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    Massive demonstrations take place in Tahrir Square Date: 2019/12/14 14:03 • 182 times read (Baghdad: Euphrates News) Demonstrated mass peaceful demonstrations in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad. The demonstrators raised Iraqi flags, slogans and banners that emphasize the peaceful demonstrations and stand against saboteurs and engineers. The highest religious authority confirmed today that `` maintaining the peaceful demonstrations and free from acts of violence and vandalism is of paramount importance, a solidarity responsibility borne by all, it is also the responsibility of the security forces to protect peaceful demonstrators and allow them to express their demands freely. '' "It is also the responsibility of the protesters themselves not to allow the saboteurs to take this title and get into their ranks, attack the security forces or public or private property and cause harm to the interests of citizens," she said in Friday sermons.
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    Hey Guys, I seem to be posting what I call useless info from my Shia friend at least weekly, so I thought I would create a thread of its own instead of hijacking other people’s thread.. I got a text from my Shia friend with this link to a YouTube video and his words were, “This is real good”. And I have to agree.. it gives a real life view of what the protestors are going through.. keep in mind, view discretion is advised, but I think it is probably true to life for them..
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    hope ur interpretation is correct steveflex , i really do , the kurds have had the 250k barrel deal to baghdad before baghdad stopped sending the kurds their percentage of the budget 15-17% whatever it was , that they supposedly hammered out between them baghdad claiming the oil wasnt being sent thru SOMO and the train wreck piled up once again , im seeing these articles stating the kurds saying we worked this out before Mahdi got the ax and im guessing its baghdad saying they have a caretaker gov. now we cant move on anything .. so to recap i have no idea where this is all at now maybe someone can break it all down and shine a light on it all for me to know / understand but as usual we wait ....... cheers
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    I own nothing. And I cherry pick nothing. I am simply making observations of your hypocrisy. You and your cohorts continuously make the mistake of thinking I'm what you call 'Trumpkin'. Believe me my political views have grown to surpass both sides. What AMAZES me is how NO ONE sees what's really coming. So I'll give you a preview, The Democratic Socialists Party (Hail Hydra) will be Annihilated in less than a year. And The Republicans will remain the lapdogs they've always been, sucking up their own vomit being nothing more than yes men for the Strongest voice. While President Trump will rise up with the worlds populous Glorifieing his presence. And you're following who John 5: 43 I have come in my Father's name, and you do not accept me; but if someone else comes in his own name, you will accept him.
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    Malta’s corruption is not just in the heart of government, it’s the entire body Only now, two years after Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder, is it becoming clear just how rotten the state really is Tue 3 Dec 2019 15.52 GMT Last modified on Wed 4 Dec 2019 15.37 GMT Alexander Clapp Muscat must quit. Period
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    Mel Gibson: Hollywood Is ‘Den Of Parasites’ Who ‘Feast On Blood Of Kids’ Karsten
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    Shabs, I will give you the fact that Trump is not pure as the driven snow, but I find it fascinating and telling that it was fine when our Presidents such as Kennedy, Johnson and Clinton were ***** dawgs (All DemoRats) and that seemed fine. No matter what you think of Trump, he has been under assault from DAY 1. And it has been constant and relentless. They didn't even give him a chance to see what he was going to do. They knew what he was going to do, drain the swamp and the swamp was them. And they were REALLY pissed off about the HillDawg not winning when all the biased polls said it was her in a landslide. Oops, Trump won and the Rats could not finish their destruction of America that Obummer started and set the table for her to complete. And now that the swamp is starting to be drained, the panic is on because many of the dirt bags are gonna be exposed. I hope they ALL are regardless of party and held accountable for their corrupt actions and the punishment fit the crime. And there have been MANY crimes committed.
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    Rectal Photography, taking pics of the ole ballon knot!!😝 You people ain't right!!
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    My friend tonight said the protestors are not going anywhere anytime soon. They want everyone in the GOI removed.. time will tell if they are successful.
