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    Happy Saturday all! The week was long, my apologies for getting this up so late... ... fortunately, I do not have to apologize for anything in Iraq. I know most of you don’t read the entirety of all the threads (who has time??), so I’ll bring a couple of important notes here. This one, in particular, spells out EVERYTHING. Iraq needs HCL (oil law) to really kick things into high gear. The oil law is many things, but of extreme importance is it’s scope regarding Kurdish relations with Baghdad inside the country. You don’t have to do more than skim the following to see that this is ALL about that... and pretty much 100% positive. That’s excellent stuff regarding the HCL, so I’ll leave that one for now. I have a question for the members here - I have my own opinion, and I’ll share that in an upcoming update. The “budget” - specifically, this: There are a few “known” budgets. The operating budget that’s currently in place and a supplemental budget scheduled for September. We can argue that there are more than that, but let’s keep it simple. I’ve seen a few comments regarding the possibility, or even impossibility, of a change in the rate without the “next” budget in place. This seems to suggest that people think a budget must be released that accurately accounts for an increased exchange rate. This means Iraq would give the world a large notice that they intend to change the exchange rate before they actually do it... am I reading the comments wrong, or is that really a belief held by some of the members? If it is, I just want to understand your logic. That's enough for now, I’ll follow up on that somewhat loaded question in a couple days. - Adam
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    Okay, so let's say were all so close enough of friends as to not only be able to get on each other's nerves from time to time but also to know deep personal details about each other. So now our Friend/Brother Adam just SUDDENLY came into $500 Million Dollars. So I ask you, would you even breath a word of this to us, your dearest friends? I'd like to think my Dear Friend and Brother was smart enough to not say a word. And That is what I believe Iraq will do. We will wake up one morning and SUDDENLY see that Iraq has raised the value of the Dinar to $1.13. Few people will ever know that it happened.
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    I don’t think the new rate would be indicated In a budget that is a few months or even a few days away from being approved. Once the RI/RV happens, it’s a very simple math formula to amend the existing budget quickly from that day forward or any day forward.. Let’s say you are the minister of education (see what I did there) lol and you are to receive a total of 1 Billion dinars under the existing rate for the year or any day moving forward.. if the new rate becomes roughly 1:1 then you would be due roughly 1 Million new Dinar for the year or any specific day moving forward under the new rate and you would also use the same math to subtract any funds you have already received for the year post rate change and use the old rate against any funds you received for the year prior to the rate change to see how much you have left to receive. Even though it is a simple math formula, this is why Shabibi said it is best to do this at the start of the year or half way through it.. (less confusing) There is far to much of a risk to let more than 300 parliament members know ahead of time that the rate is totally different than to simply amend the rate change to everything economically and financial after the fact (including the national budget).. JMO.
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    I i respectively disagree-' especially this part of the decade. Theres been tremendous progress since the elimination of the dasholes (despite the lack of elimination of a former PM.). SWIFT codes and.KPMG werent even a thiught a decade ago, nor was president Trump. I mention the latter because a proper 'deal' could and would eliminate the entire US debt - which is possible mathematically and would be structurally sound. I find it interesting that Trump.made a relevant reference in the news this week; while referring to the fact that the Iranian fiasco setup by Obama (Aka Valerie Jared) was only supposed to be 5 years in duration, he stated that agreements should be much longer when working with countries- in excess of 50 years in length. I recall reading an article prior to his election in which he said we should just take the oil from Iraq for what we've done for them; I'm sure Iraq and all other nations involved would agree that a lengthy deal.would be and is preferable. Recent events (just to name a few) such as the recent visit - and followup meeting just yesterday- of KRG with Baghdad, public comments regarding the completion of article 140, Mahdi's visit to the White House on or about the 15th of July, the yet to be released statement and conclusion by the IMF (I'm pretty sure we would've heard something by now if their summation was negative), the stability and strength of the IQD's market rate and a sustained fluctuation of less than 2%, stability and duration of the current price of oil, the development of digital technology and the coordination between NASD.and the Iraqi stock exchange, the recent "Fire Drill" at the IQD, continued unrest and public demonstrations by the Iraqi citizens - all point in the direction that a positive change in rate of the IQD is coming - this year (I personally won't be surprised if it comes by Aug. 2nd.) The most encouraging thing I left out are previous comments from the CBI that state a change in rate was supposed to have aleeady happened -years ago- and that it didn't due to problems in Iraq that have since been resolved- which further proves the current state of stability and security in Iraq. Go RV!!!
