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    Happy Wednesday DinarVets! It's April first, which means you can expect some pranks today... all from 6 feet away, of course! There will be no RV pranks in this Weekly update, for the record. If I send out an RV text today, it's the real deal. (I have not yet!) Day 534,691 of the CoronaVirus lockdown... how is everyone doing? I ask out of real concern. As humans, we are a social species. Social distancing is something we are currently doing to control the spread of a virus that should burn out on it's own if we don't find a cure, but it's still a scary situation. Verizon reports that phone calls are double what they are on a normal Mother's Day, which is proof enough that we need human interaction... the Butterfly Effect is real, my friends, and it applies to more than butterflies and typhoons on the other side of the world. Stay strong and healthy through this, both mentally and physically! Wash your hands and don't be afraid to phone a friend that you haven't talked to in ages - you're stuck in the house, how many more times can you organize the pantry or clean the garage?! Whatever you do, be sure to show extra love and patience and kindness to the people you're stuck with right now. That's good advice on any day, and it goes double right now. On to the Weekly! The markets are a jungle, cryptos seem stable, OIL may have stopped the plunge but that's still uncertain, unemployment levels are and continuing that way indefinitely... is there any hope? There is always hope. There is also always truth to be found in adages, for example: Better late than never. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. As dinar holders, we are most certainly living by those two! One day, soon, these will be things that we look back on and smile about. The world is being shaken up like never before. There has never been a better time to watch things - unprecedented things - unfold right in front of us. These are wild and crazy times. Here's an example: Politicians rarely agree on anything, but a recent (historic) stimulus passed, unanimously. If you read my recent Budget and Auctions post, I described an equally possible scenario that would turn the Iraqi Dinar around overnight. Many thought the Stimulus bill passing like that just could not happen, just like many would deny the possibility of the Iraqi Dinar increasing in value. It's not just a "possibility". This is something that is going to happen. The only question is, when will it be and how prepared are you? This is going to be the “I told you so” group. When the world is crying about unfairness and how the rich get richer and a hundred other things, you can join them... or you can think back to that time you could have spent $100 on Amazon stock at $1.73 (currently $1,949.72), $75 on btc at less than 10 cents per coin, or $50 on VIP at DinarVets when the IQD was undervalued and represented an incredible opportunity. Quick forum PSA: I'm all for diversity and contrary opinions and intelligent discussions. This thread is a great example of intelligent people politely discussing something they don't fully agree on. I could also link to some examples of how not to have an intelligent and respectful debate, but I won't - I'm just going to issue a warning to anyone that comes here just to antagonize members, hit the "dislike" icon, or click that annoying "report" link on anything that you personally don't like. Warning issued. On a lighter note... @tjokie shared a new crypto with us in the VIP section. Might be worth taking a sWipe at this one. Before I head out - I mean stay in - this morning, I want to give a quick shout out to the hard working women and men out there still taking care of us... truckers on the roads, people working in the schools to prepare meals for the kids that need them, teachers improvising and doing the best they can with online classes and connections, health care workers, the people in the grocery stores, and more... I appreciate you all. And last but not least - get in the Powerball Pool! Keep your heads up, stay safe, wash your hands, and GOOOO RRRVVVV!!!! - Adam
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    Good Tuesday Morning DV ... RON Once Again, NO Daily Auction today. Tuesday - 3/31/2020 The ISX has not reopened for business - no reported currency change. That's 15 consecutive days (4 days closed), 11 no Auction days. And our WAIT continues.... I hope each of you will have a blessed day ... Try to spend some of it with GOD..!
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    Once Again, NO Daily Auction today. Monday - 3/30/2020 The ISX has not reopened for business - no reported currency change. That's 14 consecutive days (4 days closed), 10 no Auction days. And the WAIT continues.... Good Monday Morning DV ... have a blessed day ... Try to spend some of it with GOD..!
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    Good Wednesday Morning DV ... RON Once Again, NO Daily Auction today. Wednesday - 4/01/2020 The ISX has not reopened for business - no reported currency change. The last Auction was held on Monday, 16 March 2020. That's 16 consecutive days (4 days closed), 12 no Auction days. And our WAIT continues.... I hope each of you will have a blessed day ... Most importantly, try to spend some of it with GOD..!