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    Karsten, OUTSTANDING!! You will NEVER hear any of the crime, assaults and thuggery that guns prevent and save lives, many lives from the Lame Stream Agenda driven Media. Many many many more lives are save by responsible gun owners, than ever are taken by mentally ill (mostly) liberals. JMHO
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    Innocents Spared as Good Guy with Gun Shoots Armed Student Karsten
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    Iraq… the arena of messages exchanged between Washington and Tehran. The angry Iraqi street directed a new blow to Iran by burning its consulate in the city of Najaf, the center of spiritual Shiism in the world, and the headquarters of the Supreme Shiite authority over time. This is the third Iranian consulate burned by Iraqi protesters, after the Basra consulate in 2018, and the Karbala consulate a few weeks ago, reflecting the bitter reality Iran is ignoring – a radical shift in the mood of the Iraqi Shiite street towards it , even though it presents itself to the world as a guardian of the Shiite sect. . As for why the consulate was burned, Iraqi observers believe that Iran is behind the devastation that has ravaged their country for the past 16 years, under the auspices of both Shiite and Sunni political parties, adding that since the protests began, protesters have been trying to convey this message to Iran but no avail. Iran shows that it is dealing lightly with demonstrations in Iraqi cities that it has not closed its embassy and consulates, nor deported its diplomats and their families, as do the countries concerned for the safety of their citizens working in dangerous areas. Observers of the Iraqi issue attributed the Iranian behavior, which they described as irresponsible, to an Iranian desire not to look at the protests in its normal size. Iran also does not want to give the protesters a sense of victory over it that it formed an additional reason to the decision taken by protesters to burn its consulate in Najaf, which had previously burned its consulates in Basra and Karbala. The burning of the consulate is also a symbolic destruction of the great banner in which Iran exercises its dominance over the region as a patron of Shi’ism. Thus, when the strike comes from the Iraqi Shia themselves, and in the holy city of Najaf, home to important Shia shrines, it dismantles the ideological stockpile of Iran and its parties loyal to it . Following this, Brigadier-General Erg Mesjedi, Iran’s ambassador to Iraq, described Iraqi protesters as vandals and foreign agents, while the Iranian TV reporter criticized the authorities for “watching what was happening and doing nothing.” In light of the ongoing protest movement in Iraq and the targeting of the Iranian consulate, which is an important message in rejecting Iranian influence by the Iraqi people, it means that Iraq has reached the brink of the abyss of the civil war and another aspect of the US-Iranian conflict in Iraq. In spite of the missiles targeting US interests in Iraq, Aramco and the resignation of Adil Abdul Mahdi, and in return for the Iranian protest movement that Tehran sees as Washington, Riyadh, Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv are behind it, the message war between Washington and Tehran has continued and these messages may continue with the new Prime Minister especially if he receives the US and Iranian approval in his appointment as prime minister of Iraq. The Iranian missile messages on US interests in Iraq may be the American answer in the coming days. Washington may move to impose sanctions on Iraqi figures allied to Tehran. To defend its interests in Iraq and the Arabian Gulf against Iranian threats, the United States is prepared to confront anyone who tries to tamper with its interests. This confrontation does not stop at the limits of economic and military sanctions, but may even extend to direct confrontation. Geography is irreplaceable. Iran is a large and ancient country in the region. The presence of its neighbors is also ancient. The only realistic option is coexistence. But this coexistence will remain difficult, booby-trapped and threatened unless it is based on a new language that respects international borders, and away from the policy of infiltration and holding cards in the maps of others. It is the right of any state to seek a role and influence, but the question remains about the means. The new role is created by an attractive model, economic success and improvement of people’s living conditions. Germany has a role in Europe, but it does not try to gain veto power in Paris or create parallel armies in Madrid. It is clear that the current Iranian role in Baghdad is greater than Iraq’s tolerability. The same can be said of Lebanon, of course, with regard to geographical differences and demographics. You have the right to choose what you want within your borders, but you do not have the right to impose yourself on the maps of others. Iraqi Studies Unit Rawabet Center for Research and Strategic Studies
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    Putin approves law targeting journalists as 'foreign agents' Move described by rights activists as scare tactic to stifle criticism of Russian government Andrew Roth in Moscow Tue 3 Dec 2019 09.35 GMT Iran state TV says ‘rioters’ shot and killed in last month's protests Report is fullest admission authorities have given of violence used to stem unrest Michael Safi in Amman Tue 3 Dec 2019 09.12 GMT EU mission tells Malta PM to quit immediately over Caruana Galizia case Joseph Muscat has made serious errors over investigation into journalist’s murder, says Dutch MEP Jennifer Rankin in Brussels and agencies Tue 3 Dec 2019 14.42 GMT
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    Kevin, I don’t know.. We spoke about the difference in him submitting his resignation to the President vs to Parliament. He seemed to think he avoided his ministers getting the axe temporarily because he had the parliament vote him out, So it really had no effect immediately on his COM.. maybe the new PM will replace the ministers but I won’t be immediately today I guess as if he had submitted his resignation to the President.. Not sure if he is right about that or not. He was just not happy that in his view real change did not happen yet.. We shall see..
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    Briefly spoke to my Shia friend tonight. He told me Trade bank of Iraq is mainly a Kurdish bank and has more of an international reach. He also said that changing out the PM really does nothing if his cabinet is not being thrown out also.. He said there were a lot of people that died in Najaf over the last few days and the Gov is doing nothing about it. He is telling his friends that live there stop going to the protest, they might lose their life. He was not happy about the recent events..
