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    I’m in church and just shouted out “Hallelujah” at the totally wrong part of the sermon! They don’t realize I’m reading a Dinar forum. Cell phone is sitting in my Bible..... 😂. can I get an “Amen“ on this article!?
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    Good Morning, Yota, I sell ATMs. IF this is about cash changes in the machines, then yes, we would get a notice to change the cash trays, and load with whatever notes they want. Sounds like the bank window, but if they are including ATMs, we could be about to hit it big time.
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    If they need to modify agency contracts for outlets cash withdrawal is because changes in cash withdrawals are coming..... just my opinion. Come on’ Lower Denomination notes.!
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    This article is interesting. I sell ATMs, and I also sell Point-is-Sale systems. Let me dig a bit. Thanks!
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    Good morning and Happy Wednesday! Iraq isn't in the best possible spot this week... we are nearing a month of protests. Mahdi has promised to resign once a successor is named. They are working on a new election law that will likely eliminate a handful of positions in the GOI, and thereby reduce a bit of the corruption. Bad news - nothing is happening immediately. It appears that things are settling, but realistically this is going to take a couple more weeks. On the positive side, the exchange rate is stable in spite of the confusion. I can't imagine a more solid argument for Iraq's future than that! WTI oil pricing is stable. The work that was being done hasn't backtracked - it's just paused. Progress made has not been lost - just paused. On a related note, I've seen a couple of the "rumors" floating around about the dinar being released with "par value" (that means nothing to us), or Chapter 7 being reimplemented, and a few other things like that. I say it's related because when Iraqi news is slow, or negative, the "gurus" always seem to come up with some nonsense like this. That's what it is - nonsense. Just read it, give your favorite newshound or rumor sharing member a "❤️ " for sharing, and take a deep breath - the situation will work itself out, and we'll be back on track shortly. Crypto. BTC settles in over the $9000 mark after a nice boost up... remember a few updates ago when I told you I was going to trade some precious metals for crypto and grab a short term gain? China's news a couple weeks ago certainly happened at a good time! China continues to back off on their former ban on crypto, basically stating they are going to support blockchain... if not necessarily supporting bitcoin itself. Either way, this is really good for the crypto world in general. More blockchain projects and support means more adoption, which means more demand, and BTC stands to gain from that both short and long term. Recommendation for the day: Follow the Crypto section in VIP! You can choose more or less notifications, based on your preferences. Personally - I get an email anytime a new thread is posted, and of course a notification when a post is made in a thread I follow. If you don't know, you can't win. Just for fun: Courtesy of the brew, check out this amazing footage: That's it for now! It's unfortunate that we're seeing a delay in Iraq, more so for them than for us, but keep your head up and stay positive. This train is still heading the right direction. - Adam
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    ????? what happened did the dinar fall too 2500 per dinar ? { the emergency is that the dinar has been off for over 15 years I think , don`t mind us just put it back to what feels right ---- as long as it is over 1 dollar per )
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    Next step [United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq] 39 mins ago Baghdad – 10 November 2019 Over the past weeks, demonstrations erupted in Baghdad and other governorates in Iraq. Protester demands cover a wide spectrum of issues, including economic growth and employment, reliable public services, prudent and impartial governance, an end to corruption, credible elections as well as broader reform of the political system - including amendments to the constitution. An accumulation of frustrations about the lack of progress in the last 16 years is clearly perceptible, and with rising numbers of deaths and injured (both protesters and members of the Iraqi Security Forces) a climate of anger and fear has set in. The Iraqi people cannot afford to be held back by the past nor by partisan interests. Rising hope asks for a leap forward, including the understanding that - in today’s digital age - daily life has moved online. Meanwhile, the risk of ‘spoilers’ hijacking peaceful demonstrations is increasing and potentially derailing any attempt at genuine change. Time is therefore of the essence, as are tangible results. To start with, and following consultations with a wide range of Iraqi parties, actors and authorities (including the three Presidencies, the Supreme Judicial Council, protesters and union representatives), the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) proposes the following principles and measures: PRINCIPLES The following principles apply to all parties at all times: 1. Protect the right to life above all. 2. Guarantee the right to peaceful assembly, demonstration and freedom of expression, as granted in the constitution. 