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    Howdy DinarVets! Superbowl Sunday is upon us, but that's not why I'm here right now. I mentioned in this week's update that we were expecting a Prime Minister to be named towards the end of this week. Those of you who know me are well aware that I don't give predictions very often... my sources were strong enough on this one that I went against the usual grain and put it out there. Sure enough... as of yesterday, Iraq has a new Prime Minister, and the name is Allawi. I also weighed in that I believed it would be one of the Allawis! That's a solid 2 for 2 on recent predictions, thank you very much! I should quit while I'm ahead, but what fun is that?! I've got one more in me. First, who is this guy that is now Prime Minister of Iraq? From Wikipedia: Here's what I really like about this guy: "...both times he resigned from his position in protest against al-Maliki..." There is talk about protests continuing due to his appointment, but I'm leaning towards "fake news" on that one. It would not surprise me at all to learn that the "protests" being referenced are paid for by Iranian or Malikian sources. I would normally avoid quoting anything published on the NYT, but there is truth to this: To be sure we are considering both sides of this new situation, here's another article: Here's what I'll note about that article: 1. "Hundreds" of protesters - not thousands. 2. The protesters, as stated in that article, don't have a person that they would accept. They are just protesting to protest at this point. So, what about my prediction? The one that could get me the coveted Turkey, the Hat Trick, the Trifecta? If this new PM Allawi shows immediate action on two items, we are on the fastest track to an RV we could hope for. Those things are simple: 1. Something, anything, to immediately show that he is "anti-Iran". and 2. Something, anything, to immediately show that he is anti-status-quo and anti-Maliki. These things are easy! And they can be accomplished this week. If he does these things, the protests will subside, and we are fast tracking. THIS WEEK, my friends! We are either going to see an RV or we are going to have a very solid picture of the actual "when", and I see it happening quick. I don't care if it's a penny, a dime, a dollar, or a full RI - we're looking at some good stuff. A quick note on how this investment plays out - when you are in our VIP group, you are guaranteed to get more in your pocket when you cash in, and more benefits. It's that simple - join us here: GOOOO RRRRRVVVV!!!!! 💰🎶 💵 - Adam
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    Good morning good morning!!! We are a couple days past the presentation of the new (possibly interim) Prime Minister, and my sentiments thus far can be summarized in a word: HAPPY. The abbreviated backstory goes like this: Iraq thrown into dark ages, currency plummets in value. A decade of work later, Iraq is fairly stable and they still have enough black gold to fill a gazillion olympic pools. Corruption remains a problem, citizens tire of the charades, demand change. November 2019, former PM Mahdi resigns. Several unsuitable candidates were presented, we hung in limbo. The new PM was selected late last week. He's had less than a full week to screw it up, and he has not. Seriously - 5 days is plenty of time to drive the bus right off a cliff, and he has not. In fact, he's doing things right. One great example of what's going on in the background - the stuff we don't see on the news - is this thread, where Iran is obviously making a last ditch effort to hold ground. Does anyone think Iran is going to win this ultimatum? I do not. Especially not with Allawi at the helm, who is presumably approved by greater powers than Iran. This is precisely why Iran is making their last ditch, desperate attempt to gain footing... and it looks like a failed attempt from the start. If Iran has any success whatsoever in this attempt, we are going to see it immediately. I can't wait to see this Iranian attempt fall on it's face! Another example? The Budget, which was approved-but-held-and-now-this (back on track!). I'll be candid - Tawfik Allawi was not my "top pick" for the new PM. But, current PM Allawi does have a very solid history of butting heads with Maliki, and that's about as solid of an endorsement as anyone should need. We are standing by. I'm still expecting some significant reports to come of this development, and while we are watching the news feeds for it to come out - here's a discount on VIP. You WANT to be in VIP because when Iraq changes the value of their currency and we all go cash in - VIP here at DinarVets is going to put more cash in your pocket, help you protect those gains, and much much more. Join us here, and use the code "newPM" to get a 25% discount. I'm going to end this post here, but I'm not going far! GOOOOOO RRRRRRVVVVVV!!!!! - Adam P.S. OSI members, click here. P.P.S. Get in the Powerball Pool here. P.P.P.S. Nice work in Iowa, voters! Here's your result:
