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  1. KEEP has a hard on regarding this investment for a reason and it definitely isn't negative. what "john" constantly revisits day after day the same "tart, nasty, smelly a**" pu***. i know if i were a dude, i wouldn't put my money on it. Said in the same vernacular and voice as Kuduku. Peace.
  2. Again you ASSume. I've even studied your "boy's" site. So please don't go there with me. But I will say, I do like you and the fact that you think for yourself and don't follow the SHEEPherd. That I can respect. But please stop speaking in absolutes unless you can provide a link or absolute proof. Deuces.
  3. ha, including you. you don't know for sure whats going to happen. quit speaking in absolutes. otherwise, please give me a link or shhhhhhhhhhhhhush. thanks.
  4. Launch The Iraqi Dinar ~ VP of the Economic Commission project to delete the zeros & economic feasibility of the regional climate suitable for launch Monday 05/08/2013 Mahma Khalil Alsnjara: Vice-President of the Economic Commission project to delete the zeros and economic feasibility of the regional climate has become suitable for launch MP for Kurdish bloc Mahma Khalil Alsnjara Vice-Chairman of the Committee Economic development in the House of Representatives by the Iraqi government to activate the decision to delete three zeros from the Iraqi currency . On the reason for the claim at this time Parliament Alsnjara said during his meeting with Sisterhood, saying: After the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII see that the regional climate has become fit and there is no fear of currency counterfeiting or forgery, and this argument that upheld the government to stand against the activation of the resolution has become unjustified now as well as the Iraqi environment has become a fertile ground for investment for Iraq’s possession of fourth power Global prompting companies global investment race in investing in Iraq as between Alsnjara that there are procedures to speed up activating the decision of which continue to pressure the government legitimately including resorting to constitutional provisions that allow printing of a new currency, and it is not reasonable to keep the Iraqi dinar weakened to this limit against the U.S. dollar, especially that Iraq’s sovereign balance in international banks totaled $ 76 billion. * In order to stand on the reasons for delay approval of the project to delete the zeros we met an economist and financial consultant Dr Majid picture, who told us the truth about the project and economic feasibility Almarjah the him, saying: In 2008, the Central Bank in agreement with the Ministry of Finance to do the studies necessary for the process of deleting three zeros from the Iraqi currency, and the purpose of this process is to restructure the local currency to reduce the cost of trading the currency and facilitate the handling and especially trading, medium and large, as well as multi-currency than fifty fils to (100) dinars will lead to facilitate the draw price policy in the country to be accompanied by practical package of measures has claimed responsibility for all government departments and state institutions and banks in order to find solutions to all the problems and issues that can result from the process of restructuring of the currency, including cash, accounting, security, as well as take the necessary measures to destroy the currency received, and most important of these issues is how to do therapy accounting for the deletion of zeros, and related market, Iraq Stock Exchange, said Suri was the experience of Iraq to replace the currency in 2003 is very rich, but will not exceed only change the shape of currency and replace it, and therefore did not encounter this process any accounting requirements or legal It is necessary to take some necessary measures in the case of structuring currency in order to get the results of the desirable, including education departments, banks and public usefulness of restructuring the currency and how to take the necessary measures in order to reach the planned objectives, including the use of technology by the relevant authorities in order to detect fraud that occurred formerly of the old currency. * And the reasons that led to the suspension of work on the project Suri replied saying: The central bank’s decision to restructure the process a decision for monetary policy, the monetary authority (CBI) and was done in consultation with the Ministry of Finance, the Bank has taken all the measures relating to the restructuring of the currency, including design of currency denominations and the quality of paper used in currency, which is considered one of the finest types of paper Stainless cash or difficulty rigged, but the interference of the executive of its decision to postpone the process of restructuring the currency led to the suspension of all actions related to this project. واضاف الصوري: Souri added: That undergo such decisions for political manipulation and skirmishes is not in the interest of monetary policy nor in the interest of the Iraqi economy and therefore non-specialists politicians not to manipulate or interfere in such decisions and be subject to speculations and between political factions warming internalized in power. * And the most important benefits achieved by the project to delete zeros Giebna the economic Thamer Alheimus, saying: Most benefit from the process of currency exchange deleting three zeros is the first easy trading and secondly and more importantly when you are distributing coins that are parts of the dinar will create a high elasticity of prices, for example, we now have a quarter dinars (250) smaller currency while will have after the deletion of zeros currency 50 fils or less, depending on the value of the dinar and therefore we can that نسعر between 1/4 dinars and 1/2 or less of the dinar, and this helps a lot in improving the incomes of lower segment of low-income people in particular. Perhaps in this case raises the purchasing value of the Iraqi dinar in general in the future, if there is a monetary policy sober at least have the dinar against the dollar as a target in the stage unforeseen, and certainly the rise of the dinar against the dollar will improve access to many of the families or social strata limited income. * At the conclusion of our investigation we join our voices with the demands of the Economic Committee in the House of Representatives that calls for the activation of the project to delete the zeros for the benefit of the Iraqi monetary policy and all the Iraqi people, especially the poor and low-income people.