3. Practice maximum restraint in the handling of the protests, including no use of live ammunition, ban the improper use of non-lethal devices (such as tear gas canisters). 4. Deliver full accountability for perpetrators and redress for victims. 5. Act in keeping with the law, including in regard to public and private properties. MEASURES Immediate measures (less than a week) include: 1. Release all peaceful demonstrators detained since 1 October, in accordance with the law. 2. No peaceful demonstrators shall be targeted. 3. Initiate full investigation of cases of abduction (including by making available CCTV footage), and reveal the identity of those responsible. 4. Accelerate the identification and prosecution of those responsible for targeting demonstrators. 5. Prosecute and punish those responsible for the excessive use of force and/or other violent acts, in accordance with the law. 6. Publicly call on all regional and international parties not to interfere in Iraq’s internal affairs, respecting its sovereignty. Short term measures (within one week to two weeks) include: 1. Electoral reform: With the technical support of the UN, a single legal framework shall be finalized. Soon after, the framework shall be submitted to the Council of Representatives (CoR). The parliamentary procedure shall be completed as soon as possible. 2. Security Sector Reform: Executive Order 237 shall be fully implemented without delay. Any weapons outside state control shall be prohibited. Any outlaw armed entity or rogue element shall be considered illegal and it is the state’s responsibility to take them on. 3. Corruption: The political elite shall lead by example, for instance by publicly declaring their assets – at home and abroad, held under their own name or another. Additionally, political parties/blocs and movements shall abolish their economic committees. Medium term measures (within one to three months) include: 1. Constitution: With the technical support of the UN, the Constitutional Review Committee shall continue its work. Any amendment to the constitution shall be put to referendum by the people of Iraq. 2. Corruption: The Commission of Integrity shall submit corruption cases to the High Judicial Council or the Central Anti-Corruption Court. The Central Anti-Corruption Court shall handle corruption cases at all levels of the state. All corrupt officials will be held accountable and prosecuted. 3. Enactment of laws: The Government shall send the following draft laws to the CoR, and the CoR shall complete its due process as soon as possible: a. A law addressing the principle: ‘Where did you get this from?’ b. The Federal Court Law c. The Social Security Law d. Law on resolving the Housing Crisis e. The Oil and Gas (Hydrocarbon) Law f. Amending the Law on Encouraging Investments and Public-Private Sector Partnership g. The Council of Ministers and Ministries Law h. The Reconstruction Council Law LINK
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    Hi everyone, I'm afraid I was wrong about the CBI being closed for three days as stated above. Today, Thursday, they did a "First", they had an auction for sales for next Monday. So they will be closed for only the regularly scheduled two days. I've never seen them do an auction for so far into the next week. I was wrong to presume that since they had multiple auctions and Wednesday's auction was for Sunday (instead of the regular Thursday auction), that they would be closed on Thursday as well. I'm sorry - I guess screwball was right - it was BS, but not any guru BS - it was mine. I own it....RON
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    Evidently not.... John 8:44 (NASB) 44 You are of your father the devil, and you want to do the desires of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies. .
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    Tell me the Fat Lady is about to mount the stage...
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    Thanks for the chat Adam...! As a former Air Force pilot in VietNam, I have to say that the Drone Pilot is pretty darn good. It's a great video. RON
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    Just check the CBI website...They held a double Auction on Tuesday for Wednesday & Thursday sales, then on Wednesday they held an Auction for Sunday's sales. That means no auction on Thursday for Sunday's sales because they are closed Thursday. Then, they are closed Friday & Saturday per normal schedule (THAT'S THEIR WEEKEND). No guru BS - just a common sense observation, since I follow and post the auctions here on DV every day, and post them in the Iraq & Dinar Related News Forum. RON
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    If you know of a veteran in need of a little help. HELP them. Buy a dinner. Pay a bill. Anything.
