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  1. Adam Said 2016 has a great shot at being THE year, friends! Read more: http://dinarvets.com/forums/index.php?/topic/213910-adam-montana-weekly-6-january-2016/#ixzz3wVLmpY4N Well you are going to get it right one day so why not have a guess at this year too, well last year was meant to be the one so why not this.......I just cant see this to be perfectly honest with you for me its a lost cause. I check here now & then in the hope things may be different but there always the same, same people trolling for news, same people posting irrelevant stuff, same old same old If anyone s
  2. This is terrible news why anyone thinks it good i have no idea. If its possible to do this with the 50 notes then there is no reason at all that they will NOT do the same with all the others too.....i think we call it in house exchange...in other words if your not in Iraq to change up your notes in the given time period all that paper you have in your safes aint worth nothing This is BS
  3. I hope this time they are authorized to shot to kill each & everyone of them, should have taken full advantage of this the first time so no need to waste a second chance
  4. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/fracking-is-turning-the-us-into-a-bigger-oil-producer-than-saudi-arabia-9185133.html As this seems to be the next big oil producing thing this century does anyone thing that Iraq may have dragged their heels to much to make the IQD worth what it should be, after all if the USA can stand on its own feet for oil/gas why should other countries not do the same. Just maybe Iraq should take their head out of their asses before the world once again leaves them to get on with the stupid playground squabbles they like to have. Just my opinion
  5. Hi Adam I very rarely log in now as i have sort of give up on this as a whole....perhaps i am wrong but for me it seems to be one excuse after another. I do actualy enjoy your weekly posts & do see some truth in them at times but lately you seem to blame one issue 1 month then use another the next. Only last month you fully believed it was the HCL that was the problem now this month its the elections. Dont get me wrong i understand you have to be as positive as possible or your site may be at risk should the information not carry some balls. I personally believe that Ir
  6. Not right but i was told the leaflets were put in the pockets of the Niggers & then chucked out of the plane....only kidding i am not racist at all
  7. Oh yes & at times you can also smell the movement too at my age
  8. Life or death of the bitcoin as MT.Gox despair from the internet http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-26335547 Go careful what you invest in this
  9. Now i must admit thats really got me confused....if bitcoin is a cyber currency then what is the point in an ATM....you cant take the money out of the machine as its COINS & moreover if its a cyber currency how the heck are they going to do that....print you out a picture of 10 bitcoins you withdraw Everyone thinking it I am just saying???
  10. Thanks Bumper will get my son to do this Best Z
  11. Hi All I know i probably in the past give the Bitcoin a bit of a grilling meaning i didnt agree with it. However my son bought in to it 2 years ago & i never new jack sh***ootme So heres the thing he has no idea what to do next. How do you sell Bitcoins for cash in a safe environment & given apparently he has a boat load of GHS how do you sale this too. He tried to sell it on eBay & did so but could not workout how to get the code vouchers. If anyone can help me help my son i would more than appreciate any help Thanks to all response in advance Bitcoin
  12. Oh my lord so every time some one goes to buy a loaf of bread with IQD they run the risk of getting fined. Surely that has to be a good reason to RV
  13. OK bitcoin fans i thought this would really bring a smile to your faces, how dumb can this guy be http://www.itv.com/news/2013-11-28/mans-4m-bitcoin-fortune-lost-in-rubbish-dump/
  14. Adam i am surprised at this as bitcoins is a very risky investment, their is no way of keeping track of your account if someone hacks it, or the traders you are with go under your stumped. Also surely its far better not making money sat in your safe at least you know it will be SAFE IN YOUR SAFE so to speak
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