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    Markets Brace For U.S. Decision On Iran Sanction Waivers Mar 18, 2019, 5:00 PM CDT Join Our Community Over the past few months, oil market participants and analysts focused on OPEC’s production cuts, soaring U.S. shale output, the U.S.-China trade dispute, projections of slowing oil demand growth, and most recently—the U.S. sanctions on Venezuela’s oil industry. While these factors are still on everyone’s mind, the U.S. sanctions on Iran’s oil are also returning to focus with the six-month waivers to key Iranian oil customers expiring in six weeks. The U.S. Administration continues to signal that the ultimate goal of the sanctions is zero Iranian exports, yet analysts believe that oil prices at end-April early-May will be a key factor in the decision whether to extend the waivers and demand additional reductions from Iranian oil customers. Meanwhile, Iran’s key buyers in Asia ramped up imports in January and February compared to November and December last year, when there was a lot of confusion over who is getting waivers and under what circumstances. Iranian customers, however, while hoping for—and some of them reportedly working to secure—waivers extensions, have drafted contingency plans for alternative oil supplies in case they won’t get new waivers. The U.S. granted waivers to eight of the major Iranian clients—including the biggest—China and India—after it slapped sanctions on Iran’s oil, sending oil prices sharply down in the fourth quarter of 2018, after the OPEC+ alliance had preemptively ramped up production to offset what the U.S. Administration promised to be “zero” Iranian oil exports. Related: Cuba Faces Oil Crisis As Venezuela Crumbles Oil prices plunged in Q4 as oversupply started to build again and as the market began to panic over the U.S.-China trade war with potential consequences on global trade, economic growth, and oil demand growth. Going into Q2 this year, the U.S. policy towards Iran’s oil exports will be one of the key factors for setting the trend of the oil prices. The price of oil, on the other hand, will be key to the U.S. Administration’s decision, consultancy Energy Aspects said in a recent note, as carried by Bloomberg. If prices stay at their current levels (Brent at around $67, WTI at $58), Energy Aspects sees the U.S. extending the waivers for China, India, Japan, South Korea, and Turkey, with import caps slashed by 30-50 percent compared to what these countries are currently allowed to import from Iran. If oil prices rise, the allowed import levels may be lowered only by 20-30 percent, according to Energy Aspects. Last week, sources with knowledge of the matter told Reuters that the United States would likely extend the waivers, but would demand additional reductions in imports, as the Administration is currently aiming at below 1 million bpd of Iranian oil exports. According to various tanker-tracking data, Iran’s oil exports were at around 1 million bpd-1.2 million bpd in January and February. The U.S. continues to aim for zero exports, officials say. Yet, considering other current market-tightening measures including OPEC’s cuts and the U.S. sanctions on Venezuela’s oil, the Trump Administration could opt for another softer stance on waivers rather than risk running up oil prices to above $70 a barrel Brent, which doesn’t sit well with U.S. President Donald Trump. In his keynote address at the CERAWeek energy conference in Houston last week, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, referring to Iran: “You know its role in global energy markets. We know that role is diminishing. Its exports have tanked due to our pressure campaign, and we have every intention of driving Iranian oil exports to zero just as quickly as we can.” Related: IEA Warns Of Looming Oil Market Deficit “I’m not going to get ahead of myself or ahead of the President, but make no mistake about it, that’s the direction of travel,” Secretary Pompeo said in an interview with Brian Sullivan of CNBC in Houston, when asked if it was possible to bring down Iran’s oil exports to zero. Bringing down Iranian barrels to zero could be done this year without compromising global oil supply, four U.S. officials told Bloomberg last week. The State Department Special Representative for Iran, Brian Hook, told CNBC last week that projections for supply outstripping demand could provide more wiggle room to the U.S. to tighten the screws on Iran, but noted that “We don’t preview exemptions or nonexemptions.” OPEC—excluding Iran and Venezuela—currently has around 2.8 million bpd of effective spare production capacity due to the ongoing cuts, so “the potential means of avoiding serious disruption to the oil market is theoretically at hand,” in the event of serious losses from Venezuela, the International Energy Agency (IEA) said on Friday. However, if a serious loss from Venezuela were to coincide with ‘waiver-for-no-one’ regarding Iran, oil prices could shoot up again as they did in the run-up to the sanctions on Tehran when U.S. officials were promising ‘zero’ Iranian oil exports. So the U.S. Administration may want to prevent a spike in prices, which, incidentally, may largely depend on where oil prices are at end-April early-May.
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    "...all political blocks agreed on remaining ministers of education, defense, interior and justice, and will all be voted on at the next session this Saturday, March 23rd. Aaaaaaaaand, if you like your doctor, you can KEEP your doctor." - former Obama Admin. speech writer, now working in Iraq -
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    Cursed is he already!..severe sanctions are working..but more are coming...just a little bit more pain and you will see who is cursed..just a little bit more pain..
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    Well, not that it means anything but I have dealt with the same bank since 1997 and never have they sent my any emails about their Foreign Currency Exchange Dept until last year when....Supposedly things were close and that never panned out. Today I got another email from them about the same thing....Foreign Currency Exchange and where to go. So there you have it, My Bank Story. Karsten
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    Uhm, I believe you are responsible for your country’s problems Rouhani. I think the curses will be aimed at you by most Iranians.
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    , Floridian, AND The Very Best To You!!! Hey, I just share like a lot of other Good Folks, such as Yourself, here at DinarVets!!! We ALL have a part to play kinda like pot luck!!! Go Moola Nova!