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    Good afternoon and Happy Wednesday! What's going on in DinarLand? That's what we ask every week, and thanks to the amazing newshounds here at DinarVets we're able to keep up on the happenings. HUGE to all of our tireless members who filter and sift and read and post it all here! I have my personal contacts that give me a constant feed of information, but you don't need special contacts to stay up to date. The news feeds here on this site have been an incredible resource for many tens of thousands of people, and I personally want to take a minute and thank everyone here that contributes. So - THANKS! Shout out to the current top 4 on the leaderboard: @yota691, @DinarThug, @Butifldrm, and @Pitcher The big news going on right now in Iraq is the impending selection of a Prime Minister. Over the years, we have witnessed a series of Iraqi politicians that were really Iranian puppets - influenced, paid, bribed, or otherwise, but they were not looking out for Iraq. As of last October, there has been a major shift in Iraq. The people protested, rioted, and demanded change. The face of their demands was simply to improve their lives, but the heart of the matter comes down to removing the Iranian factors. This is the main reason there is no Prime Minister in the place of Mahdi already. There were attempts to insert yet another Iranian talking head in the position, and then more attempts, but between the Iraqi's recent protests, and a bit of US and other outside influences, the Iranian factor is being whittled down. The barriers that have kept an RV from happening are being eroded, and quickly. I know, that's not what is in the headlines. It's not on the front pages of any MSM publication, and it's not spelled out that simply in most cases - but that's what is really going on. Where we are today, then, is on the cusp of some serious change. We are staring at the future, shaping itself via badly translated articles and sometimes dodgy guru explanations... but we are there, just the same. Looking back at how many times we've seen great news in Iraq and comparing that to the number of times we've seen an RV come of it tends to make some people negative. I would caution against too much optimism, but I will also caution against the opposite. The facts are right in front of us - we have never seen this kind of change, and it's happening on top of everything else that Iraq has accomplished. Will we see a new Prime Minister this week? Possibly yes! There may be one final attempt to slip in someone with Iranian backing, but that will fall on it's face, and my prediction is that the people are going to get what they want. As that happens, Iran's grip on Iraq is going to be severely weakened, and things are going to happen. Fast. I don't have an RV date to give you. But I do believe that towards the end of this week, we're going to have a reasonable amount of information to use in making such a prediction. And I also think it's going to be extremely favorable. Time will tell if I'm right... and there are some of you who are going to reap some amazing benefits. See you in VIP ================= That's it for the midweek briefing! Be sure to get in the Weekly Powerball Pool, and GOOOOO RRRRRRVVVVVV!!!!! - Adam
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    "It also clarifies the process of collecting and sterilizing the local currency considering that this bank represents the monetary authority in Iraq." This is HUGE.!!!! Sterilization is a form of monetary action in which a central bank seeks to limit the effect of inflows and outflows of capital on the money supply. ... The sterilization process is used to manipulate the value of one domestic currency relative to another, and is initiated in the foreign exchange market. Its coming..... Go RV..... Go open market economy
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    Good morning all, and Happy Wednesday! I'm a bit slammed with non-dinar related work, so just a short update today. I do have more, but it should hold till the weekend. DJIA is solid over 29,000. BTC is on a strong hold over $10,000. A sincereto everyone for the awesome work in this thread: If you had any questions about the current progress of Allawi, just check the last page or two on that thread! (Currently page 5 and 6, it might be well past that by the time you see this!) You may have noticed a lack of chatter about "protesters" over the last week or two... that's just one of the topics that has quietly just left the news. Of course we don't see anyone making a big deal out of positive news, because that's not the kind of stuff that sells newspapers. But it IS the kind of thing we want to see, because it's what is going to lead us to a higher value on the Dinar. Allawi is building a foundation, the pieces are falling into place, and I have nothing negative to report. I am very interested in seeing a continuation of this one: I think that all makes for a pretty fantastic Wednesday update, even if it is short! I've got some work to get done, y'all be good, happy, and keep up the good work... Gooooo RRRVVVV!!!!! - Adam
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    Agreed on the Allawi we got, but it is what it is and I don’t care who gets the job done as long as it gets done! Whether we see an RV this week or not, I’m very solid that we are going to have a much clearer picture over the next few days.
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    Thanks Adam. A dear friend of mine passed away Saturday. He had been in this for 10 years and every time we spoke he asked me how the RV was looking. We bury him tomorrow. I told my son NOW it will RV. A joke in the family was that the RV will be Tuesday, every week. My friend had so many wonderful plans for cashing in. I am sorry he will not be here to be apart of the RV, however, thankful he is no longer in pain from the ravage and damage the Agent Orange and Purple did to his body. Praying we all see the RV soon and will have an opportunity to take advantage of all the blessings it will bring.