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    Attar: The stability of the Iraqi monetary market is near 10:37 - 10/11/2019 Baghdad - Mawazine News A member of the Iraqi Economic Council Ghadeer Al-Attar, Sunday, near the return of stability of the situation of the Iraqi monetary market. Attar said in a statement, received / Mawazine News / a copy of it, "the status of exchange and cash will return to normal after the statement of the Central Bank of Iraq, the distribution of shares of specialized companies selling hard currency in the daily auction." Al-Attar pointed out that "what happened during the last week of the rise in exchange rates of the Iraqi dinar against the US dollar is an emergency and will not last long."
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    Thank you all for the kind words. I've taken a little break as I was stressed out not working. Now I'm back to work and re-energized. Missed you all as well. Here is hoping were all going to be stress free real quick !! pp
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    Dear John HAPPY BIRTHDAY And I saved the Best for Last
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    Mahdi has no reason to show up. GOI will throw a pile of blame on him (not themselves, of course). Why would he bother? Anyone remember when GOI summoned Maliki?? The next thing we see is a photo of him in a hospital bed (supposedly in Iran) and suffering a serious illness (never identified). Then POOF !! Two days later he's back in Iraq at his desk. These folks aren't politicians, they're magicians.
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    Modifying Agency / Implementer Contracts (Cash Withdrawal) November 10, 2019 To / all electronic payment companies ( Modify agency contracts / outlet (cash withdrawal) ) ... To view Click here
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    The stability of the Iraqi monetary market is near
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    Thanks 3n1👍🏼 Happy Sunday and Cheers.! Thanks for your input gregp, Exactly what I was thinking my friend. Thank you my friend Pitcher👍🏼😊 I believe they are getting ready for changes in the beginning of 2020. Go CBI Go RV Go asap
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    إلى / شركات الدفع الإلكتروني / كافة م / تعديل عقود وكالة / منفد (سحب نقدي) لاحقاً بإعمامنا المرقم 7/5/4٠١4 والمؤرخ في 5/١١/١7. تفرر قيام شركاتكم تعديل عقود وكالة / منفذ (سحب نقدي) (poc) الممنوحة لشركات التوسط ببيع وشراء العملات الأجنبية في حال اندماج تلك الشركات وجعل الوكالة باسم الشركة الأم حصرأ وإعادة توزيع الأجهزة وأسماء مالكيها وفقاً لبيالنات الشركة الأم. PDF translation: To / electronic payment companies / all / Modify the contracts of the agency / outlet (cash withdrawal) Later in our circular No. 7/5/4014 and dated 5/11/17. Amend your companies to modify agency contracts / outlet (cash withdrawal) (poc) granted to brokerage companies to buy and sell foreign currencies in the event of the merger of those companies and make the agency in the name of the parent company inventory and redistribution of the devices and the names of their owners according to the data of the parent company. POC (Point of Cash, Widely know as PO, Point of Sale), is a payment terminal provided by the bank on which the merchant can swipe or dip cards to receive payments. Simplified, it is the Normal Card Swipe Machine that we use to make Payments at Shops from our Credit/Debit Cards
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    We should start to see delete zeros articles shortly...if you think back to 2012 there were a ton of articles talking about deleting zeros and early 2013 was the target, so let’s hope we start to see talk shortly or a plain on rv will do...