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    Americans Bought Enough Guns on Black Friday to Arm the Marine Corps – Yet Again! Karsten
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    In my opinion they need to bring Shabibi back to implement the plan he established, and all these other CBI governors havent been able to complete. RON
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    Caruana Galizia family demand investigation into Malta PM's role Embattled leader has promised to resign, but provoked anger by refusing to go immediately Jennifer Rankin in Brussels Mon 2 Dec 2019 18.24 GMT Syrian war documentary For Sama triumphs at British independent film awards The chronicle of an activist who filmed the destruction in Aleppo wins prizes for best film, documentary, director and editing Andrew Pulver Mon 2 Dec 2019 13.02 GMT Last modified on Mon 2 Dec 2019 13.04 GMT The OAS has to answer for its role in the Bolivian coup We call upon the Organization of American States to retract its misleading statements about the election, which have contributed to the political conflict Ha-Joon Chang, James K Galbraith, Thea Lee, Mark Weisbrot, Oscar Ugarteche, Jayati Ghosh , Stephanie Kelton and others Mon 2 Dec 2019 17.57 GMT To drive out the tax avoiders, the EU must reimburse states that depend on them An initiative against tax havens has been voted down by states who cannot afford to lose the revenue such status brings Sun 1 Dec 2019 07.05 GMT Failure to end civil war in Yemen now could cost $29bn NGO warns conflict may drag on for five years if current peace efforts fail Patrick Wintour Diplomatic editor Sun 1 Dec 2019 21.00 GMT Migration v climate: Europe's new political divide In Hungary and elsewhere, activists are demanding climate action but politicians say biggest threat comes from migration Shaun Walker in Budapest Mon 2 Dec 2019 09.18 GMT
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    Perhaps the RV would fix the deficit? Partially? Hmm... Just a thought
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    Bread Delivery Man Foils Armed Robbery, Shoots Suspect Twice Karsten
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    Blocked roads then bullets: Iran's brutal crackdown in its City of Roses An internet blackout hid the state’s response to unrest in Shiraz. Interviews with activists and an analysis of social media posts reveal what happened Sun 1 Dec 2019 10.10 GMT Last modified on Sun 1 Dec 2019 13.14 GMT by Michael Safi Tehran Children: A Holocaust Refugee Odyssey – review In retracing the escape of 1,000 Jewish children from wartime Poland to Iran, Mikhal Dekel uncovers a chapter of the Holocaust that resonates today Saskia Baron Sun 1 Dec 2019 11.00 GMT Last modified on Sun 1 Dec 2019 13.17 GMT
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    Rafidain: Localization of the salaries of a number of state employees and granting them advances electronically Rafidain Bank logo «Economy News» Banks Economy News - Baghdad Rafidain Bank announced on Sunday, the settlement of salaries of employees of a number of ministries and departments of the State and give them a MasterCard International Card. The bank's media office said in a statement seen by Al-Eqtisadiah that "the salaries of a number of employees of state ministries and institutions have been settled and given them an electronic card and received their monthly salaries through them." He added, "MasterCard holders can take advantage of the advantages and financial services launched by the bank recently from advances and loans and apply for those advances by the bank branches scattered in Baghdad and the provinces." Number of Views 24 Date Added 01/12/2019
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    As Nato turns 70, can this feuding global family patch things up? Fundamental rifts could lead to more melodrama when world leaders gather in Watford Sat 30 Nov 2019 14.40 GMT Last modified on Sat 30 Nov 2019 19.31 GMT By Simon Tisdall Brazil’s president claims DiCaprio paid for Amazon fires Jair Bolsonaro falsely accuses actor of funding deliberate destruction of rainforest Tom Phillips Latin America correspondent Fri 29 Nov 2019 19.59 GMT Bolsonaro is an unaware comedy genius When refugees in Libya are being starved, Europe’s plan is working The EU’s dirty work is being carried out by the UN’s scandalous policy on migrants Sat 30 Nov 2019 19.00 GMT Kenan Malik Reopening Sana'a airport 'critical first step' for Yemenis needing medical care Patients requiring life-saving treatment to be allowed to fly, but aid agencies say imports of medicine and humanitarian aid crucial Karen McVeigh Thu 28 Nov 2019 09.22 GMT Last modified on Thu 28 Nov 2019 10.47 GMT I was detained in the UAE. I learned that Britain puts trade before its citizens I was held for seven months in horrific conditions. Like other imprisoned Britons, I received little Foreign Office support Tue 26 Nov 2019 18.12 GMT Last modified on Wed 27 Nov 2019 09.58 GMT Matthew Hedges
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    LOL - It's about time we had some healthy FUN discussions & disagreements around here. Yes, dressing is definitely OUTSIDE the bird! (inside it gets too soupy). And it's gotta have celery! And alot of other goodies too. Happy Thanksgiving to All, regardless of where you stuff your dressing. 😍
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    Funny enough, I was just finishing up my weekly update and I made mention of travel in it! Seems we are traveling parallel thought lines
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    for those who say " I am waiting on ADAM `s text " well here is the problem ADAM is stuck in a long tunnel and there is now signal ! ohhhhhh what a world what a world ( sorry adam had to get you in the mix hahahaha have a great weekend every one )
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    Spoke briefly today with my friend. He said regarding the guy that makes the videos in my 1st post, that the Government does not like him because he is exposing to the world the problems they face. This guy is apparently pretty popular, my friend said he has been making Arabic language videos for 4-6 years..
