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  1. Brother I'm there with you! through Light Infantry in the Army and taking the majority of impact on my shoulders of a 50mph motorcycle wreck and too, being 6'4" PAIN IS MY CONSTANT. I have to also add LAZINESS!! It infuriates me Thanks for the topic Smee, hope your healing quickly
  2. Thanks Skybear. I am not their fondest customer and feel another call to verify might just be needed
  3. I believe you are correct. Man, what a trip that theyre disarmed in NY. I'm trying to get a few more weapons because I believe next year it will be very difficult. Thanks for your response jonjon
  4. Maybe I missed something, but a mayor even hinting for police to go on strike is a litte more than the boogie man or alligator under the bed
  5. I thought the cheese chats were on Sundays... Man I gotta get a day planner Thanks for your work
  6. In Texas, we have a game called HOLLOW POINT RETALIATION. Its been played alot less when Concealed Carry Permits were issued
  7. Carlos, Delta is prior military and would guess his rank at Lieutenant Colonel or greater before leaving. He has never disclosed to me, just my guess. That being said...its great that your passionate about your beliefs, but a little humbling would go along way. I mention Deltas' prior service because he knows what he's talking about. I agree with some of what you said, its just hard to defend because of your flippant nature
  8. China finally is making progress in policing up trash in the land and recycling plastic
  9. Thank you all. Your input and experience is very worthwhile to me I think it great that strangers with a common goal provide a glimmer of hope to start my morning. I think we're onto something here and hope that it spreads. Again, thank you
  10. I wish I could save the country, but I can't. My efforts are now solely for the protection of my family. We are now moving to the country but still staying in Texas. I worry for my Daughter, I want her to have interaction with children her age. I find myself extremely apprehensive in letting her attend public/private schools so choose to provide home schooling.. My opinion is the world is crumbling and it scares the sh## out of me. prosperity to me is my family being safe. So I arm myself and strive for self sufficient means. The ones that were suppose to help better us now only do so if it helps them first leaving us crumbs as a bi product of their success. I love the debate on this site, but dislike the division of people. Man I wish I had the answers... Sorry for my rambling, just relating my thoughts
  11. Wasn't he kicked out of his own site? Where is he posting now? I would pay money to find out who exactly the rodent is
  12. Leesburg, I needed to add that I have enjoyed your posts too. I crossed the border (lop section) and was reading what you offered in it. It was intelligent and positive and you were met with the same.
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