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    I’m surprised you didn’t offer a discount on VIP package to celebrate the anniversary of moon landing !
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    Thanks Adam. There will be no notice. We will wake up to your text.
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    I DO NOT believe they can give ANY notice. (GUT feeling) I'm SO glad to hear from you, my friend.
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    Sorry not this Canadian when I first heard him speak when running in your elections i told my wife this is a antichrist in disguise my opinion only maybe not that bad but I liked Clinton wish perot got In rest is soul and I love the Donald
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    We have the same fool who loves to down everyone & most posts....even our Adam M...! I hope he gets a life and leaves DV...JMHO..! Good Night All.......... RON
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    Thank You For Your Grounded Post As ALWAYS, Adam, AND The Very Best Of Your Weekend To You!!! My opinion is there are multiple parts in AND out of Iraq critical to a sustainable transition for Iraq to be an INTERNATIONAL full fledged entity. IN Iraq, the 2019 budget allocations COULD BE a nightmare IF Iraq transitioned to an "open" "economy" INTERNATIONAL Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar AND the original Bicraqi Iraqi 2019 Budget Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar allocations were maintained. THIS alone would IMMEDIATELY drain the Bicraqi Iraqi CBI reserves AND short circuit EVERYTHING. The Bicraqi Iraqi 2019 Budget notes allocations INTERNALLY in Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar WHEREAS the "income" is noted in USD since the Bicraqi Iraqi are paid for THEIR Crude Oil in USD. So, a conversion COULD BE inferred IN the Supplemental Bicraqi Iraqi 2019 Budget AND is why is NOT for public viewing. Yet. So, suspicious the Supplemental Bicraqi Iraqi 2019 Budget HAS NOT been made available. WHAT, pray tell, are THEY hiding???!!! IF hiding SOMETHING, I am surprised the leaky Bicraqi Iraqi media HAS NOT inferred SOMETHING. So, we wait AND see. I look forward to Your comments. ALL in ALL, I REALLY think WE are close. WE just NEED ELI The ICE Man ( ) to "induce" the WHOLE THING!!! Well, OK, in an "inductance" mode, the Electro Motive Force (currency power) LEADS the amperage (volume of financial transactions)!!! Hence, ELI The ICE Man IN Ugly's Pocket Electrical Handbook Lingo!!! In The Mean Time.................................................................................. The "Standard" "Disclaimer" Applies..................................................... AND (of course)...................................................................................... Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY, READY WHEN YOU ARE BROTHER (OR SISTER) - LET 'ER BUCK!!!)!!!
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    I believe the IMF report is the most important piece of the RV puzzle. The IMF is the one who will give the Green light to the CBI to pull the trigger. Just my opinion Go RV sooner than later Go $1:1
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    Well. In my opinion, "something is up"......the IMF seems like one of those organizations that does things by the book - consistently, and that there must be a strict schedule not only for the things they review, but also in regards to the time it takes to release their conclusions. Looking at it another way, I am of the opinion that the IMF would have already released a statement if the results regarding Iraq were bad or negative, and that no news is good news...(or so I hope!). The timing od Barswani's visit to Baghdad and Madi's trip to the White House on the 15th (along with all the other fantastic articles as of late) feels more than encouraging....
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    It's just the opposite Mahdi not quitting, seems the pressure of Change on Corruption charges is taking effect..News on deputies losing immunity earlier today has some crying to the higher up. How I see it. Reform is slow but it happening. Can't have international reconstruction with no results...I bet that IMF review everyone waiting on says the same thing...Corruption...
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    Iraq has been building up their foreign reserves and this tells me that they are planning (or continue to) to fix the value of their currency in terms of their foreign reserves. Traditionally, countries with floating exchange rate don't have huge foreign reserves. ( Eg. USA foreign currency reserves is only $123.5 billion as of August 2018 vs 1.6 trillion cash in circulation). ( i think)...when IMF suggested to iraq that they need to liberalize their exchange rate ~ a full floating regime is NOT the only option. Iraq could adopt a safer options (in terms of stability) of a managed float exchange rate which consist of a band (a fluctuation range), a basket of currencies (which they have been talking about), and allowing the exchange rates to appreciate or depreciate at a pace under CBI's control. With their huge reconstructions cost (about 80 billion USD), we can expect huge capital surge coming into Iraq over a short period of time and this would put a lot of upward pressure on their exchange rate (IF they were to full float their exchange rate), causing stress and overheating to their economy and a source of deflation which could be disruptive and very harmful to their reconstruction process. I don't think iraq would want that. What I think iraq would do is to RV their currency to a value (eg. Equivalent to 1 USD), thus absorbing the impact of sudden upward pressure to their exchange rate, and then managed float from them the much needed stability for their reconstruction process. They keyword here is: STABILITY.