  5. yep, marketing/internet marketing 101. the formula works every time. sad to say so many fall for it. this dinar case study is a hybrid (combined with many lies & deception) of unique proportions and i pray it results in a ton of arrests.
  6. Tony Blair sees signs of hope in Iraq 08/05/2013 12:00 AM Trends Sistani praised BAGHDAD - Translation morning Tony Blair sees signs for optimism in the Middle East, and inclusive of Iraq, despite the escalating numbers of victims of violence there and the resident who ينيخ nightmare in Syria. The former prime minister believes that the fundamental problems that have plagued the region have been taken out to the surface finally and now the time has come to face and overcome them. Fbller feels good to start talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians, and admits that he had already made ​​efforts and I went all to no avail. Blair said in a letter to the Observer newspaper on Sunday: he also finds grounds to justify a sense of hope throughout the region, including Iraq, despite growing where violence following a period during which the number of victims is moving towards deflating. Blair wrote: "In Iraq, after years of declining violence and reverse year after year, she returned the number of victims to rise again and part of the reason for this is the ongoing war in Syria., But even here there is a statement from Najaf great force and effect issued by Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani , calling for the need to remain civil not religious state for all the freedom to participate equally. At the beginning of the month of Ramadan threw the king of Saudi Arabia is also an eloquent word meanings distanced the Islamic faith from those who deviated them for political purposes. It goes Blair said: "Libya and Tunisia is far Tkonan for stability, and this fixed the assassination of the leader of the political opposition in Tunisia and the emergence of the militias, which are not subject to the control of one of Libyan cities, but Democrats are firm did not want to surrender. And throughout the northern part of the sub-Saharan Africa represent Today enormous challenges posed by terrorist groups armed to the teeth, finance and draw ideology الزعاف from the Middle East. has suffered countries like Nigeria suffering horribly from terrorism based on religious extremism intruder on society, but in spite of all this testifies the country experienced rapid economic growth, has been achieved there recently reforms large in the energy sector was soon people to believe it is impossible. " Then back Blair to situations Egypt says: "I do not still Egypt can be Tthob to Based democracy constitution be as inclusive rightly applied objectively, and there is a promise now for early elections in early 2014 and can all parties to participate, including the Muslim Brotherhood., Or they can to choose and stay paralysis unable to move forward. " Then repeats Blair here believed that the West intervene in the growing crisis in Syria and says: "No matter how heated our desire to Ahahh our view so as not to see the consequences of leaving the bloodbath in Syria takes its course as it pleases will be a disaster catastrophic without a doubt the same area and our security we as well. " By Daniel Buffy / Guardian
  7. Conflicts about the retirement of Moqtada al-Sadr for political life in Iraq Monday, 05 August / August 2013 00:33 Twilight News / Sources close to the Sadrist movement, in the late evening of Sunday, abandon their leader Moqtada al-Sadr political work in the country, while other sources denied that. alt A source linked to Sadr's "Twilight News" "failure of security forces to maintain security, and floundering some affiliated with al-Sadr paid Commander (referring to Muqtada al-Sadr) to retire from political action." Another source said that al-Sadr also decided to shut down his profile. Other sources said that Sadr thwarted because of the continuing political crisis in the country, which began "unique to one person," referring to Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. Press reports indicated the existence of "other reasons" without being addressed. This could not be reached for "Twilight News" access to any of the spokesman for al-Sadr, who played a prominent role in the political life since the fall of the former regime. But a source in the media of the Sadrist movement Male for "Twilight News" that al-Sadr did not retire from political life, but he decided to close his private office in Najaf Vqz. He said the closure of his office came to protest against the clashes that took place recently between the "Mahdi Army" and "League of the Righteous" in Baghdad's Sadr City, which is confirmed leader of the Sadrist movement.