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    Good evening DV, I agree with you all and have agreed with you all during these years, everyone is entitled to their opinion and you all have expressed fantastic points of view, even if some didn’t concur. We have been on this ride for a very long time and as always, I have, and still do remain optimistic about the final outcome. In my humble opinion, we have never been in a more opportune time for an RV as the moment we are right now. The chain of events that have led us to this very moment are extremely important for a RV, and of all the time I have been invested, I personally think the moment is upon us. Without going through each item, I know you are all very well informed of the global events, between the cash crunch, oil prices, the closed ISX etc... All I can add is that this is the perfect storm, the one that could change the entire future of IRAQ as a country in itself. We are in very interesting times, one never before encountered in modern history, so yes, first and foremost, stay healthy, 2nd make a list of things you need to do, just in case 😉 and last, but not least, pray to God and thank him for the coming event, what ever it may be. On a personal note, I want to express my profound gratitude to each and everyone of you for your astronomical patience during these years, your engagements here in DV and your virtual friendship, I am blessed. Hang on ladies and gentlemen, we could be in the home stretch here, but in case the wait is longer, never loose faith in humanity, we are all we have, and, I know when we come out of this quarantine, we will all be a better person. 🙏
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    Raise the value on the Dinar and their reserves are much more!
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    Good Thursday Morning DV ... RON Once Again, NO Daily Auction today. Thursay - 4/02/2020 The ISX has not reopened for business - no reported currency change. The last Auction was held on Monday, 16 March 2020. That's 17 consecutive days (4 days closed), 13 no Auction days. And our WAIT continues.... I hope each of you will have a blessed day ... Most importantly, try to spend some of it with GOD..!
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    Iraq has a stimulus built in and ready to go! I don't mean to sound jaded, but I don't expect Iraq to do it for "the citizens". It's not going to get done "for the people" - but it will get done, and many will benefit, including the little people. The "unsung heros" indeed - there are a lot of them! I just threw out a couple of examples off the top of my head, and that's one I know many people don't even realize exist. to yours and many more like her 💖
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    I don't think this thread is reworded BS from previous years at all. The reasons I say that are because... 1) the ISX has never been closed for 3 weeks and then set to reopen on an Easter before, that I know of anyway 2) the CBI auctions have not also been halted at the same time the ISX is closed for a very long time, if ever - at least as far as I know 3) the price of oil hasn't been $20 something per barrel in over 20 years 4) there's never been a global pandemic shutting down businesses all over the world that causes an oil glut like the one we're currently experiencing 5) Russia and Saudi Arabia have never both gone all-in on an oil price war before 6) Iraq is now better poised to make real change and hopefully remove at least some government corruption and provide better quality of life for their people (including creating jobs that the young protestors are demanding) than they have been for a very long time These things are not some guru's BS. These things are verifiable facts that are reported in the news. While they don't collectively prove that the RV is set for Easter, if I look at the whole picture objectively, I see a good chance that the RV is about to pop. It might be before Easter, or perhaps after, but keeping the ISX closed until Easter seems pretty significant to me. And I really think, with the low oil prices and the coronavirus, that Iraq's best option to make up for their ongoing HUGE losses (which amounts to $30+/barrel since they need $56-$58/barrel to run their country) is to RV. No one has to agree with my viewpoint, but I don't think anyone can say all these things are merely some guru's BS opinion.
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    I don't agree with the interpretation on this thread, that this is supposedly a bad sign. Here's why: See the other thread called " "The central bank begins selling the dollar through its daily auction By Mary B" ...the banks are not participating in these auctions No banks participating? Makes perfect sense...imo....Means power and decision making is being centralized, someone is behind the curtain, pulling the strings. Also it means whoever is actually controlling the dinar in Iraq, the fact that the dinar snapped right back into compliance with international rules, is a good sign in my opinion. Iraq is a dog. Someone has a leash on the dog. What you just saw is evidence that the dog owner is pulling back on the leash, testing out control of the dog. The dog obeyed. Good sign. "Goooood a biscuit" That's my Dogbert comment on Iraqi Monetary Policy....woof woof Pigs will soon fly... "Thinking again?" the Duchess asked, with another dig of her sharp little chin. "I've a right to think," said Alice sharply, for she was beginning to feel a little worried. "Just about as much right," said the Duchess, "as pigs have to fly ..." — Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Chapter 9 er thread, on
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    All this news reveals the weakness and vulnerability of the Iraqi position. Years of stalling. The corrupt idiots who run Iraq, so arrogant, thought they were in the drivers seat. No they aren't. No putting in sensible oil laws? No getting along with other Iraqis well enough to run a country? You sure about that, Iraq? As Dr. Phil would say, "How's that working for ya?"They thought they had forever, the corruption and stupidity could continue forever. Fools. No they can't continue as per usual. That won't do. The gotta do business by the world's rules, the world doesn't have to kiss their back ends. They have it backwards. Iraq needs the rest of the world, much more than the world needs Iraq. Advanced countries....the U.S. primarily...hold all the cards. Play ball Iraq, or starve. Those are your choices. Iraq has to play by the rules of international trade: Put in proper oil laws, run your country properly, quit your bs...and shut up about it. The world has no patience for your nonsense so comply or the world will let you starve. Do what you are told to do.