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    Happy Wednesday everyone! Just dropping a note to say I am here, just swamped today with some work that's unrelated to Dinar. Rather than give 20%, I'm going to postpone until later this week. This one has some potential... more on that when I return. Have a fantastic day, everyone! Life is good, don't forget to smell the roses and dance in the rain. Or snow, if that's what you have outside. You get my point. - Adam
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    I have NEVER SEEN such DISRESPECTFUL behavior from ANYONE towards ANY PRESIDENT as I saw from Nancy Pelosi towards our President. Ripping his speech up right in front of him shows she REALLY DOES HATE HIM. The MSM had better treat this with the proper treatment she deserves. Because if ANY REPUBLICAN SOH had done that to OBAMA or any other Democratic President, they would be vilified and crucified in the print media and the television media.
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    Well things run in 3s. And Adam just said it on the 33rd day of the year with exactly 333 days to go in the year. And today is 0202/2020 a reverse number that says our lives are about to turn around! Go RV/RI
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    Thank you for your fine post Adam. Today President Trump and his Administration signed the USMC Trade Agreement. This is coming on the heels of a Phase 1 China Trade Agreement as well as Australia, South Korea, Japan and a work in progress Agreement with Europe and Great Britain. I’ve posted several times over the last few years that I thought we needed some trade deals before the Dinar was allowed to RV, especially with China. You dont need to be a Rocket Scientist or read too much between the lines to understand that all these Trade Agreements probably (most assuredly) have something to do with a global reset (which may include a reshuffling of the world currencies or a coming of an electronic accounting system along with SDR’s). With the huge world Economic Powers meeting in Davos last week, the ME Peace Treaty rolled out yesterday, and Iraq getting a new PM, well that’s all good news in my book. Sure there are always setbacks and roadblocks a plenty and I’m NO Pollyanna or wearing my rose colored Dinar RV glasses, but, Wow, things are looking pretty good from where I’m sitting. Now, oil has been going lower but it hasn’t fallen off the cliff. The Stock Market is due a little correction or sideways consolidation to catch up with earnings and higher PE/Ratios but, I’m feeling real good about a lot of what is going on the last few weeks. Im still on a self imposed detox for at least another 10 days but I felt compelled to share my 2 cents worth of hopium to the discussion. Take Care all my friends and a few haters on DV’s. I appreciate you all and the awesome sounding board Adam and his staff provide. You guys are the best. To Thugs, great news posting but more grins please!!!!
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    I've been waiting for someone to ask this and provide me the opportunity to expose the kinds of games immature people here play. Yota built this site as the premier Dinar News Sources on the internet. That naturally garnered the envy of insecure CLOWNS who chose to complain about the length and manner of his post. These complaints attracted the attention of Adam, who not knowing the full story of what Yota was doing with his manner of posting, agreed with the Clown. I speak with my DEAREST FRIEND Yota on a very regular basis and can tell you that he took these childish attacks very personally. Adding to all of that John is under great stress because both his parents are near Heaven's gate. John is a very strong man and has REPEATEDLY told me that he doesn't like leave something unfinished. But considering the lack of appreciation thrown his way mixed with personal duress I don't blame him for taking the course he has.
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    Thank you all for the nice comments regarding my friends intel.. I appreciate them.. Just want to make sure that people know, my Shia friend is from Najaf, but has lived here in the US for a few years now. He served as a lower level translator over there. So when we talk about current events, he tells me about his past experience there and his friends and family’s current experiences there. He gets his info from his friends on Facebook and talks to his family over the phone or FaceTime there. I don’t want anyone to think he himself is actually in Iraq now, but of course he is close to being actual boots on the ground there through his friends and family..