  8. The need to achieve a balance in the money supply through the withdrawal of the Iraqi dinar Economic Researcher calls for the need to achieve a balance in the money supply through the withdrawal of the Iraqi dinar 08/03/2013 12:00 AM Accurate diagnosis of the weaknesses in the Iraqi economy Baghdad – Hussein ثغب, the Tamimi said economic researcher Edeid Xiaa Awad importance of maintaining the balance of the money supply in circulation through the withdrawal of the Iraqi dinar in excess of the needs of the local market and exchange rate stability. He pointed to the need to Toviralsjulh cash foreign currency necessary for traders and businessmen to cover the needs of the Iraqi market of imported goods and services at a time when the country suffers a shortage of production due to the decline of the productive sectors, مشخصا and accurately weaknesses in the movement of the national economy. said in an interview for the (morning) The Central Bank of Iraq represents a rib of the system of economic solution to the value of the Iraqi dinar, not the solution as a whole, especially that he was who stands only in the economic arena has made ​​achievements cash under a duty cash, including the quest to reduce the value of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar is the U.S. domestic market ( 1700 JD / $) to (1210 dinars / $), through his followers open market operations in the sale of foreign currency and pumped through the daily auction to meet the requirements imports Iraq and the needs of the Iraqi market, a utility cash only effective instrument of monetary policy. value of the currency and the he does not can study the stability of the value of the currency in isolation from the facts of economic reality and its components essential, and that the most important merits it is based on four pillars basic It is like building a box that is based on the four columns or pillars lever that must be integrated and harmony among them as a package in the movement of their growth and development to contribute those policies in the pace of consistency in the lift and raise the value of the currency (purchasing power)., and pointed out that any imbalance in that leads to an imbalance in the balance of the value of the currency and purchasing power, these columns are monetary policies, financial and development policy, in addition to the political skills of any political and social stability and security and administrative capacity in the management of the country and hiring policies, material wealth and human resources. economic plan and said if we say that the reality of the Iraqi economy is an economy yield unilateral depends on its core resources on oil export revenues, and that there is an imbalance structurally prevail all sectors, there is no economic plan and clear comprised under wings of those policies and work to achieve their goals and ambitions, as there is a reality vague about the future of this economy, no one knows where we are going in قطارنا economic, as well as a weakness in the coordination and harmonization between those policies up often to the extent of variation and the intersection in orientations and that all of them go off متباعد different from the other. development policy and demanded Awad creating a plan or policy development in the true sense aims to develop a comprehensive economic, Valqtaat economic productivity Home (industry, agriculture) in full retreat and does not constitute only a portion (2 percent) of the gross domestic product (GDP), with the deterioration of service facilities essential for the life of the citizen (electricity, drinking water, sewage, municipal services and the environment) corresponding financial resources super budgets annually with large numbers exceeded the total aggregate limit of 500 billion dollars during the period (2003 – 2012) and the percentage of more than (70 percent) of which is dedicated to the budgets of operational and that more than half of investment budgets returned from the provinces to the Finance Ministry for the poor implementation of projects assigned to them, while the Iraqi citizen will not touch any positive improvement on the ground. weak sectors of production and pointed out that the fiscal policy is the other in another valley, it also seems to operate according to economic theory notion that the increase in consumer spending, the government leads to increased demand for goods and services produced locally, and thus the prosperity of the productive sectors of local, pointing out that this trend theory may apply to the economies of countries that have reached advanced appointed and has rules productivity actors and pattern economically and clearly defined, which does not apply to turn on the case of Iraq in the current situation Excellence already weak sectors of production and the deterioration of its infrastructure and that Iraq has become an open market fences and open fully on the outside to import all its needs from the machinery and heavy equipment through to fruits and vegetables. list of imports and concluded his speech by saying that the list of imports expanding and goes annually, according to the expansion and development of the needs and requirements of Iraqi society, In 2004 the volume of imports Iraq (8) billion dollars to rise in 2007 to 24 billion dollars, and then to jump those imports in 2011 to approximately (48 billion).
  9. Deal between Maliki and Barzani to postpone the announcement and the death of President Talabani 04-08-2013 03:41 PM Reliable sources confirmed Related Sheikh Salah al-Obeidi, spokesman for the Sadrist movement that the agreement took place between the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani and Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki not to declare the death of President Jalal Talabani after the Kurdistan elections to avoid political chaos that would be extended the province and the country. This being very discreetly weeks ago about News President Talabani patient.
  10. I agree @Texas1, when you make a serious post. I really stop and listen. Although I love your funny posts too. But you're absolutely right. I've been slowly weaning off myself. watching this everyday is waaay to "ground hogs dayish" for me. i'm really not sure what is going on with them (iraq) but they are reminding me of china and what they are doing with their currency. but yes, the kitchen smells. one day we'll hopefully find out the true back story. have a great weekend.
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