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    Thank you For your post Adam. Thank you for providing this site to learn, discuss, and banter about the Dinar. Things appear to be moving very quickly to an announcement soon. Haha. I’ll be awaiting the news via your text.
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    WOWZERS!!! THEE Israeli Mossad in conjunction WITH Coalition Forces AND Bicraqi Iraqi Defense Forces RETRIEVED THE 150 BILLION USD Bark Insane Obama SENT ALL OVER THE PLACE TO GET THE JCPOA AND NOW THE 150 BILLION USD IS IN THE Bicraqi Iraqi CBI Reserve!!! THAT'LL MAKE FOR A HUGE Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar INTERNATIONAL ReInstatement!!! Say 78 Billion USD + 150 Billion USD = 228 BILLION USD THEN WHACK three (3) zeroes OFF the nominal 39 TRILLION Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar (IN Iraq ONLY) = 39 BILLION Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar, THEN 228 BILLION USD / 39 BILLION Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar = 5.84615 USD PER Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar!!! SMOKIN'!!! AAAHHH .......................... JUST Jackin' WITH YOU ALL!!! Well, OK, I would GLADLY ACCEPT a 5.84615 USD PER Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar Exchange Rate!!! WOULD, pray tell, YOU???!!! In The Mean Time.................................................................................................... The "Standard" "Disclaimer" Applies....................................................................... AND (of course)........................................................................................................ Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY, READY WHEN YOU ARE BROTHER (OR SISTER) - LET 'ER BUCK!!!)!!!
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    My personal opinion only is that all of this is being orchestrated on the international level with groups like the imf world bank, Bank of International Settlements, the Faster Payments Taskforce, that Trump establishes when first coming into office. It is all part of “Leveleing the Playing Field”, that He, Steve Mnuchin, Christine Lagarde former managing director of the IMF, Mark Carney of the Bank of England all have been saying! I think this all ties together with RTGS currencies... (Real Time Gross Settlements) This is all going to play into central banks changing over to blockchain DLT technologies working in the background. The average citizen won’t know it or understand it, many of them will still use cash and go to the bank like normal but all these countries are going to be reset according to natural resources, Human Resources, Imports/Exports etc to find their true value. Iran and Other countries have been finding a crypto work around from the mainly US dominated SWIFT system. Not to sound like a broken record, but I believe that XRP will be the bridge digital asset between all these various CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies) I believe Iran will devalue, and I believe Iraq will Revalue. Iran 4 zeros off the notes with a new currency, and Iraq 3 zeros off the .00084 rate. All will be settled internationally using RTGS through the IOV (Internet of Value) or Interledger Protocol using R3 Corda Settler and the XRPL ledger. It will be as easy to send money international as it is to send an email. All KYC/AML compliant..... we shall see but in my opinion it’s all connected! This is a huge orchestra getting ready for a final crescendo! 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻 I could be wrong though. Just years of reading and listening trying to figure out how it all goes together
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    Here you go, I have followed Art 8 process for sometime and I would have to agree. It's done, but my guess is that that they asked for it not to be made public until a later date. People like us are gaming it and it maybe seen as a indicator. Hold off and bring everything out at once
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    I have followed Art 8 process for sometime and I would have to agree. It's done, but my guess is that that they asked for it not to be made public until a later date. People like us are gaming it and it maybe seen as a indicator. Hold off and bring everything out at once.