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    Psalm 91 New Living Translation (NLT) - Personalized by Ron 1 I live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty. 2 This I declare about the Lord: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; he is my God, and I trust him. 3 For he will rescue me from every trap and protect me from deadly disease. 4 He will cover me with his feathers. He will shelter me with his wings. His faithful promises are my armor and protection. 5 I am not be afraid of the terrors of the night, nor the arrow that flies in the day. 6 I do not dread the disease that stalks in darkness, nor the disaster that strikes at midday. 7 Though a thousand fall at my side, though ten thousand are dying around me, these evils will not touch me. 8 I just open my eyes, and see how the wicked are punished. 9 I have made the Lord my refuge, the Most High is my shelter, 10 therefore no evil will conquer me; no plague will come near my home. 11 For he will order his angels to protect me wherever I go. 12 They will hold me up with their hands so I won’t even hurt my foot on a stone. 13 I will trample upon lions and cobras; and will crush fierce lions and serpents under my feet! 14 The Lord says, “He will rescue me because I love Him. He will protect me because I trust in His Name. 15 When I call on Him, He will answer; He will be with me in trouble. He will rescue and honor me. 16 He will reward me with a long life and give me His Salvation.”
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    I like and understand both of you guys points. However, it seems possible that we're overlooking one massive aspect of this event. We've all seen the entire world not only pour hundreds of billions of dollars into Iraq, but nearly every nation on earth ended up forgiving any debt owed them by Iraq. Having a well rounded understanding of people I believed that none of those events were done out of the generosity of any nations heart but rather because they all expected to get something out of it for their efforts. That something clearly hasn't happened yet. And that is because Iran has been manipulating the corrupted leaders of the Kurds and their proxy cronies in the Iraqi Parliament to create such chaos in Iraq that nothing of value can ever get done. It seems However, that the Trump Administration is tired of the interference of Iran in Iraq. We killed their general salami and the next guy and now we're gearing up for a war to remove the diaper head soldiers of fortune. They call themselves militias but they are, in reality, little more that rabid street gangs. Our military will have little issue eradicating them. Then we have a new P.M. that is claiming to be Americas friend. At least that shows he's got some foresight and doesn't want to worry about all those drones overhead I personally doubt that all these nations working with Iraq did so for the oil. America has now become the number one producer of oil and there are so many other places to buy it. That is not to say oil wasn't a part of the motivations, only that it wasn't the main thing. Clearly, what with the attention that everyone has been giving to the banking system of Iraq the main motivation is what is always the main motivator of men. Money. In this case the Iraqi Dinar. Everyone is always looking for the catalyst that will catapult the Dinar to it's former glory but that is not what we should be looking for. As has been stated, ad nauseam, Iraq can RV/RI anytime they want to. And what is becoming clearer with every passing day and event is that no one is will to force Iraq's hand. But again it does look as if the Trump Administration is willing to give them some serious motivation. Now one really has to consider what is going on in America at this time and the belief that America owns Billions of dollars of Dinar. I haven't been able to understand the need for creating what is fast being exposed as a fake panic pandemic or how or even if that is related to Dinar. Nor do I understand the need to get most of the population of the world to hide in their homes. But again I do understand people and when you don't want them to see what you're doing you get them to hide. We're being told that hospitals all over the world are being inundated with the Covid19 sick. Yet after more that two weeks of isolation citizen journalists are now visiting the Hospitals and finding them empty. Even hospitals that the MSM has been reporting as overflowing with the sick are being exposed as being empty. My take is this, we are being played. They are hiding something. It's my HOPE that the RV/RI is what is being hidden. I've said for as long as I've been invested that an RV/RI will not be a reported event. And with this panic pandemic it most certainly wont be. But the Trump Administration and the rest of our Government for that matter, just began spending money like a drunken sailor. So much so that if what we're witnessing isn't the RV/RI then I suspect it will be the total collapse of the world financial system. And at the rate of spending now happening, I suspect nothing shy of $1.15 will be enough to stop the bleeding.