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    Goooood Wednesday to you all! I'm actually starting this on Tuesday, pretty sure I won't have time to finish it in the morning, so it will probably be afternoon by the time this is posted. The reason is simple - while we don't have an RV announcement (your phone would have blown up by now!), we DO have a lot of interesting and promising items on the table. Up front and center is the new Prime Minister Allawi. As a short recap: Late last year, the former PM resigned. There were several failed attempts to replace the PM. A PM is necessary. Mohammed Allawi was instated as a possibly temporary PM. That "temporary" bit doesn't look so temporary now, because: Allawi is acting in a permanent manner. Namely: I posted some comments at that link above and I think it bears repeating here: "I love everything about how he is doing his job. He's getting work done and not allowing people to try to influence the process. This is definitely the most efficient and possibly the ONLY way to be successful at the job - make decisions, tell people what was done, and move forward." It's not surprising that he hasn't got the job done overnight. Taking the helm in this situation is a BIG job, and in my opinion Allawi is doing a stellar job and getting things done incredibly fast. to @Mary B for bringing this article: That first post should tell us how complex his job is, but again - refer to the earlier quoted post above, and my opinion is the same - Allawi is doing an impressive job. Other items of note: DJIA is down since my last update - as is Gold, OIL, and pretty much everything else. Presumably, this is related to the coronavirus epidemic... which makes one wonder, is this a government CIA cartel illuminati plot to control the financial market, is it the end of times and those of us that are prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse are the only ones who will survive... or is it another bird flu / SARS / mad cow disease scare that is going to blow over in short order? Bird flu lasted a year, SARS maybe two years. I'm guessing the coronavirus epidemic will be about the same, but there's always the chance I'll be thankful I have my stockpile of metals, bullets, and MREs. That's why we have those things, of course! Bitcoin is also slightly down since my last update, but going back only 3 months shows it's really up about 15%. Nobody really has a clue how or when any crypto will go up or down - that science is even murkier than the Iraqi Dinar - but don't forget about the halvening coming up in 75 days! The last halvings have resulted in massive spikes - about 10X, both times according to this article. Personally, I'm HODLing! Don't forget to get in the Powerball Pool! Last (but not least), GOOOOO RRRRVVVVVVV!!!!!! - Adam
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    2-24-2020 Newshound/Intel Guru Francis Albert Currency investors here. Take heart. Regardless of what some "Never Dinarians" are writing lately...remember it is easy to argue any point when the fine points are not in the talk. I have studied these "money" matters for many years. And, to that end, anyone who argues that Iraq is not going to somehow, someway, someday go international and raise the value of their currency is simply not looking closely. Do I think It will suddenly pop up to some mythical $3.50 range overnight? Possible, for the Iraqi Dinar has years of history in this territory. So, a reinstatement is possible. If I were a betting chap I would say it comes out at .86 on Forex and makes a speedy dash higher.
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    I was inspired tonight and proud of our country! Maybe Trump was the man for the job after all.... now we just wait for a “Suddenly”! Booooooommm! Flip the switch and let’s keep America great! Four and a half more years of energy independence and prosperity!
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    What you talkin about Willis I like trump i like his attitude i like how he is not controlled but I really like he is a business man not some blood sucking politician he is a business man he is here to make a profit look after your team and employees which is the USA you all make money and to help you out I am canadian and I wish he was here doing what he is doing so please pull your head out and see stop being a sheep
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    I love everything about how he is doing his job. He's getting work done and not allowing people to try to influence the process. This is definitely the most efficient and possibly the ONLY way to be successful at the job - make decisions, tell people what was done, and move forward. CHOOO CHOOOOOO!!!!! It's not a stated "requirement" by any means, but it is hard to see it happening without it. I don't think we need a "fully" formed government. 80-85% will do.
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    yyyyyyep!!!! The only concerns I had with Allawi have been covered - I felt like if he was going to be ousted or “convinced” to resign, it was going to happen quickly. Like, “within the first week” quickly. We are well beyond that, and the “backups for the backups” says they are getting things donnnneee! “You don’t like that choice? FINE, here’s another one. And another!”
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    As an exercise, let's pretend the opposite were true. Let's pretend Trump were a Democrat who did everything opposite: He raised taxes, amnestied illegals, regulated the energy sector -- BUT, did one thing the same: He killed Suleimani and al-Muhandis. Would I and everyone who opposed Democrat Trump still give him credit for progressing the RI? Of course I would, because the results of that airstrike are undeniable, just like the decisions of Obama to empower ISIS were undeniable. The decisions of both these men produced objectively clear results that left nothing to interpretation. Suleimani and al-Muhandis controlled the office of the prime minister and they vetted his government. Suleimani's militias delivered his orders directly to Mahdi. The militias controlled the military, the oil fields, and the Iraqi border. Suleimani and al-Muhandis were ready to install a new puppet to succeed Mahdi before they were smoked by a US drone. Previous presidents -- Republican and Democrat -- had the opportunity and justification to take out Suleimani and al-Muhandis. They declined. That's how I know the decision to do so should be uniquely credited to Trump. If anyone has a reasoned argument against that, I'm interested in hearing it.
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    THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR COMMENTS.🙏🏼😊 Few days ago the General Authority of Customs issued the first amendment of the controls for declaring funds upon entry and exit across the Iraqi borders. The Customs Authority noted that "the amendment entered into force on 19/2/2020 at border crossings." You are allowed $10,000 dollars or the equivalent in other currency but it is forbidden an amount in excess of 1,000,000 Iraqi dinar, The equivalent to $840 at the actual rate. Yesterday the announcement from the CBI About Sterilization of local currency to Counteract adverse changes to the domestic currency in foreign exchange markets. Also the CBI issued a new book in which it compiled banking laws, As published in the Iraqi fact sheet, to facilitate and reduce time for professional, researchers and dealers in those laws. I believe the CBI is on the VERGE of international business with an international recognized currency. Go CBI Go Dinar 💵💵💵 Go international Go RV
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    I know all oil prices are down, but what's going on with OPEC?! Iraq is a member of OPEC although I believe they are still allowed to sell more than there quota right now. The OPEC price has dropped almost 20% in the last 3 days and now is at $47. If Iraq is selling its oil at OPEC prices, they are seriously hurting since their breakeven is about $58. I sure hope Breitling is correct in that low oil prices will push Iraq to RV because adding value to their currency is the easiest way for them to make up that loss.
