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Leader in Asaib: The law to remove American forces from Iraq will include every soldier, trainee, and advisor - 2/11/2024

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Leader in Asaib: The law to remove American forces from Iraq will include every soldier, trainee, and advisor

Leader in Asaib: The law to remove American forces from Iraq will include every soldier, trainee, and advisor
2024-02-11 // 02:12

Shafaq News / The leader of the Asaib Movement, MP Hassan Salem, revealed on Sunday the details of the proposed law to remove foreign forces from Iraqi territory, indicating that the law will work to remove every soldier, trainee, and advisor.


Salem told Shafaq News Agency, "The American forces brought to Iraq nothing but murder, bloodshed, destruction, and a violation of Iraqi sovereignty. Therefore, we, as members of the House of Representatives, collected more than 120 signatures to approve a law stipulating the removal of foreign forces from Iraqi territory."


He added, "The Acting Speaker of the House of Representatives approved the proposal for a law to remove foreign forces from Iraq and referred it to the legal, security, and defense committees of the two parliaments, in order to present the law for first reading during the upcoming sessions."


Salem explained, “The law will be more binding on the government even though the House of Representatives’ decision in 2020 is in effect and only needs to be activated,” noting that “The law that Parliament is working to approve will remove every American and foreign soldier, regardless of his status, whether he is a soldier or a trainee.” Or a consultant or something else.


He stated that "the issue of American and foreign advisors and trainees present in military bases is an incorrect lie, and that the forces present are military and will be removed from Iraqi territory."


Last Thursday, more than 100 members of the Iraqi Parliament signed a request to legislate the law on removing foreign forces from the country.


The signatory representatives demanded that an extraordinary session be held to legislate the law on removing foreign forces from Iraq and to activate the previous parliament’s decision.


On January 5, 2020, the Iraqi House of Representatives, in its fourth session, signed a decision to remove foreign forces from the country, two days after the United States of America assassinated the Deputy Chairman of the Popular Mobilization Forces, Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis, and the commander of the Quds Force in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Qassem Soleimani, in an air strike near the airport. Baghdad.


These developments come after the United States assassinated the prominent leader of the Hezbollah Brigades, Abu Baqir al-Saadi, last Wednesday, by air strike in the Al-Mashtal area, east of the capital, Baghdad.

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r I do not believe this would mean  an RV/RI we should get out of Iraq should have left years ago letting them fight for themselves instead of we loosing our US soldiers. They don't appreciate anything we do for them except they want us give them more money. That also needs to stop with a country crying poor when they are a rich country already. This is what Iran been waiting on for a long time so they can take over as we know Iraq been giving Iran money for years. JMH

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If they pass this law…will it really mean troop withdrawal….the deep state will not want this….they want countries at war…that means huge defence force budgets and contracts to rebuild! The military war machines…the industrial military complex….did anyone see eisenhowers speech about the military industrial complex….it was when he was overseas I believe and he just found out about Kennedys assination…has trump already signed the withdrawal as CIC and or when he was President! 

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Truman regretted forming the CIA from the OSS. Eisenhower warned us about the growing power of the MIC. They slaughtered JFK because he stood in the way of the War Machine. Nixon was framed over Watergate and removed from office because he knew who murdered Kennedy. Ford was planted in Nixon's administration to take over. Trump knows the truth and this country needs him back in office desperately. 

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And the U.S. will take all the aircraft, and military vehicles with us. All the free hand held weapons too. Demo all the free bases we built you. Now, you can have your damn litter box back!

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2 hours ago, southbeach said:

Like in Afghanistan?  Something change ?


No. All will be left. More profit for our "Defense" industry. The US is becoming more and more disliked around the world; we're actually encouraging developing nations to join the BRICS movement. We have troops all over the world with no public knowledge and seemingly no intent to inform the taxpayers. The left just may get the insurrection they've been hoping and plotting for.

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