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    Thanks Adam. I work at Meijer in Michigan. If you don't know what it is, it is a grocery/department store and we are open for business. I don't mind working right now but what I do mind are the people that come into the store because they are bored! There are some that come everyday. There are some that bring the whole family in "to get out of the house"! It is ridiculous what people are coming to the store for. A lot of what people are buying are unnecessary items. Most people can live off of their pantries and freezers for many weeks if only they would. Please everyone be mindful of the ones that are working to keep the food chain going. I praise all of the first responders and healthcare workers for their tireless efforts to keep people alive and safe! Pray for everyone! Maybe if people would stay home for a full 2 weeks we could slow the spread and be able to have the banks open again for RV! Stay Home and Stay Safe!
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    The CBI has something going on, no banks involved and the 25/75 dollar rule. I like the way Rochester is thinking....
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    This is very exciting.!!! Looks like April is our month. Go CBI Go April Go RV Thanks Ron👍🏼
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    In my 11 years on this investment, I have never seen 10 consecutive days with NO daily auctions. All public employees salaries have to be paid by 3/31 There’s an article talking about printing currency Not issuing currency. ( maybe they are referring to LD notes) Go RV Go asap..... In April Thanks Ron.!
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    The date is imminent .. Newspaper: Washington decided to hit 10 targets of four Iraqi factions Political | 10:29 - 31/03/2020 Baghdad - Mawazine News , a Lebanese newspaper revealed, on Monday, a decision by Washington to hit 10 targets of four Iraqi factions. The Lebanese newspaper, Al-Akhbara, quoting Iraqi security sources, said that "the American forces made a decision during the past hours to strike the headquarters of the" missile force "of the" Badr Organization "(led by Hadi al-Amiri) and Asaib Ahl al-Haq (led by Qais Khazali) and the Al-Najaba movement (led by Akram al-Kaabi) and the Hezbollah Brigades - Iraq. The sources added, according to the newspaper, "These targets numbered at least ten, and they are distributed in the eastern and central governorates, while some Iraqi military leaders were briefed on the initial date of these strikes." She suggested, "The date of the strikes is imminent. The Americans refused to come down at the request of the resigned Prime Minister, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, demanding to" calm the situation "or even inform him of the" date of the initial strikes "unlike Washington's dealings with some military leaders." End 29 / A 43
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    "The curfew has affected the activities and actions of all official institutions, including the Central Bank of Iraq. We have taken the initiative to employ our cadres in order to sustain the payment of salaries and finance of food, agricultural, medical and all necessary materials." He stressed, "There is no change in its policy in financing trade and imports, which will resume after the ban has been completely lifted. As for the current stage, the bank will begin to enhance the bank balances abroad through the foreign currency sale window according to a schedule of working days and according to the requirements of the situation and this is reported. Going first, for the purposes of financing the import credits of foodstuffs, agricultural supplies, medical materials and goods necessary for the country and citizens. 25 n ended In life and as in business, there are two cardinal sins. The first is to act without thought and the second is not to act at all. Fact: Iraq's leadership can't do what we do and that is why they despise us for it. Its their leaders who always have always changed the conversation whenever the RV came to any topic because they didn't want to hear the truth since 2004. Now comes the covid-19. Iraq's oil and its entire financial future has now been compromised. Unless they increase the value of their own currency, they will lose their #1 product which is oil and millions will perish. Oil prices are depleting daily, as food and water are becoming obscure and there isn't enough gold in their vaults to keep them afloat within their own swamp of quicksand without immediate medical and financial objectives enacted. Should their leaderships fail to move faithfully in the name of God and for their people, then the game will conclude for them decisively, CHECK-MATE. Iraq is now caught and their leadership knows it. The above "attached" wordings confirms it and the ban won't be lifted until the Dinars value is also lifted in value. Pray that their leaderships act with good judgement and caring hearts in every decision they make, but to act swiftly. Good Fortune & Greater Health to all, Le Plus Grand'
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    In the past you would say post things like, “I don’t think we are close, or it’s just not time”. You always had facts and articles to back up your opinions. I believe you even collected some grief for those opinions. I always appreciated your candor and your willingness to stick your neck out and write those unpopular posts. You did the research and you gave us your opinion, BRAVO!! Bravo!! Bravo!! So now when I read your posts and you write, “ This is very exciting. Looks like April is our month”, I tend to listen up. You are not a cheerleader or a Pollyanna, all things are great poster. Man, do I want to agree with you and get all fired up too. Yes, there are many things lining up that appear to point to a big change. I just hope for all of us, “ April is our month” BTW, if we don’t get our RV I will never get upset with the excitement on this board. A little hopium goes a long way and I appreciate all you bring to the board LB. There are many good people on this board who have shared their research. Thank you all!!!