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    The Democrats’ 2020 Campaign Slogan is “Americans suck, vote for us.” The precise candidate who will employ it is not important because they all embrace the notion that punishing the essential moral failure of you and me and every other Normal American is the key goal of the Donkey Party. That goes equally for the Handsey Old Prospector, the Socialist Squaw, Crusty the Commie, Spartacus Sharpton, Starchild, the Furry, Not Ms. Willie Brown, the Unfabulous *** Guy, and the many Unfabulous Ungay Guys. Democrats can’t run on the economy. Democrats can’t run on border security. Democrats can’t run on foreign policy. Democrats can’t run on 0bama’s agenda. Democrats have no “issues” that will get people off the couch to vote for them. Democrats have no message. Democrats have no plan. Democrats have no charisma. Democrats have no leader. Democrats have no energy. Democrats have no money. When you have so much of absolutely NOTHING, the only thing you have left is trying to shame, belittle, berate and otherwise demonize everyone you hate. They’re trying to get us to hate ourselves as much as they hate America and Americans. Obviously an opinion piece....
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    The USA reduced the value of the dinar. The USA has big plans for Iraq and there currency. They will not let it stay at a 10th of a penny. We helped rebuild Europe Japan among other countries. China would be a third world country if we had not helped them. So we just have to be patient. Its going to happen!
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    Thanks wheresmyRV👍🏼🙂 It was scheduled for July 19th, and nothing yet. Why is not available for the general public yet.? Maybe because we all know the implications of Art 8 acceptance. things that make you go 🤔🤔🤔 Thanks DIAMOND 👍🏼😊 Go IMF Go Art 8 acceptance Go RV sooner than later Go $1:1
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    STILL Nuttin'!!! Go MAGA!!! Go True The United States Of America Patriot President Donald J Trump!!! Go True The United States Of America Patriots!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, In Advance To ALL The Red Rubymeisters For ALL The Red Ruby Citations As Badges Of Honor For ME For "Display Of Intellectual Speed And Power"!!! Go Red Rubymeisters (ELSEWHERE!!!)!!! Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY, READY WHEN YOU ARE BROTHER (OR SISTER) - LET 'ER BUCK!!!)!!!
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    @Adam Montana are you still as upbeat and thinking it can still happen at anytime now ? When your excited, everyone one else here is excited as well. Cheers, pp
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    This was posted the other day but it’s still great news imo. Another good sign of investments coming to Iraq. Folks if Iran and her puppet Iraqi politicians don’t muck up the details Iraq is being set up to be the next Japan, the next S. Korea, the next Vietnam. You would have to be 100% BLIND to not see the similarities. Think about it, War, Cooling off period, Reconstruction and an emerging market for investors. Iraq is a little tougher because of the Religion issue but make no mistake the big boys are in control. They won’t let Iran, ISIS, or anyone else stop the progress to come for Iraq. Hang in there Bros. Goodness is coming for the people of Iraq and hopefully us as well. I’ve waited a long time but think about how tough it has been for the people of Iraq. Think about the US Soldiers who have sacrificed so much and think about their families. Waiting is no big deal when you think bigger picture and for those who fought to free Iraq of a brutal despot.
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    Uhhhhh really it would go like this dadda adam its me davis your long lost son i am comin home
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    7-20-2019 Newshound Guru Adam Montana Iraq needs HCL (oil law) to really kick things into high gear. The oil law is many things, but of extreme importance is it’s scope regarding Kurdish relations with Baghdad inside the country. Article quote: “This agenda has been developed in accordance with the political agreements between all parties which compose the new cabinet of the KRG…” That’s excellent stuff regarding the HCL…
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    I believe it is a stall tactic. They can drag that out for some time. Don’t be surprised to see the new Minister passed and seated and the RV the next day or simultaneous.
  33. 10 points we go bros...what do we know : document leaks about the nomination of Aseel Abadi to the Ministry of Education let's go bros
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    Brazil’s review was the 15th and was posted today. Serbia’s review was the 17th and posted yesterday.
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    The currencies CANNOT have different values period ever! The value has to be the same for lower denoms and the currency we hold! But yes if you want to take the word of some lady at a kiosk making $12 per hour be my guest! It’s hilarious that she said to your question that they don’t deal with the dinar and never will but in the next response she knew for a fact the current currency out now would hold a different rate then the new currency that was going to be laughable is that seriously!