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    1. Reconsider the economic vision in Iraq in order to achieve tangible economic growth, and give the private sector a key role in activating the economy and reforming it and moving towards a market economy and empowering the private sector. Review the currency selling window and the dinar exchange rate in a way that makes monetary policy supportive to the domestic product and offsets imports. ME LIKE these two.
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    100% agree with you. Its coming. Go Dinar Go international Go RV asap
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    I'm not exchanging for less than $10 per dinar... My cousin who works with the wife of a fruit stand operator who was told by his delivery guy that his locksmith went to the bank to fix the safe and the assistant manager said his dentist learned from the toothbrush sales person that that the guy who makes Crest toothpaste know someone that was at the airport and talked to a pilot who said one of the ground crew had a friend that was vacationing in the Alps said his taxi driver had been giving a ride to a Swiss banker that mentioned he was opening an account for for a guy named Bruce who had the inside track on a horse running in the forth race at Aqueduct named Arabian Dinar who was paying 10 to 1... So I'm holding out for $10 per dinar... B/A
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    And Here’s The Transcript Of The Speech Today Bro ! And Which Bro Are U Again ? I Can Never Tell Them Apart ... The text of the speech of the Prime Minister-designate addressed to the Iraqi people Wednesday 19 February 2020 Baghdad - Morning Al-Sabah publishes the text of the speech of Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi addressed to the Iraqi people. Here is the text of the word: In the name of of Allah the Merciful Distinguished Iraqis. Your historic battle for the homeland for which you have borne heavy burdens and massive sacrifices has changed political rules and resulted in an independent government formation for the first time in decades without the participation of candidates of political parties. This squad was chosen because of the competence and qualifications of its owners in addition to what they have of programs that are applicable to cross the country to safety and serve citizens of all their affiliations, this squad will be for all Iraqis and will have their trust through what it will accomplish and after Parliament gives it confidence .. Here, I invite the esteemed House of Representatives and members to hold an extraordinary session in order to vote on granting confidence to the government next Monday, February 24 ... What follows after these protests is not the same as before, and if the pace of the demonstrations recedes, it will return at any time in a stronger and broader manner than what we have witnessed. The precious blood that was shed will not go in vain whatever the price, and this particular issue will be one of my government's priorities. In the demonstration arenas, and to reveal to the people the elements that attacked the demonstrators and the security forces, pursued them and brought them to justice no matter their location and released the peaceful demonstrators, we will not allow the unjust arrest of Iraqis or simply to express their opinion, and will work to restore the prestige of the state and Yam, with the necessary measures to conduct free and fair early elections away from the effects of money, weapons and external interventions, and will also improve the living conditions of all Iraqis and return the displaced to their homes with pride and dignity, and we will show our decent people the government program in full with the specified timing .. As for my message to young people My boys and girls ... All that was achieved was the result of your insistence and sacrifices, so congratulations to you on this great honor that your people and history will preserve for you. Congratulations to you this brave glory and this courage. You have established a new stage in the history of Iraq, so go ahead, God bless you with your efforts I would like to ask you, despite the crisis of trust towards everything related to political affairs as a result of previous failures, to trust in God and start a new page from the pages of this great country, so that we may record a date befitting in the name of Iraq if the government passes and if it does not pass, know that there are still It works for the continuation of the crisis by insisting that your demands are not implemented and it is also working on the persistence of quotas, sectarianism and corruption. In conclusion .. Peace be upon the Iraqi patience and sacrifices. Peace be upon the pure blood that was poured out for the country. Peace, mercy and blessings of God . your brother Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi LINK
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    Yep - And He Addressed The Nation Today Calling On Parliament To Take The Vote On Monday ! The designate president calls on parliament to give confidence to his government Wednesday 19 February 2020 Baghdad / Al-Sabah / Muhannad Abdul-Wahab The Prime Minister-designate, Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi, called yesterday, Wednesday, the House of Representatives to hold an extraordinary session to vote on granting confidence to his government, next Monday, February 24, noting that the ministerial formation was chosen because of the competence and qualifications of its owners in addition to their Programs are applicable to cross the country to safety, and while he warned that "if the pace of the demonstrations recedes, it will return at any time stronger than what we have witnessed," the head of the caretaker government, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, told parliament that he will not continue in his responsibilities after the date of the second of next March. Addressing the Iraqis, Allawi said, in a statement to his media office received by Al-Sabah: “Your