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    LINK Pompeo: We must help the people of Iraq and achieve their aspirations 2019/11/8 13:52 "We must help the people of Iraq and Lebanon and achieve their aspirations," US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said. "Our soldiers are in Syria and we want Europe to join us to help the Kurds," Pompeo said at a forum in Germany. "There are hundreds of terrorists in Syria who want to be tried in their countries," he said. "We will do our best to return 6 million Syrians to their homes and we will work through the Security Council by issuing a resolution on this matter," he said. ############ Pompeo: We must help Iraq and Lebanon get rid of Iranian influence LINK
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    11-7-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Looking at the auctions numbers today Iraq has fell out of 2% compliance. [NOTE: The CBI's official market rate is still within 2% compliance. The CBI has not updated the market rate since 11/4.] Weegie - Even The Guru Site Threw Down The BS Card On Kraperoni With That Note At The Bottom ! They Don’t Even Do That With Ur Kool-aid Snorting Idols Bruce And RayRat ...
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    ’Wipe In The Know’ And Kraperoni - The Two Go Hand In Hand ...
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    Don't lose any sleep over it Ron. Next Sunday is a national holiday - a great time to unveil new exchange issues, while having everyone's attention! Parliament sets next Sunday a date for passing new reform packages
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    Tell Them To Shove It UPS Their Assessor !
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    Well, Well, Well, Look Who Adam Schiff Has “Family Ties” To Twitter is on fire with the revelation that Democratic party mouthpiece Adam Schiff turns out to have “family ties” to none other than George Soros himself.
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    Mark Zaid, who is one of the attorneys for the unrevealed whistleblower who is supposed to be the main man responsible for getting the impeachment inquiry started in the House of Representatives admitted that there is indeed a coup d’etat in effect that is purposely looking to overthrow President Trump. Back in 2017, he tweeted “coup has started” and that “impeachment will follow ultimately”. He also mentioned that the impeachment would occur in many steps. The tweets, which came shortly after President Trump fired then-acting Attorney General Sally Yates for failing to defend federal laws in court, are likely to fuel Republican concerns that the anonymous whistleblower’s complaint is tainted with partisanship. Trump’s call with Ukraine’s leader, which is the subject of the complaint, occurred in July 2019 The whistleblower’s lawyer gave away the game,” the Trump campaign’s communications director, Tim Murtaugh, told Fox News. “It was always the Democrats’ plan to stage a coup and impeach President Trump and all they ever needed was the right scheme. They whiffed on Mueller so now they’ve settled on the perfectly fine Ukraine phone call. This proves this was orchestrated from the beginning.” Trump has repeatedly accused Democrats and partisans in the intelligence community of effectively plotting a coup against him, through selective leaks and lengthy investigations. This entire impeachment process is a complete circus act. The lengths they’ve gone to hide their secret meetings and not revealing who the whistleblower is, as well as not allowing the Republicans to question the whistleblower. Honestly, it’s unbelievable that this has gone on as long as it has already. The transcript from the call was already released and there was nothing bad in the call, yet because this one whistleblower said that there was, they’ve started an official impeachment inquiry, which will ultimately lead to nowhere, and Pelosi knows it. That’s why she was trying to avoid it as much as she could.
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    Thank you for the article Yota, very interesting. Thank you to those who have shared their thoughts. Tend to agree with you LB NEPats, you are in the right place to yell out Hallelujah!!!!!!!!
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    Low dollar exchange rates in Iraq Economie 2019-11-10 | 03:21 14,388 views The exchange rate of the dollar fell on the stock exchange and local markets, on Sunday (November 10, 2019). The prices of the Stock Exchange - Baghdad 121,000 dinars for $ 100. Selling and buying prices in banking shops: selling price of the dollar = 121.500 dinars. The purchase price of the dollar = 120.500 dinars.