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    Nasdaq signs New Agreement with Iraq Stock Exchange 22nd July 2019 in Investment Nasdaq Inc. (Nasdaq:NDAQ) and the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) have signed a new agreement to extend their market technology relationship. As part of the agreement, Nasdaq will continue providing ISX with matching engine and central securities depository (CSD) technology. This new agreement marks the next chapter of a technology partnership between Nasdaq and ISX which originated in 2007. Taha A. Abdulsalam, CEO, Iraq Stock Exchange, said: “We are pleased to build on our successful partnership with Nasdaq. Using Nasdaq’s market technology is a clear indication to investors, regulators and other exchanges that Iraq will bolster its efforts into becoming an important financial center for regional and global businesses.“ Michèle Carlsson, Managing Director, Nasdaq in the Middle East and Africa, said: “By upgrading to the latest Nasdaq technology, ISX will be joining a community of exchanges deploying high-end, multi-asset trading technology that complies with international standards. We look forward to supporting ISX as they continue evolving and innovating their marketplace.“ (Source: Nasdaq)
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    7-20-2019 Newshound Guru Enorrste [Article: The Liberalization of prices is the most important implication in the market economy...]. I can't help but believe that means floating the currency. You can't liberalize the price without changing the value...I don't know why he didn't say float the currency but he called it liberalization of prices. Sounds like a float to 7-20-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Anyone who says nothing is happening in Iraq or there's no progress is really missing the boat because these types of things that may not be effecting us yet are major accomplishments. Remember post war Iraq was literally off the map. They had to rebuild everything from the ground up and to talk about a financial system now that's engaging and preparing the financial system, inter-banking, markets, the electronic banking, ATMs and all that...they're going from the Stone Age... 7-20-2019 Newshound Guru G-Lin [Does Iran have any or a negative impact on our investment?] ...yes it has an impact...The U.S./Iran situation is very serious and is escalating daily. Instability, instability, instability. I'm anxious to see the Art. IV statement from IMF. It is suppose to come out today...that review will be interesting. Iraq continues to look stronger and stronger economically, however, the M.E. tension is worrisome...
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    Democratic reveals the formation of joint committees between Baghdad and Erbil to resolve outstanding problems 09:32 - 21/07/2019 0 Baghdad MP revealed the mass of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Ahmed al-Saffar, on Sunday, the formation of joint committees between Baghdad and Erbil to resolve the outstanding problems, noting that the committees will discuss the oil file and revenue and budget and Article 140 and others. "The visit of the President of the Kurdistan Regional Government pleased Barzani to Baghdad is a step in good faith," Saffar said in a statement. He added that "the provincial government is serious in engaging in dialogue with the federal government to resolve all outstanding issues, the first step taken by the provincial government with the beginning of the receipt of its powers." He pointed out the yolk that " the visit came to open the door of the formation of technical committees, because there are topics you need to specialists and to information , " he added, " The technical committees that the parties to be formed to discuss oil's revenues, budget, salaries and arming the Peshmerga during the war Daesh Article 140 and others." Ending / 25
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    Missed all the Maui talk . Headed their beginning of next month. My son got his Make-A-Wish granted and he chose volcanoes and swimming with the sea turtles. It should be a once in a lifetime trip and really looking forward to it.
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    All I can say is this message was true in 1995 and even more relative now. I don’t think many Americans are against immigration, they just want immigrants to abide by our laws of entry. Once they are allowed to enter try to blend into our culture, work hard, and pay your taxes. Good find BA
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    Great Point, Laid Back, AND The Very Best Of Your Weekend To You!!! I have the Lil' Red Riding Hood type garb fantasy super power jammies "person" on ignore AND THEREFORE DO NOT GIVE THE FALSELY ACCUSED RED RUBY(IES)!!! I can see the post when OTHER people quote another's post. THEE Lil' Red Riding Hood type garb fantasy super power jammies "person" SO ABUSES THEMSELF!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU In Advance To ALL The Red Rubymeisters For The Red Ruby Citations As Badges Of Honor For ME For Display Of "Intellectual Speed And Power"!!! Go MAGA!!! Go The True The United States Of America Patriot President Donald J Trump!!! Go True The United States Of America Patriots!!! Go Red Rubymeisters!!! Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY, READY WHEN YOU ARE BROTHER (OR SISTER) - LET 'ER BUCK!!!)!!!
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    7-23-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni ...This IMF [International Monetary Fund] Article IV Consultation that took place just a couple of months ago is being created now and printed. My understanding is it said July in the press release. This is a significant item for us to review because of what is it going to say..! Is it going to encourage them to move to Article VIII and open up for business? Or is it going to say something we don't want to read? We won't know until we read it. You wouldn't have all these activities happening in Iraq if the financial system needed the brakes to be put on...We said a year and a half ago they are never going to go into Article VIII until they are in 2% compliance...nothing ever happened because they weren't in compliance...[They are now in compliance]...!