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    3-18-2019 Intel Guru MarkZ I can find no movement over the weekend. The rumor is banks have received the packages…we have been told by banking contacts (..???..) that everything goes down between today and Wed. (...???...)...I am taking news from banks with a grain of salt…. [Q? : ... Is there a back wall date?] I think the back wall is the end of March. [Q? : Is the QFS (Quantum Financial System)in place to protect our exchange.] I hear it is. ...I hear everything is ready. 3-18-2019 Newshound Guru MilitiaMan Article: "Rafidain: We support partnership with the private sector" Article quote: "Gaining ISO certification for your organization means more accessible entry into new markets, globally-accepted products and services, and compatibility across the world. It also improves your credibility, your process, and ensures focus on customer satisfaction." Having the ISO 9001 aligning or mirroring with Loyds is another big indicator they are gearing for a move towards doing international banking in a big way...All these things ISO 9001 represents shows growth and progress to that Iraq banking is looking to be so very close to un rolling the private sector in a far more advanced way than ever before...a prelude for what is at the door...imo...
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    When I considered THIS Speculative Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar Investment BEFORE I secured fiz'cal Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar YEARS AGO, I KNEW there were AND are SO MANY moving parts to THIS inside AND outside Iraq. MANY of THESE parts ARE ancient WITH modern faculties AND ALL serve a SPECIFIC purpose. HERE is a hodge podge of elements: BIS Basel I to infinity including III IMF (INCLUDING agreements like Stand By or whatever with the Bicraqi Iraqi) Whirled Bank Gold Crude Oil Old Silk Road/Belt AND Road Initiative Former Prez'dent Tricky visits Mousy Dung IN China Bicraqi Iraqi CBI Fully Formed Bicraqi Iraqi GOI Whatever (known AND unknown) So, WHAT, pray tell, IS going to line up AND WHEN, pray tell, with THIS ALL happen???!!! NEVER ALL. EVER. So............................................................................................................. ONLY pieces, CRITICAL PIECES of ALL THIS need to line up. NAMELY, ONLY pieces of the noted (NOT ALL pieces of the the elements) AND OTHER critical items. ALL the OTHER stuff in THESE AND CRITICAL OTHER elements HAVE OR WILL HAVE work arounds. Due to ALL the MOVING parts in AND out of Iraq, THIS WILL BE like grinding SOME gears RATHER THAN shifting ALL gears SMOOTHLY. HOWEVER................................................................................................ The ReInstatement OR whatever of the Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar IS ONLY a piece AS WELL to a MUCH, MUCH BIGGER picture. A FUNCTIONAL piece, YES!!!, BUT ONLY A piece. So, WE wait AND see WHO is doing ALL the SQUEALIN' SINCE THOSE pieces ARE being dealt with. Right NOW, it is Insanian Rouhani AND the associated Bicraqi Iraqi IN Iraq. ALL pomp AND show. NOTHING to THAT, REALLY!!! My opinion is IF (NOTE: IF) the Insanians are SO BACKED in a corner THEY do ANOTHER missile "test" OR fire a malicious rocket, THEN THAT IS the fireworks "display" noting what we are looking for IS NIGH UPON US!!! The fireworks "display" WILL BE short BUT celebratory!!! NO MO Insanians!!! QUOTE: Predictions are inaccurate at best AND misleading at worst. END QUOTE: So........................................................................................................... MY (NOTE: MY) gut feel BEFORE entering THIS Speculative Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar Investment AS NOW is THIS WILL happen AT a VERY UNLIKELY time. OTHERWISE, IF predictable, THEN MASSIVE encroachment on the REAL purpose AND potency. ALL the while NOTHING will make ANY sense OR have ANY predictability WITH ALL KINDS of BAD, BAD AND CONTRARY NEWS BEFORE: BINGO, HERE WE ARE: "SUDDENLY"!!! I am NOT a fan of BLOOD AND MONEY in ANY respect. I find THAT ENTIRELY abhorrent. Being SO FAR removed from the causes AND outcomes of THIS Speculative Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar Investment, I have REASONABLE conscience to be involved. MY (NOTE: MY) opinion is Iraq is such a RESOURCE RICH AND STRATEGIC PIECE of REAL ESTATE THAT Iraq HAS to be SUPERCHARGED to a WORLD ECONOMIC ENTITY (WITH a ReInstated Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar INTERNATIONALLY) to ELIMINATE the POTENTIAL for Iraq TO BE USED for MALICIOUS AND DESTRUCTIVE Purposes CONTRAVENING Peaceful Relations WHIRLED WIDE!!! ENTER the Insanians. NOT going to happen - EVER!!! (NOTE: IF one CAN NOT have a LITTLE FUN, WHAT, pray tell, FUN can one EVER have???!!!) In The Mean Time................................................................................................................................. The "Standard" "Disclaimer" Applies................................................................................................... AND (of course)................................................................................................................................... Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY, READY WHEN YOU ARE BROTHER (OR SISTER) - LET 'ER BUCK!!!)!!!
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    ADDED AT MIDNIGHT: 3-18-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: "Keywords calls to stimulate the real sectors in the country to raise the pressure on the central bank" I am still riding high...on that CBI article I posted over the weekend. The CBI was very clear they want pressure in the article from last weekend. In fact Alaq said "pressure." If you put that in context for what the CBI does (monetary policy) is very clear what they saying. I am still hopeful by mid summer Iraq will be ready to begin reforms.
