. I'm 10 minutes away from it. Everything is clean and new... people are nice. Anytime I go out it's in sugarland.
  10. Oh man, democrats are going to give this guy hell. It's going to be Chic-filet all over again. Maybe they'll think twice because it's a gun store? :x
  11. To say any president will ever win or lose "fair and square" is a ridiculous statement. There is plenty of evidence supporting our corruption.
  12. Iran should have just called the police?
  13. I agree Srg, I was being a smart a$$ about those who complain and blame before fixing the situation. Totally agree with you.
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