historic battle for the country for which you have borne heavy burdens and massive sacrifices has changed political rules and resulted in an independent government formation for the first time in decades without the participation of candidates of political parties.” Calling The House of Representatives presidency and members to «hold an extraordinary session in order to vote on granting confidence to the government next Monday, February 24», and wished “honorable representatives to prove to all Iraqis their desire for reform and to bear the national responsibility incumbent on them and to think about the present and future of Iraq Not to prevent them from special interests to take the right decision above all, Iraq Interests ». The Prime Minister-designate said: “Let me remind you that we cannot evade genuine reform. After these protests are not the same as before, and if the demonstrations recede, they will return at any time stronger and broader than what we have witnessed. The precious blood that was spilled will not go in vain no matter what The price and this issue in particular would have been a priority for my government. Once it was given confidence, it would begin investigating everything that happened in the demonstration squares. ” LINK
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    From Yesterday ... Representatives are requesting 72 hours to study them .. Allawi intends to send the names of ministers to the Presidency and the blocs tomorrow Policy , 02/18/2020 21:03 Baghdad - Iraq today: The deputy revealed about the State of Law coalition, Alia Nassif, on Tuesday, the intention of Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi to send official books to the political forces and the Presidency of the Republic, including the names of the candidates ministers tomorrow, Wednesday, indicating that deputies asked for 72 hours to study them. Nassif said, "The Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi will send official books to the Presidency of the Republic and political forces that include the names of the candidates for the ministries next Wednesday," noting that "Allawi has a number of alternative names in the event that any candidate's name is rejected for a specific ministry." Nassif added, "The political forces will play their role once the government has received the names of its members from the parliament to study them," noting that "the members of the House of Representatives asked to give them a period of 72 hours to search and verify the names, which means that the voting session will be held early next week at the very least." The deputy of the Sadqoun bloc, Muhammad Al-Baldawi, said in a statement to "Information", today, Tuesday, that Allawi will observe the distribution of his ministerial formation on the basis of components and not on the basis of electoral merit, indicating that there are attempts by influential parties in Parliament to disrupt the voting session. LINK (From Today Below) Allawi Has Put Together A List With 3 Candidates For Each Of The Cabinet Positions ! In Other Words - Even His Backup Candidate Has A Backup Candidate In Order To Help Compress The Timeline ! LINK Newspaper: Allawi chose 3 characters for each ministry and placed the ball in the parliament stadium 19th February, 2020 An Arab newspaper confirmed, according to informed sources, that the Prime Minister-designate chose 3 personalities for each ministry, placing the ball in the parliament stadium. The sources stated to Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper, "Allawi chose 57 characters, 3 persons for each ministry, which means that he put the ball in the parliament’s court by not requiring one person for each ministry because if he rejects it, this may affect the entire government formation."
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    One more tid bit.. The Iraqis loved the snow in Baghdad today.. He said they saw it as a sign of peace.. Something to give them hope.. Glad they had a positive experience..
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    He can make a huge impact, this week. I'm chomping at the bit to see news start flowing!
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    I like this Allawi. He has potential to do some major renovations, and quickly. They just handed him a tool belt and said "get at it"!
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    The central bank clarifies the administrative framework for financing imports and the mechanism for selling foreign currencies 02/25/2020 BAGHDAD - Mawazine News , the Iraqi Central Bank issued, on Tuesday, a brochure entitled "The Window for Selling Foreign Currency in the Central Bank of Iraq." "The brochure explains the administrative framework for financing imports and the mechanism of selling foreign currency to banks in covering the requests of their customers," the bank said in a statement. He added, "It also clarifies the process of collecting and sterilizing the local currency considering that this bank represents the monetary authority in Iraq." Ended 29 / p
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    LINK Wisdom: Allawi is the best solution and we call on the political blocs to unite 22nd February, 2020 The leader of the Al-Hikma Movement, Rahim Al-Aboudi, affirmed that the Prime Minister-designate Muhammad Tawfiq Allawi is the best solution, calling on the political blocs to unite for the sake of the country. Al-Aboudi said in a statement: "We are in wisdom to see that Allawi is the best solution." And that "the Kurds had a constructive dialogue with Allawi and about half a year would vote for the government, and even the millionaires called for by activists are in the interest of passing the government." He added: "We call on the political blocs to unite, especially since Iraq is surrounded by countries afflicted by the Coronian epidemic, and here the interests of the people should be prevailed over the interests of individuals."
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    Tomorrow or Monday will work just fine with my schedule!
