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  1. Good Morning Adam questions for you. First previouly you had offered a 50% discount for renewal of membership some of us has shortage of money due to unemployed with economony. Any chance you can reinstate this disount seems we getting to end of this investment and would help us a lot ,hopefully. The auctions have been getting super low this last week, my feeling is they are really low now in streets with dinar. I believe shortly they will run out of dinars what do you think they will do at this point or we they release more dinars back in street from CBI. It seems they have been taking in close to a trillon a week. Thank you for your hard work on this investment.
  2. Adam Wish you and family a Merry Christmas and a Merry Christmas to the Mods
  3. Hi Adam There is some discussion that the RV will not be as a fixed RV and that the CBI may go the route of a free float instead. Personally I feel will be a regular RV but if they go the way of a free float how did you think this would effect us short term less 6 mos & long term greater than 6 mos. Would this not limit our cash in time since rates would change constantly and do you thik the Banks would cash this in or do we need market makers or money traders for cash in. Would your bank contacts be able to cash us in on on free float system. I know you say won't happen as free float but just in case it swings that direction your take as above. Thanks for you response.
  4. Follow the CBI site not some BS Guru interested in selling more Dinars. I can not believe people are still believing this BS.
  5. Good Morning Adam. It looks like the tariffs are delayed until July now. Also some talk because of all the political unrest in Iraq they may be delayed entry into the WTO. What is your opinion of these items in affecting an RV this month or June verses after Sept. to Jan 2013. Would be interested in your opinion, I know is just a guess in this mass confusion of Iraq. Thank you in advance
  6. Adam Thank you for the chat Hopefully we have RV before next chat. Is that wishful thinking You & your family have a nice Easter
  7. Adam Good Morning We have had a lot of good news come out last couple months now. I hope that Shabbibi is not playing us for fools just to get our money. It is getting harder & harder to stay positive as weeks keep going by. My question is if this would RV low under dollar is there IMF ruling thats states only rv every 90 days & up to 2% only. I had read something I believe on UN site long time ago about some stipulation like this. Or even higher than dollar same info I personal feel will go at least $1.00 when it finally RV's. Again thanks for all your help & hope you & family are well.
  8. Iraq had said would be media Blackouts for the summit week maybe they have blackout for auction sales also . Plus I had heard the CBI never closes always be someone there even if only 1 person. Isn't our Fed here same way always someone managing the ship
  9. I feel this will come out arount 1.25 they been saying 1 to 1 equal to or greater than dollar within 6 mos go to another .50 to .75 making it around 2.00
  10. This article is awesome and a very strong article from Shabibi Go RV
  11. Good article could the new measures deterrent to curb the smuggling announced during next two days be what we waiting for RV Just a thought of wishful thinking I guess.
  12. Since Adam didn't have time yesterday for Q & E is he going to have the Q & A today hopefully he has some time today to give us an update Adam thanks in advance hope you VIP conference was productive
  13. Nice report from Kaperoni. His breakdown really makes a lot of sense. I think he did an excellent report of events coming up to today from the article Lets go RV
  14. Good morning Adam and Thank you for all you do for us. My question reference to auction sales first 4 days sales total $67,102,000, they been doing at least 5 times those figures per day. Some one had said they needed at lease 50 million per day just pay expenses. Also heard every day budget not finished cost them 230 million per day, don't know how true . At this rate inflation go through the roof so how long do you think they continue operating if these item continue daily before the ecominal status tears down everything Shabibi has been doing. If Iam way off basis please explain Thank you.
  15. Could be with the auctions only had 3 Banks with total of 3 Million in auction today. This way forcing banks not to exchange a lot of USD to citizens .THis could be new trend get the sale & buys low . Be interesting see what kind of auction happens tonigh at CBI.
  16. Thanks again Adam. It seems everyday more good news comes out . Everyday that passes brings us closer to the RV. Don't feel this go much longer They said 3 stages and we in stage 2 . I will be surprised if this continues past February JMO GO RV
  17. They are probably discussing who will go to bathroon next about the only thing they able to discuss correctly except their Vacations & time off IMO What a bunch of morans
  18. Adam First I would like wish you and your family a Merry Christmas In regards to RV & WTO are they able to RV while they in Chapter 7 & become a member of WTO while under 7. MY impression is only sanction left is dealing with Kuwait and able to RV & join WTO as long as they have the approval of the UN. If not please explain why not able to RV while under Chapter 7 Thank you
  19. Thank you Adam for your discusion today.Appreciate all you are doing for the group. Sure hope this will pop by the end of tmis month.
  20. Thanks Adam for ride by Appreciate your updates hopefully. I am feeling we see RV last week of Dec From 12-25 to 12-31-11 I think once the Budget for 2012 passed will see HCL & Erbil 140 complete then RV. IMP
  21. Thanks Adam for you input on what you think is happening . Lets hope we get this over this month November 2011. Adam have a great Thanksgiving and also a grat Thanksgiving to all our members those driving be safe
  22. Adam Looking forward your thesis. I am thinking will go off at $1.25 to $1.50 The need an incentive to stop using the USD so they need to be a little more than $1.00 to stop using our money. Then within 3 to 6 months start increasing by this time next year will be at least another 1.00 to $2.50 and then within following year 2013 equal to the Kuwait money $3.69 They will have to be equal to Kuwait money for competition of the 2 ports next to each other. Believe by 2 years should have complete or amost with the ports. Sure hope I am correct.
  23. Bond Lady You will be missed here in DV I believe a lot of us would like you to stay. Love the hard work you do I know you have put in many hours resoucing the news and sharing this with us. Who else would start out 2 to 3 in morning looking for news 6 -7 days week You will be sadly missed at this site
  24. Thanks Adam as always enjoyed your chat and understand what you said concerning if come out low makes sense to me know. This was much easier the way you conduct your chat today
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