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    Iran's Rouhani urges Iranians to 'put all your curses' on US, Israel, KSA FacebookTwitterGoogle+EmailWhatsApp Iran's president on Monday urged Iranians to put a curse on the United States, Israel and Saudi Arabia, reiterating his long-standing charge that the U.S. and its allies are responsible for the country's ailing economy, AP reported on Monday. President Hassan Rouhani's remarks were meant to deflect criticism of his administration's performance amid a spiraling economy after President Donald Trump last year pulled America out of the nuclear deal and re-imposed sanctions on Tehran, targeting Iran's vital oil sector. "Put all your curses on those who created the current situation," Rouhani urged Iranians, adding that "the United States, the Zionists" and Saudi Arabia were to blame. He didn't say what kind of curses the Iranians should invoke. The U.S. plan, Rouhani claimed, was to "dominate" the Iranian nation, something Washington will not achieve. On Sunday, the same day he inaugurated a new phase in the development of a massive natural gas field, Rouhani said Iran's inflation is "above 20 percent" and that this country of 80 million people has more than 3 million unemployed. He promised to increase wages in both the government and the private sector, and raise pensions. The crisis that is gripping Iran has hurt ordinaryIranians and emboldened Rouhani's critics to openly call for his ouster. Rouhani, who first came to power in 2013, was re-elected for a second term in 2017, promising to improve the economy and foster more open relations with the world.
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    Hey, I just look at everything in a weird sorta way....Years ago I was on a 1st name basis with everyone at the local branch and they all knew me but that all changed when the bank flipped and it is not the same little family 1st sorta bank it was. The Bank is Zions Bank, Used to be Zion's 1st national years ago. I know there are no front screens, back screens, no 800 # or call centers, Reno is a bust unless you have a place to stay....But you could get lucky with enough money and the right Say Dealer/Call girl. It just seems odd for a little bank (located in Utah) to send out a Mass Email for a service that most of there customers would ever want... I just looks at things in a Positive way with this mess and I question everything....Why? Karsten
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    Perfect Storm” Drives Oil Prices Higher Mar 18, 2019, 7:00 PM CDT Join Our Community Oil prices have already hit four-month highs, forcing a range of analysts to overhaul their expectations for this year. “The latest Brent rally has brought prices to our peak forecast of $67.5/bbl, three months early,” Goldman Sachs wrote in a note. The investment bank said that “resilient demand growth” and supply outages could push prices up to $70 per barrel in the near future. It’s a perfect storm: “supply loses are exceeding our expectations, demand growth is beating low consensus expectations with technicals supportive and net long positioning still depressed,” the bank said. The outages in Venezuela could swamp the rebound in supply from Libya, Goldman noted. But the real surprise has been demand. At the end of 2018 and the start of this year, oil prices hit a bottom and concerns about global economic stability dominated the narrative. But, for now at least, demand has been solid. In January, demand grew by 1.55 million barrels per day (mb/d) year-on-year. “Gasoline in particular is surprising to the upside, helped by low prices, confirming our view that the weakness in cracks at the turn of the year was supply driven,” Goldman noted. “This comforts us in our above consensus 1.45 mb/d [year-on-year] demand growth forecast.” Demand in China is growing at a stronger rate than expected, while other emerging markets are set to shake off a rough 2018 that saw a strong dollar, rising interest rates and high oil prices. Meanwhile, other analysts are also similarly bullish. “As risky assets focused on macro concerns, oil markets have largely overlooked supply-side tightness in 1Q19 that has helped global oil markets to rebalance since the end of 2018,” JPMorgan Chase said in a report. “With a potential for a US-China trade talk resolution emerging, oil prices should finally break out of the narrow trading range and should be supported in the very near-term due to policy-driven supply-side tightness.” Related: LNG Sector Dangerously Dependent On Chinese Demand A supply deficit could become rather significant, the bank said, with total oil products demand growth at 1.03 mb/d against supply growth of only 0.3mbd. The second quarter is particularly tight. “As OPEC+ cuts begin to bite and non-OPEC supply tightens in 1H19, due to Canadian curtailments, a temporary US production growth slowdown, and maintenance in some of the key global oil fields (Kashagan particularly), we expect 2Q19 to have a theoretical tightness of over 1.2mbd in global balances.” A supply deficit of 1.2 mb/d is rather notable given the roughly 1.5 mb/d surplus in the fourth quarter of last year, the bank said. Both Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan see the supply deficit fading in the second half of the year unless OPEC+ continues to over-comply with the production cuts. U.S. shale could rebound from the current lull, while the fate of OPEC+ compliance is up in the air. “Hence, we think OPEC+ cuts will need to be extended not just to the end of 2019 but also into 2020 if they want to avoid another oil price crash,” JPMorgan wrote. Related: Pakistan Aims To Become A Natural Gas Hotspot Of course, there is no shortage of uncertainty to these – or any other – price scenarios. In particular, the Trump administration will have a lot of influence over what unfolds this year in the oil market. Trump has helped exacerbate the crisis in Venezuela, where the output declines had somewhat stabilized late last year. Venezuela’s production fell by 142,000 bpd in February, while the losses this month have the potential to be even worse. The U.S. is also weighing the expiration of sanctions waivers on Iran, and the tight oil market could force Trump to extend some of them. The Department of Energy could also release oil from the strategic petroleum reserve, while the U.S. Congress is working on NOPEC legislation, which could threaten OPEC coordination. Moreover, it is unclear how OPEC+ might respond to any of those actions. For instance, Saudi Arabia could ramp up supply to crash prices in response to NOPEC being signed into law. Or, they could continue to over-comply with production cuts after making the mistake of abandoning them too early last year. The permutations are endless, so take each price forecast with a grain of salt.