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    When I started talking about the stock market some weeks ago I was mostly interested in alerting anyone who would listen that I felt the Market was due a correction. I have tried to give things to look for hopefully without scaring you to death. I gave you my honest opinion in a hope to save you some money. These corrections can take on a life of their own and if anyone says this is exactly where we are headed or this is the exact bottom I will proclaim that person is a fool. No one knows because there are to many uncertainties with this CV Crisis. This Correction has turned into a nasty Bear and in my 40 plus years of watching and trading the Markets it has been the worst thing I can ever remember. The last 3 days I have made a point to call many friends of mine who are traders and just wise people who know how to invest. Some of the words I kept hearing from them were, unprecedented, never seen this before, so quick a selloff, ferocious volatility, uncertainty, how long will the CV last, and A GREAT OPPORTUNITY AWAITS US!!! I also heard words like, be patient, filter in, buy best in breed stocks and be diversified. So, what next? Great question. I will try to give you my 2 cents of how I feel about our current state in this Market. We are in a Bear Market and those usually take time to work out all the excesses of the last Bull run. They usually run 90 days to 18 months. The problem with trying to figure out where this all will end is the uncertainty caused by the CV, the duration, and the destruction of earnings due to businesses being ordered to close. Real damage has been done to this economy and the longer it goes on the more damage it will reek. In the 2000 Dot Com bursting Bear Market it took 2 years to find a bottom and start a new up trend. In that time we had 6 bear flag rallies of 20%. I remember trying to trade those rallies thinking that was the bottom and subsequently getting slapped around and losing a lot of money. If you do try to trade these bear rallies just know there will be a risk in doing so. I will not consider going long until the CV news gets better. Presently we are shooting into the dark at a moving target that is data dependent and that data seems to change by the minute. When I started writing these posts I said to watch the moving averages in relation to the price on the S&P 500. I told you to watch for the price to cross the 50, 100 and 200 ema’s. I also told you to watch the 50 ema to see if it crossed the 100 ema and the 200 ema which is called the death cross. I also gave you support lines on the S&P 500 to watch for. Well all of those things happened. If you haven’t sold by now then you are a buy and hold stock investor and there is no sense worrying now. Also, it’s probably the worst time to sell if you have already taken 30% losses. So the good news is that the CV will run it’s course and a new upcycle will eventually begin. If you are a Long Term investor (5-15 years or more) you have a great opportunity to rebalance your portfolio and buy best in breed stocks in any given sector. If you were too heavily invested in one or 2 Sectors like Technology, Oil, Hospitality, Retail now is a decent time to diversify and have a more balanced portfolio. You might want to buy some great companies that have a low debt, strong, balance sheets, and a demand for products and services once this CV runs its course. You might even want to try buying some speculative stocks that are being propped up by the Government like Airlines, (Delta, Southwest, United, Alaskan) Boeing, or hotels like ( Marriott, Hilton, Wynn, etc). Just know they have been beaten down and are in serious economic trouble. Those are a very Speculative Investment that will probably take years to realize a gain. It takes a strong will to buy those. I bought Boeing last week knowing full well I could lose another 25% or more. That was my one Swing Trade that worked out very well. Some of my friends are trying to buy Oil as a Speculative Trade buy. I’m staying clear until we get some clarity on the SA/Russia Oil War. If you try that the stay with major Integrated or necessary for the oil business stocks like Chevron, Exxon, Hess. Those are still pretty well capitalized without too much debt. I’m not going to post everyday like I have been. As I stated my main purpose was to hopefully keep some of you from losing 20-40% of your retirement accounts. Some of us don’t have years to recoup those losses. In the future I will probably give you my thoughts once or twice a week. I just feel we are going to have some tough times ahead as our peak to trough may end up being closer to a 50% loss like in 2000. Keep an eye out for the lows of 2191 on 3/23/20 on the S&P and if we break below that then your target low will probably be the 2016 low around 1800. Expect more volatility as the process works itself out and the CV does it’s thing. We will probably have more tradeable Bear rallies on good news followed by more retreats on bad news. As I am writing this the Futures look abysmal. I apologize if this seems very negative. I just call it like I see it. Eventually this CV will to pass. As always please do your own DD and consult your financial person for more in depth analysis and advice. Hang in there, and I truly wish you all the best!!