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    More from the so called Promised Land here in Utah....If they want info they should go back 15 years in FBI Files/Police reports and look me up. I am sure many have moved on but if you are watching I still have all the AOL Files and Screen Names. 30 suspected child predators, including former teacher, arrested in Utah task force crack down Karsten
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    There is no way that all these bust are just a cowinkydink.
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    This is getting close to home and I think my past demons my be getting their Justice they so deserve. 26 Arrested In Utah County Human Trafficking Operation Karsten
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    President Trump has driven the Democratic Socialists Party and their followers (Hail Hydra) so insane they actually believe the rest of America will accept this vile crap. How is it our lefties here don't condemn this EVIL as much as they condemn the man that's exposing it?
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    That was great! Thanks for sharing 👍🏻
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    @GregHi that dude is hilarious! Thank you. Puts things in perspective of how jacked up this whole situation is
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    Thanks GregHi and Trident this was really good.
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    Thanks for the first video GregHi, great find. Here's Albasheer's second show titled Muhasasa, dated 20th Nov 2019, another video well worth watching.
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    That's what Obama did. And if you want a good paying job just move to Wichita Kansas. There are thousands more jobs here just in the Aerospace industry alone than there are workers. And a major transportation company just moved into Witchta with 900+ jobs with a minimum salary of $54,000 a year. Furthermore, I suspect other members on DV could tell you of similar situations in their home towns. The biased and liberal media can spin their lies till their blue in the face, but it's not working anymore because we all are living in Trump's economy and aren't listening to the lies anymore.
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    Ivanka Trump-"Since the passage of Tax Cuts, real disposable personal income per household has increased $5,205." So full of horse malkarky that over flows...
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    Syn, just one thing here....."When You Carry" If you are able to Carry Legal you should get in the habit of doing so EVERY Waking Moment....We as Law Abiding Gun Owners that are lucky enough to be able to Carry Concealed don't have the Luxury of picking the time and place that something is going to go wrong.....The BG has the control there. I personally wont go to Starbucks or any other place of business that doesn't Allow Firearms....I just don't. Suzanna Hupp paid dearly for that mistake. Could she have done something if she had her gun.....Most likely and saved lives........But She didn't have it and for that reason she lost her family. As for 9MM or what ever I am a firm believer a 22 LF in the hand is far batter than the .44 Mag home in the safe when the SHTF....Shot Placement and Training and the mind set to take action when need be. I carry a .45 ACP S&W Subcompact 1911 everyday and a NNA .22 Mag Pug Revolver.....The Bad Guy likes Defenseless Victims and having his day messed up is Not in his Plan.......You toss a ***** in his plan and most likely he will lose it and run or lately take his own life. I would ask and advise everyone that can Carry legally do so every day, all day even if you aren't planning to leave home that day.......Carry it. Get your wife comfortable with you Carrying, Get her comfortable with carrying. Time have changed and changed a lot and we need to be ready to defend what is rightly ours. Karsten
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    WOWZERS!!! I REALLY DID Get A Red Ruby Citation As A Badge Of Honor For ME For "Display Of Intellectual Speed And Power" From A Red Rubymeister!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Red Rubymeister(s)!!! Go E Pluribus Unum FOREVER!!! Go MAGA FOREVER!!! Go True The United States Of America Patriot President Donald J Trump THROUGH 2024!!! Go True The United States Of America Patriots FOREVER!!! (A Special Thank You To ALL The Red Rubymeisters IN ADVANCE For ALL The Red Ruby Citations As Badges Of Honor For ME For "Display Of Intellectual Speed And Power" Who THINK (misnomer, of course) The True The United States Of America Patriot President Donald J Trump IS A POS!!!)!!! Go Red Rubymeisters (ELSEWHERE!!!)!!! Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY, READY WHEN YOU ARE BROTHER (OR SISTER) - LET 'ER BUCK!!!)!!!
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    In less than 2 yrs the whole world is going to take him as the most serious person alive. At least those that are left.
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    My second wife used to put oysters in her dressing. Had a lot to do with her being my Second wife not current
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    Explain, please. If it's just another one of those cryptic doomsday predictions, don't most know Trump is certainly the right narcissist to accomplish that mission. GO RV, then BV
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    You Should study Eschatology. It may help you make the right decisions. And "Narcissism " is just a minor character trait of his.

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