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    Pence, Iraqi PM talk over phone regarding security, economy issues WASHINGTON, March 18 (Xinhua) -- U.S. Vice President Mike Pence on Monday talked with Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi over phone regarding security and economic issues. According to a statement issued by the White House, Pence and Abdul Mahdi "discussed opportunities to advance the strategic partnership between the U.S. and Iraq, including continuing to work together to strengthen and professionalize Iraq's Security Forces and grow Iraq's economy." Pence "welcomed news of Iraq's recent economic and trade agreements with Jordan and the Prime Minister's upcoming travel as major steps towards Iraq's reintegration in the region after the territorial defeat of ISIS," the statement read, referring to the Islamic State (IS). For his part, Abdul Mahdi updated Pence on the Iraqi government's efforts "to exhume the mass graves of ISIS's genocide against Yazidis in Sinjar" and added that "he would personally investigate security and economic impediments" noted by Pence as preventing the return of many of Iraq's religious components and other displaced persons. The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) said last week that a UN team tasked with investigation in crimes committed by the IS group will assist the Iraqi authorities in exhuming mass graves in Iraq's northern province of Nineveh, where the IS has killed hundreds of Yazidis in 2014. Yazidis are a group of people indigenous to northern Iraq. Some of them identify themselves as ethnic Kurds, but most of them identify themselves as a distinct ethno-religious group. Hundreds of local Yazidi villagers were reportedly murdered by the IS fighters in August, 2014, while more than 700 women and children were abducted.
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    I’d like to express my keenness to see a swift & speedy ( 2 Concepts the GOI is unfamiliar with ) conclusion ( right now is fine ) to a successful RI/RV.
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    A former bank manager calls for the re-establishment of the banking institution Economy | 12:23 - 19/03/2019 BAGHDAD - Mawazine News The director-general of the former Rafidain Bank, Kazem Nashur, on Tuesday, called for the reinstatement of the General Institution for Banking Affairs. "Having increased the number of banks licensed in Iraq to more than seventy banks, and accumulated financial problems and requests to correct, and to raise the level of performance and participation in the decision of banking and economic activity, and to give more freedom of choice for the private sector and reduce the fever of government monopoly and stiff competition, International investment, trade and finance, and restore confidence in the Iraqi banking system locally and internationally. " He added: "What if the work of the General Institution for Banking Affairs is to be the sectoral body that sponsors and supports all banks, governmental and private, and to defend the traditions of banking in a society that slowly and difficultly transforms into economic freedom."
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    KDP After Meeting PUK: Good Steps Taken BasNews 19/03/2019 - 14:43 Published inKurdistan ERBIL - The ruling Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) met on Tuesday in Sulaimaniya province to resume the talks on the next cabinet formation with the former saying that "good steps were taken" in the discussions. "Our meeting was one of the most successful ones. We discussed the interpretation of our political agreements and better cooperations. We’ve taken good steps," Dillshad Shahab, a member of the KDP delegation, said at a joint press conference after the meeting. He further said that the two major parties would continue on the next government establishment after the Kurdish New Year (Nawroz) holiday which falls on 21st of March. The PUK spokesperson Latif Sheikh Omer, meanwhile, hailed his party's meeting on Tuesday morning, noting that they are optimistic about the process. The KDP and PUK have already signed a political agreement while the two have intensified their efforts to reach a final agreement on the formation of the next Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).
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    The stability of the dollar exchange rate against the Iraqi dinar Economy | 12:28 - 19/03/2019 Baghdad - Mawazine News Dollar exchange rates stabilized in the Kifah Exchange and local markets today, Tuesday (March 19, 2019). The prices of the Kifah Stock Exchange - Baghdad 119,950 dinars compared to 100 dollars, the same prices on Monday. Selling and buying prices in the banking shops: Selling price of the dollar = 120,500 dinars. The price of buying the dollar = 119.500 dinars
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    He be not wanting no part of my dear ole French Cajun Grandmother Voodoo no sir-ree no how no way. But . . . we make exception in your case foolish little man. Game is, how you say - - ON !
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    If you don’t mind, what’s the name of your bank ? I understand if you don’t want to reveal the name of your bank! I run a business and have a very close relationship with the bank manager and head cashier. They have never mentioned anything like this to me. P.S. No such thing as a back screen! Asked that stupid question they looked at me like I was stupid, ask me where I heard that. They said all those stupid dinar nuts call them about back screens! They ask if I was involved in that deal. I said hell no , I don’t even know what a dinar is!
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    Asadi, Yassiri compete over Interior Ministry post: Looking forward to ending the dispute around the Interior Ministry post in Prime Minister Adil Abd al-Mahdi's government, Abd al-Ghani al-Asadi and Yassin al-Yassiri are competing for the post, according to a source in the Fatah Alliance, a main party in the negotiations held to complete the formation of the government. As for the defense minister post, the source revealed that the political blocs have settled on Salah al-Hariri, a military officer. "The political blocs reached a semi-final agreement by consensus on the nomination of candidates for defense and the interior," the source said, asserting that the final settlement on a candidate for each of the two ministries will take place next week during the parliamentary sessions. The source said that Yassiri and Asadi, both high-rank military officers, have been nominated by the political blocs so far, asserting that the former is the most likely to take the post. Abd al-Mahdi has worked on completing the formation of his government since he took his post last October. On October 24, Abd al-Mahdi managed to get the parliamentary approval on 14 out of 22 ministries. However, disagreements between political blocs, especially on the security ministries, have thwarted Abd al-Mahdi's efforts to complete the cabinet in a short time.