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    The head of the Arab project Khamis Al-Khangar authorized Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi tochoose a figure of the Ministry of Education to fill the vacuum, especially after the recent low results of the third grade average," Jumaili said in a statement . He added that "the information we received from the Prime Minister indicates his desire to take over the position of a woman who holds a doctorate from the residents of the province of Nineveh," without revealing its name. He Jumaili that "the next sessions will see the resolution of the candidate of the Ministry of Education before going to a legislative holiday to fill the vacuum within the ministry." Ending / 25 h
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    It was reported that this agent in the WH could not be removed even though Trump suspected he was one of the leakers. Also Comey was coordinating his phony Dossier with The CIA chiefs, CNN, and Barry . This report should be enough to get some incredible perp walks or at least some sweetheart get out of jail cards to sing. The truth needs to be reported. To to be honest this is a sad day for our country. When the people in the highest seats of leadership attempt a Coup and go against the people’s elected President it is sad indeed. It’s real simple, they didn’t want to give up their power. I hope the LAW BREAKERS get their day in court and if found guilty of treason rot in jail for the rest of their life.
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    Wtf - Why The Hell Not ? There’s ‘Only’ Been 14 Pages Posted Between Yesterday And Today ...
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    YYYEEEAAAHHH BBBAAABBBYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEE Old, er, NEW Silk Road WITH a MEASLY STINKIN' 32 Kilometers OR 20 miles OF Rail Road TO HITCH UP THEE Muddle East WITHIN THEE Old, er, NEW Silk Road!!! YYYEEEAAAHHH BBBAAABBBYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! INTERNATIONAL Commerce PASSING THROUGH Iraq ALONE OF, SAY, one (1) TRILLION USD per year WITH A 1% PASS THROUGH CUSTOMS IS 10 BILLION USD AND Equivalent TO NOMINALLY 10% OF Crude Oil Yearly Sales FOR THEE Bicraqi Iraqi!!! YYYEEEAAAHHH BBBAAABBBYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In The Mean Time............................................................. GO Interantional Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar.................................. AND (of course)................................................................. The "Standard" "Disclaimer" Applies................................. AND (of course).................................................................. Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY, READY WHEN YOU ARE BROTHER (OR SISTER) - LET 'ER BUCK!!!)!!!
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    “The Liberalization of prices is the most important implication in the market economy” Iraq is on a transition from close economy to an open market economy. The liberalization of prices Is the removal of regulations and restrictions in order to encourage economic development. The IMF predicted that Iraq ‘s reserves to reach $ 91 billion in 2020; as a result of improvement in the conditions of the Iraqi economy. The tight monetary policy adopted by the Central Bank of Iraq in the framework of the strategy aimed at achieving stability showed that the financial dollar system is directed towards gradual decline ,and the phenomenon of partial dollarization is now less than the previous one due to the launch of freedom of foreign transfer and the adoption of monetary policy to promote the external value of the Iraqi dinar. The monetary policy in Iraq started to establish a framework to strengthen confidence in Iraqi dinars, which help to create a strong and deep conditions in the stability of the financial system, ie the transfer of the impact of the operational objectives of monetary policy to achieve the immediate objectives of the same policy, stressing that the power to address the dollarization, is a measure of the effectiveness of the monetary policy in providing an impressive signal to make the Iraqi dinar more attractive, which is usually reflected in the stability of the monetary demand on it , or decline the speed in money circulation and stability of it , ie , due to the effect of the exchange rate and interest as the effective positive variables in stabilizing the monetary demand and strengthen the mechanism of monetary transfer at the same time. In order to support the economic growth and diversification in the economy, more reforms are needed to create fiscal space for overall growth, strengthen the business environment, and being guard against corruption and reform the banking sector. Go RV Go $1:1
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    1.20 and you can have all of mine. I’ll find a more stable investment wth that kind of cash. Like more dongs. Hahahahaha. Lets go Iraq. We are all ready to cash in. Do it, do it, Pull the RV cord, push the button, flip the switch, clap your hands, say Shazam it is now done. ✅ Come on Bros, get Er done!!!

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