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    My family. Love camping, swimming, animals. A nice cold drink as prescribed by my inner doctor.
  1. I don't know about tiers but I work for a company who was bought by a Morman corporation out of Utah. They block everything on the internet so employees can't surf. I can't check out the local school's sport calendar but I can look up anything about the dinar. I have always found that quite odd and can only explain it by assuming they are invested.
  2. Thanks for sharing Vintage! "God Did It" is how I see the things that happen in my life.
  3. UNEEK, I have read many of your post and learned a lot from them. Thanks for all you bring to DV! Your colored post makes them really easy to read I'm not a big poster but I do try to read as much as I can (lurker, lol). genx4me you are always full of positive! Thanks for bringing that!
  4. Thanks Saint! My monkey is the avatar my girls picked out, they love the disney Aladin movie.
  5. Thanks Betty for ALL your great post! You have been an inspiration! My husband has said he wants to go to North Dakota for steady work, I don't want him to go! I am praying this RV happens soon for all our sakes.
  6. Thank you! You are so right! Theres so many great folks here, thanks for being one
  7. Thanks! That monkey was actually my cousin, things got mixed up on a zoo transfer and he ended up in Iran, lol! Still waiting on a postcard of his safe return.
  8. I just wanted to say how proud I am of the whole DV family. The post lately have been very respectful, hopeful, thoughtful and extremely friendly. A huge thanks of course to Adam for his great chats and drive-by's, keeps me grounded. Thanks to Betty and her crystal which I believe started this huge power of positivity. Thank you Hoosier for giving us great hope with your inside information and the "Thread of the century"! Thanks TQUEEZY for keeping the positive info going. And thanks to all that bring us info as they find it, as some of us don't have the time or know-how to dig it up. I
  9. Hoosier, thanks for the fun thread we have all enjoyed without you. Can you join us even if you can't tell us what happend? We are all getting a little concerned.
  10. Thanks Betty for the wonderful thread, its been (almost) a fun time reading the majorities thoughts. So sorry for any negative vibes some felt they had to add but you know majority rules! I wish for the best to you and all DV in 2013! So many interesting things were shared here and I've got a new outlook on life because of all of you, thanks!
  11. Thanks knight. There are so many articles out touching base on all things we've been watching for. The time sure feels right!
  12. Thanks yota. Bonds and gold will not raise in value like the dinar, just another way to pull in those large notes.
  13. I use to "borrow" my dads car and for 25 cents in gas, he never knew.
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