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    2019-03-19 BY SOTALIRAQ "Three US threats" to Iraq if a controversial law is passed The Fatah Alliance revealed on Monday what it called threats by the US in the event of the House of Representatives voted on the law to remove US forces from the country. About 5,000 US troops have been deployed in Iraq since the formation of the coalition, led by Washington, in 2014, to fight the "Daash", after taking over a large area of the territory of the neighbors Iraq and Syria. "The decision to remove US forces from Iraq has been discussed between al-Fath and al-Fathoun and in the coming days the results of the understandings will be revealed," MP Abdul Amir al-Dabbi said. Al-Dabbi said that "the United States of America signaled the blockade and the withdrawal of companies operating in Iraq and waved to punish the state that operates in Iraq, in the event of any decision issued by the Iraqi Council on the evacuation of US forces," stressing that "the coming days will see the discussion of this resolution under the parliament "He said. US President Donald Trump's recent statement that Washington will keep its troops in Iraq to monitor its neighbor Iran is a source of discontent with Baghdad officials, especially those close to Tehran. The file of foreign forces was the subject of a recent meeting between the two largest blocs in the Iraqi parliament, the alliance "Sason", sponsored by the Shiite leader Moqtada al-Sadr, and the alliance, "conquest" led by Hadi al-Ameri. The two blocs agreed to reject the presence of any foreign troops in Iraq, and that the survival of US forces needed a new agreement. Amiri heads the "Building Coalition", which is close to Iran, and includes the alliance "Fatah", a coalition of "state law," the movement "Asaib Ahl al-Haq" and armed factions and Sunni forces. IRAQ , URGENTثلاثة-تهديدات-امريكية-للعراق-في-حال-ا/
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    It reads like an opinion piece to me so i don't see any reason for concern here. As an aside no one, and I mean no one has any Influence over when the Dinar will increase nor how much. JMHO of course, pp
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    Media Silence Surrounds Muslim Massacre of Christians Political leaders and public figures were falling over themselves this weekend to condemn the mosque attacks in New Zealand, while dozens of Christians were slaughtered by Muslims in Nigeria to the sound of crickets. The mosque attacks were indeed a horrific affair and worthy of universal condemnation. Presidents, prime ministers, royalty, and religious leaders rushed to extend their condolences to victims and their families — as well they should — while decrying the hate that purportedly motivated the shootings. Without exception, the mainstream media gave top billing to the shootings, with newspapers carrying the story on their front pages and television news channels leading off their broadcasts with the story. The bizarre aspect of the coverage was not, in fact, the attention paid to a heinous crime committed in New Zealand, but the absolute silence surrounding the simultaneous massacre of scores of Christians by Muslim militants in Africa. As Breitbart News alone reported among major news outlets, Fulani jihadists racked up a death toll of over 120 Christians over the past three weeks in central Nigeria, employing machetes and gunfire to slaughter men, women, and children, burning down over 140 houses, destroying property, and spreading terror. The New York Times did not place this story on the front page; in fact, they did not cover it at all. Apparently, when assessing “all the news that’s fit to print,” the massacre of African Christians did not measure up. The same can be said for the Washington Post, the Chicago Tribune, the Detroit Free Press, the LA Times, and every other major paper in the United States. The news shows from the three major television channels did not mention the story, and nor did CNN or MSNBC. There are several possible explanations for this remarkable silence, and none of them is good. Since, in point of fact, Muslim radicals kill Christians around the world with alarming frequency, it is probable that one more slaughter did not seem particularly newsworthy to the decision-makers at major news outlets. Muslims being killed, on the other hand, may strike many as newsworthy precisely because it is so rare. A second motive for the media silence around the massacre of Christians in Nigeria may be geo-political and racial. New Zealand is a first-world country where such things are not supposed to happen, whereas many people still consider Africa to be a backwards place where brutal killings are par for the course. Moreover, the slaughter of black Christians in Africa may not enkindle rage among westerners the way that the murder of white and brown Muslims in New Zealand would. Finally, the story simply does not play to the political agenda that many mainstream media would like to advance. How much mileage can be gained from Muslims murdering Christians, when Christians in America are often seen as an obstacle to the “progress” desired by liberals? The left sees Christians in the United States as part of the problem and seeks to undermine their credibility and influence at every turn rather than emboldening them. Anti-Christian bias has been rightly called “the last acceptable prejudice,” one that few bother condemning. “No one much cares about offending Christians,” wrote the coalition of African-American pastors in an essay last Tuesday. “In fact, mocking, belittling, and blaspheming Christianity is becoming a bit of a trend in our culture. Anti-Christian bigotry truly is the last acceptable prejudice.” “The hypocrisy on display is astounding,” the pastors continued. “Christianity is the dominant religion of our country. It is the foundation of our government and morality. And yet, Christians are treated as fair game for mockery and insult.” Christians are by far the most persecuted religious group in the world, but the mainstream media routinely ignore this fact as if it were unimportant or uninteresting. As a result, many people do not even realize how widespread the persecution is or that 75 percent of the victims of religious persecution around the world are Christians. Whatever the reason — or reasons — for the media silence surrounding the most recent massacres of Christians in Nigeria as well as numerous other such events, it should give right-thinking people pause. By all means, the lethal shootings of dozens of Muslims in New Zealand is a massive story and merits extensive coverage. But it only stands to reason that similar coverage should be devoted to the slaughter of Christians. For the moment, it serves as a poignant reminder that a double standard is at work when it comes to news coverage, and that it is Christians who inevitably draw the short straw. Follow Thomas D. Williams on Twitter
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    Thank You, 1LucDog, AND The Very Best Of The Rest Of Your Week To You!!! YES!!! BE BLESSED!!! In response to Your comments, well, OK: Go Moola Nova!
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    When I first heard of this in November 2010, I cautiously purchased a "sensible" amount. It was reported that it would happen by the end of the year because of some Paris thing LOL. And, of course, there was the Donald Trump having 30 million dinar. Anyway, I told co-workers (small office) and some family. Most family members jumped in, but my co-workers were skeptical (although one, who was a CPA and attorney, suggested a ROTH IRA). My point is that pretty soon after that I realized I should have kept my mouth shut. And I have been tight-lipped since then. Those who realized that from the beginning are to be commended.
