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  1. ive been around here long enough .. ive never seen this many stupid people gathered in one place ... and your dream is to have a party in vegas ... lol ...wow im impressed a bunch of dopes hanging out in vegas together ... are ya gonna gits ya a room together and have a orgy too?
  2. e ...how come this montana character doesnt display his picture ... come on.........mr montana .. put up your picture on your screen name so we can see who your truly are ...or are you afraid .... i personally think your afraid .. ..prove me wrong witrh out deleting me as a member ... face this challenge .. your so confident .. DO IT !!
  3. tell me it isnt obvious whos afraid of the truth here wah its my site ,,,i can lie to any yone i choose ..unfeathered
  4. definatl this link .. the first one i put up is a mistate ...beaky buzzard that was some good thinkin ..
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CABfaw8WypQ&feature=related another one ..
  6. yep ..thanks .. this is very important ... heres the utube ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KW_dWbZphs&feature=related
  7. ya ya ya .. thats it ,, i think that was the second verse ..
  8. it was that lazy dog on that one cartoon when i was little back in the 1960s ... i cant remember his name .. does any one remember his name ? please help ..im about to lose this post ...i think
  9. ..what happened to the good ole days when this song was on tv .. the song being the title of this topic .. .. sorry i didnt know about asking questions when posting songs .. i see people posting songs all the time .... i was just thinking of this song and put it up waiting for a response .. if you feel its offensive ..by all means get rid of it .. auh du pa du pa du pa du pa doooooo,,, du pa du pa du pa du pa du pa .. you know .. that song .. its one of my all time favorites
  10. thanks for the post ,, i really learned alot from this read,,
  11. i see .. but everything has a start point of value .. that is 1 monetary unit ... that monetary unit happens to be a one dollar bill .....the imf is located in washington dc .. no matter what iraq does to its currency its value will be based off of a single monetary unit... as it changes so does the purchasing power.... now if it gradually goes up .. i see your point ... ... a guy making a million dinars a month (1000 bucks)...changing tires .. what are they going to do ... cut his pay as the dinar increases...... or just let him have corvettes ...boats ,,, country homes ..as it float
  12. there ya go .. its our ticket to cash in through uae banks that are linked to cbi ... and uae banks are dealing with western banks .. we will not have to travel to iraq to cash in now .. or so it seems ..
  13. ... theres so many fils in a dinar .. and so many dinars to make a dollar .. the dollar equals one monatary unit at the imf .. everything goes off of that .. the dollar is the standard .. one monetary unit ... period the dinar is 1000 fills and if it is 1166 dinars to equal one dollar thats 1,166,000 fils to make one dollar .. you cant change that ... no matter what you do ..its simple division and or multiplication .. iraq will not be changing anything in the international monetary fund .. its all said and done .. theres only one way to increase its value ,,, condense them down by re
  14. why would they continue to pay the policeman 1 million dinars if the value is doubled ... they would pay him 500,000 dinars per month.. which would be worth the same 850 dollars per month . and the flour would be half ,, not doubled ...only 500,000 .. its backwards upside down inside out thinking .. use common sense .. if it sounds to good to be true it probably is not true..
  15. i think so theres people in iraq working in a deli making 6 million dinars a year .. what if it rvs dollar per dinar .. do ya think they will get paid 6 million dollars a year ? everything changes .. if you never owned any stocks or traded stocks ,, this may be hard to under stand ...they have whats called a reverse split in the stock market .. think of each share of stock as a dinar if you 0wned 100,000 shares of stock .. worth 50.000 dollars .. or 50 cents each .. and they need their stock price to increase to 1 dollar to stay listed on the nasdaq...... which is a requirement by the w
  16. memo to iraq parliment : ung gunna have a party in vegas no im not .. yes i am .. no im not .. yes i am .. no im not
  17. to me this could still be surounded with propaganda... even if its a half truth .. say they dont do exactly what they are saying .. maybe they at the last minute say they had three plans to decide on .. one being deleting one zero .. and end up with 2.5 trillion dinars worth a dollar each ....giving us 100 grand per million next scenario .. delete 2 zeros and end up with 250 billion dinars .. or a one cent rv ... or even ...250 billion dinars worth 4 dollars giving them a trillion dollars worth..giving us 10 grand per penny or 10 thousand to 40 thousand per milion...... or say 3 doll
  18. iraq reminds me of world war 2 and germany...and hitler being killed .. kinda like saddam and a dictator was replaced with a democracy .. its a whole new ball game with the imf .. world bank .. united nations ...iraq may get a fresh start .. they can always take it away if they dont behave correctly .. and i think they are aware of the rules ... germanys money came back .. although slowly . mainly because we were still under the gold standard to some extent .. this monetary thing has grown tremendously since... money can be created on a promise .. or agreement .. if everyone holds up
  19. at first when i bought my dinars in 2005 .. i was really thinking this was going to be a rv .. but as the war drew down and nothing happened i felt it was a little late in the game ... and after all the talk of the rv taking place in june 2011 and it didnt happen .. i got discouraged .. now since then with all the zero deletion and new currency coming out .. i cant intelligently explain why it might rv .. so .. i just leave it up to people to find this on there own if they are interested .. .. i still think theres alot of propaganda surrounding this investment . and theres a good possibility
  20. not latly .. i used to tell people about the dinar .. but not in the last year
  21. ... every name someone calls someone else has a meaning .. but are you saying that you dont agree with the mods decision on name calling .. i see sanssouci doesnt agree with them and do you agree with name calling with the analogy that if the claw fits wear it
  22. yes this is true .. it was this thread that i was corrected by a mod .. and i agree with that mod .. i should not of done that .. and im in agreement with the rule of no name calling .. this is why i started this thread the guy was being attacked continously for his speculative opinion by many .. i was wrong for sticking up for him in that manner
  23. i agree calm down .. its just a simple analogy .. when the mods come to your posting and correct you ,, for something thats being done by many others and over looking the many others .. you may feel singled out .. ..
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