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    11-1-2019 **** IMPORTANT Dinar Update **** Guru Kaperoni's report has now been confirmed by the official rates reported by Central Bank of Iraq. It appears the market rate and the official rate for the Iraqi dinar are now out of compliance with the IMF "2% rule". This rule requires the market rate to remain within 2% of the official rate for 90 days before the dinar can be considered for Article VIII. Kaperoni and other gurus believe Article VIII brings international banking acceptance. The last report has the two rates are ~2.3% apart. It's unclear if the IMF rules require a daily "within 2% spread compliance" or if it's based on a weekly or monthly average. The dinar has been in compliance for over a year in a half. 11-10-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni [via Zig] [Q? : Kap,Can the CBI decide to float the currency without them being in Article 8 first?...] Yes. They can change exchange rate regimes anytime they want... But I don't expect them to get off the peg until they have significant capital coming in to invest... As for Article VIII if the IMF is going to be a stickler they could make them start over and wait 90 days once in compliance again... Because that is clearly in writing in the IMF charter that once you meet the 2% rule you have to hold it for 90 days... So if the spread is now what they say it is and the CBI reports it as such it appears we're in for a wait. 11-9-2019 Newshound Guru Vital Brad …we hold Iraq’s currency. We want to see Iraq doing well. We want it. We don’t want to see protests. We don’t want to see violence. We want to see them standing on their own two feet. And they’re working through that. Change is happening. As their country improves and times goes on their currency is going to be an included world currency… ************* Saturday Night Guru Posts ************ 11-9-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat ...they know exactly what must get done but the corruption is so high in the government they can not ever execute on it at the level they need to make any real progress...So, my point is - they need to kick off the currency reform, get rid of the currency auctions and openly trade their currency on the global markets. They know it and we know it. So why has it not yet been done? It is way overdue! I don’t want to sound like a broken record but there are billions of $$$ being make off of NOT doing the currency reform...(post 1 of 2...REPOSTED)... 11-9-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat ...They also need to convert the economy so that the banks could make revenue by other banking practices and ween off the currency auctions as their sole source of revenue... I will not get into the necessity to get rid of Iranian influence. ...So, here we sit and wait and wait. Will these demonstrations pan out for us investors? Will this finally be the breaking point of these corrupt officials to give up the currency? ...We can pray that this is the final straw that will break the camels back...(post 2 of 2)...
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    32,000 ounces per 1 Tons of gold 32,000 ounces x 96 Tons of gold = 3,072,000 ounces Today’s gold price per ounce $1,459.00 3,072,000 ounces X $1,459.00 per ounce = $4,482,048,000 billion dollars Central banks are buying a lot of gold...... Follow The bankers, follow the money
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    Like where he is going with this. Could mean all kinds of deals are getting done or at least setup to hit when everyone gets onboard.
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    We’ve Repeatedly Been Flushing Him - But He Stubbornly Keeps ‘Floating’ Back Up !
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    Gee what a surprise! B/A No surprise at all that Yahoo would take this view......or that you would post this dribble... No one is being thrown under the bus........with the exception of the US citizens that are continually being bombarded with lies my the MSM...... CL
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    Actually it's the New Iraqi Government. Work on holidays take off the rest of the year
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    I have no idea why this would be taken out. It's posted elsewhere on this site. On 11/6/2019 at 10:26 AM, ronscarpa said: From the CBI information, it appears that the CBI will be closed for three days 7th, 8th & 9th, then open for business on Sunday the 10th. It has been said that they would require a three day period to implement a monetary change - could this be significant..?? Is this a special holiday in Iraq?
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    The Impeachment is a Kangaroo Court. The President has been give zero Due Process. The Dems are going to be roasted over the Coup attempt. The truth will come out and it will be out around Thanksgiving from what I’m reading.