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    They need to be arrested and made to pay for their freedom to get back the 50 B they stole from the Iraqi people—-then drone them!!
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    4-4-2020 Newshound Guru Pimpy Article: "Al-Zarfi challenges the Shiite force and requests an appointment for the confidence session." This guy is ready to get in there..."the Prime Minister designate Zarfi said Friday that he will present his government program to parliament tomorrow Saturday with the request to set the date for the session to give confidence to his government..." I feel like finally we're gonna get what we want and that is a prime minister in there with his government...he has a really good relationship with America and the Trump Administration. And this guy is not a fan of Iran...Iraq is starting to look like it's stabilizing a little bit. With this new PM going in there. With this new government going in there. And Trump going in there removing the influence and the grip of the Iranian people. Let's just hope it's time... 4-4-2020 Newshound Guru Kaperoni A couple of weeks ago A member of parliament came out in two articles that the central bank was about to float the currency. We never heard anything further other than those two articles. Last week the Central Bank of Iraq announced that they were going to stop the auctions temporarily. This is had a negative effect on the dinar market rate as it provides a balance between dinars and dollars as well as providing a source of dollars to pay for foreign imports. As of today the market rate in Iraq has dropped to 1260 to $1. This is a direct result of a lack of dollars available in the marketplace...(post 1 of 2)... 4-4-2020 Newshound Guru Kaperoni We know from past history that when the exchange rate gets out of whack it takes many months to get it back in line using the traditional auction. So the CBI statement today is very interesting. The CBI announced today that this weak dinar will change soon. And at the same time a member of parliament today stated that they stopped the auctions in preparation to float. Though none of this is definitive it is very interesting and the pieces sound compelling that they may be going to float in very short order. But we'll just have to wait and see...(post 2 of 2)...
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    Recycled from years ago, WOW things have really dried up now. Why not start posting some nonBS to raise our spirits thru these troubling times Luigi then you'll be that #1 Starr
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    A very smart man told me quite awhile back that if Iraq's reserves fell to 30 billion they would be forced to float their currency. They are at a crossroad now that le plus grand so eloquently pointed out. We are watching globalism crash before our eyes and it's beautiful. Trump will put everyone on a level playing field and at the same time strangle China and russia. Iran is about to fold their cards. The world needs this rv and Iraq needs the u.s. to rebuild them. Strategic framework agreement.
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    I agree with a lot of what you're saying in the entire post, for example: I think the term "black market" carries a stigma that can be misleading. People immediately think of human organs, illegal drugs, and slaves... but in this case, the term mostly means "currency trading outside of the government actions". The term "black market" is technically correct, but in the case of the RV/RI the "black market" will be tiny and almost insignificant compared to CBI Auctions, FOREX, etc - the "not-black market". There are big numbers - lots of currency - that is and will be traded on the "black market". But those numbers will pale next to the official trading, and most people don't have access to the "black market" and will primarily use official channels. Which is why - although I agree with your logic and argument - I still think the GOI can successfully RV at ten cents. It would be most successful with a float, because the ability for IQD to increase more will encourage people to desire IQD over USD because of the opportunity for profits. The USD, after all, is not going to gain in value. Herd mentality kicks in, Iraqi people and outside sources will increase the demand for IQD based on further speculation, and that adds even more value. I do see and agree with some of the logic in the $1.16 argument. I just also see strategic value in a 10 cent + float. With a float, their currency will hold more potential than the USD. But I agree with you that at $1 or higher ($1.16) there is no question - at that rate it is more valuable. Both rates have positive aspects. Solid plan for anyone.
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    Floridian, it was very disturbing. There have been so many videos out recently regarding this virus and end time prophecy. Synopsis gave a great verse - we have to go to the Holy Spirit for ourselves. God is not the author of confusion. If we ask for direction, He will guide us. I tell you one thing - every good and perfect gift comes from God. And Jesus came that we have life abundantly. I am comfortable that God led me to the dinar, and his Word says He will not bring a thing to the time of birth and not bring it forth. He knows our hearts, and we know His voice. If we are doing something wrong, we will have a check in our spirit. Just a few quick thoughts.