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    Yota and I have no problems. Regarding the "thread length" topic, my decisions were made with the functionality of the community in mind, and have nothing to do with anyone's personal preferences or any issues members may have with each other on a personal level. You can't stick 50,000+ people in a room and expect everyone to get along Our Yota has over 100k posts on this forum, which is an incredible feat and nobody can doubt his dedication, skill, intelligence, tenacity, or value here. Sometimes people just need a break. Especially after 100,000 posts!!! My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. I could try to replace him but I'd be spending all of my Post-RV money on programmers and probably fail anyway!
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    Im thinking the US should take over Iraq and install a new Government that is not Iranian. At the same time stop the auctions and give the people of Iraq some real buying power. Then watch the Investment money from around the world come pouring into Iraq to rebuild. It worked in Japan, Germany, and South Korea. It would work in Iraq as well.
  38. 18 points
    I gave my opinion of the situation in the thread title. Iran is giving it one last go and did it with an Ultimatum: The USA, or us. Link: Iran Offers Support To New Iraq PM, Demands Removal Of US Forces Iran is willing to give any assistance necessary to help Iraq overcome problems and to pass through a sensitive time, Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said, local news agency reported. Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi has been appointed as the new Prime Minister Of Iraq. Dubai: Iran on Sunday offered its full support for new Iraqi prime minister Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi and reiterated its backing for the government's demand for US forces to leave the country. Iran has deep ties with many Shi'ite political parties and militias in Iraq as well as Kurdish parties from the north. Iranian officials have tried to use their influence to keep a government sympathetic to their interests in power in Baghdad. "In continuing support for the independence, national sovereignty, territorial integrity and strengthening the foundations of democracy in Iraq along with the legitimate request by the government and people of Iraq for the exit of American forces from the soil of that country, Iran welcomes the selection of Mohammed Tawfiq Allawi as the new prime minister of this country," Iranian foreign ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said. Iran is willing to give any assistance necessary to help Iraq overcome problems and to pass through a sensitive time, Mousavi said, according to the official IRNA news agency.
  39. 17 points
    The central bank issues the Banking Law Book. Central Bank of Iraq issued a new book in which it compiled banking laws as published in the Iraqi Fact Sheet, to facilitate and reduce time for professionals, researchers and dealers in those laws, with the deposit number 3005 for the year 2019 in the Iraqi Books and Documents House. The Central Bank of Iraq information Office 2/24/2020
  40. 17 points
    It looks like they are hustling to form the government ,and they only have till the end of the month to do so . We should then be looking at a fully formed government which is a requirment for the rv to occur . Hang tough ,you crazy diamonds
  41. 17 points
    I have a feeling that Allawi is cut from a different cloth. I do not think there will be significant delays. He will expose the corruption and feed the hard liners to the protestors. JMO of course.
  42. 17 points
    I Want to share with the DV community this important pdf document I found on the MOP site. Really good information to understand what iraq is doing. The National Development Plan: The NDP focuses on recovery and reconstruction efforts in the directly affected provinces, and on development and investment in the indirectly affected provinces. It attempts to highlight national reform priorities that help address the structural causes that impede development promotion. As such, the NDP is more a policy and programme plan, rather than a project plan focused on improving asset management.خطة التنمية الوطنية (انكليزي).pdf
  43. 17 points
    Actually I don't want to call him a Guru as he seems a little more down to earth than the others. A while back i stopped listening the frank....he just seems little too far out there and angry at people these days. MarkZ I will listen now and again but it is just easier the read what he thinks.....Any minute, expected this afternoon and should have spendable fund by midnight....Same thing, different shirt daily. Kap is of the belief there is too much IQD Out there to ever do anything with. Jeff.....He is okay but hurt himself when he claim it was a go the beginning of the last quarter of 2019 only to be the 1st to kick the can into the end of the 1st quarter of 2020. Vital brad is grounded but does have a lot to say that I can find....bits here and there. But I did run across this Pimpy on both FB and Youtube.....he seems to have a very grounds=ed outlooks on both the IQD, VND and he gets into Crypto's that I just don't get.... But he is thinking Trump could be in a position to do the same thing Regan did to the USSR and destroy Communist China even going into the history of China/Russia and the falling out they had back in the 60's.....Sorta an interesting take on things. His thoughts are that is Trump can do this China will have to play fair after the Trade deal is past. This will cause the rest of the Asian Currency Manipulators to fall in line as well.......Including Viet Nam. he is more in the .05-.25 cent range for the VND as that would be a Huge increase in the value of their money. It could go up some he claims but