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    YOU The MAN, Floridian, AND The Very Best Of Your Week To You!!! WOWZERS!!! Hey, Floridian, You racked up four (4) AND I racked up six (6) Red Ruby Citations As Badges Of Honor From The Red Rubymeisters SO FAR For "Display Of Intellectual Speed And Power"!!! Congratulations On Your Esteemed Status, Floridian, While I Give You Purple Trophies AND Emeralds INSTEAD. I Trust You Don't Mind!!! Unimaginable "some" would "fail" TO "comprehend" how interrelated ALL these past AND present political and international issues are interwoven AND what constitutes a "supportable" "purpose" "driven" Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar ReInstatement!!! Former President Tricky AND Mousy Dung circa 1972 "agreements" "included" TO "restart" Ye Olde, er, NEW Silk Road via THEE Belt AND Road Initiative. Ye Olde, er, NEW Silk Road NEEDS ELI The ICE Man TO "show" "up" AND "induce", er, "jump" "start" MEGA LAND BASED INTERNATIONAL TRADE WITH A ReInstated Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar!!! YYYEEEAAAHHH BBBAAABBBYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Imagine" WHAT, pray tell, "nightmare" WOULD BE ON ALL OF US IF Former President Flimsy Carter IS President Of The United States Of America AT THIS TIME SINCE Former President Flimsy Carter GAVE AWAY THEE Panama Canal Lease FOR THEE Chinese TO "have"!!! SO................................................................................... An IQ Test. IF a Speculative Bicraqi Iraqi Dinar Investor, WHAT, pray tell, Political Party (Republican, OF COURSE, OR Democrat) would ANYONE want for setting the Tax Policies for the Speculative Bicraqi Iraqi Investor windfall???!!! YOU ALL "decide" HOW, prayed AND told, "smart" YOU "are"!!! "Vote" "Accordingly"!!! Go E Pluribus Unum FOREVER!!! Go MAGA FOREVER!!! Go True The United States Of America Patriot President Donald J Trump THROUGH 2024!!! Go True The United States Of America Patriots FOREVER!!! Go Israel FOREVER!!! (A Special Thank You To ALL The Red Rubymeisters In ADVANCE For ALL The Red Ruby Citations As Badges Of Honor For ME For "Display Of Intellectual Speed And Power" Who THINK (misnomer, OF COURSE) The True The United States Of America Patriot President Donald J Trump IS A POS!!!)!!! Go Red Rubymeisters (ELSEWHERE!!!)!!! Go Moola Nova (YEAH AND YEE HAW, BABY, READY WHEN YOU ARE BROTHER (OR SISTER) - LET 'ER BUCK!!!)!!!
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    I know there has been a thread or two on this so feel free to move this far back as 1991.....a written plan to destroy America from within.....looks like Obama may have had some involvement....perhaps willingly....or perhaps he was duped.....
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    11-7-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: "IRAQI PRESIDENT BARHAM SALEH SAID ON THURSDAY THAT PRIME MINISTER ADEL ABDUL MAHDI HAD AGREED TO RESIGN" (FYI: but has not yet resigned) ...of course when this announcement was made on Thursday of Mahdi resignation, Iran has stepped in to try to prevent the ouster of Iraqi Prime Minister Abdel Abdul Mahdi by two of Iraq’s most influential figures amid weeks of anti-government demonstrations. Gee whiz who could these two “influential figures” be? Could they be Ameri and Maliki? 11-7-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Looking at the auctions numbers today Iraq has fell out of 2% compliance. I would expect that means the CBI needs to start over, sustain it for another 90 days or more once back in compliance. No IMF Article VIII for a while unfortunately... [NOTE: The CBI's official market rate is still within 2% compliance...not sure where he got that information...However, the CBI hasn't updated the market rate since 11/04/2019]..!
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    No - It's Thursday and I reserve Thursdays for my comic tryout. I figure if I can get 10 funny ones in a row I could go on stage and quit my day job! LOL I just need the 1st one to get the count started...
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    11-7-2019 Newshound/Intel Guru Mnt Goat Article: "US CONGRESSIONAL DELEGATION VISITS IRAQ ON SUNDAY" remember the US still holds OPAC sanctions on Iraq. Iraq will need these to be lifted if the US is going to give permission to go. 11-7-2019 Intel Guru Frank26 …may I now suggest you watch President Trump get more involved in the Middle East…
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    Right?! Very impressive skills there
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    I don’t think the Iraqi citizens will wait till the beginning of 2020... I don’t think that the govt. will want unrest until then...just my 2 cents.
  50. 6 points
    Oh Great - So U Mean That They’re Only Resting Before Round 2 ?

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