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    CBI has 2 options - Continue tha daily auction an pump massive amount of dollars into the economy OR - Remove exchange control and RV the dinar. 50/50 chance Go RVasap
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    sounds to me like they are going to open up the auctions again so that the money laundering can continue and the GOI will use that to bring the rate back down to the program rate. It seems like the easiest way to pump a lot of USD back into the market. It also gives the appearance to their people that they are 'working real hard' to reduce the exchange rate when all they have to do is change it. IMO if they reopen the auctions and go back to the exact same rigmarole, they have wasted a huge opportunity to make a structural change in the currency regime and their, our, window of opportunity is going to close. If 20 dollar per barrel doesn't dislodge these criminal f---tards, I'm not sure anything will. I swear it would take these knuckleheads three tries to get a yes or no question right. Sorry DV not trying to be a wet blanket, but these mooks are grinding on my last nerve. Where is 10 years later? I miss his rants. They always make me laugh. Mostly cause he's right and I think about what he might say if he wasnt sugar coating it out of respect for all of the members here,and the rules of the forum, lol.
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    4-3-2020 Newshound Guru Kaperoni ...the CBI has stopped the distribution of dollars through the auctions for the time being due to the economic conditions. As well the CBI has made a statement requesting banks return excess dollars to the CBI. This is necessary to support the dinar during these difficult financial times. In no way is it any indication of any RV/RI... GOOD FRIDAY MORNING DV.....This is My reaction to Kap's post...! RON I believe that the conditions are ripe for a monetary increase. This covid crisis is pushing them in the corner, where they will have to do something - hopefully in our favor. Have a blessed day & weekend. Remember to spend some time every day to speak with Almighty God - He cares for you.
  34. 12 points
    Forgive me this has nothing to do with the thread but kind of seemed like it would be a good place to put this. With this Coronavirus we're dealing with now, gosh the pandemic of 2020.. I remember Kim Clement commenting that President Donald Trump was God's David. Remember David lost everything but he got it all back, for President Trump this mean jobs, the economy, stock market. There's hope I really believe. Interesting time we're living in but God is in control and only He can say who transitions and when, not a virus. Stay well DV family.
  35. 12 points
  36. 12 points
    12 consecutive days without daily auctions. As it is known, the dollar is the main engine of commodity markets in Iraq, as the country imports most of its overseas markets Foreign exchange auctions serve as an intervention instrument for the central bank to smooth exchange rate fluctuations. How they will cover imports without daily auctions? How they prevent the raising of street rate without pumping dollars into the market? How they keep the 2% gap between Official rate and street rate without auctions? How they prevent inflation without pumping dollars into the market? Maybe I’m wrong but I believe we are witnessing the Sterilization process. Sterilization is a form of monetary action in which a central bank seeks to limit the effect of inflows and outflows of capital on the money supply. Just my opinion.! Go RV Go asap
  37. 12 points
  38. 12 points
    Not sure I was doing very good in those areas to begin with But here's to Trucken up wit ya.
  39. 12 points
    That's a topic that has much room for discussion... gold will always be a store of value, but (countries / the global banking system) have way too much power due to central banking and the fiat system, and those are almost polar opposites of a system that uses a "gold standard". The concept of using "gold" to measure a country's currency value can be shifted to "resources", though. Resources can be physical (like gold or oil), or they can be measured in value by demand (technology, human resources, intellectual property, value services, etc) - in that light, Iraq has a measurably higher "value" than many other countries. This conversation easily leads into the Global Currency Reset topic and the Universal Currency topics - both of which have merits, but are unlikely without a "One Government, One Bank" world takeover type of situation. I'm just going to stop there before I get lost in that rabbit hole
  40. 12 points
    Thanks to each of you for your comments. As to April 12th ... I sincerely hope a value increase will happen prior. They just announced their CBI Reserves exceed 87 Billion (up from 60 billion previously reported).
  41. 12 points
    I agree with you KD, Go RV As soon Is possible
  42. 12 points
    Hey everyone and Thank you..My Parents are ok, they are in lock down. I'm doing ok...Bless even threw the never ending storms...Hope everyone is taking care...