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    Me, TOO!!!, Half Crazy Runner, AND The Very Best Of The Rest Of Your Week To You!!! Hey, Lookie HERE: AND HERE: Looks like THIS is WTI Crude Oil Futures that APPEARS to be consistently LOWER than Brent or what is shown in Dubai OR Shanghai. So, nominally $59.33/barrel WITH twelve (12) more days in March 2019. Kinda like the twelve (12) days of Christmas, eh? Predictions are inaccurate at best AND misleading at worst. But, hey, WHO does NOT like the 5 day average trend on the second (2nd) chart???!!! IF (NOTE: IF) THIS holds, we MAY just BUST $60/barrel CONSISTENTLY by the END of MARCH 2019!!! NOW, WHO does NOT like THESE twelve (12) days of Christmas???!!! ANYONE???!!! QUOTE: Predictions are inaccurate at best AND misleading at worst. END QUOTE: So, we wait AND see if $60/barrel, WHATEVER $60/barrel is based on, holds for what WE are anticipating. Also, the last pocket of ISIS North AND East of the Euphrates River in Syria near Iraq HAS BEEN reduced to a tiny, tiny, tiny sliver up against the Euphrates River. Maybe BABY THIS last bastion of ISIS will be FULLY cleared BY THIS weekend!!! Seems like the more ISIS surrendered AND captured, the more wounded are taken. SO, THESE LAST ISIS fighters are LIKELY SEVERELY weakened, HIGHLY demoralized, AND EXTENSIVELY wounded. So, LIKELY THIS will go quickly to the NECESSARY end of ISIS North AND East of the Euphrates River in Syria near Iraq. My gut feel is there maybe BABY more Good News coupled with the "ALL'S CLEAR" announcement. In The Mean Time........................................................................................... Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY, READY WHEN YOU ARE BROTHER (OR SISTER) - LET 'ER BUCK!!!)!!!
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    Tuesday - March 19, 2019 CBI - Foreign Currency Selling Window for Wednesday, 20/3/2019 that was performed on Tuesday, 19/3/2019 Announcement No.(3917) Sale Date - 20/3/2019 - performed on Tuesday, 19/3/2019 Details Amount Total sale for the purpose of strengthen outside assets (Transfers and credits) 167,671,250 Total sale cash 25,300,000 Total sale amount 192,971,250 Note: Selling price of remittance money to bank accounts outside is (1190) ID for each Dollar. Cash selling price is (1190) ID for each Dollar. Link: » Sales schedule of the Central Bank of Iraq for foreign currency (amounts in thousands of dollars) on Wednesday 2019/3/20 and implemented on Tuesday 2019/3/19
  29. 3 points
    ( Updated: 3/19/2019 ) Official Central Bank of Iraq (CBI) Dinar Rate: 1190 IQD to 1 USD Dinar Market Rate: (CBI last reported 3-18-2019) 1195.679 IQD to 1 USD - Rates Are Within IMF 2% Rule: YES - Are Rates IMF 2% Rule Compliant for 90 Days: YES (maintained since ~Mar. 15, 2018 & Iraq Market since ~Nov. 14, 2018)
  30. 3 points
    Haters will always hate.........they all have done pretty well for a long time..........I take nothing as a "mocking"......just like to see people get along...........Rubies are one thing........what has really bothered me though in some of the other threads were the personal attacks made by members against each other........ So hopefully people will get back to the PURPLE HAZE concept.........ahhhh......those were the daze..........(yes pun intended) CL
  31. 3 points
    If that’s what it takes to trigger the RV then I’m all in favor of it.
  32. 3 points
    2019-03-19 BY SOTALIRAQ Iraq announces joint decision on oil production Iraqi Oil Minister Thamer Abbas al-Ghadhban said there was consensus among producers from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and abroad to abide by the agreement to reduce production in support of oil prices and the stability of the oil market. He pointed out in a statement on Monday, there are signs of rising global stocks despite sanctions on some countries. This came after the conclusion of the thirteenth meeting of the Joint Ministerial Committee to monitor the agreement to reduce production between OPEC and the largest producers from outside, which was held in the Azerbaijani capital Baku. Thamer Abbas Al Ghadhban said that the Ministerial Council for Production Control listened to the reports of the relevant committees emanating from the producers' meetings and included an extrapolation of the international oil market and a review of the tables, reports and production data of the Member States. Ghadban said that the ministerial meeting to be held next month in Vienna and the meeting in June this year will discuss the reduction of production and decision-making by the oil ministers and leading to more stability of the global oil market. As of last January, OPEC and Russia began cutting oil production by 1.2 million barrels per day. In February, OPEC cut production by 221,000 bpd. For his part, spokesman for the Iraqi Oil Ministry Assem Jihad, said that the meeting of the ministerial committee stressed the importance of the commitment of producers agreement, which led to the achievement of positive steps and more stability of the oil market. Jihad said that the ministerial committee listened to a comprehensive report on the commitment of the members of the agreement to reduce the production and ratios prescribed for each country, pointing to Iraq's commitment and his concern for the stability of the world oil markets and support oil prices. IRAQالعراق-يعلن-قرارا-مشتركا-يخص-الانتاج-ا/ IRAQ
  33. 3 points
    US Vice President confirms to Abdul Mahdi, his country's stand with Iraq to defeat the remnants of an encouraging Editorial date: 2019/3/19 0:48 • 285 times read BAGHDAD (Reuters) - US Vice President Mike Pines said on Monday he had telephoned Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, stressing that the United States stood with Iraq to defeat remnants of an organization calling on the terrorist. "I concluded with the Iraqi prime minister and thanked him for his strong support for the permanent partnership between the US states and the Iraqi people," Pines said in a tweet on his Twitter account. "The United States stands with Iraq to defeat the remnants of the Baath and help the Christian and Yezidi communities to rebuild and recover from years of terrorism and war."