not much for quite a while. Now he (Pimpy) has quite a different out look than say Kap....His feelings are that the valve if and when it goes up will be different world wide depending on the value of said countries currency. His belief is that Iraq has already taken a bunch of Dinar off the street in Iraq. Then he is of the belief the IQD to USD will be in the $1.34 USD to IQD range and stay there for up to 3 years bringing in more and more with the end goal to possibly get back to $3.22 USD to IQD. This does not mean that say some holder of IQD on Mysterious island off the coast of never never land will get the same Exchange ratio as the USD.....they my have a million and it is only going to exchange at .10 cent.....Somewhere else the value of the IQD may only raise to .25 cents to what ever their countries currency is worth. So say we in the US did get $1.34 per IQD doesn't mean Umbertino in Italy is going to get the same rate. Nor would Mary in Scotland or Ireland get the same rate as the rate for the USD. PP or Davis would get a rate based on what the Canadian Dollar is worth vs the IQD and not the same rate as the USD..... So in short where the Lopsters and Kap claim there is Too Much IQD out there to RV of RI at 1-1 or $1.34 or $3.22 that rate would only be good in the case of the USD. Hopefully that is clear as mud and I am not sure I got over what I was trying to convey here. Note, just because I didn't mention Adam is no disrespect to him or the forum.....I wait every Wednesday to read what he has to say and I watch my email every morning to see if I have any good news for DV. Okay, I had better have another beer.....than reread this but by then it all be too late as this will be etched is DV history for eternity Karsten
  44. 17 points
    I believe it's the opposite. The Iraqi Dinar can't go up unless people feel that it will be supported. Why is BTC close to $10,000, or TSLA at $800? Neither of those examples show in black and white that they "should" be at that level - they are there because people feel and think. The same is true for the dinar - there will never be a black and white absolute "yes", only a long list of "no". Luckily, that's not the deciding factor here.
  45. 17 points
    So I asked my friend the 2 other questions tonight.. is there somebody in particular that the protestors really want to be PM or move up to lead and he said the favorite of the protestors is probably a guy named (I hope I am spelling this right) Sheikh Ali.. and then my friend said, he is a clown but the protestors like him.. lol Are the people seeing a reduction in the amount of dinars in the street or in circulation and he said he didn’t think there was any kind of shortage or hasn’t heard that they are harder to get now but he will ask his friends when he talks to them.. I hope that helps some. Any more questions just let me know..
  46. 17 points
    @navira did someone pee in your Cheerios this morning?
  47. 17 points
    Adam....Adam....awesome... awesome...may your third prediction the light at the end of a VERY LONG TUNNEL....GO RVVVV
  48. 17 points
  49. 17 points
    I believe you added the word "only". All will receive benefits. Some may just blow through the windfall (that's fine, their prerogative). Others have goals of paying off bills, mortgage [buying a home], retirement and vacations. Some have had different investment strategies and possibilities, and therefore have more limited options and expenses. Some have planned, investigated and invested time and treasure into possible outcomes, and believe they may have minimal costs, tax liabilities [if any] and are creating Generational and Philanthropic wealth. They all have their merit. I am reminded of a popular website promoting the savings you receive when you utilize their services. Their commercial begins with a seemingly savvy and knowledgeable customer checking in and semi-bragging about the great price they received (particularly with the amenities described as 'FREE'). The scene widens to include another guest checking in and saving 20%+/- (with the same amenities included). Learn what you can, invest how you can (and will), be content with your choices and outcomes. Most of us know people with different strategies than their own. People have different needs, comfort, and risk levels. (they often change over time). One investor here believes the greater value is in investing in strategies, while another believe the better investment is investing the same funds into Dinars (for example). A bit like which religion (or none) to you feel comfortable with? Looking forward to this ride taking a positive new turn. Good fortune to ALL of us!
  50. 17 points
    I believe all these are indicators of an increase of dinar exchange rate in the near future. - Foreign currency reserves $82 billion dollars - Gold reserves 96 Tons - Inflation+/-2% - Development of Private sector - Diversification of the economy - Trade deals signed with many different countries - Customs Duty regulations - Can’t travel in /out of the country with more than 1,000,000 IQD ($840) but can travel with $10,000 dollars - CBI reducing the amount of money in circulation - CBI restructuring the banking system with the latest technology - Pressure from the citizens protesting on the street for a better future - Feasibility study from ministry of planning $1.13 - SIGIR report from congress $1.17 - TBI report $1.71 - Oil production increasing - Oil export increasing - Fighting corruption - Support from IMF, U.N., WB, BIS, USA, UST, China, Japan, Germany, UK, Canada, France, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and many others - CBI talking about open market economy - Ascension to WTO This is just from the top of my mind. I believe we are close to see real market of the IQD in the near future. Go RV Go asap

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