  43. 11 points
    4-4-2020 Newshound Guru Pimpy Article "...the economic adviser to the Iraq Prime Minister Salih...the process of increasing the foreign exchange rate of the Iraqi dinar always occurs during the official holidays. This is a natural and expected thing due to the current conditions..." What are they talking about? They're talking about changing rate after the curfew. After the crisis...Is the rate change ready to happen? Is there any other articles out there that support this? Yes there is! Article quote "The Finance Committee comments on Friday the central bank's decision to stop the dollar from flowing into the market with the aim of floating the dinar and reducing its value in order to fill parts of the budget deficit and the needs of the government." What does it want to do? It wants to lower the value of the dollar by floating the dinar...(Post 1 of 2)... 4-4-2020 Newshound Guru Pimpy ...what this guy is saying is that the value of the dollar is strong against the dinar. They need to do something about that...We all know if they float the dinar that's based on supply and demand. We all know there's a lot of people that want to buy dinar...So what they need to do is lower the value of the US dollar...How are they gonna do that? By floating the dinar and allowing the rate to increase. Go ahead, do the pee-pee dance! It looks like a lot of this is lining up...quote "floating the dinar to fill part of the state's budget deficit is impossible. But it may be in harmony with the current situation to compensate for the shortfall of the oil revenues." They're saying look we need to do something to fill in the budget gap because of the shortfalls of the oil. And how do you do that? ...They need to increase the rate...we might be at the doorstop. Finally people! Let's not get overly excited. But it's starting to look really really good...(Post 2 of 2)... 4-4-2020 Newshound Guru Chattels Mahdi has "stepped away" but he has not "left his post", It is a curious constitutional posture from what I understand. Zarfi's government, people and policy program, are arguably dead on arrival. Both Ameri and Maliki oppose him. The Kurds have said that they will not support any PM designate without a Shia consensus favoring that candidate. While I put my money on an increase in value of the dinar, I must allow for the probability that Mahdi will stay until elections in 2022 if the/any government survives.
  44. 11 points
    Wait ??? At $4.00 ??? That would be dumber than calling Luigi's Lawn Care service.
  45. 11 points
    CBI said In another article that they halted the auctions because of corona virus. We know the auctions are done electronically. I hope the auctions are over and they just getting ready to move to an open market economy with an international recognized currency. Go RVasap Thanks again Ron.!
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    4-1-2020 Intel Guru Frank26 ...the same reserves that they use to support their currency exchange rate is what they are talking about tapping into now. The IMF is not going allow that. Why? Because the IMF wants them to raise the value of their currency and they need those reserves in order to raise the value of their currency...the only move is to exhale and raise the value of the currency...they need to jump into the international market with their own currency, with their own value. Good Morning DV ... Have a Blessed Day and stay safe ... RON
  48. 11 points
    There is a medical phenomenon that almost all people are very tired on April 1st? Do you know why? They all got finished with a 31-day March.
  49. 11 points
    Thanks Adam! I consider myself and my family to be very fortunate in these circumstances. We haven’t been too terribly impacted by the virus or the lockdown. 🙏🏻 We even began cleaning out the garage (a project we’ve been procrastinating about for the last 10 years 😁). Things are feeling very optimistic here on DV, so I’m staying positive. Stay healthy everyone!!
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    No, I don't think that's right.... The reserves are "quoted" in USD, but some of it is held in USD and the rest in IQD. Whatever amount is held is IQD, if you increase the dinar rate, then that increases the USD value of those dinar. And even if you only increase the dinar rate to $.10, that would increase the USD value of those IQD by 100 fold - 10,000% (since the current value is about 1/10 of a penny = $.001). Heck a 1 cent RV would still increase those IQD 10 fold or 1,000%. The rub is, I don't know how much of that $60 billion reserves is held as IQD. But however much that is, any kind of RV would be a huge boon to Iraq. And Iraq has got to be worried about going through their reserves quickly, since as you say, their future does not look good for a long time. I think the government writes articles like this just to reassure everyone that the situation isn't that dire, even though it really kinda is. I disagree because after 6 months, I think Iraq is finally making good progress in seating a temporary government. This is only a temporary government after all, and after that, then they can focus on new elections to put in who they really want, the coronavirus situation notwithstanding. You are right, the oil wars, glut and storage issues are HUGE problems. But where you see all that as blocking the RV, I see the RV as a way to counteract it. By revaluing the dinar, they immediately give themselves much more purchasing power with all the dinar they hold. Iraq is really very fortunate at this point of time because they have purposefully kept their rate waaaaay below market, so they are in the enviable position to instantly raise and maintain a much higher value, unlike other countries whose currencies are losing value now. And remember that, in the past year and a half, Iraq sure seems like it has been working really hard in preparation for the RV, so they should be about ready to do it. I think the current dire situation is pushing them to act quickly, and with the currency auctions stopped and the ISX closed, I'm thinking they might be planning to finalize the RV really soon, maybe on or before Easter which is their target date to reopen the ISX (hopefully they won't postpone the reopening again for a 3rd time). Theseus, I really enjoy your posts. You are an independent and critical thinker, and I really appreciate and respect that. I just respectfully disagree with you on a few points here. But I know we all agree on the same goal...... GOOOOOO RV!

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