  34. 3 points
    Brexit however IS march 29th. And with Shabbibii being the new gov there for their central bank… Private group I am in is anticipating this month or first two weeks of April. Again we are all grasping at straws. None of us know the real deal. Like a blind man at an orgy, we are going to have to feel our way around.
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    The Ministry of Health issued an explanation on the resignation of its minister Political | 10:39 - 19/03/2019 BAGHDAD - The Ministry of Health on Tuesday issued a clarification on the resignation of its minister, Alaa al-Din al-Alwan. "The ministry would like to refer to what has been circulated in the media about the resignation of the Minister of Health and the Environment to clarify, the minister has already submitted his resignation to the Prime Minister a month ago," the ministry said in a statement. The ministry said in its statement that "the resignation came because of unjust pressures, excesses and blatant interference in its work and obstacles persisting to prevent it from continuing to implement the vision and roadmap and the rational and transparent management that was adopted and work during this short period to promote the health and environmental reality in our dear country "He said. She stressed that "the Prime Minister and a number of leaders of political forces asked him to stay and continue the approach he developed." A spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Saif Al-Badr, yesterday evening, Al-Alwan's resignation, stressing that he is doing his work normally. Some social networking sites published news about Al-Alwan's resignation
  36. 3 points
    OPEC cancels April extraordinary meeting, leaving production cuts until June Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) 18 March 2019 09:06 PM Mubasher: The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) canceled its planned meeting in April and will instead decide whether to extend oil production cuts in June as soon as the market is able to assess the full impact of US sanctions on Iran and the crisis in Venezuela . A ministerial committee recommended between OPEC and its allies on Monday to cancel the extraordinary meeting scheduled for April 17 and 18, and that the normal talks will be held on June 25 and 26, according to "Reuters . * Saudi Arabia 's energy minister: OPEC will not change its output policy meeting in April * " OPEC": Saudi Arabia raises its oil production during January .. And increase consumption Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih said on Sunday that the market appeared to be oversupplied by the end of the year, but April would be too early for any decision on production policy . "What we have heard from a general agreement ... is that April will be an early date for anyproduction decision for the second half," Faleh said on Monday . "As long as the levels of stocks rise and we are far from normal levels, we will continue on the path of directing the market to balance . " "We are under pressure not only to pressure the market," Faleh told reporters ahead of a meeting of the joint ministerial monitoring committee in the Azerbaijani capital Baku in response to a question whether he was under pressure from the United States to increase production . Many Opec members say US President George W. Bush's sanctions policies have been a key factor behind price hikes if they remove more than 2 million barrels a day from Iranian and Venezuelan crude . Brent crude prices hit a peak of 2019 at more than $ 68 a barrel last week. OPEC and its allies agreed in December 2018 to cut production by 1.2 million barrels per day (1.2 percent of global demand) in the first half of this year in an effort to boost prices . The Joint Ministerial Control Committee, which also includes non-OPEC Russia, monitors the oil market and levels of compliance with production cuts . Asked if he had any information on whether the US administration would extend the exemptions granted to Iranian crude buyers, which are due to expire in May, Al-Falih said: "So we see that they are hurting consumers ... so we see the impact on stocks ... we will not change course . " Faleh said oil and oil levels were the key drivers of OPEC's moves, adding that oil sector estimates showed a need for $ 11 trillion in investments over the next two decades to meet demand growth . "Our goal is to reduce the levels of global stocks to normal levels and, more importantly, prevent proactively from (occurrence) delinquency," he said . "Another important indicator is the state of oil investments ... We do not see an investment trend that brings us closer to the required figures," he said.
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    Association of Iraqi Special Banks Holds Workshop «Risk Management and Compliance in Banks» Banks Economy of Iraq - Baghdad On Monday, the Association of Iraqi Private Banks held a workshop entitled "Risk Management and Compliance in Banks" at the headquarters of the Association, with the participation of the Central Bank and a number of private banks. Ahmed Al Hashemi, director of administration and training at the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, said in his speech at the opening of the workshop, "After the urgent need for banking risk management, The Iraqi banking sector with the latest legislation and laws related to risk management and compliance and keep up with developments in the global banking sector. Hashemi added that "raising the work of the banking sector employees one of the most important functions of the Association of Iraqi private banks." Views 129 Date Added 03/18/2019
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    I'm waiting Iraq revalue but important 1) Government should stability Or 2) Gold can be reserved Or 3) The Bank have a lot security Or 4) Iraq should go international market Or 5) Demand for supplies ( Iraqi) Or 6) oil market should be rise I was feeling that gold will make Iraq revalue to solve low economic.
  39. 3 points
    God bless President Trump. Blessings also to Iranian people. May they be freed soon, from the current jackasses running that country. May they do sensible things, cooperate, embrace economic progress, quit being terrorists, so that trade may make Iranians rich and happy. May the bellies of their children be full. May their old people live in peace. Amen.
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  41. 3 points
    Ok I looked at pic dont see how it is trying to stay clean I will figure it out i will study it
  42. 3 points
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    Iraqis to hold conference in US to rid country of Iranian influence Iraqis in the United States announced holding a conference named "united to save Iraq" on March 29 in Washington, DC, to save Iraq from the danger Iran poses, including Tehran-backed agents and armed militias in Iraq. In an interview with The Baghdad Post, Hassan al-Jameeli, one of the organizers of the conference, said that the goal is to unite the Iraqi people, end the Iranian incursion inside the Iraqi state and, and restore Iraq's place as part of the Arab countries. Omar al-Hadithi, another organizer, said that the Iraqi people will understand the message and will work to unite all the Iraqi national forces and patriots. Moreover, Hussein al-Janabi, an Iraqi official, who is also a member of Amnesty International, told the Baghdad Post that the conference aims to liberate Iraq from Iranian agents, and to rid the people of Iraq of the Iran-backed militias. He said that the conference also aims to support the return of Iraqi competent citizens who have left Iraq for different areas around the world, in order for them to help building the country and serve their people. He also affirmed the need to rely on technocrats in a real sense. The Baghdad Post received a copy of the statement of the conference's preparatory committee, including the objectives of the conference: From Washington, D.C., in the United States of America, and from your brothers and children in the preparatory committee for the conference of the Iraqi national forces, under the title: "United to Save Iraq." We announce to you a summary of the objectives of the Conference: First: Gathering and unifying the Iraqi national forces and all the Iraqi patriots, who believe in belonging to their country, regardless their sects, orientations and parties. Second: To work on liberating Iraq and saving it from the Iranian incursion in all political, economic and military fields of Iraq which aims to destroy the country and enslave its people. The conference also tackles the expulsion of the traitors and agents loyal to the Iranian regime. Third: Working to amend the Constitution to suit the situation of the country, maintain the unity of Iraqi people and preserve their rights. Fourth: To build relations with world states, in a way that serves Iraq and its common interests with the countries that support the Iraqi national forces, to achieve its just and worthy goals. These states should also cooperate with Iraq to rebuild its state institutions on right basis. Fifth: Supporting factors that would lead to the return of the Iraqi competent citizens abroad to serve their country and people.
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    2019-03-19 BY SOTALIRAQ Iraq wants fair oil prices in world markets Deputy Prime Minister for Energy and Minister of Oil Thamer Ghadhban stressed his country's keenness to support oil prices and work with producers from within and outside the "OPEC" to rebalance the world markets by controlling the supply of oil. This came during his participation in the thirteenth meeting of the Joint Ministerial Committee to monitor the reduction of production between the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and major producers from outside, which is held in the Azerbaijani capital Baku. Al-Ghadban said that the meeting comes within the framework of the keenness of the producer countries of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and its co-sponsors from outside to monitor the decision to reduce oil production, which was adopted before the end of last year, which was implemented from January 2019 for a period of (6) months . He added that the meeting aims to review the reports prepared by the specialized committees and emanating from the meetings of the producers in order to achieve the commitment of members to the decision to reduce production to advanced levels and control over the surplus oil supply and to take appropriate steps to maintain the target set by OPEC and its partners, Global oil and fair prices for both producers and consumers, leading to the revitalization of the global economy. Al-Ghadhban said that Iraq plays an important role in bringing the views of the producers closer to reaching logical and realistic solutions and decisions, and that through his meetings with his counterparts he noticed their keenness to do so. The oil minister stressed that the decision to extend the agreement or otherwise will be discussed at the next meeting in Vienna next month. The Deputy Prime Minister for Energy and Oil Minister participated in the press conference held before the meeting of the Ministerial Committee and the ministers of (Saudi Arabia, Russia and Azerbaijan) with the participation of the Secretary General of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). IRAQالعراق-يرغب-بأسعار-منصفة-للنفط-في-الاس/
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    I hope President Trump gets to speak and share his vision for Iraq and the middle east..... could be very interesting and resourceful.
  46. 3 points
    Luigi, Other Than U - Nobody Gives A Rat's A$* !
  47. 2 points
    Looks like the CBI is doing well..... Even with the daily auctions around $150 to $200 million dollars a day foreign currency reserves growing $62.5 billion dollars Gold reserves growing 96.5 tons of gold Oil prices today WTI $58.91 Brent $67,14 Infltion +/-2% For how long do you think the CBI could operate at the rate 1190 dinars per dollar? For now I don’t see any rush or pressure to RV Go CBI Go reserves Go growth
  48. 2 points
    maybe they cashed out! Hopefully they got some new shoes.....cement shoes!
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    Parliament holds its fifth session Sunday instead of Saturday 4 views 19/03/2019 Baghdad The Presidency of the House of Representatives decided to hold the next session of the Council on Sunday instead of Saturday. A parliamentary source said that "the presidency of the House of Representatives decided to hold the fifth regular session of the second legislative term on Sunday, March 24 instead of Saturday." The source, who asked not to be named, said that "the decision to postpone the meeting came in order to give the celebrants Noruz day another day."
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    Congressional deputies demand Trump to maintain a military presence in Iraq Political | 09:07 - 19/03/2019 BAGHDAD - US Congressmen asked President Donald Trump not to reduce the US presence in Iraq. "At this crucial moment, it is a mistake to withdraw from Iraq, because it seeks to protect its sovereignty from internal and external threats and to transform the country into a prosperous and viable democracy," the heads of the Armed and Foreign Affairs and Intelligence Committee of the US House of Representatives said in a statement. "We call on the administration to continue to deal with Congress in order to ensure a stable future for the Iraqi people," the deputies added. Legislators considered it necessary for the United States to continue its "participation" in the fate of Iraq, including through training programs for Iraqi security forces and cooperation in the field of investment and trade and the provision of humanitarian assistance to those affected by the practices of "Daash". US President Donald Trump has announced earlier that the United States intends to maintain the military presence in Iraq to monitor Iran.

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